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When did ‘conservative’ and ‘conservation’ start to separate? Dick Hamer in Victoria was a strong conservationist, Malcom Fraser nationally did some good things too, but ‘conservationist’ became a slur under Howard and is gone downhill ever after. The Samuel Report says what needs to be done, we need an independent regulator, the Morrison government has already ruled it out. 

Post of the Day 

Cost of preventing next pandemic ‘equal to just 2% of Covid-19 economic damage’ 

The cost of preventing further pandemics over the next decade by protecting wildlife and forests would equate to just 2% of the estimated financial damage caused by Covid-19, according to a new analysis. 


On This Day 

Jul 27 


Coronavirus Watch 

Confirmed cases: 14,403. Deaths: 155 


Read this before you have a go at someone not wearing a mask 

Our health is in the hands of others right now so it’s normal to feel tense when we see someone blatantly flouting the health guidelines. So do we have a duty to say something? If so, what’s the best way to tackle the issue? 


Meatworks and coronavirus: The ‘domino effect’ from Victoria’s abattoirs pushing COVID-19 case numbers higher 

You used to be able to smell the meatworks in Melbourne’s western suburbs before you could see them. 


With all our lives changing because of coronavirus, you could be experiencing disenfranchised grief 

Chances are, you can name at least one loss that has caused you pain. 


Climate Change 

Al Gore speaks with Jamil Smith about Climate Reality Project 

Current founder and chairman of the Climate Reality Project talks about his continuing push to address the climate crisis and the environmental legacy of the late John Lewis. 



Engineers brought together by Mars are now using technology to save Australia’s bees from devastating varroa mites 

Tech-savvy aerospace engineers have joined forces with a dairy company to save Australia’s bees from a deadly mite. 


‘No integrity’: Why states can’t be left holding the environment file 

Graeme Samuel has warned that Australia’s “current environmental trajectory is unsustainable”. 


Angus Taylor revamps ARENA board as funds dwindle to $70 million 

The future of the federal body that supports Australia’s clean energy research is in doubt after a board overhaul. 


Heavy industry co-operates to take on climate change challenge 

Some of Australia’s largest industrial emitters have formed a group to share expertise helping them to decarbonise operations and supply chains. 


Whose ocean is it anyway? 

Warwick McFadyen  

When I was a teenager and leaving for the beach my mother would say watch out for sharks. Yeah, yeah, I’d reply. 


We can create clean jobs now – what are we waiting for? 

Chris Barfoot 

As Australians face a second wave of coronavirus outbreaks, thoughts of recovery seem a long way off. But 1 million jobs have been lost across the country, with young people some of the hardest hit, so we need a plan to get Australians back to work. 


Offer of weak, voluntary CO2 standards means Australia will remain dumping ground for dirty cars 

Giles Parkinson 

The Australian car industry has finally admitted that it needs to clean up its act – but the voluntary scheme it outlined on Friday is so weak that it will barely cause a change from business as usual. 



‘I can’t mitigate my risk’: Projections identify the coastal homes likely to be inundated by rising sea levels 

Vicki Perrett’s home sits just 20 centimetres above sea level and as she watches the foreshore across the road get slowly eroded, she knows her home may not be there forever. 


Victorian government to introduce interest free loans for new rooftop solar panels 

Tenants will be able to negotiate with landlords to install solar panels under a new government program aimed at subsidising installations. 


‘The grass and the stars’: Aboriginal model offers hope for restoring grasslands 

The Wurdi Youang reserve showcases an Aboriginal approach to grassland protection, with intrinsic cultural and environmental benefits. 


New South Wales 

Level 5 water restrictions remain until outlook improves 

The Armidale region will remain in Level 5 water restrictions until dam storage levels increase significantly or long-term weather forecasts indicate firm prospects for great water security, according to a report to Wednesday’s Council meeting. 



Trash Gather launch school program to teach about life-cycle of rubbish 

Picking up litter may not seem an appealing way for kids to spend their time, but a Canberra waste initiative hopes to change that. 


