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Organising a conference for world leaders to agree on fundamental change was never going to be  stroll in the park, but energy companies sponsoring the conference complaining about rivals getting exposure is just one example of why we might be pessimistic about the success of COP26. Why would we be surprised? The British supported Brexit and voted in de Pfeffel Johnson.

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The energy crisis and how it could cost us all

Ian Verrender

The world appears to be staring down an energy crisis that would deliver ammunition to those wishing to slow the pace of climate change reforms and could see the dreaded return of stagflation


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October 18


Ecological Observance

National Water Week

Aussie Backyard Bird Count


Climate Change

Cop26 corporate sponsors condemn climate summit as ‘mismanaged’

Exclusive: NatWest, Microsoft, GSK and Unilever among firms to raise complaint over poor planning and breakdown in relations


Inside Insulate Britain: on the road with the disruptive climate protesters

Roadblocks have caused anger but members say only maximum economic disruption will make politicians listen


Hotter temperatures and extreme weather linked to mental distress, suicide

Mental health experts say real action is needed on climate change, with building evidence that higher temperatures and extreme weather events including floods and droughts are linked to suicidal behaviour.


Democrats weigh carbon tax after Biden climate initiative snubbed [$]

The almost certain demise of the clean electricity program at the heart of Joe Biden’s agenda has outraged many Democrats who say now is the time for a carbon tax.


Can Greenland’s anorthosite help save the planet?

Among the glaciers and turquoise fjords of southwestern Greenland, a mining company is betting rock similar to the one the Apollo missions brought back from the moon can address some of Planet Earth’s climate change problems.


How melting polar ice has warped Earth’s crust

The melting of Earth’s polar ice is incrementally warping the planet’s crust both vertically and horizontally, according to a new study in the Geophysical Research Letters journal.


Has climate change talk up to COP26 all just been ‘blah, blah, blah’? [$]

Rosemary Lyster

At the recent Youth4Climate Pre-COP 26 conference, Greta Thunberg said that after 30 years all world leaders have produced are “words that sound great” but which, in reality, are just “blah, blah, blah”. I’ve followed the climate change negotiations very closely for 25 years, and I largely agree. Here’s why.


Why Glasgow’s the perfect city for a climate conference [$]

Tim Blair

Scotland’s largest city has too many rats, too many gangs, too much garbage and far too little carbon dioxide. It’s the perfect place, then, for a climate conference.


We cannot allow China to take the lead on climate [$]

Telegraph editorial

Everything possible must be done to stop China controlling the narrative at the upcoming climate conference in Glasgow.



Nationals fail to land on climate policy position during marathon meeting

The Nationals end a marathon party room meeting on climate policy but fail to land on a position after four hours of discussion, with deputy leader David Littleproud saying they need more time to consider the Liberals’ plan “so we don’t get screwed over again”.


‘Highly unlikely’ Nationals will back greater 2030 climate target, Barnaby Joyce says

The federal government’s coalition partner, the Nationals, has yet to reach a consensus position on emission reduction targets with Barnaby Joyce saying he believes there is little support for a steep increase to the 2030 target.


Communities of faith demand more climate action at protests across Australia

Australia’s diverse faith communities have held protests around the country calling on Prime Minister Scott Morrison to make stronger emissions reduction targets by 2030.


Australia’s top economists back carbon price, say net-zero benefits outweigh cost

Eight in 10 of Australia’s leading economists back action to cut Australia’s carbon emissions to net zero.


Net zero: Help regional towns or watch them die, Bowen says [$]

Regional communities built around traditional mining and manufacturing will die unless governments invest and support them through the clean energy transition, Labor’s Chris Bowen has warned.


Face up to emissions: Nats elder John Anderson says [$]

Former deputy prime minister John Anderson says the “cattle are out of the yard” on a net zero by 2050 target and that the regional party must focus on ensuring future climate ­action is achieved equitably and delivers opportunities for the bush.


Nationals to get billions for net zero [$]

Tens of billions of dollars for regional Australia could be the price to pay for Barnaby Joyce’s party supporting the emissions target by 2050.


Welcome to the world of ‘electro modding’, where classic cars are reincarnated as electric vehicles

Converting classic cars to electric vehicles is booming in popularity. Here’s what it costs, how long it takes, and what cars are the most suitable.


Investors must not strand fossil fuels: EnergyAustralia chief [$]

Mark Collette

The new inconvenient truth of the net zero transition is that keeping electricity reliable and affordable requires continued investment in coal and gas generation.


Pandemic and climate add up to a big shock for global recovery [$]

Alexander Downer

Labour shortages, supply chain blockages and the energy price crunch create conditions ripe for an inflationary spiral and a return to higher interest rates.


Australian farmers don’t want another sleazy climate deal [$]

Fiona Simson

The peak farm lobby says that instead of just locking up private farmland to meet emissions targets, landholders must be rewarded for all the benefits of carbon projects.


