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Is there a bigger flogger of dead horses? Angus ‘Fantastic’ Taylor is a champion of the deceased equine itself, the illusory carbon capture and storage as the answer to curbing energy-generation emissions. He’s on what we would like to be another dead horse too. He is relentless in his distortions of the CEFC in trying to bend it to his ideological will? His mania has to be pointed out, this second dead horse should be flogged.

Post of the Day 

Feral cats and foxes head hitlist in move to protect threatened species 

The Morrison government will roll out a national threatened species strategy by the end of the year that will include a strong focus on controlling feral predators and weeds. 


On This Day 

Sep 7 


Ecological Observance 

National Threatened Species Day 

International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies 


Coronavirus Watch 

Confirmed cases: 26,278. Deaths: 753 


Longer lockdown, ‘social bubbles’ and everything else you missed from Victoria’s restrictions announcement 

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has delivered his state’s long-awaited roadmap out of strict coronavirus restrictions. If you missed it, here are the key points. 


Climate Change 

Rupert Murdoch’s British papers delayed as climate protesters stop the presses 

Extinction Rebellion said it took the action to highlight what it regards as the Murdoch-owned newspapers failure to accurately report on climate change. 


Whatever happened to … the melting permafrost? 

It’s not just warmer temperatures that pose a problem for the permafrost. Scientists are now investigating whether rainfall could be causing serious issues in the Arctic’s permafrost – with repercussions for humans. 



UNESCO warned of threat to heritage sites 

Thirteen conservation groups have written to UNESCO warning of Australia’s moves to weaken the nation’s environmental protections. 


Prominent scientist slams forestry association for dismissing logging links to bushfire risk 

John Dargavel says his professional body ‘damaged and demeaned’ all foresters by dismissing links between logging and bushfire risks 


Federal government to fund gas and carbon storage via clean energy programs 


The government’s long-awaited plan confirms its ongoing support for gas and carbon capture and storage according to a leaked draft paper. 


Feral cats and foxes head hitlist in move to protect threatened species 

The Morrison government will roll out a national threatened species strategy by the end of the year that will include a strong focus on controlling feral predators and weeds. 


Sarah Wilson quit sugar. Now she’s tackling everything else. [$] 

She rose to prominence with her sugar-free lifestyle. Now she wants her community to get politically active, reconnect with nature and tackle climate change. 


Covid ‘cruels basin plan target deadlines’ [$] 

Deadlines to bring the Murray Darling back to a healthier and sustainable level will need to be pushed back because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the country’s irrigators have warned. 


How we can save our wildlife from extinction [$] 

Australia’s environmental protection laws have failed. It’s a sombre message backed by harrowing statistics and today, National Threatened Species Day, The Places You Love Alliance – an environmental supergroup of more than 60 member organisations – have demanded change. Headed by the World Wildlife Fund Australia, the Australian Conservation Foundation, the Wilderness Society, BirdLife Australia and Humane Society International, the group have called for an independent watchdog and consistent national standards to steer national threatened species away from extinction. 


Taking care of business also means looking after the planet 

SMH editorial 

Today’s Sydney Morning Herald Sustainability Summit will seek to unearth new ideas to create a climate-friendly future for business. 


The long list of politicians with Greta flu [$] 

Tim Blair It destroys political careers with ruthless efficiency, but still our national and state leaders are drawn like hypnotised Swedish schoolgirls to ruinous climate policies. 



An experiment is under way to create Melbourne’s first wildflower meadow 

Billy buttons, pussy tails, kangaroo grass and lemon beauty-heads will transform a diversity-lacking stretch of Royal Park. 


Cowboy turning Alpine wild horses into pets to save them from being shot in cull 

High country cowboy Lewis Benedetti reckons he’s lassoed, tamed and rehomed up to 20 wild horses since “the brumby culling uproar”. 


Pollution crisis in Melbourne’s inner-west drives up hospitalisations 

Residents in Melbourne’s inner-west are being hospitalised for pollution-related illnesses at higher rates than those in other city suburbs as locals lobby for urgent action. 


New South Wales 

‘Enormous opportunities’: NSW’s green economic recovery from COVID-19 

NSW Environment Minister Matt Kean will use a major speech on Monday to call for a green recovery from the coronavirus crisis. 


