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At the dawn of many many industries, there’re carpet-baggers and shysters looking for a chance. The tragedy is that the industry, totally unfairly, gets a bad name for the actions of these shonks.

Post of the Day

Renewables plus batteries offer Australia the same energy security as coal, research finds

Australia Institute calls for rule change to allow renewables to replace fossil fuels in underpinning grid reliability


On This Day

March 29

Mid-Shab’an (Lailat al-Baraa) – Islam

Holi – Hinduism


Climate Change

Wind industry warns not building enough to curb global warming

The world’s wind power industry is falling far short of installing the capacity needed to limit global warming, a report by the Global Wind Energy Council showed.


Bangladesh at 50: Why my ancestral home could be lost to climate change

As Bangladesh turns 50, a UK-Bangladeshi reflects on how climate change affects his parent’s country.



‘One-in-100-years’ flood talk is disastrously misleading, experts say

Wondering why these big disasters come around so often if they’re so rare? You’re not alone and, like the post-floods mess, it needs clearing up.


Renewables plus batteries offer Australia the same energy security as coal, research finds

Australia Institute calls for rule change to allow renewables to replace fossil fuels in underpinning grid reliability


Energy sector readies for Australia’s electric car ‘tipping point’

A rollout of smart chargers will help spread the load from times of high demand to the daytime hours of surplus solar supply.


Uranium miners are getting physical [$]

With China’s five-year plan outlining continued growth in nuclear power, uranium miners are spending money on finished product rather than mine projects.


Half of left-wing voters support nuclear power [$]

Fifty per cent of Labor voters and 52 per cent of Greens voters say nuclear should be considered as part of Australia’s low-emissions energy future, according to a new survey.



Victoria police prioritised Isis threat over rightwing extremism until Christchurch attack

Online presence of rightwing extremists like Christchurch shooter was not ‘front of mind’, state’s top counter-terrorism officer says


Solar cowboys: Door-to-door sales crackdown in government’s sights

The state government is considering a ban on solar retailers selling door-to-door and cold calling customers to protect Victorians from predatory behaviour in the booming renewables industry.


Seismic testing: Green scientists in search of causes for alarm, not the truth [$]

Nick Cater

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water, a fresh reason not to drill for undersea oil and gas has been dredged up by the Greens.


New South Wales

Forrest’s LNG imports crucial to avoid gas shortfall [$]

The Port Kembla project being built by mining billionaire Andrew Forrest has become critical to avoid shortfalls in gas in the southern states in two years’ time.


Western Sydney Airport flight paths still not released five years after approval given

Five years on from the approval of the Western Sydney Airport, flight paths have not been released, prompting criticism the federal government is keeping them hidden until it’s too late.



Light rail corridor’s great debate: are they weeds or natives?

It is a controversy which has galvanised Canberra public opinion: namely, what is it with all the weedy-looking plants along the light rail corridor on Northbourne Avenue? Are they really meant to look so unkempt and scrubby?



Fears $10bn coal seam gas project could cause farmland to subside

Concerned Queensland farmers face off against Arrow Energy, a gas company approved to drill up to 2,500 gas wells over 8,600 square kilometres.


Queensland mine on brink as China ban delivers $6b blow

China’s boycott of Australian coal has cost the industry $6 billion and left a central Queensland mine on the brink of closure.


South Australia

Nuclear option still open to SA public [$]

Almost two-thirds of South Australians are backing nuclear energy to help tackle global warming, an opinion poll finds.


Waste war: Organics, coffee cups, produce bags ‘should be next’ [$]

The fight against waste can not end with single use plastics.



Roads, fuel prices top election wishes [$]

The state’s peak motoring body has revealed its wishlist for the state election, expressing disappointment at a lack of road improvements over the past decade.


A devilishly good idea for electoral success [$]

Charles Wooley

The Premier could win a lot of middle-ground electoral support by making a campaign commitment to saving everyone’s favourite animal.


Northern Territory

Warning as asbestos surfaces on beaches [$]

Beachgoers are being reminded to be careful of material containing asbestos after chunks were found on the sand at a popular area


Western Australia

The mechanical stomach powering homes by digesting old food scraps

Tonnes of food scraps collected from restaurants and supermarkets are being converted into electricity under a green energy initiative powering thousands of homes in Perth.



Lights go off around the world to mark Earth Hour

The global event, organized by environmental group WWF to push for action on climate change and other man-made threats to the planet, sees buildings around the world switch off their lights for 60 minutes at 8:30 pm local time.


Second dust storm in a fortnight blankets Beijing

The Chinese capital Beijing is battling its second choking sandstorm in two weeks, with the city shrouded in thick dust carrying extremely high levels of hazardous particles.


Europe’s plastics industry is about to boom. U.S. fracking is driving it

Even as the European Union rolls out aggressive plans for reducing plastic waste, countries are importing cheap ethane gas to fuel their plastics industries.


This device captures the carbon from trucks as they drive

Remora installs a container on semis that lets them collect, store, and then monetize their emissions.


The ‘Green Energy’ that might be ruining the planet

The biomass industry is warming up the South’s economy, but many experts worry it’s doing the same to the climate. Will the Biden Administration embrace it, or cut it loose?


‘It’s a pipe dream’: Green groups blast US plastic makers’ recycling push

The groups argue that the Break Free from Plastics Pollution Act would undermine their recycling efforts and disrupt critical supply chains.


Plant-based meat sales are soaring, but experts warn it may not be better for you or the environment

Hailed as a solution to environmental and health concerns, sales of meat alternatives are soaring but questions are being raised about the claims made about the products.


The truth about tiny houses — they’re more expensive than you think

Heather Shearer and Paul Burton

The proportion of people living in tiny houses hasn’t been increasing, but the movement has prompted debate about living smaller and more sustainably


An Afro-Indigenous approach to agriculture and food security

Leah Penniman

Society is finally waking up to the fact that we cannot have a healthy food system if we ignore racial justice or if we ignore the health of the land.


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