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Happy World Migratory Bird Day, from down here at the Overwintering Exhibition: Western Port at the Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery.

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Nature is critical to slowing climate change, but it can only do so if we help it first

Biden’s climate summit highlighted “nature-based solutions,” but political and indigenous leaders agree native peoples should lead the way and researchers warn of pitfalls.


On This Day

May 8


Ecological Observance

National Forest Planting Day – Russia

National Tree Planting Day – Mongolia

World Migratory Bird Day


Climate Change

Price on carbon is the key, says Green Collar’s James Schultz [$]

Green Collar’s James Schultz is clear that “the best way to solve the most complex issues like the environment is to put them on a balance sheet”.


Climate anxiety makes good sense

Bill McKibben

But in solidarity there’s some solace.


Is climate hysteria the storm before the calm? [$]

Adam Creighton

Demands to act on climate change reached fever pitch at President Joe Biden’s climate summit last month, where 40 world leaders gathered on Zoom to outdo each other in their ambitions to slash carbon dioxide emissions to achieve “net zero” by 2050.



The Coalition is backing a gas plant that also runs on hydrogen. Is this the future or a folly?

EnergyAustralia says it will build a gas-fired generator in NSW, but only after the government pledged $83m. Is it money well spent? And what are the alternatives?


British PM Boris Johnson hopes to see ‘positive’ moves from Australia on climate change

Tackling climate change is Boris Johnson’s passion project, the British Prime Minister told New Corp Australia’s Europe correspondent Stephen Drill.

Hydrogen’s “false promise” could hamper climate progress, lock in fossil fuels

Study warns universal reliance on hydrogen-based fuels could distract from main game of renewable electrification and lock in fossil fuel dependency.

Wind and solar will keep electricity market prices low, but headwinds grow for gas

Renewable energy zones will unlock wind and solar and bring prices down, but gas faces challenges from more flexible coal and more renewables.

Coalition hands gas subsidy to billionaire as UN calls for rapid methane cuts

Michael Mazengarb

Morrison government to gift more grants to the gas industry as a new UN report says cutting gas emissions key to limiting global warming.


Australia’s environmental legislation inadequate for Antarctica wilderness

Media release – Bob Brown Foundation

An article published by the Lowy Institute on 3 May raises serious concerns about the litany of problems with the proposed Davis Airport which the Australian Government and Australian Antarctic Division are prepared to ignore.


Australia’s excuse for climate inaction doesn’t stand up to a moment’s scrutiny

Matthew Agarwala

It is rare for heads of government to portray their countries as irrelevant. But this is how Prime Minister Scott Morrison described Australia’s role in global climate action amid its worst fire season on record last summer.


Anglicare, St Vincent de Paul warn about the government’s war on charities. So much for having a Christian PM, right? [$]

Kishor Napier-Raman

New regulations introduced by the Morrison government could see charities deregistered over the slightest of summary offences.



Under the shadow of the pandemic, Victoria’s fire season almost slipped by unnoticed

After the devastation of the the 2019/20 bushfires, Victoria has enjoyed a brief reprieve. But the threat of climate change and sporadic outbreaks of COVID-19 mean the next season will be anything but simple.

Australia’s first solar panel recycling plant swings into action

Video footage posted on LinkedIn this week shows Lotus Energy’s Melbourne solar panel recycling plant in action – is it Australia’s first?

Designing-in difference

Kelum Palipane and Iderlina Mateo-Babiano

Culturally inclusive urban design can help shape our everyday public spaces, encouraging a vibrant multicultural social fabric here in Melbourne


New South Wales

‘Choke point’: Second harbour tunnel crossing deemed a national priority

The Western Harbour Tunnel is needed to avoid traffic delays worsening along Sydney’s key north-south road corridor, the nation’s infrastructure advisor says.


Mission to save Sydney’s rarest eucalyptus species from extinction

When Steve Douglas drove by a neighbourhood street corner, he spotted a new and rare species of eucalyptus tree. After 25 years, more than a hundred of these trees are being planted in a secret location in a national park.

AGL signs contractor for Liddell demolition, as it juggles closure units

AGL signs up contractor to advise on closure and demolition of Liddell coal generator, and fast-tracks closure of one unit because it is not reliable.


The three issues to decide NSW byelection – and next federal poll too

Parnell Palme McGuinness

There are many parallels between the NSW Upper Hunter and the concerns of voters in the rest of Australia.



