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For significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, we need the pandemic to spread further and last longer. Sure there’ll be many more deaths but at least we won’t have to limit our fossil-fuelled energy generation.

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Where’s the beef with a greener future that also makes us happier and healthier?

The Committee on Climate Change has shown that decarbonising is not only affordable but highly desirable


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December 14


Ecological Observance

National Tree Planting Day – Malawi

National Energy Conservation Day – India

Monkey Day


Climate Change

High-emitting countries committing ‘climate genocide’ without bigger reductions, Barbados PM says

Mia Mottley says the fate of small and low-lying countries like hers rests in the hands of the world’s major emitters.


Australia’s Black Summer bushfires acted like a volcanic eruption, slightly cooling the globe

Australia’s disastrous 2019-2020 bushfire season blew so much smoke into the upper atmosphere that it blocked sunlight from reaching Earth’s surface, potentially causing a brief global cooling effect comparable to a moderate volcanic eruption, new research has found.


How much did COVID-19 lockdowns decrease emissions?

Yes, lockdowns caused emissions to drop 2.4 billion tonnes. But we’re still rapidly approaching the total amount of carbon the atmosphere can handle before our temperatures cross a dangerous threshold.


The costs of tackling climate change keep on falling [$]

Adair Turner

Over the long term, humanity does not face a trade-off but a clear win-win.



Mathias Cormann tests negative for Covid as campaign for OECD job puts Coalition’s climate record in spotlight

The British opposition has reportedly written to Boris Johnson demanding the UK oppose former finance minister’s nomination


CEOs look to Biden for climate leadership

Joe Biden’s leadership on climate change and international relations is good news for Australian CEOs starved of global stability.


Net zero emissions by 2050 ‘not that hard’ [$]

Labor MP Mark Butler says it is ‘not surprising’ Scott Morrison was not invited to speak at a summit on climate change given Australia’s reputation.


Let the traditional owners decide mining, heritage trade-offs [$]

AFR View

Rather than mandatory moratoriums on mine project approvals, it is Indigenous landowners who should be making decisions about the inevitable heritage compromises.


Net zero by 2050 will anchor better carbon policy [$]

AFR View

Australia has rightly put action ahead of greenhouse rhetoric. But it is time to get bolder than we have been.



Ten tonnes of rubbish removed from city parks every weekend

The City of Melbourne is removing up to 10 tonnes of waste every weekend from its parks, which have been packed in the aftermath of the city’s harsh COVID-19 lockdown.


Dangerous selfies ‘can kill’: Tourists urged to be sensible after Grampians death

Victoria’s Police Minister Lisa Neville has urged people not to risk their lives by chasing “extreme” photos for social media after a woman fell to her death in the Grampians on Saturday.


Residents fight to protect homes, trees [$]

Residents are fighting a $20 million development plan, saying it will rob them of privacy and heritage.


Alcoa’s $77m carrot to stay put [$]

The federal government has taken a key step to ensuring Alcoa’s Portland aluminium smelter stays open beyond the middle of 2021, offering up a $76.8m package to guarantee the massive energy user continues to play its role in stabilising the east coast energy grid.


Park life: we need better green spaces for a healthy society

Lucie O’Brien

After COVID, we need to prioritise funding for public parks for a healthier and happier society.


Mosman has a climate emergency, but no Woolworths [$]

Aaron Patrick

The wealthy Sydney suburb is sending a message that it is too good for cheap, fresh food.


New South Wales

Authorities ‘nervous’ about Byron Bay beach erosion as big swells lash coast

Byron Bay’s beaches are at risk of further erosion as wild weather creates hazardous tides and damaging conditions along the state’s north coast.


Australia’s top solar research school snares $19m in new funding

The country’s leading solar research centre has secured its first major grant in years with the Australian Renewable Energy Agency tipping in $19 million for equipment to help make clean energy even more competitive.


Golf versus park battle drives wedge between council, MPs

Labor MPs have warned Sydney lord mayor Clover Moore’s plan to halve a popular inner city golf course to create more public open space would render surrounding parkland in Sydney’s east vulnerable to commercial use.


