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Another member of the Pentecostal PM’s hand-picked National COVID19 Commission is Andrew Liveris, ex-CEO of plastics manufacturer (and chemicals more generally) The Dow  Chemical Company. He’s either had the Damascus experience or he’s taking hypocrisy to new heights. Where does the Clapper get these people from?

Post of the Day 

Carbon dioxide levels over Australia rose even after COVID-19 forced global emissions down. Here’s why 

Zoe Loh et al 

Despite this year’s coronavirus lockdowns, more CO2 has accumulated in the atmosphere than during the same period in 2017 or 2018. 


On This Day 

Aug 14 

Obon – Japan 


Coronavirus Watch 

Confirmed cases: 22,358. Deaths: 361 


Could the common cold protect you from coronavirus? 

Stephen Kissler 

New research raises the possibility that previous infection with one of the milder coronaviruses could make COVID-19 less severe. But how likely is this? And how does this relate to what we already know about coronaviruses? 


Climate Change 

Marine heat waves are becoming more common and intense. What can we do to minimize harm? 

Improved “weather forecasts” for oceans hold hope for reducing devastation to fisheries and ecosystems around the world. 


Inside clean energy: Biden’s climate plan shows net zero is now mainstream 

Renewable energy costs have gone down so much that opponents can no longer seize upon pocketbook arguments. 


Pacific people have been ‘pummelled and demeaned’ for too long – now they’re fighting back 

Patrick D. Nunn and Roselyn Kumar 

The president of Kiribati plans to raise its low-lying islands to fight, not flee, sea level rise. Here’s why it’s an expression of human dignity. 



Dire outlook for native freshwater fish with 22 species given less than 50% chance of survival 

Biggest threat is non-native fish, but study was conducted before summer bushfires impacted Australia’s rivers 


Reef Envoy right to make climate change call 

Marine conservationists have welcomed a report from the Morrison Government’s Great Barrier Reef Envoy Warren Entsch in which he calls for Coalition Ministers to take stronger action on climate change. 


BHP shareholders demand immediate stop to mining that disturbs Aboriginal heritage 

The move follows the blasting of Juukan Gorge by Rio Tinto and revelations BHP has approval to destroy at least 40 significant sites 


COVID, renewable energy combine to spark hopes for power bill relief 

The coronavirus and renewable energy generation are driving wholesale power prices to their lowest point in five years, as Energy Minister Angus Taylor warns electricity retailers they are on notice to pass the savings on to their customers. 


Coal-generated electricity at lowest levels since 1998 

Coal-generated electricity is at its lowest levels since 1998, as wind and solar generation reaches record levels. 


AGL targets 1.2GW of new battery storage by 2024, plans tender 

AGL Energy has set a goal of installing 1,200MW of new battery storage and demand response capacity by 2024, and is tying the bonuses for executives and senior management to hit growth targets for the company’s clean energy and storage portfolio. 


How Australia is suffering a resource curse 

John Hewson 

There have been recent media reports that the commission advising the Morrison government on its COVID recovery strategy has recommended that taxpayers provide massive support to build gas and fuel infrastructure. However, Australia is possibly suffering something of a “resource curse”, as capital markets increasingly won’t invest in – nor insure – new coal and gas projects. 


Carbon dioxide levels over Australia rose even after COVID-19 forced global emissions down. Here’s why 

Zoe Loh et al 

Despite this year’s coronavirus lockdowns, more CO2 has accumulated in the atmosphere than during the same period in 2017 or 2018. 


Plastic no longer fantastic for Andrew Liveris 

Joe Aston 

How little self-awareness can one man have? The deficit exhibited by Andrew Liveris, global statesman, is positively astonishing. 


It’s time to give landowners the power to protect their land [$] 

Anna Caldwell  

The bushfire inquiry report is set to give the government the chance to empower individual landholders to manage their own land without being treated like a criminal. But will the government have the courage to follow through. 



Landfill breaches raise alarm over contaminated soil proposal 

City of Melton Mayor Cr Lara Carli and Brimbank City Council Mayor Georgina Papafotiou have voiced their concerns over how contaminated West Gate Tunnel soil might be managed, following news of two recent breaches at the Ravenhall landfill. 


VicForests ends bid for sustainability tick 

The state logging agency is concerned it won’t get a fair assessment from the Forest Stewardship Council because three directors are involved in forest activism. 


New bike lanes among changes planned for post-COVID Melbourne commuters 

The inquiry into the Victorian government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic has shed light on how the state’s transport authorities are preparing for the return of commuters when restrictions start to ease. 


