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It’s not as though Australia has the energy and climate challenges under control and a gas-led recovery from COVID19, without addressing causes and effects of climate change, takes us from a year’s or decades’-long problem to a millennium-long problem. But I didn’t see your name a month the attendees, Angus. We are being seriously let down.

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The obscure treaty that could kill a global green recovery

The Energy Charter Treaty, with 53 signatories, allows energy companies to sue states that make their business unprofitable.


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July 10


Ecological Observance

Don’t Step on a Bee Day


Coronavirus Watch

Confirmed cases: 9,059. Deaths: 106


All eyes are on Victoria’s coronavirus outbreak. Here is how your state or territory has shut its borders

State and territory governments across Australia have shut down borders from the country’s second most populous state, but the closures vary depending where you are. Here’s the situation right now.


Climate Change

40 Ministers from around world gather to address world’s energy and climate challenges

Ministers from dozens of countries accounting for over 80% of the world economy today took part in the International Energy Agency’s first Clean Energy Transitions Summit, discussing how to bring about a sustainable and resilient recovery from the Covid-19 crisis and achieve a definitive peak in global carbon emissions.


CO2 in Earth’s atmosphere nearing levels of 15m years ago

Last time CO2 was at similar level temperatures were 3C to 4C hotter and sea levels were 20 metres higher


Global temperatures likely to hit at least 1C warming for next five years

Experts say new climate data shows how close world already is to breaching 1.5C Paris agreement pledge


From pledges to action: RMI launches the Center for Climate-Aligned Finance

Ratcheting down carbon emissions to net zero by the middle of the century is a historic project without parallel in human history. It is not the responsibility of any single country or any single sector. But one sector provides the lifeblood that powers all the others: finance.


Covid-19 and climate change: Why we need to remember what we’ve lost

“Shifting baselines syndrome” means we could quickly get used to climate chaos.



Telstra becomes carbon neutral, but forced to buy most carbon offsets in India

Telstra laments lack of abatement opportunities in Australia as it turns to India for offsets that enabled it to declare itself carbon neutral.


Turbo-charging a recycling nation

Companies face being named and shamed, and consumers could enjoy more options for recycling electronic goods under proposed changes to product stewardship legislation.


Gas plans under threat due to emissions reality, oversupply and public opposition

Gas industry faces multiple challenges to its viability, including falling prices, a greater understanding of its environmental impacts and community opposition, new report finds.


Regulator to crack down on dodgy claims for solar and carbon offset projects

The Clean Energy Regulator will look to prevent fraudulent claims of solar installs and carbon offset projects, under new enforcement priorities.


The green recovery: what is it and will Australia miss a once in a lifetime opportunity?

As countries around the world begin restarting their economies after the coronavirus crisis, a growing chorus of prominent leaders have labelled this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to tackle climate change by targeting post-pandemic stimulus toward areas that promote renewable energy. Will Australia take heed or continue to rely on fossil fuels?


Super fund’s pledge to turn its back on thermal coal stocks

One of Australia’s biggest industry superannuation funds plans to sell down its investments in thermal coal miners in a bid to protect its members from the financial impact of climate change.


‘Mystifying’: Minister backs coal as super fund vows to exit

Federal Resources Minister Keith Pitt has spoken out against the superannuation sector’s latest move to divest coal miners because of climate risks, saying Australian coal would remain highly sought after by power generators and an attractive investment for decades.


Australia: an emissions super-power

University of New South Wales

New government figures show that the greenhouse gas emissions from Australia’s exported fossil fuels have increased 4.4% between 2018 to 2019 (OCE, 2020).


Weathering the cost [$]

Bronwyn Adcock

After 300 inquiries into natural disasters and emergency management, insurers are taking the lead


‘Jewel of nature’: scientists fight to save a glittering green bee after the summer fires

Katja Hogendoorn et al

Scientists and the community are building nests to help save the stunning green carpenter bee from extinction.


New South Wales

Dubbo’s new renewables zone shows the path away from fossil fuels

Markets are telling us renewables are the best solution for a faster recovery.


NSW to call for wind, solar and storage proposals for second renewable zone

The NSW Coalition state government is preparing to announce the second phase of its renewable energy zone program, with a call-out for up to 8GW of wind, solar and storage projects in a new zone in the north of the state, including New England.