Namadgi National Park reopens after bushfire-ravaged start to 2020 

A big swathe of the Namadgi National Park is to reopen to the public from Monday. 



Queensland LNP’s announcement a good start on road to protecting Reef wildlife from damaging fishing 

The Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) has welcomed today’s announcement by the Queensland LNP opposition that, if it wins the October election, it will spend $8.5 million on much needed measures to improve the sustainability of fishing in the State. 


Labor asks for inquiry into how Shine Energy secured $4m grant for Collinsville coal plant study 

Mark Butler asks auditor-general for investigation into how company invited to apply for grant two days after securing it 


Call for ‘justice for farmers’ ahead of inquiry [$] 

Queensland’s top farming lobby says a highly charged senate inquiry is the “last chance” to ensure the agriculture industry can coexist with a healthy Great Barrier Reef. 


South Australia 

Marine park changes panned [$] 

Scientists and conservationists have called for a truce in the battle to save SA’s marine sanctuaries, which have overwhelming public support. 



Renewed calls for investment in Ben Lomond National Parks [$] 

Now is the perfect time to be considering investment in the Ben Lomond National Park, says a representative body. 


Proposed $700k upgrades at Walls of Jerusalem National Park 

Tasmania’s national parks continue to undergo improvements to make them more accessible, sustainable and to cope with increased visitation at a vital time when residents are looking to their own backyard to explore. 


Living in the company of giants [$] 

Charles Wooley 

Nature’s marvels You don’t need to be an extreme left-wing greenie to be captivated by the beauty and energy of the ancient trees that grace the Florentine Valley. 


Northern Territory 

‘Gaping holes in the regulatory regime’ for drinking water quality 

There are fresh calls to overhaul the Northern Territory’s drinking water legislation as the issue becomes a major focus for parties ahead of a looming election. 


Anti-fracking activists step up campaigning ahead of election [$] 

Anti-fracking activists are stepping up their pre-election campaign on a number of Territory fronts. 


Western Australia 

In a forgotten corner of WA, farmers hurt by climate change are rallying to foster hope 

As long-term weather patterns continue to change in WA, parts of the state are experiencing rainfall levels which are the lowest recorded since the 1900s — prompting communities to rally together to foster hope. 



COVID-19 pandemic has affected food security and sustainability 

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation says that COVID-19 could seriously impact the world’s food security as it affects both supply and demand. 


Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine calls for nuclear bailout energy law to be repealed in wake of bribery scandal 

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine has reversed course and called for a nuclear bailout energy law to be repealed in the wake of the state’s $60 million bribery scandal. 


The struggles of sustainable farming 

If you’re paying $1 for lettuce, somebody’s being exploited. So is the environment. 


A billion more tons of plastic could blanket Earth by 2040 

Even with immediate action, 710 million metric tons of plastic will enter the environment in the next two decades, scientists show. Welcome to Plastic Planet. 


Extinction Rebellion, Greenpeace campaign for a breakup between Big Tech and Big Oil 

Employing disparate tactics, the activist organizations want Amazon, Google and Microsoft to stop helping the fossil fuel industry extract more oil and gas. 


Nature Conservation 

Make nature part of ‘build build build’ policy, green watchdog says 

Chair of Natural England wants environmental impact considerations baked into planning system 


Agroforestry is both climate friendly and profitable 

Incorporating trees into farmland benefits everything from soil health to crop production to the climate. Investors say it might also yields profits. 


Cost of preventing next pandemic ‘equal to just 2% of Covid-19 economic damage’ 

The cost of preventing further pandemics over the next decade by protecting wildlife and forests would equate to just 2% of the estimated financial damage caused by Covid-19, according to a new analysis. 


How a scientific spat over how to name species turned into a big plus for nature 

Stephen Garnett et al 

A public debate recently erupted among global taxonomists. Strongly-worded ripostes were exchanged. A comparison to Stalin was floated. But eventually, they worked it out. 

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