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Ah, Western Port. Once more over the parapets, protectors of the Ramsar Wetland, the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and the much-loved bay. The zoning of land at Hastings for industrial purposes has yet another resource company eyeing it off. The price of a healthy environment is eternal vigilance!

Post of the Day

Catch 2050: Demand for solar panels presents ‘global warming risk’ through raw material production

The global community will need almost 60 times more solar power to reach net zero emissions by 2050, but the emissions-intensive aluminium required to do so presents an environmental risk, a new study has found.


On This Day

January 22


Climate Change

Despite releasing gases high into the atmosphere, initial estimates suggest the Tonga volcano has not released enough sulphur dioxide to cool the planet

From dramatic sunsets to mud rain, volcanoes can affect the weather. If they are big enough they can even cause the planet to cool. But it’s not looking like the Tongan volcano packed that big a punch. 


Oil industry board members to testify to Congress on climate disinformation

Officials from Exxon, Shell, Chevron and BP have been summoned to appear before the House oversight committee in February


‘Rural women in Zimbabwe are in constant contact with climate change’

Women, children and the elderly are increasingly vulnerable to the effects of climate change in rural Zimbabwe, taking up a large share of the agricultural labor force and management of household nutrition.



Google to probe ads for Australian pro-climate candidates, MPs

Google has launched an investigation into pro-climate candidates and independent MPs supported by the Climate 200 group after they were accused by a Liberal MP of failing to publicly disclose their advertising on the platform.



World’s first hydrogen tanker arrives to ship test cargo to Japan

The Suiso Frontier arrived in Victoria yesterday as the next step in a project which is testing whether it is possible to export Australian-produced hydrogen to Japan. 


New partnership to help lower emissions and boost jobs

Minister for Resources Jaala Pulford has signed a contribution agreement with Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation (JOGMEC) which will see funding support for the CarbonNet project.


Solar panel “upcycling” venture gears up for first factory in Victoria

A Melbourne and RMIT University-backed solar panel recycling factory is on track to start operating in late 2023, an update from the project team has said.


Red jellyfish swarm Melbourne’s beaches in ‘unbelievable’ numbers

Experts say higher than normal rainfall could be the reason behind the proliferation of lion’s mane jellyfish in Port Phillip Bay this summer.

Australian hydrogen market achieves key export milestone – but with the wrong colour

Michael Mazengarb

Australia achieves major milestone with purpose-built ship arriving to take first shipment of liquid hydrogen to Japan. But it’s not green hydrogen – and it’s not even clean.


New South Wales

Water quality issues prompt MDBA to trial Hume Dam releases

The Murray-Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) is trialling a different method of water releases from Hume Dam using the spillway gates in a bid to improve downstream water quality.


Locals ‘devastated’ after Whitehaven Coal allowed to bury used tyres at Maules Creek mine

NSW government’s approval compromises ‘environmental integrity of the operation’, say campaigners


Top drop: NSW’s Richmond valley takes out best tap water in Australia title

Council plant faced ‘a lot of challenges’ to beat five other state entrants on qualities including clarity, smell, taste and ‘feeling in the mouth’


More than 40 defects discovered in new Sydney Harbour ferries

Sydney Harbour’s new River-class ferry fleet was riddled with more than 40 defects after the vessels arrived in NSW from Indonesia.


Genetic mapping key to protecting vulnerable koalas

The koala genome program led by University of Sydney aims to build a genome map for koalas to better understand their genetic diversity across their range by sequencing the complete set of genetic information from more than 400 koalas.


Environmentalists slam Kurri Kurri gas power plant approval

Environmentalists have slammed the NSW government’s decision to approve the gas turbine power station at Kurri Kurri in the Hunter Valley. 



ACT government identifies new northside green waste site off Stockdill Drive, begins pre-DA consultation

A new site to process green waste in Canberra’s north has been identified south of Holt, after the ACT government moved to find a location to replace a facility slated for redevelopment on Parkwood Road.



Bikes, scooters allowed permanently on trains after successful trial

More than 170,000 commuters bought their bikes and scooters onto trains during peak hours as part of the successful trial.



Van Dairy joins chorus of anger over devil-protection vandalism [$]

Van Dairy’s Mr Lu says he too is upset that work being done by his company and the Circular Head Council to protect Tasmanian Devils is not being respected.


Western Australia

Land razed, livestock killed in ‘ferocious’ bushfires burning for two weeks in WA’s Gascoyne

Ongoing bushfires have destroyed more than 340,000 hectares of land, and hundreds of livestock, in WA’s remote Gascoyne.


Extinction threat over for Yeelirrie as uranium mine approval expires

The controversial Yeelirrie uranium mine in Western Australia is no longer able to proceed after the proponent missed a deadline to commence works at the site in WA’s Goldfields.



Catch 2050: Demand for solar panels presents ‘global warming risk’ through raw material production

The global community will need almost 60 times more solar power to reach net zero emissions by 2050, but the emissions-intensive aluminium required to do so presents an environmental risk, a new study has found.


Why is Greenpeace talking about taxing super rich?

Why is Greenpeace, an environmental organisation, talking about taxing the super rich? International Director Jennifer Morgan weighs in on global calls for governments to fight inequality and hold the world’s wealthiest accountable.


Lithium-air battery achieves world-leading energy density

Japanese researchers say their lithium-air battery has shown some of the highest energy densities and best cycle life performances ever achieved.


Fact check: NO evidence that purpose of COVID-19 vaccines is to ‘kill off a large proportion of the population’

Is the purpose of COVID-19 vaccines to “kill off a large proportion of the population”? No, there’s no evidence that’s true: The idea stems from a sprawling conspiracy theory that alternately posits COVID, the vaccines or both as being manufactured with the goal of depopulating Earth.


Staff blow whistle on Environment Agency that ‘no longer deters polluters’

Staff at England’s Environment Agency say it has been cut back to such an extent that they cannot do their jobs and the regulator is no longer a deterrent to polluters.


Nature Conservation

Rare, pristine coral reef found at unusual depth off Tahiti coast

Scientists discover a coral reef at a greater depth than most and seemingly untouched by climate change or human activities.


Nanoplastic pollution found at both of Earth’s poles for first time

Tiny particles including tyre dust found in ice cores stretching back 50 years, showing global plastic contamination


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