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So tell me please, when the use of groundwater is found to be unsustainable, what is the likelihood of Santos agreeing ‘fair cop, we’ll take all of our plant,  restore the joint to its original condition, and retire gracefully’? Where has that ever happened? 


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Restoration of degraded grasslands can benefit climate change mitigation and key ecosystem services

New research has demonstrated how, in contrast to encroachment by the invasive alien tree species Prosopis julifora (known as `Mathenge` in Kenya or `Promi` in Baringo), restoration of grasslands in tropical semi-arid regions can both mitigate the impacts of climate change and restore key benefits usually provided by healthy grasslands for pastoralists and agro-pastoralist communities.


On This Day

November 25


Climate Change

Strengthening the climate change scenario framework

Over the past decade, the climate change research community developed a scenario framework that combines alternative futures of climate and society to facilitate integrated research and consistent assessment to inform policy. An international team of researchers assessed how well this framework is working and what challenges it faces.


Biden to name former Secretary of State John Kerry as presidential climate envoy

President-elect Joe Biden will name former secretary of state John Kerry as a presidential envoy on climate, according to his transition team, signaling his commitment to elevating the issue of climate change under his administration.


Can a hike through a VR forest make people understand climate change?

Scientists are letting people walk through virtual Wisconsin trees and then showing them the effects of changing global temperatures.



“We will pay a heavy price for this”, Turnbull savages Morrison and Taylor over climate

Former PM Malcolm Turnbull eviscerates Scott Morrison and Angus Taylor’s stance on climate, saying Morrison over-channelled Trump.


Investors head offshore as lack of zero emissions target delays Australian transition

Investors say the Morrison government’s refusal to adopt a zero emissions target is holding back investment and the transition away from fossil fuels.


‘Let’s get on with it’, urges energy chief [$]

Energy Security Board chair Kerry Schott said the changes to the electricity grid from renewables and exiting coal was unstoppable.


Batteries and hydrogen ready to take off [$]

Lithium ion batteries are in heavy demand from major utilities as a second wave of demand rises beyond that of electric vehicles.


The quest for ‘enough megawatts when we need them’ [$]

The problem of ensuring there’s enough power generating capacity when it’s needed has become increasingly urgent to solve as the grid transitions to more renewable energy.


Labor committed to clean energy: Butler

Labor’s $20 billion energy policy showed the party was committed to clean power, long-time energy and climate change spokesman Mark Butler said, as Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese played down his party’s internal debate on climate targets.


Origin CEO says virus has hastened clean energy shift

The head of power giant Origin Energy says the dramatic transformation of the energy market is accelerating faster than anyone in the industry would have predicted even six months ago and requires co-ordination between state and federal governments to manage the changes smoothly.


Black Summer bushfire health impact revealed in new report

Those living with asthma and other respiratory illnesses were among the hardest hit by the weather conditions generated by the summer’s bushfires. Now a new report has confirmed the toll the smoke haze and bushfires had on people’s health.


Morrison’s infuriating climate pledge: We’ll only cheat if we need to

Ketan Joshi

Australia’s next big emissions projections are due soon. Renewables will do the heavy lifting, but how will the gap to Paris be filled?


Calm down and power on [$]

AFR View

The energy sector cannot afford not to make decisions on a future national electricity market.


Australia is a net zero embarrassment [$]


Australia’s pathway to net zero carbon emissions by 2050 is littered with massive challenges. But the sooner we start the better it will be for the economy.



Fury as Andrews Government approves contaminated soil dump in regional ‘food bowl’

Residents of Bacchus Marsh say a State Government decision to store spoil from the West Gate Tunnel dig near the town shows “contempt for regional Victoria”.


“Let’s not kill EVs”: Main car lobby slams Victoria’s electric vehicle tax

News that Victoria will join SA in introducing electric vehicle tax is met with strong opposition with industry stakeholders saying it is “backwards” and “will kill off” the fledgling…


New Investment in resources sector

The Victorian Budget 2020/21 was handed down today and it included new funding to support the resources sector.


Victoria budgets $540m to develop six new Renewable Energy Zones

Victoria sets aside $540m in 2020/21 state budget to develop renewable energy hubs across the state in “unprecedented” public spend on greening the grid.


Leap forward for world-leading carbon capture and storage research facility

Minister for Education Dan Tehan said world-leading energy research was happening in Wannon as he visited the newly renamed Otway International Test Centre.


New South Wales

Traditional Owners to continue fight against proposed go-kart track

Wiradyuri Elders in Bathurst say they will do whatever it takes to save a sacred women’s site on Wahluu from destruction.


Narrabri gas project clears final hurdle, work to begin in the new year

A controversial multi-billion-dollar coal seam gas project in north-west NSW, which has been touted to meet half the state’s gas needs, has cleared its final hurdle and work will commence in 2021.


Coal and gas lobbies take aim at NSW renewable energy plan

Australia’s coal and gas lobby has come out all guns blazing against the New South Wales government’s renewable energy transition plan, threatening legal action and an investment strike that could lead to higher prices and raise fears of a supply shortage.


