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Fossil fool to head Climate Change Authority? This is not just stacking Boards with your mates or handing out sinecures as superannuation to those who’ve already suckled on the public teat. This is rubbing our noses in it.


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Post of the Day

We can’t wait for this government. Let’s beat emissions together

Ketan Joshi

Citizens, industry and communities in Australia need to pick up the slack from our politicians, who dropped the reins long ago. Here’s how.


On This Day

April 10


Climate Change

Greta Thunberg says she will not attend Cop26 climate summit

Swedish activist says uneven Covid vaccine rollout means countries would not participate on even terms


Continued warming to put one-third of Antarctic ice shelves at risk of collapse

If global temperatures reach 4 degrees Celsius above preindustrial levels, more than a third of Antarctic’s ice shelves will be at risk of collapse, according to new models detailed in the journal Geophysical Research Letters.



The government has appointed a former energy executive to lead the Climate Change Authority

The government’s latest pick to head the Climate Change Authority has proven controversial, with critics describing the appointment of a former energy boss as “a sorry state of affairs” and a “backwards step”.


‘Black water’: The three Australian sites that are ground zero for climate

Over the past 10 years, each  of Australia’s three most important marine sites – two of which are in Western Australia – has seen a disaster. And recent wild weather signals history repeating.


‘Energy tracing’ raises the bar for clean energy [$]

The ability to match up renewable energy generation with real-time consumption has opened up access to wind and solar power to individual consumers.


We can’t wait for this government. Let’s beat emissions together

Ketan Joshi

Citizens, industry and communities in Australia need to pick up the slack from our politicians, who dropped the reins long ago. Here’s how.


How to make electric cars affordable for everyone [$]

Tony Davis

The result of letting the market determine how many electric vehicles we drive is that our roads are packed with vehicles much larger and more powerful than necessary.



Feral horse plan advocates shooting brumbies

Parks Victoria’s new draft management plan to control feral horses rules out mustering, roping and rehoming the animals as a control method.


Taxpayers shelled out $1m for model trains [$]

Victorian taxpayers were slugged $1m to “meet” a life-size model of the city’s new high-capacity trains while the real project was delayed by two years.


Ancient stones still stand on the volcanic plains of western Victoria

Tony Wright

We don’t need to travel to the northern hemisphere to be enchanted by ancient standing stones – such wonders can be found in western Victoria.


New South Wales

‘Absolute outrage’: One Nation rising star’s warning to coal heartland

One Nation rising star in the Hunter Stuart Bonds has delivered an ominous warning about the party’s future in the region, and his own membership, ahead of a crucial byelection.


‘They’re not telling us much’: Harbour Bridge cycleway options hidden from public

Plans for Sydney Harbour Bridge’s long-awaited northern cycleway are being deliberately withheld from the general public partly because the state government can’t cope with the volume of expected feedback.


Berejiklian Government’s latest koala plan out of touch with reality

Sue Arnold

The latest koala plan from the NSW Government has outraged conservationists and destroyed any remaining credibility.


Climate of denial puts lives at risk [$]

Chris Kenny

Last week the NSW Rural Fire Service announced the end of its quietest bushfire season in more than a decade. What a blessed relief it was after the horror summer the season before.



Gas consortium seeks approval to drill 7,700 wells next to two Queensland national parks

Australia Pacific LNG wants environmental approval to drill across nearly half a million hectares of central and south-west Queensland


South Australia

The business of banning single-use plastics

In the second of his monthly columns on sustainable business in South Australia, Business SA CEO Martin Haese highlights initiatives to remove the need for single-use plastics and how innovative manufacturing will drive demand for alternative products.



More logging can solve shortage of housing supplies, says forest products lobby group

The Tasmanian Forest Products Association has called for more areas of the state to be opened up for logging amid Tasmania’s housing crisis and a shortage of building materials.


Bob Brown Foundation should be stripped of charity status: Lib

The Tasmanian government is urging Canberra to strip the environmentalist Bob Brown Foundation of its charitable status.


Cholesterol pills could tackle cancer in devils, humans [$]

Cholesterol-lowering drugs could help save the Tasmanian devil from extinction from a spreadable tumour decimating the iconic species, and may combat some human tumours, new research suggests.



US federal agencies plan to investigate link between PFAS exposure and viral illness

Two federal health agencies are planning to investigate potential links between exposure to toxic PFAS chemicals and susceptibility to viral illnesses like COVID-19


In 24 years California has cut toxic air pollution by 78%, resulting in 82% fewer attributable deaths

Despite diesel fuel use rising over the last 30 years, California’s air particulate levels, pollution, and attributable deaths have all fallen.


Czech researchers develop revolutionary nuclear heating plant

A team of scientists has come up with a radical solution to heat cities using spent nuclear rods, which they say is cost-effective and greener than natural gas. As the EU moves away from coal, many are interested.


Biden administration faces increasing calls to stop companies from ‘greenwashing’

As the Biden administration continues to push for climate change to be a top priority more advocacy groups and businesses are honing in on greenwashing as a problem the government needs to address.


Finally, green infrastructure spending in an amount that starts with a “T”

Bill McKibben

But is it enough? And how would we know if it were?


Nature Conservation

‘We’ve had to fight Goliath’: Chinese resort company brought to task for environmental damage in Fiji

Two Australian surfers are caught up in a landmark case of “environmental vandalism” as Chinese company Freesoul Real Estate is found guilty of violating the terms of development for its planned multi-million-dollar resort.


Rat poison found in bodies of 80% of American eagles

Carcasses of 109 bald and golden eagles examined in study

Eagles probably exposed by predatory and scavenging activities


Lemurs and giant tortoises among species at risk if global heating hits 3C

Research warns that large proportions of endemic marine and mountain species face extinction


16 of Britain’s top 20 garden birds have declined in number, annual survey finds

RSPB’s 2021 Big Garden Birdwatch finds sparrow still most common species, while starlings, greenfinch and chaffinch struggle


‘War in the woods’: activists blockade Vancouver Island in bid to save ancient trees

Loggers say blockades threaten their livelihoods as activists build fortifications and vow to remain


A mysterious neurological disease is afflicting endangered Florida panthers

A disease known as feline leukomyelopathy has likely stricken 37 panthers and bobcats, leading to concerns about the impact on Florida’s state animal.


Living in a world in which nature has already lost

In “Second Nature,” Nathaniel Rich offers a tour of the ways humans have both conquered the natural world and been overwhelmed by the unintended consequences.


Armchair Attenboroughs flock to their screens to see nature unfold

The once-a-year blooming of a rare quixotic cactus flower caught the attention of hundreds of thousands of viewers. It joins a growing list of nature webcams that have gained international attention.


Beneath the gaffes, the Duke ran deep

Tony Wright

The Duke of Edinburgh was famed for his insults. But there was depth to him, too, particularly on wildlife conservation.


A new report suggests sea creatures are fleeing the equator!

First Dog on the Moon

Climate change is out of control! We’ll all be belly up soon

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