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As in the US, so in Australia. What say you, fossil fools Nev Power, AGL, Santos etc? How much should we put into gas, d’ya reckon?

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Post of the Day 

What will it take for cities to get rid of natural gas? 

As cities’ old gas infrastructure starts failing (with often deadly consequences), the proposed solution is often repairs. But a transition to a clean economy involves eliminating natural gas, so why not start now? 


On This Day 

Aug 15 

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary – Christianity 


Ecological Observance 

World Honey Bee Day 

National Science Week  


Coronavirus Watch 

Confirmed cases: 22,743. Deaths: 375 


What will happen if we can’t produce a coronavirus vaccine? 

Sarah Pitt 

Some people have argued that when enough of the population have caught COVID-19, we will have reached “herd immunity” and the virus will no longer be able to spread. But this is a misunderstanding 


Climate Change 

McKinsey sees $6.6 trillion in annual GDP at risk as Asian climate warms 

Lethal heatwaves, droughts, floods and typhoons will become more common in Asia-Pacific, which faces more severe potential impacts from climate change than many parts of the world, McKinsey & Co. researchers warn. 


Climate change Is a security threat to the Asia-Pacific 

RMI board member Vice Admiral Dennis McGinn and Shiloh Fetzek discuss how climate change is likely to alter the local physical and strategic environment in the APAC region profoundly and, potentially, catastrophically. 


The world has reached decision time on the climate crisis 

Bill McKibben 

In 2020, biology, history, and physics are making the choice between transformation or disintegration clearer than ever. 


The Guardian view on record-breaking weather: the heat is on 

Guardian editorial 

What better time than the UK’s hottest-ever week for ministers to commit to bold climate action? 


Climate tax can change habits of a lifetime 

Dr Lex Fullarton 

Do you smoke? Did you smoke? How many people do you know that used to smoke? Why did they give up? My bet is that the cost became prohibitive, and yes, they/you feel a whole heap better. 



Charging for rooftop solar exports “not needed and not fair” 

A blanket charge on rooftop solar exports from homes back to the grid branded as not needed and not fair. 


Coal power hits record low, but Taylor still can’t credit wind and solar for lower electricity prices 

Electricity prices fall to five year low, pushed down by record high wind and solar, but still Angus Taylor advocates for a gas-led recovery. 


Iluka forges ahead with rare earths plans [$] 

The mineral sands miner is set to begin producing ready-for-processing rare earths material and has raised the prospect of building its own plant in Australia. 


‘Doomsday vault’ saving Aussie bush [$] 

After Australia came close to losing its extremely rare Wollemi pines, scientists are in a race against time to save hundreds of other threatened species across the country. 


Here is why we are taking the Australian government to the UN over its inaction on climate change 

Yessie Mosby 

I want my kids to enjoy the freedom of being on traditional land, as we have been doing for thousands of years. Our island home is at risk 


To build COVID safe cities turn to an old rule 

Elizabeth Farrelly  

It’s a classic modernist folly to presume that the old rules don’t apply to us. Nature disagrees. 


Instead they saved the Dish [$] 

Saturday Paper editorial 

The same week Sussan Ley refused to give protection to the Djab Wurrung trees, she gave special heritage status to the Parkes radio telescope. This is how culture is preserved in Australia. 



Climbers rocked by park closures [$] 

Australia’s most significant rock climbing wall has been shut by Parks Victoria in a shattering setback for the pursuit’s global reputation. 


New South Wales 

AGL seeks approval for 500MW big battery at site of Liddell coal generator 

AGL Energy has kick-started the transformation of the ageing Liddell coal-fired power station, lodging initial development documents for a new big battery of up to 500MW – more than three times the size of the Tesla big battery in South Australia, which remains the biggest in the world. 


Sydney water quality issues keep desal plant running 

Warragamba Dam on Friday reached 99 per cent capacity after recent rains lifted water levels by one-eighth in a week, WaterNSW data shows. 


Decision on $3.6bn Narrabri coal seam gas development delayed after late submission from Santos 

Public comments on the project reopened after oil and gas company claimed economic benefits would be greater than thought 


NSW has failed to properly assess impact on wildlife of Warragamba dam changes, federal government says 

Leaked environment department document raises concerns about the regent honeyeater and forest and woodland ecosystems 


‘Institutional racism’: Aboriginal land rights impeded by NSW government 

Aboriginal Australians’ land rights have been thwarted under a recent NSW Government policy that forced them into unequal negotiations against bureaucrats for areas over which they already had legal standing. 