These historic grasslands are becoming a weed-choked waste. It could be one of the world’s great parks 

Adrian Marshall 

The deteriorating Western Grassland Reserve in Victoria represents a failure of imagination. When the grasslands are steeped with history and culture, imagine its potential. 


New South Wales 

Environmental review clears way for new road 

A Review of Environmental Factors (REF) for a proposal to construct the next section (Stage 4) of Orange’s Southern Feeder Road has found there are no obstacles to the road being built. 


NSW’s first Hydrogen Project gets green tick 

The NSW Government has approved the development of the State’s first hydrogen gas facility at Horsley Park, paving the way for more clean energy, more jobs and an $18 billion boost to the local economy. 


Graph of the Day: How wind and solar has changed shape of NSW energy prices 

The changing shape of energy prices in NSW is presenting more opportunities for hybrid wind and solar projects, with or without storage. 


Sydney battery materials start-up raises $1m towards possible “EV game-changer” 

Investors led by global venture capital firm Artesian tip $1m into NSW start-up, Sicona, and its battery density-boosting technology developed at University of Wollongong. 



ACT plastics ban will save wildlife but must go further, say marine conservationists 

The Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) has welcomed the tabling of legislation that will ban the use of plastic cutlery, drink stirrers and polystyrene food and beverage containers in the Australian Capital Territory. 



SEQ water alert: Restrictions could be back by February [$] 

With southeast Queensland’s dams at a lower level now than they were this time last year, there are fears local water supplies could soon drop below 50 per cent. But there is some hope the wet weather may be on its way. 


South Australia 

SA power prices in steep fall [$] 

Prices of electricity charged by generators are falling sharply in SA and across the market as more renewables power up and coal output falls. 


Adelaide Hills juice company fined for polluting nearby creek [$] 

An Adelaide Hills juice company has been fined for polluting a nearby creek, despite arguing in court there was “no evidence of environmental harm”. 



Future vision for Burnie Port 

TasPorts has released a major initiative to develop an export gateway at the Port of Burnie. They say it will provide a base for growth in Tasmanian mineral exports to the world. 


Government describes parks fee hike as ‘value’ [$] 

If you go down in the woods next month, you’re sure of a big surprise: park entry fees are rising by up to 66 per cent. 


Northern Territory 

The NT’s Douglas Daly region earmarked for large-scale cotton, hay, hemp and more 

The NT Farmers Association has unveiled ambitious plans to expand farming by 60,000 hectares in the Douglas Daly region. 


Open letter calls for Climate Change Act in NT 

An open letter has called for the Northern Territory to create a “legally binding pathway” with the Climate Change Act to meet a target agreed under the Paris Agreement. 


Australia asks UN to dismiss Torres Strait Islanders’ claim climate change affects their human rights 

Complaint argues Morrison government has failed to take adequate action on emissions or adaptation measures 


Cotton, cannabis and Katherine 

Chris McLennan 

We’re staying in the NT again today and learning why farmers want Katherine to be the capital of cotton in the Northern Territory. 


Western Australia 

Multi-billion-dollar loss for energy giant Woodside 

One of Australia’s biggest gas and oil producers has reported a multi-billion-dollar loss after prices plunged amid the coronavirus pandemic. 



Bangladesh floods leave a third of nation underwater, raising coronavirus risk 

The worst floods in a decade kill at least 161 people, with more than a million displaced, increasing the possibility of COVID-19 infections, according to local officials. 


Trump rolls back methane climate standards for oil and gas industry 

Methane is a greenhouse gas that heats the planet far faster than CO2 and addressing it is critical to slowing global heating 


How environmental courts can help Africa 

The oil spill off the coast of Mauritius is a grim reminder of the need for environmental courts in Africa. 


North-facing rooftop solar panels rarely best for consumers – or for the grid 

University of South Australia study finds that when it comes to solar self-consumption, optimal panel placement is rarely towards the equator. 


Tesla considers all-in-one home, battery and electric car energy package 

Electric car and solar energy company Tesla is considering an all-in-one home and car energy package, that could include controlled EV charging times. 


Missing the point on cities’ efforts to go all-electric to fight climate change 

Amanda Millstein 

Climate change is regressive: poor communities and communities of color are feeling the health effects of climate change more than wealthy and white communities. 


Nature Conservation 

Anti-poaching efforts pay off as elephant numbers double 

Amboseli National Park: Kenya’s elephant numbers have more than doubled between 1989 and 2018, thanks to increased anti-poaching efforts. 


Congrats, jellyfish, the seas are yours! (now, what are you going to do with them?) 

In a future ravaged by climate change, one animal may come out on top: jellyfish. 

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