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Here’s another reason to take up support for the mighty Magpies. Climate change is everything change and the challenges to many sports show the breadth of impacts. We Collingwood supporters will need a little patience before a taste of success though, the young team needs to work together for a while.

Post of the Day

How do we tackle Australia’s burning problem before it burns us?

Ketan Joshi

If Australia sets a ‘net zero by 2050’ target at COP26, it will likely be heralded as a major shift, but it’s unlikely to do anything to align us with that trajectory.


On This Day

October 17


Ecological Observance

Sustainable House Day

Forestry Workers Day – Kazakhstan


Climate Change

Treasury leak reveals rift between Johnson and Sunak over costs of zero-carbon economy

With weeks to go before the Cop26 climate summit, documents show PM being warned about the risks of damage to the UK from green investment


Insulate Britain might be floundering but eco extremism is here to stay

Nick Cohen

Doomist demonstrators might not have the best idea of how to win fights. But they are the future


The fight against climate change goes beyond reducing CO2 emissions

The Secret Negotiator

An insider talks about efforts to cut methane, one of the most prevalent greenhouse gases but which has had little attention



For 10 minutes, a Times Square billboard shamed Australia on climate

With Prime Minister Scott Morrison bound for Glasgow for next month’s COP26 climate summit, Australian comic Dan Ilic shines the bright lights of Times Square on the federal government’s contentious environmental policies.


The federal government is yet to commit to net zero by 2050. What about the states?

As the federal government considers a bolstered climate change policy, Australia’s states and territories have forged ahead with their own emissions reductions targets. Here’s a breakdown of the commitments.


Eight years, 20 policies: how Australia’s leaders have fumbled and dithered on climate

How did we get here? And how much has actually changed? Before we look forward to 2050, let’s take a look back …


Australian-first farmer mutual aims to cut out carbon farming middleman

More than 80 landowners and conservationists team up to design a new brokerage model


Taylor to address Nationals’ meeting as MPs warn ‘this is not a done deal’

Angus Taylor will make a direct pitch to Nationals MPs over climate policy, but it’s not clear whether the Nationals will sign on to net zero.


Bill shock warning as global energy crisis fuels record price surge

A leading energy provider predicts household energy bills are set for a shock as surging international prices for gas put upward pressure on costs for the fuel in Australia.


‘The world is burning’: how Australia’s longest-serving fire chief became a climate champion – podcast

After the black summer bushfires it is time for politicians to act on global heating, Greg Mullins says. Assistant news editor Rosemary Bolger recommends Calla Wahlquist’s profile about courage and crisis on the fire front


As AFL footballers we’re using our platforms to inspire change on climate – a subject we care deeply about

Jordan Roughead

People say they don’t want to be lectured to by professional athletes, but we’re not trying to school anyone on the science


Regions will thrive if we become a renewables-exporting nation

Andrew Bray

Over years working with regional communities to secure benefits from large-scale renewables, family farmers have told me how lease payments received for hosting wind turbines have helped their farms.


How do we tackle Australia’s burning problem before it burns us?

Ketan Joshi

If Australia sets a ‘net zero by 2050’ target at COP26, it will likely be heralded as a major shift, but it’s unlikely to do anything to align us with that trajectory.


When bad news is good News: accepting climate change shouldn’t mean denying it will hurt jobs

Parnell Palme McGuinness

It’s unclear who feels more betrayed by News Corp’s new Mission Zero campaign.


Morrison the pragmatist leads from the back on net zero

James Massola

A net zero pledge from Scott Morrison is now all but certain as the political winds have shifted. But whether voters will reward the PM is an open question.


Population shock: Where the truth resides on immigration

Abul Rizvi

The government must not sleepwalk into the future when it comes to meeting the challenges of an ageing and declining population.


Net zero benefit for Coalition or Australia [$]

Peta Credlin

Are we really prepared to sell out our children’s economic future so that a whole lot of leaders and CEOs can strike a net zero pose in Glasgow.


Don’t drink the climate Kool-Aid [$]

Piers Akerman

Net zero campaigns should ring alarm bells for Prime Minister Scott Morrison and all sane Australians.



Solar powered summer

Rosie and her partner recently installed a 2.95kW solar panel system on their Prahran townhouse through Council’s energy advice program, a partnership with the Australian Energy Foundation.


‘This state wouldn’t be able to pay for police, firefighters,  doctors if it wasn’t for coal’: Newman

Former premier Campbell Newman, the self-styled anti-establishment libertarian, is resurrecting his political career, starting with the Coalition’s base.


E-scooters cluttering footpaths, challenging vision impaired

Cameron Logan used to love strolling down a newly upgraded pedestrian path in Melbourne’s west.


New South Wales

‘There will be contamination’: Water scientist joins farmers in concern over wastewater pipeline

Farmers fear a new 90km wastewater pipeline will contaminate pristine farmland in the NSW Central West.


Fresh thinking, a ferry good idea


Why is the state government replacing polluting diesel ferries with new polluting diesel ferries?



One year since ACT voted in ‘Australia’s greenest government’

It’s the “greenest government in Australian history”, according to the Greens who trumpeted their achievements on the first anniversary of entering their coalition with Labor.



Hanson’s threat if Nats back emissions target [$]

The LNP is facing a nightmare scenario in at least two Queensland seats, with One Nation leader Pauline Hanson threatening electoral pain over a net zero emissions target.


South Australia

Farmers plead for end to ‘small-minded’ climate fixes [$]

Populist climate change solutions are shaking one of the pillars of SA’s economy at a time when it could be making great advances for the future, farming lobbyists are warning.


What is killing the baby dolphins? [$]

The mystery case of the dead baby dolphin on a suburban beach follows a spate of deaths and disappearances in the Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary – and yet another young male is ailing.



Walking Wild Tasmania’s 47th film show incoming, walkers discuss the beauty of Tasmania

Rocky mountains and cliffs engulfed in slow-moving clouds, dense and virtually untouched forests, and 100-metre-tall trees that are near-licked by pebbly beaches are among some of Tasmanias most iconic features.



Eco-friendly, lab-grown coffee is on the way, but it comes with a catch

Beanless brews can cut deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions dramatically – but what will happen to workers in traditional coffee-growing regions?


A materials passport for greener batteries

Efficient battery systems are increasingly being used in cars, tools, bicycles and as stationary energy storage units. At the same time, the requirements placed on these batteries continue to rise, not only in terms of energy density and cost, but also in terms of environmentally friendly manufacturing and recycling. Reusing batteries, in particular, is often difficult and not yet economically viable. Researchers are hoping to find solutions to these problems in a new project, which has received funding of over 4.5 million euros from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).


Nature Conservation

What is coral spawning?

Coral spawning is an annual event where corals simultaneously reproduce


New chalk streams strategy launched to protect ‘England’s rain forests’

Recommendations in the strategy include enhanced status to drive investment in water resources – to help reduce pollution and eliminate over-abstraction – and restoring physical habitat and biodiversity.


When this diver saw more rubbish than fish in the ocean, she took action

A growing number of young Indonesians are feeling “eco-anxiety”. But they’re channelling that panic into practical actions to tackle pollution and educate the next generation.


Researchers find few adverse health effects in wildlife exposed to low levels of radiation from the Fukushima nuclear accident

Between 2016 and 2018, researchers studied wild boar and rat snakes across a range of radiation exposures in Fukushima. The team examined biomarkers of DNA damage and stress and did not find any significant adverse health effects.


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