South Australia

Claws out over park lands koala sanctuary bid

A proposal to build a koala sanctuary in Adelaide’s park lands has stirred up Adelaide City councillors, with staff accused of using “distorted” data in a report estimating the cost at up to $10 million.


Clean gas coming to a pipeline near you [$]

South Australia already has the greenest energy mix on the mainland. Now it’s taking another step into relying on renewables with a hydrogen plant to fire up and deliver clean gas to homes.


Western Australia

West Australia ready to seize ‘once-in-a-generation’ battery storage opportunity

New report finds that establishing a battery manufacturing base in Western Australia it is both commercially and technically feasible.


WA miners see off more dirt than ever despite COVID-19 pandemic

Pilbara Ports Authority has broken its annual throughput record, despite the coronavirus pandemic throwing global supply chains into disarray.



‘Coercion, fraud and undue influence’: The legal cloud hanging over the power plant that will buy Adani’s Australian coal

Adani’s Carmichael coal mine may have government approval, but it could lose a key customer if locals win a lengthy fight to stop the company’s new coal-fired power plant in India.


It’s easier to see the future of renewable energy with climate change data that’s 50x clearer

To plan a renewable energy project means knowing how much wind and sun an area gets – today and 50 years from now. Models of future climate change scenarios help with that, but processing the information into a visual format has resulted in a pixelated image like the one below.


Connected communities: A better way of building

Communities that share energy resources among buildings and provide services back to the grid provide real and scalable solutions to mitigate energy costs, enable more flexibility in grid operations, and offer choices in meeting greenhouse gas emissions goals.


2020 election: Biden-Sanders unity task force releases bold progressive agenda

A “unity” task force created by Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders has released a detailed set of policy recommendations for an incoming Biden administration, if he wins the November election.


Coal production to top 8bn tonnes in 2020, says GlobalData

Despite disruptions during the first quarter, global coal production is expected to reach more than 8.1-billion tonnes this year, says data and analytics company GlobalData.


International aviation and shipping likely to be added to UK’s net zero carbon target

Sector excluded in transport emissions figures but policy change unlikely until 2023


Adani contractor Siemens shifts away from coal [$]

German industrial giant Siemens has unveiled plans to set its energy subsidiary on the road towards a coal power-free future, as it won backing from shareholders to spin off the unit.


The obscure treaty that could kill a global green recovery

The Energy Charter Treaty, with 53 signatories, allows energy companies to sue states that make their business unprofitable.


Our old cellphones, computers and appliances are a bigger problem than ever. Here’s what we need to do

Trashing e-waste is a problem for many reasons.


Malthus revisited

John Avery

The optimism which preceded the French Revolution, and the disappointment which followed a few years later, closely paralleled the optimistic expectations of our own era.


Nature Conservation

European hamster and caterpillar fungus on brink of extinction

Update to IUCN red list warns of hamster’s falling birth rate and high demand for fungus


Halve UK pesticide use to save insects, say conservationists

The use of pesticides in the UK must be at least halved to reverse steep losses in insect abundance and boost the natural world that depends on them, according to a report.


Does it pay to protect nature? A new study weighs in

With Earth’s wildlife now facing an extinction crisis, a group of economists and scientists is hoping to persuade governments that it pays to protect nature. Specifically, expanding areas under conservation could yield a return of at least $5 for every $1 spent just by giving nature more room to thrive.


Six in 10 fish species could face reproductive failure as temperatures rise, study finds

An estimated 60 percent of fish species will struggle to reproduce in their current spawning habitats by 2100 under worst-case climate scenarios, according to a new study published in the journal Science.


In COVID’s shadow, illegal fishing flourishes

With COVID-19 lockdowns, Brazil’s capacity to monitor for illegal fishing has plummeted. Some have been quick to take advantage of the situation.


Climate Refugia: Protecting biodiversity in the face of climate change

Areas with natural buffers from the effects of climate change could play a vital role in conservation efforts. New research helps to better understand them.


Ghanaian activists sue government to save forest from mine

The proposed mine in the Atewa Range Forest is part of a $2 billion deal signed with China, which will gain access to bauxite – used to make aluminium.


Entire rare bird colony vanishes, baffling New Zealand scientists

Experts believe endangered shore plovers – known for their pluck and friendliness – might have flown away or been eaten by predators


When will the planet really start to heal? [$]

From coyotes roaming the streets of San Francisco, to NASA satellite imagery showing massive drops in air pollution, the coronavirus crisis has spawned some good news stories for the planet.

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