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When these wins happen, they need to be celebrated. Congratulations to the Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) and World Wide Fund for Nature. For everyone wanting to know which species can be eaten with a conservation conscience (and that is everyone), download GoodFish, the Australia’s Sustainable Seafood Guide app, developed by AMCS. 

Post of the Day

Though humanity exceeds key ‘planetary boundaries’ there are many solutions


Today we discuss Planetary Boundaries, nine environmental systems identified by scientists as essential to Earth’s ability to sustain life and the limits to how far out of equilibrium we can push those systems before facing large-scale, irreversible environmental changes to our planet.


On This Day

April 9


Climate Change

Minister-level meeting of Coalition of Finance Ministers for Climate Action

The Coalition of Finance Ministers for Climate Action steps up calls for green growth investments as part of a global shift toward an inclusive and resilient recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.


Atmospheric CO2 and methane levels soar to record highs despite pandemic

Scientists have recorded a surprising rise in atmospheric carbon dioxide and methane levels over 2020, complicating predictions of a Covid reprieve.


More lightning in the Arctic is bad news for the planet

Lightning strikes in the far north could double by 2100. That means more wildfires, which could release massive amounts of planet-warming gas.


Third of Antarctic ice shelves ‘will collapse amid 4C global heating’

‘Unimaginable amounts’ of water will flow into oceans if that temperature rise occurs and ice buffers vanish, warn UK scientists



There are 40,000 humpback whales in Australian waters — but should they come off the threatened species list?

Conservationists say it’s too soon to remove humpback whales from Australia’s threatened species list, despite them making a remarkable recovery from the brink of extinction half a century ago.


Fishing industry appeal on orange roughy fails in victory for sustainability

An appeal by the fishing industry to overturn a ruling on the sustainability of fishing for a long lived Australian fish – the orange roughy – has failed following a long battle for science and Australian environmental laws to be respected.


Grant King to overhaul the Climate Change Authority [$]

The Morrison government is looking to reform the body for the first time since 2015.


Climate change ‘a national security threat’: report

Rapidly escalating climate change impacts in Australia’s immediate region pose an unprecedented national security threat that has been “largely ignored” by strategic planners, a new report warns.


Major transmission projects in doubt after AEMC refuses rule change

Major transmission upgrades, including new link to South Australia and renewable energy zones in NSW, now in doubt after AEMC refuses rule change request.


How can the mining industry and a clean energy future coexist? [$]

Anna Caldwell

Politicians must find the balance between a clean environment and protecting jobs.


When one feral cat just isn’t another feral cat

Andrew Trounson

Students have demonstrated that artificial intelligence can identify individual feral cats in the wild in what could be a step forward in the fight to control them


If Biden doubles climate ambition, where will that leave Angus Taylor?

Ketan Joshi

Biden might be on the verge of a historic climate ambition update. If it’s true, Morrison is will face unprecedented pressure.



‘The Great Wall of Trash’ : Pristine Otways campground turned into a stinking mess

The first thing Angela Hocking noticed as she walked towards a serene forest campsite was the smell. Then she saw it — a pile of festering rubbish left by Easter campers.


Stockpile of flammable, explosive waste found near homes and major highway

Regulators and emergency services are scrambling to manage the threat from waste suspected to be stored in hundreds of steel drums on an eastern Melbourne block of land.


Endangered orange-bellied parrot numbers take flight [$]

The migration of three orange-bellied parrots across Bass Strait has excited scientists and wildlife enthusiasts who have watched the birds teeter on the edge of extinction in the wild for 15 years.


New South Wales

Malcolm Turnbull accuses John Barilaro of ‘gaslighting’ with claim air quality data is manipulated

Former PM says NSW deputy premier and One Nation’s Mark Latham are treating the people of the Hunter Valley with ‘complete contempt’


‘Disincentive’: State sabotages koala protection with rates bill

The NSW Government is undermining a key platform of its koala protection policy by removing financial incentives for conservation on private properties as part of a bill to help harmonise council rates.