Vikki Campion verbals Prince Charles on climate change [$]

Joe Aston

News Corp Australia’s conservative (or populist) columnists were never going to meekly accept the publisher’s new and official position on climate change. That Andrew Bolt and others – largely his Sky News stablemates – would continue to rail against Australia’s inevitable adoption of a net zero emission target for 2050 is completely unremarkable.


The Coalition is safeguarding emissions [$]

Grant Wilson

The safeguard mechanism is the means by which the Coalition is frustrating Australia’s transition to net zero. It is not fit for purpose.


Morrison’s climate backflip a failure of leadership [$]

Andrew Bolt

The Prime Minister is making fools of conservatives who trusted him at the last election when he promised to save them from Labor’s global warming plans.


Climate’s shifted in Scott-land, but will real action follow?

Sean Kelly

The Morrison government’s apparent climate epiphany has been given the royal treatment in some quarters, but it may not shift the political dial enough to retain power.


We must respond as we have to this pandemic


Age readers discuss negotiations between the Liberals and the Nationals over climate change policy.


Joyce weakens Morrison before world leaders decide their pledges on climate change

David Crowe

Barnaby Joyce has weakened Scott Morrison just two weeks before world leaders are due to meet in Glasgow to decide their pledges on climate change.


Joyce says Nationals don’t want bigger 2030 climate target as party room frets about regional protections

Michelle Grattan

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce killed the prospect of the Nationals agreeing to a more ambitious 2030 emissions reduction firm target, before his party room met to consider the government’s proposed new climate policy.


Barnaby Joyce has refused to support doubling Australia’s 2030 emissions reduction targets – but we could get there so cheaply and easily

Andrew Blakers

As Prime Minister Scott Morrison tries to land a Coalition climate policy deal ahead of the international COP26 summit in Glasgow, Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce on Sunday ruled out supporting more ambitious 2030 targets.


Glasgow climate summit: PM ready for standoff with the Green Reaper [$]

Jennifer Oriel

The Coalition government has embarked on a most ambitious project to persuade its base that the UN’s green revolution is a good idea.


To hardliners, PM’s trip feels like a Glasgow kiss [$]

Simon Benson

Scott Morrison’s decision to travel to Glasgow in two weeks’ time now appears to be the greater sin in the eyes of Liberal Party hardliners than signing up to a 2050 net zero target itself.



Whopping cost of underground Suburban Rail Loop [$]

The Suburban Rail Loop is being planned to reshape Melbourne, but the cost of building it underground would be mind-boggling.


New South Wales

Meet NSW’s future climate leaders [$]

They’re young and still in the classroom, but that won’t stop our climate change heroes of tomorrow from fighting to improve our communities today. See our future leaders here.


$3m battle nets just 100 island rodents [$]

A world heritage listed island is again grappling with a rat infestation just two years after a $17 million aerial scheme to wipe them out.


New weapon in the $14m war on feral pigs [$]

For years feral pigs have run rampant in the state’s southwest, decimating crops and slaughtering livestock, but a radical rural solution may have eradicated the razorback problem.


Koala flashpoint finally must be a line in the sand


Thanks, Elizabeth Farrelly for highlighting the important issue of the Figtree Hill development. Our cutest icon will have to be dropped from company logos soon when we have no koalas left.



How climate change is threatening Australia’s favourite fruits

Australian mango growers are expecting the smallest harvest in at least two decades this summer, cherry farmers are losing trees and grape growers are contending with shortening harvest windows.



Metro Tasmania report financial loss, but push ahead with reducing their carbon emissions

State bus service Metro Tasmania recorded a loss of nearly a million for the year driven by low passenger numbers and COVID-19.


Survey: What Tasmanians really think about climate change [$]

New data has revealed Tasmanians’ attitudes to climate change, amid a state government pledge to legislate net zero carbon emissions.


Forrest’s chutzpah is not welcome in Tasmania

Greg Barns

Warnings about the cost of green hydrogen should be a red light to gullible politicians who fall for billionaire Andrew Forrest’s pleas for corporate welfare


Northern Territory

Cats out of the bag: Feral animals targeted near NT national park

Feral cats kill billions of Australia’s native animals each year, experts say, and a pilot program in a small Northern Territory town may be the answer to the problem.


Uranium in the water: remote NT community wants answers about safety

Laramba’s Indigenous residents fear they are at risk of long-term illness and say they need to know who is responsible for fixing the problem


Western Australia

Why we must end the climate wars

Patrick Gorman

Our State is one of the most trade-exposed economies anywhere on earth and we must make the outcomes of the Glasgow UN Climate Change Conference work for us.



Revealed: more than 120,000 US sites feared to handle harmful PFAS ‘forever’ chemicals

List of facilities makes it clear that virtually no part of the US appears free from the potential risk of air and water contamination with the chemicals


The energy crisis and how it could cost us all

Ian Verrender

The world appears to be staring down an energy crisis that would deliver ammunition to those wishing to slow the pace of climate change reforms and could see the dreaded return of stagflation


Nature Conservation

Protect the Okavango River Basin from corporate drilling

Prince Harry, Reinhold Mangundu

This African region is far more valuable in its natural state than any oil and gas reserves buried beneath it.


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