Why the White Bay power station should become a museum of climate change

Caitlin Fitzsimmons

Urban decay tells us who we are and where we’ve come from. The obvious story an old coal-fired power plant can tell us is about global warming.


One of Australia’s most famous beaches is disappearing, and storms aren’t to blame. So what’s the problem?

Thomas Murray et al

Over the past six months, tourists and locals have been shocked to see Byron’s famous Main Beach literally disappearing, inundated with water and debris.



‘We don’t need Disneyland on the Daintree’: Community divided over increasing access to rainforest

Tourism sustains the community living in and around the Daintree Rainforest, but constant growth has forced the council to consider expanding transport infrastructure. Yet, tension remains over exactly how much development is okay.


Make way for the e-bike: council to axe CityCycle scheme

Brisbane City Council will end its troubled and expensive CityCycle scheme and will instead embrace e-bikes and e-scooters as a way to encourage residents and visitors onto active transport.


South Australia

Mining company ordered to cease pumping in Adelaide mangrove dieback investigation

A salt mining company accused of reinstating a pump against the terms of its tenancy is part of an investigation into what is causing the dieback of a popular mangrove forest north of Adelaide.


12 years, $2.1bn, and more money at the end of the tunnel [$]

SA’s controversial contract with private train operator Keolis Downer will initially cost $163m a year – but rises sharply at the end of the deal.



Eaglehawk Neck road widening could impact Aboriginal burial site: Greens [$]

A road widening project on the Tasman Peninsula has the potential to encroach on an ancient Aboriginal burial site where up to 80 people may have been laid to rest, the Tasmanian Greens say.


Deer control back on the agenda as Senate committee meets in Launceston

There are concerns that commercialised deer meat in Tasmania would fail to meet Australian standards for traceability as calls grow for a population management plan.


Tasmania’s population projection predicted to plummet

Tasmania’s population projections are set to take a hit as pandemic border closures negatively impact state growth.


How an infectious tumor in Tasmanian devils evolved as it spread

A transmissible cancer in the Tasmanian devil has evolved over the past two decades, with some lineages spreading and replacing others, according to a new study in the open access journal PLOS Biology by Young Mi Kwon, Kevin Gori, and Elizabeth Murchison of the University of Cambridge (UK) and colleagues. The evolutionary dynamics of the cancer help explain how this Australian marsupial has become so quickly endangered, and may shed light on the evolution of other forms of cancer.


Community on the rails

Chris Ord

Rail trails are a powerful tool in (re)connecting community and energising local economies.



Renewables were sole source of new US generating capacity in last quarter

Renewable energy sources were the sole source of new capacity added to the US grid between June and September.


IOP Publishing unveils new open access environmental journal series

IOP Publishing (IOPP) is launching a suite of new open access (OA) environmental journals, marking the creation of the Environmental Research series.


How air pollution could be harming your brain

According to one expert, “The risk of air pollution on the brain is a much broader risk factor than we’ve given it credit for.”


Supersized wind turbines generate clean energy–and surprising physics

As wind energy scales up, researchers study the fluid dynamics challenges


How growing plants helps you live longer and feel better

Psychiatrists say gardening can be as good for the soul as it is for the body.


Tracking and fighting fires on earth and beyond

Scientists demonstrate how fires burn and spread under different environmental conditions


Guiding the way to improved solar cell performance

Small molecules could hold the key to enhancing the efficiency of organic solar cells.


As South Africa clings to coal, a struggle for the right to breathe

Close ties between the ruling elite and the coal industry have helped perpetuate South Africa’s dependence on the dirtiest fossil fuel for electricity. But now residents of the nation’s most coal-intensive region are suing to force the government to clean up choking air pollution.


The science of windy cities

Researchers model urban airflows to help improve the design of drones, skyscrapers, and natural ventilation systems.


The three nuclear threats facing President-elect Biden

Ivo Daalder

The nuclear threats are but one among a host of pressing issues confronting Biden, but they could well come to dominate his entire presidency.


Nature Conservation

Global warming likely to increase disease risk for animals worldwide

Changes in climate can increase infectious disease risk in animals, researchers found — with the possibility that these diseases could spread to humans, they warn.


Restoration of degraded grasslands can benefit climate change mitigation and key ecosystem services

New research has demonstrated how, in contrast to encroachment by the invasive alien tree species Prosopis julifora (known as `Mathenge` in Kenya or `Promi` in Baringo), restoration of grasslands in tropical semi-arid regions can both mitigate the impacts of climate change and restore key benefits usually provided by healthy grasslands for pastoralists and agro-pastoralist communities.


Climate change is sending some species the wrong way

Not every animal has the power to migrate to cooler climes.


Seagrass: Another vital carbon-sequestering ecosystem threatened by climate change

Underwater meadows have rapidly disappeared around the world, but new research suggests they may be the easiest coastal habitat to restore.


Empathy in conservation is hotly debated. Still, the world needs more stories like My Octopus Teacher

Kathryn Williams et al

With three hearts, blue blood, no bones and eight limbs attached to a bulbous head, octopuses seem like they’re from another planet. But in My Octopus Teacher, the hugely popular nature documentary on Netflix, these cephalopods as not only presented as remarkable — but relatable.

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