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It turns out that when the sun doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t blow, you can still deliver almost totally fossil-fuel free energy supply, with a small fail-safe gas backup. Try that, Keith ‘Gas-led recovery’ Pitt, Angus ‘Fantastic’ Taylor, Matteo Canavani and chief fossil and marketer, the Pentecostal PM. 

Post of the Day

Coal use to peak in 2026 as renewables surge past forecasts

A new international report reveals an optimistic forecast for clean energy, but it poses a fresh challenge to a Labor party that is yet to reveal its climate policy.


Today’s Celebration

December 2


Climate Change

Reducing US greenhouse emissions 50 per cent by 2030: is it likely?

Chris Lewis

As it stands, the US only reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 2 per cent from 1990 to 2019.



‘Significant momentum’: How some super funds become more profitable by investing sustainably

A new study shows Australian superannuation funds that invest responsibly are becoming increasingly profitable than traditional funds. But some analyst says they need to be more transparent.


Energy giant AGL slashes its coal and gas workforce

Australia’s largest electricity company slashes its power plant workforce amid a surge of cheap renewable energy.


More timber plantations can help get Australia to net-zero by 2050, new study shows

Ground-breaking new analysis produced for the Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) shows for the first time that growth in Australia’s forestry plantation area can help deliver the nation’s “net-zero by 2050” target.


Global push for green steel could hit Australia’s $150bn iron ore exports if miners don’t adapt, report finds

Cheap renewable energy could see industry upgrade iron ore production and lure steelmaking onshore, expert says


Coal use to peak in 2026 as renewables surge past forecasts

A new international report reveals an optimistic forecast for clean energy, but it poses a fresh challenge to a Labor party that is yet to reveal its climate policy.


Australia records its wettest November with more rain to come

The last wettest November was in 1973, when the country recorded an average of 70.1 millimetres of rain.


Labor backs bill forcing charities to reveal donors in deal with government for dropping voter ID laws

Legal expert says legislation is ‘an effort to silence’ charities the Coalition government ‘doesn’t like’


Emissions rise 2% in Australia amid increased pollution from electricity and transport

While greenhouse emissions were stable over the year, an uptick in the June quarter shows pollution is not in decline despite Australia’s net zero by 2050 pledge.


Home automation goes beyond smart speakers and ‘plug and play’ options

Chris Kerr

The average ‘smart home’ in Australia just isn’t that clever.


How to become a green energy superpower. First, stress-test the rhetoric [$]

Richard Holden

Australia needs a clear-eyed view of what it takes for success in clean energy, not just wide-eyed enthusiasm.

The Morrison government and the mad world of fossil gas

Alan Pears

The long-term fundamentals of the gas market are clear. Anyone who understands the urgent messages being sent by climate science would avoid new investments.



‘It’s beyond wicked’: Farmer blasts energy authority, Powercor after St Patrick’s Day bushfire backdown

Jill Porter lost half her dairy herd when bushfires tore through south-west Victoria. Now, she wants someone to be held to account so other families are spared such trauma. 


Nation’s first commercial green hydrogen station set for Melbourne

Australia’s first commercial-scale green hydrogen refuelling station is being developed on a site in Melbourne’s west and backers say it will be the first in a network to power vehicles all the way to Sydney.


New South Wales

Koala corridors, garden fences to protect species from city’s expansion

The government will adopt all 31 recommendations by the NSW Chief Scientist aimed at minimising harm to koalas.


Dom shares bold vision for city’s future [$]

Telegraph editorial

Today Dominic Perrottet will reveal his vision for what we might call a greater cities footprint. John Bradfield would be proud



Millions of fish to benefit in northern Murray-Darling Basin rivers

The Australian Government is providing $6.6 million to Queensland to deliver a program of work that could see millions more healthy native fish in northern Murray-Darling Basin rivers.


Snapchat spurs Gen Z to reef action

Snapchat is using augmented reality to bring the plight of the Great Barrier Reef to Gen Z and offering a chance to take action.


The dangers of ‘locking on’ and cutting anti-coal protesters free

From angle grinders to hammers, it takes a variety of tools, in challenging circumstances to make sure everyone is safe when a protester locks them selves to a train or rail line.


South Australia

South Australia grid just one step away from operating with wind and solar only

South Australia grid just one step away from becoming first gigawatt scale grid in world operating with wind and solar generation only and no fossil fuels.


Greens condemn ‘anti-protest crusade’

The Greens have condemned the government’s ongoing anti-protest crusade after a man with a disability was charged and granted harsh bail conditions preventing him from accessing essential services.


Western Australia

Container recycling scheme lifts lid on opportunities for people living with disability

When Josh Turner started his first paid job, at Good Sammy’s container deposit depot, he got more than a pay cheque. He has made new friends and his confidence has grown.


Households in corner of Perth join quest to solve one of the biggest challenges of solar energy

As summer arrives, two Perth suburbs sharing one of Australia’s highest rates of rooftop solar are chosen for a new $35 million virtual power plant, with the project to test how to harness excess solar energy.

Western Australia teams up with Europe’s biggest port for green hydrogen exports

Europe’s biggest port signs agreement with W.A. government to pursue import opportunities for new “green energy from down under.”

Project Symphony: First big trial to “orchestrate” rooftop solar and battery storage

An alternative to solar switch-off? WA virtual power plant trial will orchestrate solar and battery resources of 500 homes and businesses.



‘Deluge of plastic waste’: US is world’s biggest plastic polluter

At 42m metric tons of plastic waste a year, the US generates more waste than all EU countries combined


McDonald’s struggles to fix its growing green problem

With a sprawling empire of 39,000 restaurants in 119 countries, McDonald’s serves more beef than any other restaurant chain on the planet. This also makes it as an outsized contributor to climate change.


Cost threat to the ‘powerhouse’ of renewable energy [$]

The IEA warns that high commodity prices could wipe out three years of cost reductions in solar power, putting at risk the growth engine for the green energy sector.


What will the world be like in 20 years?

Andrew Ross Sorkin

Predicting the future may be a fool’s errand but entrepreneurs, industry leaders and policymakers are already at work solving some of the problems that data suggest are ahead of us.


Nature Conservation

Swifts and house martins join UK red list of endangered birds

RSPB warns wildlife is in freefall with 70 of Britain’s 245 bird species now seriously at risk


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