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I’ve been re-sending my self-indulgent version of Maelor’s Daily Links for 16 or 17 years now. To make my selection, I’m prompted to look through all the current articles that he includes and so I reckon I have, albeit subjective, an idea of where to find the core of climate denialism in this country. From Matthew Warren’s days as its environment reporter to today where the legion of hard-core deniers still infest the pages, one could count on The Oz to deny climate reality. So I say, pull the other one, Rupert!

Post of the Day

How can we live with extreme weather and climate change? We created a virtual town to find out

In a ground-breaking, interactive augmented reality experience, Mt Resilience tells the story of a town that’s tackling some of the world’s trickiest problems.


On This Day

November 20


Ecological Observance

National Ag Day


Climate Change

Climate activists ramp up pressure on Biden with protest outside Democratic headquarters

Climate groups plan to camp in Washington DC in protest of Biden’s hires of key staff with connections to the oil and gas industry


Youth forge on with global climate summit

Youth from around the world are forging ahead with an online climate summit in the hopes of stamping strong targets in law.


Major corporations rush towards clean energy commitment

A major shift towards clean energy targets is being seen among some of Australia’s leading businesses and brands.


U.S. greenhouse gas emissions set to drop to lowest level in three decades

The 9 percent fall has been partially offset by extreme forest fires.


So, how much did climate change matter in the 2020 election?

Environmental advocates say their message broke through, but there are limits to how climate change currently influences votes.


How many climate crisis books will it take to save the planet?

Ian Lowe

It’s that time of the year again. Brochures and emails spruik a bumper crop of new books about the climate crisis.


I was a teenager hopeless about climate change. Then COVID-19 hit

James Poetzscher

My maps showing declining air pollution during the pandemic have been published around the world. Young people can make a difference.



How can we live with extreme weather and climate change? We created a virtual town to find out

In a ground-breaking, interactive augmented reality experience, Mt Resilience tells the story of a town that’s tackling some of the world’s trickiest problems.


Morrison sets end of year goal to target IR and greenhouse emissions

Scott Morrison has unveiled an ambitious plan to target both IR reform and the use of carryover credits to deal with greenhouse emissions by year’s end.


‘We do not deny climate change’: Rupert Murdoch addresses son’s exit from board

Rupert Murdoch has made his first public comments about the abrupt resignation of his son James Murdoch from News Corp’s board, rejecting assertions the company denies climate change or that he did not consider his son’s point of view.


AEMC advances new rule to stop wind and solar farms cutting output without notice

New draft rules could prevent wind and solar projects from reducing output, as the AEMC seeks to see renewables act more like coal and gas in the market.


Graph of the day: Most emissions from fossil fuels come from wasted energy

Most energy produced when fossil fuels burned is wasted. The transition to electricity and renewables will change this.


ARENA backs mini wind turbines to power off-grid communications

Australian designed mini wind turbines set to deliver power to off-grid telecommunications systems, receive ARENA backing.


Could Australia adopt a UK-style conservative position on climate?

Ketan Joshi

Could Australia’s conservative federal government replicate the UK’s slowly-increasing climate ambitions? One key problem needs to be solved first.


We need to ditch partisanship and climate wars perpetuated by both the political left and right

Joel Fitzgibbon

Like the rest of the world, Australia must take meaningful action on climate change and we are


After Biden’s win, Australia needs to step up and recommit to this vital UN climate change fund

Jonathan Pickering

Now Joe Biden is on track to be the next US president, there has been plenty of speculation about what this means for Australia’s policies on climate change.


Gas key to finding the energy to endure China’s ire [$]

Robert Gottliebsen

The Australian Strategic Forum has brought to a head some the greatest issues facing the nation, including the dispute with our largest trading partner, China, and whether we should use gas as a transition to build hi-tech manufacturing to lessen our dependence on coal and develop markets in the US.


AGL profits may be weak for years, and it might be time to split it in two

David Leitch

AGL faces years of declining profits, so perhaps it is time to consider a split of the company into two, clean and thermal.



Firefighters ‘staggered’ as careless Victorians leave scores of campfires burning in the bush

Eighty-seven “unattended or abandoned” campfires were found burning in state forests last weekend, enraging firefighters and leaving authorities sick with anxiety about what it could mean for summer.


Djab Wurrung legal case hears area surrounding trees are significant

Court hears government had ample evidence of heritage when it continued highway duplication works.


Has the switch flipped on energy efficiency? Victoria’s $800m is a great start

Despite being an easy, cheap way to drive down power costs and emissions, energy efficiency has been glaringly absent from Australian government policies. Has the switch flipped?


Traditional owners the ‘right’ people to decide on trees

Rodney Carter

The right process has been followed, and through that process, the representative voice has been heard.


New South Wales

Controversial koala bill which threatened to split Government is dumped

The scandal-plagued koala bill that threatened to split the NSW Coalition has been scrapped and a Government MP has been sacked as parliamentary secretary for crossing the floor.


