It’s Ginkgo season!!

As the weather turns and the morning crispness stays all day and whatever sunshine there is is feeble, Ginkgoes come into their own.

The Princeton Sentry, a male cultivar pictured here as a young street tree in Gaffney Village in Pascoe Vale, has about the most-buttery yellow foliage you’ll see.

In East Kew, there’s a Ginkgo on a front lawn that looks a little different to others at this time of year. The well-covered branches don’t have the rich yellow of the season. And the reason? They aren’t leaves but persistent and prolific seeds. When they do drop and the fleshy seed-covering is crushed underfoot, the vomitous smell will be spectacular.
Looking absolutely wonderful as usual at this time of year is this front yard tree at 401 Brunswick Street, North Fitzroy. It towers over the house and spills over onto the street. Just behind the house is the almost as tall backyard tree. Someone many years ago had an eye to the future – and the future is here.