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Building relational wealth will help us survive climate change

Todd Khozein

Resilient economies built on relational wealth take pains not to cause harm to the environment or to the majority of humanity. Instead, they recognize that humans thriving in a healthy natural environment yields significantly greater and more balanced economic prosperity.


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January 25

Saint Dwynwen’s Day – Wales


Climate Change

Climate Fellows initiative launched to support state climate action in India

Climate Group India joins hands with Swaniti Initiative, a nonpartisan social enterprise, to launch the State Climate Fellows initiative to support subnational climate action in India.


As economy recovers, climate threat grows

As economic activity has resumed, so has pollution. After dramatic reductions in 2020, U.S. emission rates soared by more than 6% last year and are expected to continue rising as the economy reaches higher levels of normalcy.


‘It’s a slow catastrophe’: Artists try to tackle the dangers of rising sea levels

How should culture respond to the climate crisis? Can it provide a wake-up call that isn’t so brutally loud and depressing that we don’t just smash the alarm clock and go back to sleep?


Kerry warns about efforts to blunt climate change: ‘We’re in trouble’

U.S. Climate Envoy John Kerry warned Monday that the world is “in trouble” and off-track on its efforts to mitigate or reverse the impacts of climate change.


Do dividends make carbon taxes more popular? Not so far, study finds

A common theory holds that rebating money to taxpayers would build support, but real-world evidence suggests otherwise.


The buzz around carbon removal is drawing jobseekers in droves

Workers say the growing urgency of the climate crisis and pursuit of a meaningful career path are big pulls.


Heat dome and other climate events have growing impact on mental health—study

Last summer’s Western North American heat dome caused more than record-breaking temperature increases—rising anxiety about climate change is reported in a new study on the weather event’s impact on our mental health.



Trouble on the tracks: is Australia’s $14bn inland rail project going off the rails?

A major Guardian investigation examines the 1,700km Melbourne to Brisbane mega project to find out whether communities along its route will benefit and whether their concerns are being bypassed


Australia’s inland rail: a long-held dream, but for whom and at what cost?

As Guardian Australia launches an interactive journey along the proposed 1,700km inland rail route between Melbourne and Brisbane, Gabrielle Chan and Natasha May look at how we got here and the sharp divides over what the line should achieve

For Kathmandu sustainability is a whole company affair

With a new CEO on board and two more brands under its roof, the outdoor adventure brand Kathmandu is setting itself up to become a global leader in ESG.

Australia’s best performing wind and solar farms in 2021, and the leading states

Victoria topped the states for wind and solar output in 2021, but it’s another state that hosts the best performing projects.


Why your boss is now much more likely to be worried about climate change

The focus on dealing with the pandemic has not eased concerns about the looming threat of climate change with a survey showing that 74 per cent of Australian executives think the world is at a tipping point.


Blue carbon accounting set to open coastal floodgates for abatement credits

The owners of marginal farming land in coastal areas are being urged to refill swamps, but sceptics question whether its carbon abatement properties would have happened anyway.


Australian Koala Foundation celebrate official koala tartan with international raffle

Adored the world over, the Australian koala has now been honoured with its own official koala tartan for the first time in history.


How this little marsupial’s poo nurtures urban gardens and bushland (and how you can help protect them)

Anna Hopkins and Natasha Tay

Wildlife encounters can be few and far between in cities but, if you’re lucky, you might catch sight of a small Aussie marsupial in Perth that’s helping keep urban bushland healthy.


A greener BHP is about to become a lot more important for us all

Glenn Dyer and Bernard Keane

The mining giant will be the biggest company on our sharemarket and a big presence in our financial lives.

Dozens of questions on climate and energy policies go unanswered by Morrison

Michael Mazengarb

Senate estimates questions, relating to the Morrison government’s climate and energy policies, remain unanswered and are weeks overdue.


Big business shapes our political landscape

Zoë Wundenberg

It can be hard to feel like there is any point to fighting “the good fight” in this country when so many of our politicians don’t even seem bothered to hide their affiliations to special interest groups.


Ancient knowledge is lost when a species disappears. It’s time to let Indigenous people care for their country, their way

Teagan Goolmeer et al

Indigenous people across Australia place tremendous cultural and customary value on many species and ecological communities. The very presence of a plant or animal species can trigger an Indigenous person to recall and share knowledge. This is crucial to maintaining culture and managing Country.