Studs in ‘life or death battle’ to stop coal mine — again [$]

Three years after proving that coal mines and horse studs should not mix, the breeders of some of Australia’s top racehorses are under threat again.


Slow and expensive light rail ‘got worse’

Sydney’s light rail has been slammed as the ‘slowest and most expensive’ in the world after new figures about its cost were revealed.


Supply shock hits coal market amid Newcastle port damage [$]

Thermal coal exports from NSW could be reduced for an extended period after a crucial piece of equipment broke down at the Port of Newcastle.


Push for Macquarie River to have Aboriginal name officially recognised

The Bathurst Regional Council unanimously endorses a push from local First Nations groups to have the Macquarie River be also recognised as ‘Wambuul’, as it is known in the Wiradjuri language.


I’m a coal miner and I can’t see how Fitzgibbon represents me

Grant Howard

Joel Fitzgibbon appears to be the latest politician looking to exploit a political opportunity while the rest of the country tries to tackle climate change.



Gautam Adani: the man behind the mine [$]

His rise in India accelerated in the years since Narendra Modi was elected prime minister prompting criticism of a system where too much power is in the hands of too few.


South Australia

Origin moves forward on 300MW solar and battery project in South Australia

Origin Energy has submitted plans to build a two-stage, 300MW solar and battery storage project near Morgan in the Riverland Region of South Australia.



Police drop charges from parliament blockade arrests

Charges have been dropped for the 7 remaining rebels who were arrested on 17 October 2019 after blockading parliament to demand urgent action on the climate and ecological crisis due to Police failing to tender any evidence.


Salmon farm hits back at ‘defamatory’ claims [$]

With a community group calling for fish farms to leave the Huon, a salmon producer has hit back at the ‘unsubstantiated, baseless claims’ that they’re destroying the environment.


Northern Territory

Major mine expansion approved by NT Government against advice of sacred sites authority

The sacred site watchdog says it is deeply concerned by the NT Government’s greenlight for Glencore’s McArthur River Mine expansion, and has warned against a repeat of WA’s Juukan Gorge disaster.


Miner pledges to protect Aboriginal sacred sites [$]

The Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority (AAPA) says it wants McArthur River Mine (MRM) to commit to properly engaging with custodians about its expansion plans 45km southwest of Borroloola.


1000 jobs safe as mine gets green light to continue operating [$]

The futures of 1000 employees and contractors at the McArthur River Mine have been given surety with new Mines Minister Nicole Manison giving it the green light to continue operating


Darwin River firey jailed for seven years after breaching ‘sacred trust’ [$]

A Darwin River firey who lit up the equivalent of 1700 football fields of bushland in the Rural Area has been jailed for seven years after breaking the ‘sacred trust’ placed in him by the community and his colleagues.


‘Absolute nightmare’: Major blackout hit up to 60 per cent of Darwin-Katherine power grid

The widespread blackout reached as far south as Katherine and west to Dundee, distressing emergency services, shutting businesses, grid-locking traffic and forcing fans and air-conditioners to fail for up to four hours.


Western Australia

Back from the brink: Numbat numbers ‘explode’ as feral cat culling kicks in

The number of numbats detected at a conservation site in Western Australia has leapt to 35, sparking hope among scientists that the endangered marsupial population can recover.


Solar future is bright, but do your research

Our sunny skies have paved the way for a booming solar panel industry in Western Australia, as many households look for ways to cut their power bills while also reducing their carbon footprint.


WA pays business to consume surplus solar power [$]

An electricity glut in Western Australia has led the state power company to offer cash to customers to use electricity on weekends.



Cat owners more likely to have lower wellbeing than dog owners, report finds

The survey also found pet owners were more likely to report poor mental health than those who don’t have a pet. It’s the first time pet ownership had been surveyed as part of the annual HILDA reports.


China’s vision of future green urbanization

As cities in China go through economic transformation, they face the challenges of carbon emissions, waste management, and pollution control. By tackling those three challenges together for the first time, RMI’s new report introduces a new concept—Whole-System Zero-Emissions Demonstration.


The transition to renewable energy relies on mining. Can it be done responsibly?

Demand for certain mined minerals is projected to increase exponentially in the coming decades. Experts warn responsible practices must be in place to reduce environmental and social impacts


Could Agri-PV be Africa’s next big solar market trend

A new report from GreenCape predicts that agricultural companies could become major adopters of solar power in Africa as farmers seek to improve the cost and reliability of energy supplies.


Nature Conservation

Iraqi conservationist shares his passion for wildlife with children

In the middle of the Iraqi capital Baghdad, children from a local orphanage have an unusual breakfast with environmental activist Mahdi Laith, where he talks about the importance of conservation and diversity in Iraq.


Ocean health: Study looks at the plastic problem

A just-released study from the marine conservation group Oceana reports that over 90% of the 1,800 marine animals it studied had eaten plastic, which can lead to pain, starvation, and death.

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