Matt Kean says Joel Fitzgibbon a climate ally in ‘sensible centre’ against ideologues

NSW Energy Minister Matt Kean has claimed a surprise unity ticket on climate policy with ­outspoken Labor MP Joel ­Fitzgibbon, declaring both were trying to take their respective ­parties to the “sensible centre” on the issue


We may feel we are turning a corner at the end of 2020, but for coastal communitities, recovery is slow

Canberra Times editorial

Major global events do strange things to our sense of time. Can it be a year since we watched from afar, in horror, as parts of the NSW South Coast went up in flames?



Fire that razed half of Fraser Island finally contained

Heavy rainfall helped extinguish the long-burning blaze, but not before it destroyed more than half of the World Heritage-listed island’s bushland.


Bat with disease deadly to humans found in park [$]

A flying fox that died after it was found in a southeast Queensland park has tested positive for a disease that can be fatal to humans.


South Australia

SA has biggest power price fall

Consumers should expect electricity bills to finally start to fall after more wind and solar drove competition and cut generation prices.



Extinction Rebellion demands climate action at Cataract Gorge

Banners drawing attention to climate change were slung across the Cataract Gorge on Saturday morning as Extinction Rebellion members tried to raise awareness and demand action on the issue.


Northern Territory

On the eve of an exodus from Jabiru, those staying behind face an uncertain future

The town of Jabiru is just a few short weeks from reaching the defining crossroads of its 40-year existence — but authorities and residents say it is still worlds away from being ready for change, and some locals are leaving town forever.


Western Australia

‘Gobsmacked’: how to stop a disaster like Juukan Gorge happening again

Inquiry finds traditional owners were let down by Rio Tinto, the Western Australia and federal governments and native title law


Rio Tinto’s Juukan shame exposes ESG box-ticking [$]

Glynn Cochrane

Social licence ratings are highly prized as corporate PR, but the destruction of the Juukan Gorge caves shows these metrics fail to measure the impact of companies on the ground.



Where’s the beef with a greener future that also makes us happier and healthier?

The Committee on Climate Change has shown that decarbonising is not only affordable but highly desirable


Which Christmas tree is more sustainable: real or plastic? or maybe it’s something else entirely

Plastic isn’t ideal, but neither is cutting down trees and chucking them into landfill. This is what we found out.


Climate racism is real. Researchers found it in U.S. cities

A disproportionately high number of poor and non-white people live in the hottest neighborhoods across the country. It’s often the result of discriminatory practices by banks and local governments.


A water crisis: How climate change affects our health

Philtino in South Africa and Shivday in India are already living with the reality of drought and flooding. We look at how their communities, and so many others are dealing with a lack of clean water.


The era of fossil fuel power plants is rapidly receding. Here is their life expectancy

What if President-elect Joe Biden’s plan to get to 100 percent carbon-free electricity by 2035 turns out to involve not radical disruption but a smooth transition?


Indigenous activists speak out against plans to import radioactive material to southeast Utah

When locations were chosen more than half a century ago for the dozens of uranium mills that dot the Four Corners landscape, one common factor was almost always considered: proximity to productive uranium mines.


Having kids increases global warming. But don’t blame the parents…

Eva Wiseman

When world leaders get serious about reducing carbon emissions, we can raise families determined to improve the planet’s future


Time to learn lessons of the past on nuclear

Helen Caldicott

The threat of nuclear warfare is ever-present despite the horrors of the past.


Nature Conservation

Flamethrower drone used to incinerate wasp nests

The six-armed drone is equipped with a petrol tank and a nozzle which spits bursts of fire onto hives, protecting villagers in the central Chinese region from being stung.


Deadliest plastics: bags and packaging biggest marine life killers, study finds

Wide-ranging review finds whales, dolphins, turtles and seabirds at mortal risk from marine debris


The stakes of Trump’s push to sell oil drilling rights in the Arctic refuge

A majority of voters don’t support drilling in the Arctic refuge. Trump is doing it anyway.

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