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As Sophie Cunningham cites, there aren’t corporations getting rich off coronavirus (well, it would be unconscionable for Big Pharma to keep the virus going just to sell a vaccine, wouldn’t it?) so conservative politicians say we should accept and follow the science. Big Carbon makes too much money off fossil fuels to allow the same politicians to accept the science of climate change. 

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Smaller habitats worse than expected for biodiversity 

New international research breaks ground for the next generation of biodiversity forecasts 


On This Day 

Jul 31 


Ecological Observance 

World Ranger Day 

Schools Tree Day 


Coronavirus Watch 

Confirmed cases:16,303 Deaths: 189 

End of last month: Confirmed cases:. 7,767 Deaths: 104 


Sniffles, sneezing and cough? How to tell if it’s a simple allergy rather than the virus 

We’re told to stay home if we feel unwell during the COVID-19 pandemic. But what if your sniffles, sore throat or cough aren’t infectious? 


What you missed as Victoria announced Australia’s worst numbers of the pandemic so far 

Victoria widens restrictions to cover regional residents after its daily coronavirus numbers break records. Here’s what you missed from Daniel Andrews’ press conference. 


Mapping COVID-19 spread in Melbourne shows link to job types and ability to stay home 

Melanie Davern et al 

Not everyone has a job they can do from home. Mapping the patterns of occupations across Melbourne’s suburbs against COVID-19 cases strongly suggests why some parts of the city are more vulnerable. 


Climate Change 

Extra 23 million people could face coastal flooding within 30 years, even with emission cuts, study says 

Human-caused sea level rise, storm surges and high tides will put trillions of dollars of assets at risk around the world by the end of the century 


41 US states have reduced their emissions while growing their economies 

It’s possible for the U.S. to decouple emissions growth from economic growth. 


The four types of climate denier, and why you should ignore them all 

Damian Carrington 

The shill, the grifter, the egomaniac and the ideological fool: each distorts the urgent global debate in their own way 



World’s fastest energy transition: AEMO maps path to 94 per cent renewables 

It doesn’t feel like it at times, and the political debate would have us believe it is not happening at all. But the Australian Energy Market Operator says Australia is in the midst of what is likely to be the world’s fastest energy transition. 


Green mining: CEFC takes $51m stake in lithium producer 

CEFC turns attention to transformation of Australia’s mining sector towards a greener future after boosting its stake in lithium producer by $51 million. 


AEMO’s recipe for a cheap, clean and reliable energy future 

The ISP’s doesn’t target lowest emissions. It targets a lowest-cost replacement of ageing fossil fuel power stations, with a minimum standard for reliability. It finds that the cheapest, most… 


AEMO says batteries will be cheaper and cleaner than new gas plants 

The Integrated System Plan confirms that the gas lobby claims of gas as a transition fuel is tenuous – on both economic and environmental grounds, and because there are… 


Murray-Darling water market open for price manipulation, conflicts of interest, ACCC finds 

Australia’s $1.5 billion water market could be set for major reform after the release of a hotly-anticipated ACCC report that has highlighted a host of regulatory concerns. 


Environment reforms destined to fail without data: Samuel 

New environmental standards are destined to fail unless data on threatened species becomes more accessible, the architect of the reforms has warned. 


Australian bushfire and climate plan 

Emergency Leaders for Climate Action 

Final report of the National Bushfire and Climate Summit 2020 


Love letter from 2029: I want you to know we did it, we turned the ship around 

Scott Ludlam 

In a series that asks writers to imagine a not-too-distant future, Scott Ludlam urges the citizens of 2020 to hold on, keep fighting and look to the margins 


If you choose to stay, we may not be able to save you 

Sophie Cunningham 

If you are in or close to the bush, leave now. If you choose to stay, we may not be able to save you. Save woollen blankets to wrap yourself in if the fire comes. If you are trapped in your car, face the oncoming fire, close windows and doors tightly, and get down below window level. 


Murray-Darling Basin’s murky trade in water [$] 

Australian editorial 

Water is scarce in a country prone to droughts, which are likely to become more frequent. Scott Morrison has said building drought “resilience”, which replaced the goal of drought “proofing”, requires comprehensive understanding and integrated management of our soil, vegetation and water resources. 


Rail freight network facing death sentence, undercut by road and sea [$] 

Robert Gottliebsen 

Step by step death warrants are being signed for our great national railway network. Unless the community wakes up little will remain by the end of the decade. 


America has corn and Asia has rice. It’s time Australia had a native staple food 

Angela Pattison et al 

Aboriginal people once used native grasses to produce bread. So let’s resurrect Australia’s ancient breadmaking tradition. 



Fight over sacred trees on Western Highway cost $60m, watchdog says 

Ombudsman exposes delay costs on contentious Western Highway duplication project and finds the government consulted traditional owners in ‘good faith’. 


New South Wales 

Protester tapes himself to logging equipment in Lower Bucca State Forest 

A protester has been arrested after he duct taped himself to logging machinery on the NSW northern coast. 


Still no solution for Santos’ toxic waste 

Johanna Evans 

The controversial Narrabri Gas Project has raised concerns over the disposal of toxic waste products. 



“Extra fast” EV battery could be made at planned $3 billion Australian gigafactory 

An electric vehicle battery that recharges to 85% in just six minutes could be made at a Townsville factory being planned by Australian company Magnis Energy. 


Shine Energy listed Glencore as ‘project partner’ in Collinsville power station proposal 

Documents used by inexperienced company to seek funding name mining giant as partner for coal plant 


South Australia 

Wilpena Pound Resort’s Aboriginal owners face police probe [$] 

The Flinders Ranges Aboriginal corporation that owns Wilpena Pound Resort is being investigated by police over severe problems in financial and other records. 


Crucial NSW power link now a billion dollar fix [$] 

Linking up NSW and SA with a transmission line through solar-rich regions is a crucial part of fixing the grid, a major report says. But it might cost a lot more than earlier estimated. 



Marinus Link construction key to Tasmania’s economic recovery from coronavirus pandemic 

UPC Renewables has proposed the Marinus Link project be expedited to assist in Tasmania’s post-coronavirus recovery. 


Unpicking the climate forest furphy [$] 

John Hunter 

Is Tasmania really a world leader in climate action? Not so fast.  


Western Australia 

One in, all in. Making community scale batteries work in the NEM 

Community-scale batteries are all the rage on Western Australia’s government-run grid. And what’s not to like? But what about the rest of Australia? 


Plan for Kimberley unveiled as part of WA Recovery Plan 

Premier Mark McGowan releases Kimberley Recovery Plan 


Some 10,000 cans which were meant to be recycled were accidentally sent to landfill. [$] 

A red-faced South West shire has blamed a “tragic miscommunication” for the dumping of 10,000 containers in landfill — after they were collected as part of a new recycling initiative. 



A solution to pollution is actually a problem, PFAS study reveals 

When we release substances that don’t biodegrade into the environment they are, eventually, bound to end up even in the most remote parts of the Earth. 


How to create 25 million jobs by decarbonizing the economy 

A new plan shows how the U.S. could massively mobilize to hit the Paris climate goals by building up the power grid with renewable energy to support a newly electrified economy. 


Nature Conservation 

Plastics, pathogens and baby formula: What’s in your shellfish? 

New study finds coastal urbanization increases contamination in seafood 


Whale airway mucus reveals likely poor health during migration 

Researchers have linked the burden of humpback whales’ annual migration to depleted microbial diversity in their airways – an indicator of overall health. 


Smaller habitats worse than expected for biodiversity 

New international research breaks ground for the next generation of biodiversity forecasts 

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