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This finding against Shell is good news. The fossil fools are under the pump on so many fronts, only the cloth-headed would claim that they have a future.  What’s that – the Australian Government is going to build a gas-fired power station at Kurri Kurri? Cloth-headed indeed.


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Post of the Day

World must rewild on massive scale to heal nature and climate, says UN

The ‘decade on ecosystem restoration’ launches with a call for ‘imagination’ and action on never-before-seen scale


On This Day

June 4

Saint Petroc’s Day – UK


Climate Change

Climate tipping points could topple like dominoes, warn scientists

Analysis shows significant risk of cascading events even at 2C of heating, with severe long-term effects


Climate crisis: rich countries falling short on vow to help poorer ones

US and UK are only G7 nations proposing to increase climate finance despite failure to meet $100bn-a-year aid pledge


This is how we took on one of the world’s biggest polluters and won

Donald Pols

In a monumental victory for our planet and climate justice, a Dutch court has held a corporation liable for causing dangerous climate change for the first time.



National shortage of antidote as mouse plague sees huge spike in poisoned pets

Australia is facing a critical shortage of the antidote used to treat poisoned animals amid heavy use in plague-affected areas.


What a ‘towering string of instruments’ on the ocean floor is telling scientists about our climate

After weeks at sea, the CSIRO research vessel RV Investigator docks in Brisbane after gathering data about how the East Australian Current’s warming waters are impacting the marine food chain.


Ikea says ‘plant based’ restaurant choices are helping it become more environmentally friendly

Heading into the Ikea restaurant for a meatball or 10 is a tradition but the Swedish giant is making changes that means you might not for much longer.


PM’s ‘Frank Sinatra’ promise to miners [$]

Saying he’ll take a “Frank Sinatra” approach to reaching net zero, Scott Morrison has set the resources sector up as a key election issue.


New David Attenborough film looks at Australia’s bushfires and the climate crisis – video trailer

Breaking Boundaries: the Science of our Planet is a new Netflix documentary from Sir David Attenborough that visits scientists working on melting ice, the degradation of the Amazon, and the loss of biodiversity, and looks at the 2019-2020 ‘summer from hell’ black summer bushfires that destroyed large swathes of Kangaroo Island


Australians could save $24k over six years by making sustainable switches

Research by Finder revealed consumers could save $24,337 over a six-year period by switching to sustainable products such as cleaning tools, kitchenware and personal care items.


Meet the architects building luxury into green homes [$]

Clever sustainability features are becoming must-haves at the top of the market as homeowners seek creature comforts that don’t harm the planet.


Don’t forget the need for zero-emission buses in the push for electric cars

John Stone et al

As part of efforts to decarbonise urban transport, Australian states and the ACT have announced various zero-emission bus trials and targets for replacing diesel buses. These trials are designed to help resolve some of the complex technical and contractual issues facing bus operators and public transport agencies.

IEA creates big problem for Australia’ government – video

Ketan Joshi

The recent IEA report destroys the Government’s justifications for fossil fuel expansion.


Curious Kids: if trees are cut down in the city, where will possums live?

Kylie Soanes

Trees are really important to possums in the city.


Court’s ‘duty of care’ coal ruling undermines democracy [$]

Henry Ergas

It’s all well and good to allow the children of Toorak to sue for climate change risks, but what about the children of Gunnedah whose lives are blighted when their par­ents’ jobs are thrown onto the scrap heap?


‘Flash droughts’ can dry out soil in weeks. New research shows what they look like in Australia

Tess Parker and Ailie Gallant

At the tail end of winter in 2015, the ground in the Wimmera in northeastern Victoria had been a little dry but conditions weren’t too bad for farmers. The crop season was going well.


Morrison Government needs to act on Japan’s Fukushima waste decision

Nullah Goodes

The Morrison Government has been silent on the Japanese Government’s decision to dump radioactive Fukushima waste into the sea.


New South Wales

NSW calls for 8,000MW of wind, solar and storage proposals for New England

NSW puts out call for 8,000MW of wind, solar and storage in biggest ever program of its type in Australia.


Genetic biocontrol methods fast-tracked for mouse plague control

The NSW government has announced a $50 million mouse control package which includes $1.8 million in funding for genetic control of mice populations.


Government considers ‘solutions’ to eastern suburbs bus overhaul amid community outrage

The NSW government has been swamped with thousands of responses to its proposed cuts to bus routes in Sydney’s eastern suburbs and indicated some changes could be made to the original plan as community opposition grows.


