John Young takes to Facebook to report on yet another site for Night parrots. He makes some comments on ‘THE’ controversy in which he is embroiled.

Search for john Young on Facebook for the whole story of the find of his fourth site. There’re bonus species too.

Hi all, an update before the next trip in a few days back to this priceless find.

Firstly, thank you all for each and every one of you who in some ways, have also shared the excitement of yet another occupied Night Parrot site.

For the past 18 months I have been going backwards and forwards, each time becoming closer to confirming..for me..what I knew I had. In the early part a stockman was riding through the site to muster cattle when, what he believed was a Night Parrot flushed in frontof the bike. Through various channels, he was directed to me to tell his story and I knew what he had flushed as soon as he discibed it to me. So the hunt has been on ever since.

On occasions I heard what I thought, could have been them but, in my own mind I could not convince myself I would be this lucky.

For months now I had been planning a trip with a friend of 25 years who knows their birds and someone I know I can trust with my life. So a few weeks ago, we set off to the site.

It was not till I got there, late in the evening that this individual, who never wants to be named, realised what we were there for.

On dusk it began, first with a couple of strange calls, that I had never heard them give before but, with incredibly liked tones, maybe half way between the Diamantina birds and WA. Again and again they called, now duetting and giving the typical, unmistakable buzz, identical to the Brighton Downs birds..

Unmistakable, Night Parrots were inhabiting the site and they have been positively heard in 3 other sites. Maybe 500 metres apart.

These birds have a different dialect to the WA and Diamantina birds. With a strong upward inflection, quite loud to what I am used to.

We both sat there in awe as to what was happening less than 50 metres away.

A single bird has been seen once, when it was almost to dark to see. Seemingly, in a skipping flight, just above the spinifex. I have seen this a number of times at my 2013 site.

There is no doubt there is an isolated population here and at long last I have my own study site where I won’t be disturbed so I can learn as much as I can.

I intend to film the biology slowly for as long as it takes and do my own project which, in the future, will eventually air, for all the world to see.

I feel absolutely blessed that I have been given this incredible opportunity to spend time with one of the most mythical birds in the world.

It took me at least 15 years to find my first site and I intend to take things very slowly and cautiously so as not to disturb them in any way.

Once again, thank  you all for your support in so many ways. The last few years have been the toughest and in some ways, the most scary times I have ever had in my life.

I used to be sceptical about depression but, I can assure you, it is real and can be fatal.

No words can thank my friends enough for standing by me when I went to the bottom of dispare. I clearly say without their phone calls, constantly checking on me and for their priceless encouragement, I would not be here.

Simple as that. So I say, never assume someone is okay, because many times they are not.

Many things trigger these emotions off, which we all have. Mine was the nitpicking and negativity by many who had never met me who thought they had the right to critisise on hearsay and the media in many areas, also caused so much harm.

Anyway, that’s the edge of my story, now onwards and upwards.

Best to all, and there will be updates for those that are interested.

Cheers John..

Habitat of the Holy Grail of the bird world in Australia. My 4th site since my discovery in May 2013.

At least 4 pairs are inhabiting this site which I have been visiting for the past 18 months.

When I discovered it, I promised myself I would keep it very close to my chest. Respectfully, even from my closest and most loyal friends, particularly after the very dark place my discovery in 2013 put me where I felt my life was meaningless for a time.

(The site is ) Typically filled with old growth spinifex with big rings where they like to nest.

Bonus species – Grey Falcon on a nest in a distant, isolated patch of Waddy trees.