Nationals say byelection won’t be ‘won or lost’ over coal, kickstart campaign at mine

Nationals leader John Barilaro chose the vast Ravensworth open cut coal mine in Singleton on Thursday as the backdrop to announce the party’s newly installed candidate David Layzell.


Sydney desalination plant churning out water even as dams remain full

Sydney’s $2.3 billion desalination plant is continuing to supply 50 million litres of water a day just weeks after the city’s dams spilled and storage levels remain near full.


Nationals get all hi-vis and hard-headed in the battle for coal country [$]

Kishor Napier-Raman

The Upper Hunter byelection will clearly be fought over a single issue: coal.


The perfect backdrop for NSW’s big ugly coal problem

Ketan Joshi

NSW deputy premier John Barilaro could not have chosen better backdrops to highlight the state’s big ugly coal problem.



Vale Rosslyn Beeby, crusading journalist and force of nature

Rosslyn Beeby, a former environment reporter at The Canberra Times, has died, remembered by colleague and friend Gillian Lord as “a prickly, feisty person and a fine journalist who was never afraid to speak truth to power and call things as she saw them”.


Canberra waterways’ health to be examined in new government inquiry

The effectiveness of initiatives to help clear Canberra’s lakes and rivers of blue-green algae will be put under the microscope as part of a new investigation into the health of ACT waterways.



QEM starts studies on solar and wind farms for green hydrogen

QEM will start a pre-feasibility study into developing solar and wind farm projects at its planned vanadium and oil shale mine near Julia Creek in north west Queensland.


Reef on path to destruction and ‘clever science can’t fix it’

Australia’s foremost coral reef scientist Professor Terry Hughes says government plans to restore the Great Barrier Reef are doomed to failure because they’re too small and expensive, while the rate of catastrophic bleaching events are already recurring faster than corals can recover.


South Australia

$20m bid for KI forestry heats up [$]

The company behind a $20m bid for fire-damaged forestry land on Kangaroo Island says the site’s owner faces a $100m “black hole” if the bid is rejected.



New hope in the fight against a deadly facial tumour disease threatening Tasmanian devils

Drugs used to lower cholesterol in humans could help in the fight to save the  Tasmanian devil, researchers have found


UTAS DA approved by City of Launceston council

UTAS will remove 10 non-indigenous trees behind the relocated River’s Edge building and replace them with 14 semi-mature Indigenous trees, a new grassy lawn and a new walking/cycling track alongside the existing tram track, after the City of Launceston council approved the DA on Thursday.


Northern Territory

Parks Australia accused of ‘dirty tactics’ as it asks for Kakadu prosecution to be dropped

Parks Australia fails in its bid to avert a court case related to Kakadu, with the sacred sites watchdog vowing to continue its prosecution as Indigenous custodians express dismay.


Western Australia

Two cyclones off WA coast could be joined by a third

Evacuation warnings in WA, with cyclones set to bring a month’s rain in a day.



How ‘agromining’ — farming plants that contain metal — could help power the future

When scientist Alan Baker made a cut in the side of an exotic plant in the Philippines jungle, the sap that bled out had a jade-green glow.


Green hydrogen will be cheaper than natural gas by 2050: BNEF

Green hydrogen will be cheaper than gas by 2050 in many markets, says BloombergNEF, in one of the most bullish assessments yet.


Though humanity exceeds key ‘planetary boundaries’ there are many solutions


Today we discuss Planetary Boundaries, nine environmental systems identified by scientists as essential to Earth’s ability to sustain life and the limits to how far out of equilibrium we can push those systems before facing large-scale, irreversible environmental changes to our planet.


Nature Conservation

Banks should invest in nature to fight climate crisis, says Prince William

Duke tells IMF and World Bank event that investment in reforestation and cleaner oceans must be stepped up


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