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It would be breath-taking for the LNP to become champions for change on climate policy as this article suggests and, while I’m hopeful, I remain highly sceptical. They seem committed to a gas-led recovery and the addition of ‘U’ to make CCS into CCUS, into Carbon Capture Use and Storage, is still lipstick on a pig.

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We’re already past critical climate tipping points. Here’s why we still need to cut emissions now

If we can keep the earth’s temperature low enough, the effects of what’s coming won’t be as disastrous—even if they’re inevitable.


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November 16


Climate Change

Scientists link record-breaking hurricane season to climate crisis

Evidence is not so much in the number of tropical storms the Atlantic has seen, but in their strength, intensity and rainfall


As Hurricane Iota nears Central America, experts predict more climate-linked migration

Hurricane Iota is rapidly gathering strength as it barrels toward Central America, a region still recovering from the devastation of Hurricane Eta, and experts predict this year’s unprecedented storm season will force more people to migrate.


We’re already past critical climate tipping points. Here’s why we still need to cut emissions now

If we can keep the earth’s temperature low enough, the effects of what’s coming won’t be as disastrous—even if they’re inevitable.


Can Biden make climate progress with a divided Congress? Actually, yeah

Environmental experts say the administration may fare better by working with green governors and clean tech businesses, and by signing executive orders.



Benefits of Coalition’s ‘gas-led recovery’ overstated and declining usage inevitable, report finds

‘Good old days’ of low gas prices long gone making role as ‘transition fuel’ unfeasible, Grattan Institute reports


Major union tells Labor to get over ‘self-indulgent diversion’ in climate debate

The Electrical Trades Union has urged the party to focus on supporting workers through what it sees as an inevitable transition to renewables.


Morrison still wants to turn up the gas, despite the critics [$]

Jennifer Hewett

Scott Morrison and Angus Taylor aren’t for turning on promoting a “gas-led recovery” or rejecting a 2050 target for net zero emissions.


No future in cheap gas-led recovery [$]

Tony Wood

Draining low-cost supplies and abating climate change will makes gas an expensive energy choice, so the best thing for manufacturing is government support for a transition to low-emission replacement technologies.


Expense and emissions may see household use of gas flame out

Guy Dundas

There is one part of your home’s energy supply that is often forgotten in the push to reduce emissions – the gas used for cooking, hot water and winter heating.


What climate wars? The Coalition’s ship is changing tack

Patrick Suckling

The international seas of climate policy are shifting and there are clear signs that the Morrison government is righting its ship to go with the tide.



In Melbourne’s parks we can get on the beers but not on the bog

The serpentine, socially distanced queue isn’t for the hipster food trucks but the toilet. The one toilet.


New South Wales

$20m green switch for steel giant [$]

BlueScope Steel will invest $20 million in renewable energy manufacturing in the Illawarra, with a focus on building infrastructure like solar farms, wind towers, and pumped hydro equipment



‘It hurts you to see the land suffering like that’: The Canberrans helping to restore Namadgi National Park

Milly Cooper spent her childhood ambling around Canberra’s magical bushland.


Zero-interest loans coming for ACT electric car buyers

The ACT will be the only jurisdiction in Australia to offer zero-interest loans to help subsidise new and used electric vehicle purchases under the new governing agreement signed between Labor and the Greens.



Fraser Island bushfire burns on multiple fronts as South Australia faces extreme fire risk

Firefighters at national park prepare to defend two townships as Flinders Ranges and SA’s mid-north on high alert


South Australia

Community fighting to protect significant wetland from urban growth

A culturally significant area of wetland south of Adelaide is giving young Indigenous people an opportunity to connect with their history, but there are worries about its future.


Spencer Gulf hydrogen hub key to energy jobs [$]

Thousands or people couple be employed if a hydrogen industry is established – and SA’s building a case to be at its heart.



How do we tackle the plastic waste issue? [$]

Changing our behaviours and choices to help clean up the planet is a topic that is always talked about but yet, we still seem to see too much rubbish discarded incorrectly and too much plastic in our environment.


Tassie hydrogen hub faces major hurdles [$]

Tasmania is in the running for a lucrative hydrogen export hub, which could create 8000 jobs and be worth $11 billion, but their are major challenges to be overcome first.


Wings counted and prayers answered in fight to save a rare bird [$]

After decades of hard work and harder knocks, wildlife experts have finally cracked a means of bringing Australia’s rarest bird back from the brink of extinction.


Tourism split on national parks fuels revolt [$]

A split in Tasmania’s $3 billion tourism industry over development in national parks is fuelling a boycott by accredited operators.


Northern Territory

NT Solar Futures project near Berry Springs gets development green light from planning authority [$]

A MAJOR proposed solar farm project south of Darwin that would create 200 jobs during construction has been given the green light by the Northern Territory’s development authority.


Western Australia

Investigator in charge at $1.3bn land council [$]

A forensic investigator has taken control of a West Australian land council as it clings to hopes it can right itself in time to help deliver the nation’s biggest Native Settlement, a $1.3bn land and cash deal between the state government and 30,000 Noongar people of the southwest.



It’s time to rethink indoor airflow to reduce the spread of COVID-19, say experts

Airflow inside buildings and other enclosed areas has received less attention than other COVID-19 prevention strategies, but now some experts are saying it is time to start talking about ventilation as a tool in our arsenal to reduce the spread of COVID-19


This bamboo and sugar waste tableware biodegrades in 60 days

As importantly, it’s nearly as cheap as plastic.


UK expected to ban sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2030

PM to announce measure amid raft of new environmental policies, reports say


When will electricity companies finally quit natural gas?

Justin Gillis, Michael O’Boyle

Wind and solar are better bets for investors and the planet.


Nature Conservation

Count on Biden to restore the national monuments Trump trashed

The president-elect has vowed to not only reverse the Trump administration’s rollback of protected sites, but designate new ones.


Protected areas are not safe from climate change

A new study showing the most vulnerable protected areas – the poles and the subtropics – could help prioritize their care.

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