Research tracks Brisbane’s bushland reserve koala population 

Brisbane’s koala population is under the “eagle eyes” of researchers keen to keep the endangered animals healthy and safe through new research partnerships between the council and universities. 


South Australia 

Huge battery for Adelaide’s ageing power station [$] 

Built in the ’60s, the mighty Torrens Island Power Station A has kept the lights in SA for decades. Now, as its gas flames come to an end a new force will be unleashed – a big battery in the city. 



Northern Tas marketplace for the circular economy 

Northern Tasmanian businesses and councils are now able to divert tonnes of waste product from landfill via a website described as ‘Tinder for waste’. 


Hobart climate plan supports e-bikes 

As we get ready to Park it for the Planet on 26 August, the City of Hobart has released a draft five-year sustainability action plan for public comment with a few actions listed that will improve conditions for e-bike riders. 


Aviary built to save a flying giant [$] 

A Kettering wildlife sanctuary has recently completed and instalment of a 28 metre tall eagle aviary, constructed with about 4km of rope. 


Science is saving the forty-spotted pardalote – nature’s ridiculous tiny idiot 

First Dog on the Moon 

Blood-sucking maggots are bent on the deaths of these innocent creatures 


Northern Territory 

Batteries, batteries, and more batteries: Alice Springs future grid plan gets ARENA boost 

A new big battery, home battery incentives, and a battery-based VPP – all put on fast-track for Alice Springs with $2.1m funding boost from ARENA this week. 


Western Australia 

Green groups perplexed after WA ministers spruik commendation by right-wing think tank 

The decision to use a report by a Canadian think tank known for its sceptical views on climate change science to highlight how well-regarded WA’s mining approvals process is has been lashed by green groups. 


Harmful vehicle emissions to soar as Perth commuters ditch public transport 

Traffic along Perth main roads has soared beyond pre-pandemic levels as commuters continue to shun public transport in favour of driving to the CBD. 



With the Biden-Harris ticket, environmental justice is a focus 

Climate change leaders said the choice of Harris signaled that Democrats will try to ensure that communities burdened by pollution would benefit from a transition to clean energy. 


E-waste reaching massive proportions 

One of the lessons the current coronavirus pandemic has taught us is that we depend on electronic devices more than ever, not least during prolonged periods of self-isolation. Smartphones, laptops, television sets, e-readers, refrigerators, air-conditioners — they’ve all been supremely useful. 


India’s wind, solar generation share increases to 10 per cent in H12020: Report 

Wind and solar continued to grow in line with the global average, reducing India’s reliance on coal 


What will it take for cities to get rid of natural gas? 

As cities’ old gas infrastructure starts failing (with often deadly consequences), the proposed solution is often repairs. But a transition to a clean economy involves eliminating natural gas, so why not start now? 


Blackballed: will coal bounce back from slump or is it terminal? 

Nick O’Malley  

Coal miners believe its use for power will bounce back with the post-pandemic economy, while climate advocates hope to see the slump kill it off entirely. 


Nature Conservation 

More than 260 major, mostly illegal Amazon fires detected since late May 


As the 2020 Amazon fire season moves toward its August peak, hundreds of blazes — almost all in Brazil, mostly illegal, and some on conserved lands — have been detected: Report. 


‘Sort your ship out!’: Extinction Rebellion take to the seas to protest cruise ship pollution 

A group of 40 protestors from a local Extinction Rebellion group in Cornwall, UK has taken to the sea to protest the environmental impact of cruise ships. 


Scientists count environmental cost of Mauritius oil spill 

Scientists and conservationists are counting the cost of an oil spill from a Japanese bulk carrier in Mauritius which leaked about 1,000 tonnes endangering wildlife and damaging the local ecosystem. 


Stingrays desperate for oxygen part of critical tipping point at Biscayne Bay 

Stingrays starved for oxygen are yet another part of a massive environmental problem in Biscayne Bay that has killed thousands of fish. 


Vast European ‘supertrawlers’ use in UK marine protected areas up by over 1,000% in three years 

None of these ships – which can store thousands of tonnes of fish – are British owned. 

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