100 galahs found dead near cemetery collateral damage from mouse plague

Toxicology results have confirmed a growing number of birds in western New South Wales are dying from mouse baits


Large flock of critically endangered parrots sparks birdwatching buzz, renewed hope

A flock of almost 60 critically endangered swift parrots is spotted in northern NSW, raising hopes there’s more than the estimated 750 remaining in the wild.



Canberra named the No. 1 cycling destination in Australia

One of Canberra’s peak cycling bodies is calling for more investment in paths, off-road tracks and rider safety to capitalise on the sport’s boom after the city was ranked the No. 1 cycling destination in Australia.


ACT government agrees to consider declaring Canberra a national park city

The ACT government will begin the process to have Canberra internationally recognised as a national park city, with a charter enshrining the rights of residents to access and enjoy the natural environment.


Farmers need land certainty to develop ACT food supply: Environment Minister

Rural landholders in the ACT need certainty for the future of their land so they can expand local food production, the ACT’s Environment Minister says.



Queensland coal generators tripped off like dominoes after Callide explosion

An initial report from AEMO into the Callide explosion indicates that multiple coal and gas generators tripped off. Energy experts are not sure why.

Queensland leads the world in Australia’s coal mining blitz

Coal-fields of Queensland have more coal under development than any state or province in the world.


Calls for review into Queensland legislation on child sex abuse claims after High Court decision

A Queensland law firm calls on the state government to review legislation around child sex abuse victims, after the High Court refused the reopening of a compensation claim.


Extent and variety of plastic pollution along coastline revealed

2,882 plastic floats,211 ghost nets, 147 long line beacons and 234 fish attracting devices are among thousands of items of plastic pollution revealed by the latest Tangaroa Blue aerial survey of the coastline from Cooktown to the tip of Cape York as part of the ReefClean program.


Queensland resists Morrison government environment laws overhaul without better protections

State environment minister Meaghan Scanlon wants the commonwealth to introduce strong national standards before she takes on approval powers


Key planners back study of green bridge between Teneriffe and Bulimba

A green bridge between the inner-Brisbane suburbs would reduce congestion to the CBD and be used heavily by pedestrians and cyclists, one of Australia’s leading urban planning agencies says.

Greens are right: Exploded Callide turbine should be replaced by a big battery

Giles Parkinson

The Queensland Greens say the destroyed Callide coal unit should be replaced by a big battery, not a new turbine. Why do the big parties not understand that?


South Australia

South Australia’s key lessons in prioritising a renewables grid over fossil fuels

Johanna Bowyer and Gabrielle Kuiper

South Australia’s transition to a renewables-dominated grid delivers important lessons to other governments planning the same.



Community Outcry: Tassie golf club cans planned cull of wildlife [$]

In response to community outcry, a northern Tasmanian golf club has canned plans to cull wildlife that they claim destroyed their course.


Duniam coughs up second apology for defamation

Media release – Bob Brown Foundation

Two weeks after apologising to Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young, Tasmanian Liberal Senator and Assistant Federal Minister for Forestry Jonathon Duniam has now withdrawn and apologised for false and defamatory statements he made about the Bob Brown Foundation in a Sky News interview and on his website.


Western Australia

E Coli, uranium found in water supply in remote WA communities

There are 24 remote communities in Western Australia being forced to live on bottled water with uranium and E Coli among the contaminants identified in a recent audit.

Woodside’s planned Scarborough gas field equivalent to 15 new coal plants, report says

Scarborough Gas Field being developed by Woodside and BHP would result in an additional pollution equal to 15 new coal-fired power plants.


Martuwarra/Fitzroy River advocates claim Traditional Owners’ voices ignored

Concerned stakeholders will have more time to give feedback on the future of the Martuwarra/Fitzroy River catchment in the Kimberley, but advocates say what’s really needed is resources to support Traditional Owners in raising their voices.


Search begins for ancient knowledge on WA’s south coast

On WA’s south coast a new project to shed light on the culturally significant zamia palm, goes to the heart of National Reconciliation week.


Contaminated water found in 37 remote WA communities [$]

A damning new report has found ‘health risks’ in nearly a quarter of WA’s remote Aboriginal communities, with the water supplies of 37 contaminated by toxic pollutants


“Power policy should support small business”: WA IPA [$]

Pressure is mounting on the McGowan Government to open up the electricity market, with WA’s peak body for independent power providers saying businesses need competitive prices post-COVID.


Country’s biggest new fossil fuel project ‘more polluting than Adani’

Emma Young

It’s crunch time, with startling pollution figures revealed, a court challenge afoot, protesters hounding government and Woodside defending its green credentials.



Renewables dominate investment, but needs to triple by 2030: IEA report

IEA outlines major shortfall in investment in clean energy, energy efficiency and other decarbonisation measures at a critical moment for climate.