Manly Dam’s ancient climbing fish have a new threat to scale 

The relocation of a high school and a new aged care village pose a threat to a species of fish which dates back 60 million years. 


Together, we have the power to change the world 

Francesca Smith 

The idea of more fossil fuels in my community, already battered by climate change and deeply divided by this sensitive issue, angers and distresses me.  

Santos’s proposed Narrabri gas project will span 95,000-hectares across the Pilliga Forest. 


South Australia 

South Australia braces for record-breaking heatwave 

Adelaide is on the eve of record-breaking heat, as temperatures are set to soar in South Australia. 


How recycling properly could save $20m a year 

Incorrect use of our kerbside bins continues to present widespread problems, costing ratepayers an extra $20 million a year, say industry leaders. 



Lake Pedder answer ‘blowing in the wind’: Bob Brown [$] 

Tasmania’s boom in wind farms means Lake Pedder — which was flooded by a hydro power scheme in 1972 — can finally be drained and restored, says Bob Brown. 


Photos from the field: capturing the grandeur and heartbreak of Tasmania’s giant trees 

Jennifer Sanger 

These trees are too important to be destroyed in the name of the forestry industry. This is why my husband Steve Pearce and I climb, explore and photograph them. 


Northern Territory 

Plans for Jabiru are one step closer as ‘historic’ land rights laws pass Senate 

Mirarr Traditional owners are celebrating the return of ownership of the Northern Territory town of Jabiru, as amendments to the Aboriginal Land Rights Act pass through the Senate. They hope to turn the town into a tourism hub. 

‘We need help now, now is the time’: Australia ignores climate crisis in Torres Strait 

Low-lying islands in the Torres Strait are currently losing twice the amount of land to rising sea-levels than the global average and face relocations in the near-future if action is not taken to lower emissions. 

Goose season is only days away [$] 

Bart Irwin 

You can feel the fever rising as goose season approaches. Hunters far and wide are making plans for opening day. 


Western Australia 

A dead goat in the recycling bin is the least of this plant’s problems 

A dead goat on a conveyor belt symbolises one of the major problems confronting Western Australia’s waste management sector. But without China — and major investment from key players — it’s not clear how the path to recovery will be paved. 


Traditional owners ‘need progress’ on BHP mine 

A senior Banjima elder has called for work on BHP’s multibillion-dollar South Flank mine in WA’s Pilbara to go ahead despite concerns about the destruction of up to 40 heritage sites. 

WA Heritage Act overhaul axes Section 18, can’t revoke current consent 

Western Australian Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Ben Wyatt, has released the much-anticipated Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Bill 2020 (WA) for final consultation, with a strong message to land users who contravene the Act. 



Big Oil’s hopes are pinned on plastics. It won’t end well 

The oil industry’s only real source of growth probably won’t grow much. 


From recycling to ditching the car: What will really save the planet 

Reducing our reliance on gas-guzzling cars is one of the best ways we can combat climate change, but many Kiwis don’t seem to be getting the message. 


Ingredients in sunscreen can damage freshwater ecosystems 

One of the largest sources of UV-filter contamination in both marine and freshwater environments is from sunscreen leaching off of the skin while swimming. 


Climate change and the circular economy 

How could the circular economy and the finance industry offer alternative outcomes to the predicaments of the current five-headed crisis? 


Nature Conservation 

Pink flamingos return to Kenya’s Lake Nakuru 

Eight years ago rising water levels in Kenya’s Lake Nakuru drove away the clouds of pink flamingos that were the park’s biggest attraction. Rangers say their disappearance triggered a drop in visitor numbers by for the Nakuru National Park. Their return has rekindled hopes of a gradual rebound in an area heavily reliant on tourists for employment and revenues. 


How efforts to save Hawaii’s forests are preventing a ‘freshwater crisis’ 

Landowners, volunteers and an army of local hunters are helping the state fight an uphill battle to protect Hawaii’s forests — and its drinking water. 


Green violence: ‘Eco-guards’ are abusing African indigenous groups 

A new UN report says park guards funded by conservation organizations are hounding African forest dwellers. In an interview with Yale e360, a noted anthropologist describes the mistreatment and says the solution lies in giving indigenous people greater control over their traditional lands. 


Protecting half of Earth may help solve climate change, save species 

An analysis lays out where new land protections could complement existing protected areas to achieve various conservation and climate goals. 

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