Here’s a timely reminder that the John Young Night parrot controversy is certainly not without personal cost. Who could know where is the truth though?

On his Facebook pages and exactly as is written, John Young follows the adage that attack can be the the best form of defence.  


One of the first pictures taken of a living Night Parrot taken on the 26th May 2013 at 6.42pm in the company of my loyal friend John Stewart.

Clearly shown from the file data of a totally original image.

Where the hell did this absolute rubbish come from that the journalist wrote from the ABC, Kimberley saying the first authentic image was taken in 2015.?????? 

Total irresponsibility and careless journalism that tarnishes some who do their research properly and that is limited to a few.

Was this fed to him by Murphy that would know nothing unless I had taken him to my site in 2013. He should have taken that as a great honour to be taken to the discovery site of, at the time, the most mythical bird in the world.

Little did I know he secretly recorded my call, WITHOUT PERMISSION, at my house in Cairns.

Not only did he betray my trust and Steel my intellectual property but, he also totally disrespected my wife, at the time Lindy.


HI all, I would much rather be doing other good things for conservation but, this negativity and rubbish, much written by some irresponsible journalists and other material being published by one individual trying to re-write history is getting out of hand and becoming absolutely rediculous.

I gave one individual the great honour of being taken to the discovery site of the most mythical bird in the world, named so in 2012.

That was the mistake of my life. I had the choice of 2 people Dr Rod Kavanagh and Steve Murphy. My friend Rod Kavanagh a gentleman and an incredibly talented scientist and highly respected with 40 years of hundreds of productive hours in the field together, should have been my choice. There would have been so much positive stuff done without the back biting and the rediculous AWC report, countless almost liable articles and interviews.

To this day this priceless bird may be still an enigma and thought to be extinct. I am not sure what drives some to be sooo vindictive or down right devious, including some journalists who write stuff that is so sensationalised and so far from the truth, just to sell papers.

Why do some who sit behind a computer and become experts where they think they can write any thing they like and believe words written about someone, with out meeting the person who is supposedly being accused.

I was brought up to give people a fair go, regardless of what people say and make my own mind up, not judge someone on heresay.

Not only is that hurtful to the individual they are targeting but, it also has an affect on other family members.

In the science world there is some incredibly talented people and I am fortunate to have many friends who are but, also citizen science is just as valuable and without both things don’t work.

Unfortunately these days I see more and more with a piece of paper that don’t have any where near the bush skills to make informed decisions. And even worse they climb over each other and degrade others, just to get those few grants available.

The worst outcome is the loss of good conservation and level headed decisions and our wildlife suffers.

We are raping and piliging this planet at a million miles an hour which the world just cannot sustain.

We are a virus that has got out of control and we will sooner than later, will exterminate ourselves.

So why do we need to be so ruthless to others when we could all be working together.

Simply does not make sense and I want no part of that direction.

Finding the Night Parrot was my greatest achievement and the toughest and longest journey of my life, but I did it.

Because of those efforts there has been an in-depth study done at my site by Nick Lesenburg who I respect that has looked at all aspects, including the breeding biology.

Now I here that a particular individual is putting in for a grant to YET AGAIN STUDY THE BREEDING BIOLOGY AT THIS SAME SITE..WHY???

Surely we know we all that is needed to know that other populations are being found, because of my work.

Because of my work, the calls are known now and people can recognise what they are listening to..enough is enough I say.

And as my loyal friend of nearly 40 years, David Holland’s said” if you can’t say something nice about someone, don’t say it at all.

Finally, my handshake is my bond, what you see is what you get. I have nothing to prove to anyone. I have one person I have to be happy with and that’s me. I have to wake up every day and know I have done the right thing, particularly with the environment that keeps us alive.

So I say to all those negative people, at least meet me and judge me for yourself before believing what has been written.

Two examples come to the forefront..”Night Parrot” written by Olsen who has never met me, never spoken to me yet she listened to Murphy and wrote what a said.

AWC number two who enlisted a panel of so called experts who had never seen or heard a Night Parrot, who had never seen a Night Parrots nest, who wrote a damning report on me, knowing a report was being written by the the 3 involved that CONFIRMED my discoveries on the Diamantina.!!!

Was this report tabled here for the first time ignored or withheld by AWC?????????

One has to wonder what is behind all this and who has the most to gain…

There is a lot more that I have rock hard evidence that people should be ashamed of and eventually it will come out.

I am sure I have bored you all but, it’s high time this vindictive rubbish was brought to a halt.

Best to all John..