Indonesia: Expanding palm oil operations bring harm

The harm a palm oil plantation in western Kalimantan, Indonesia, is causing to the surrounding communities and the environment demonstrates the government’s failure to enforce its own policies and laws.


Energy efficiency: unsung hero of Net Zero Carbon

On Wednesday, May 26th, industry leaders gathered by webinar to discuss the importance of focusing first on energy efficiency when advancing decarbonization goals.


ESB and GreenCom’s heat pump pilot shows promise for balancing the grid

Ireland’s government wants to install 600,000 heat pumps by 2030. That could save energy and shift consumption to times of lower grid demand.


The brilliance of brown lawns: Why your grass shouldn’t always be greener

Watering our gardens is wasteful and mowing them a nightmare for biodiversity. So is it time to embrace long, brown grass or more radical options such as patchwork lawns?


G7 nations committing billions more to fossil fuel than green energy

The nations that make up the G7 have pumped billions of dollars more into fossil fuels than they have into clean energy since the Covid-19 pandemic, despite their promises of a green recovery.


Here are America’s top methane emitters. Some will surprise you

Oil and gas giants are selling off their most-polluting operations to small private companies. Most manage to escape public scrutiny.


Demand flexibility in New York City buildings: benefits beyond carbon

Demand flexibility shows significant potential to reduce carbon emissions from the buildings sector, as RMI found in the report The Carbon Emissions Impact of Demand Flexibility.


Automakers start to figure out the climate future

Bill McKibben

Bankers, not so much.


Nature Conservation

China farmers push back the desert – one tree at a time

Tree-planting has been at the heart of China’s environmental efforts for decades as the country seeks to turn barren deserts and marshes near its borders into farmland and screen the capital Beijing from sands blowing in from the Gobi, a 500,000 square-mile (1294994 square km) expanse stretching from Mongolia to northwest China.


UN must act to prevent major oil spill catastrophe in Yemen

Greenpeace called for swift action from the United Nations (UN) to resolve the long outstanding environmental and humanitarian threat posed by the FSO Safer, ahead of today’s UN Security Council meeting during which Inger Andersen, the Executive Director of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), and Reena Ghelani, the Director of Operations and Advocacy for the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), will be providing updates on the FSO Safer situation.


North Atlantic whales shrinking due to fishing gear entanglements

A right whale born today is expected to reach a total length about a meter shorter than one born 40 years ago, study finds


Humpback whale numbers are booming

Unlike other whale species such as the blue and fin whales, Humpback whale numbers are close to levels that scientists say predated the whaling industry.


The Everglades are dying. An alliance between Biden and Republicans could save them

Governor Ron DeSantis has signed a $3.4bn deal to restore the freshwater preserve and Biden has earmarked funds to help


World must rewild on massive scale to heal nature and climate, says UN

The ‘decade on ecosystem restoration’ launches with a call for ‘imagination’ and action on never-before-seen scale


Threat of legal action against Indigenous Borneans protesting timber company

For more than a year, Indigenous communities in Malaysian Borneo have been campaigning against timber conglomerate Samling and its subsidiaries.


These gorilla experts offer a new paradigm for wildlife travel [$]

A fresh initiative in east Africa hopes to inspire post-pandemic visitors to take it slow, rather than rushing in to tick the primates off their bucket lists.


Billions of plastic pellets released into ocean as ship sinks off Sri Lanka coast

One expert said the pellets, known as nurdles, “will persist in the marine environment forever as they are not biodegradable.”


Uganda joins the rights-of-nature movement but won’t stop oil drilling

Uganda’s move aims to protect biodiversity from a mega oil project that it says will improve people’s lives.


US partners with four other countries to advance marine areas as climate solution

The U.S. is partnering with the United Kingdom, Chile, Costa Rica and France to boost the use of protected ocean areas as a climate solution. 


When the bison come back, will the ecosystem follow?

Can a cross-border effort to bring wild bison to the Great Plains restore one of the world’s most endangered ecosystems?


New WWF report identifies key species most at risk as planet heats up

A new report from the wildlife nonprofit WWF called “Feeling The Heat: The fate of nature beyond 1.5°C of global warming” has highlighted the critical survival issues facing 12 key species if climate change surpasses 1.5 degrees Celsius and the effect those losses would have worldwide


What’s nature worth?

Biodiversity is setting up to be the next big fight in sustainable investing, as financial companies, regulators and environmentalists act to protect natural landscapes on a global scale.


The key to averting environmental catastrophe is right beneath our feet

To stay within planetary boundary safe limits, we must protect soils by conserving global habitat and revamping industrial agribusiness — and do it fast.


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