Australian government announces $8m assistance scheme for Mr Fluffy asbestos victims, ACT government set to match it

A new $16 million scheme to financially support people exposed to loose-fill asbestos in their homes in Canberra is announced, with advocates calling it “the missing part of the Mr Fluffy response”.


Dismal report card on Canberra’s EV charging network

The ACT’s often-stated political aspiration to become the electric vehicle capital of Australia is barely out of first gear, with Canberra’s report card on recharging infrastructure offering grim reading.



Aus Government’s $30m investment for water quality is good news for Reef

The Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) has welcomed the Australian Government’s $30m funding announcement to address pollution from land-based run-off.


Federal funds put Gold Coast light rail extension back on track

The Gold Coast’s’ controversial light rail Stage 3 to Burleigh, plagued by stalled contract negotiations and cost blowouts, has been nudged back on track after the Federal Government tipped in an extra $126 million.


Cycle tour exposes Adani’s destruction of Country

More than 100 people took part in a “Tour de Carmichael”, a 105-kilometre cycle for Country through sacred Wangan and Jagalingou land to Adani’s coal mine site


A fishy tale of climate research

Australian editorial

Allegations of possible scientific fraud involving James Cook University and the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies strengthen the argument for better quality assurance when it comes to research involving the Great Barrier Reef.



TED Talk: Christine Milne on Pedder restoration

“You should never give up hope when it comes to protecting and restoring our damaged planet,” says lifelong environmental activist Christine Milne AO.


Western Australia

Premier announces $1.3 billion federal cash boost to battle Perth congestion issues

The Federal Government has pledged $1.3 billion ahead of next week’s budget to upgrade West Australian roads and fund key infrastructure projects.


Battle to save woodlands becoming ‘urn of tears’ [$]

Finding 500-year-old trees in one of the world’s largest temperate woodlands is easy, but keeping them alive is a daunting challenge facing the Great Western Woodlands.



Coal phase-down has lowered, not eliminated health risks from building energy, study says

Thanks to the phase-down of coal, the risk of premature death in the United States due to the burning of fuels for electricity, homes and businesses fell 54 to 60 percent from 2008 to 2017, Harvard researchers found in a new study.


This power plant stopped burning fossil fuels. Then Bitcoin came along

A cryptocurrency company is showing how Bitcoin can keep dirty energy alive.


To reduce carbon footprint, these artists greened up their practice

Passionate about the natural world, some artists are examining how their materials and creative process impact the environment.


Indian Point nuclear plant reaches a contentious end

Few topics divide clean energy advocates as much as the role of nuclear power.


The controversial future of nuclear power in the U.S.

As the climate crisis worsens, the discussion intensifies over what role nuclear power should play in fighting it.


Wyoming stands up for coal with threat to sue states that refuse to buy it

Republican governor says measure sends message that Wyoming is ‘prepared to bring litigation to protect her interests’


Bitcoin’s dirty little secret: It’s not easy being green

Bitcoin provokes intense debate but one thing everyone agrees on is that it has become a staggering producer of climate wrecking carbon dioxide.


Warren Buffett’s likely successor turning Berkshire Hathaway green [$]

Greg Abel, the likely successor to Warren Buffett as Berkshire Hathaway CEO, is a low-key Canadian who orchestrated the company’s big move into renewable energy as the head of Berkshire’s large utility business.


Astra Zeneca vaccine not effective against new Covid strains as African variant spreads to Indonesia

Callum Foote

New studies show the Astra Zeneca vaccine, the workhorse of Australia’s vaccine program, is just 10% effective against the virulent South African Covid strain, which reached Indonesian shores this week.


Nature Conservation

Vital soil organisms being harmed by pesticides, study shows

The tiny creatures are the ‘unsung heroes’ that keep soils healthy and underpin all life on land.


If a tree talks in the forest, does it make a sound?

Ecologist Suzanne Simard uncovers the hidden connections beneath the forest floor.


Nature is critical to slowing climate change, but it can only do so if we help it first

Biden’s climate summit highlighted “nature-based solutions,” but political and indigenous leaders agree native peoples should lead the way and researchers warn of pitfalls.


EU court upholds ban on insecticides linked to harming bees

European Union’s top court dismisses appeal by Bayer against partial ban on use of substances on certain crops

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