Why your gas bill will be hundreds more this year [$]

Victorian households will pay hundreds of dollars more for natural gas this year, with suppliers like AGL, Origin and Simply Energy passing on price hikes to customers.


New South Wales

Maximising for coolth: How a popular Sydney park will create its own cool microclimate

Under the project, Bicentennial Park will become a green respite for the 80,000 people who by 2023 will live or work there every day.



Slattery vows to walk the walk with new green-tinged investment vehicle

Technology entrepreneur Bevan Slattery is kicking off a new investment vehicle and expanding his investments into sustainability and renewable energy while teasing out more details on his plans to help save the Great Barrier Reef.


$360m sought for innovative green office [$]

A pioneering green office building with a long-term quality tenant has a $360m-plus price tag but will still attract investors keen to build up their environmental credentials.


South Australia

Water torture: Coober Pedy’s overhaul plan [$]

Mains water has been shut down across an entire outback town twice since December, as the community pushes ahead with plans for an urgent upgrade costing up to $20m.



Tasmanian Government invests in Tassie timber with program worth several million

The Tasmanian Government have announced they will invest in the $1.2 billion timber and forestry industry to gain higher returns by increasing value-added production and supporting more jobs in regional Tasmania.


‘Every summer we get through is a blessing’: Why Tasmania’s luck with bushfires might run out

The image of a fire column described as “the finger of the beast” captured during a bushfire in Tasmania serves as a reminder the island is in peak fire season — with one expert warning every summer without a catastrophe is a “blessing”.



Taxes, fines and jail time: The strictest plastic bag laws around the world

With increasing pressure on NSW to join the rest of Australia in pledging to ‘ban the bag’, SBS News looks at which countries have already taken action.


How a law passed by Punjab govt in 2009 has caused the current pollution crisis in Delhi

Until a few years ago, stubble burning’s smoke was confined to Punjab. The delay in burning stubble due to a law passed by Punjab govt in 2009 is why Delhi is enveloped in smoke today.


Large Permian Basin methane leaks are causing as much climate pollution as 500,000 cars

A survey of oil and gas facilities in Texas and New Mexico revealed 30 so-called “super-emitters,” which are leaking as much heat-trapping pollution as roughly half a million cars, according to a new report from Carbon Mapper and the Environmental Defense Fund.


Alan Titchmarsh says he avoids avocados because of climate impact

According to the Sustainable Food Trust, growing a single avocado requires up to 320 litres of water, with demand in the global north fuelling the export of the green fruits over long distances and their growth on expansive farms in central and South America.


UK could grow up to 40% of its own fruit and vegetables by using urban green spaces

Britain could grow up to eight times its current production of fruit and vegetables if all available urban and under-used green space were turned to cultivation, new research has shown.


Energy ratings don’t capture high building emissions

Buildings with the highest U.K. performance ratings are using far more energy than those with the lowest ratings, according to recent data. It’s a disparity that shows the limitations of current green building standards.


People who survive multiple disasters have worse mental health

Mental resiliency could be harder to rebuild than a house or business in places that have experienced multiple disasters, study suggests.


We’re eating plastic, people!

The EIA estimates that by 2040, the weight of plastics in the ocean could be greater than the weight of fish. That’s a little disconcerting.


Should you buy carbon offsets for your air travel?

More than a third of Americans would pay extra to offset their flights’ CO2 emissions, a new National Geographic survey finds.


Why the chemicals industry is one of the toughest to decarbonizeCatalyst podcast

Chemicals manufacturing will be the biggest source of growth for oil by midcentury. How do we reverse that trend?


The world’s oil stockpile is nowhere to be found

Julian Lee

The world should still be awash in oil stockpiles built up during the pandemic. But that’s not what the actual data on oil supplies show.


Building relational wealth will help us survive climate change

Todd Khozein

Resilient economies built on relational wealth take pains not to cause harm to the environment or to the majority of humanity. Instead, they recognize that humans thriving in a healthy natural environment yields significantly greater and more balanced economic prosperity.


Nature Conservation

Israel wants to plant more trees to combat climate change, but just cut down 300,000 of them

Urban renewal plans see mature trees of great environmental import cut down across Israel, and activists warn of long-term damage

Sequencing the world’s biodiversity: “Earth BioGenome Project” enters new phase in cataloguing the DNA of 1.8 million species

Sequencing the genomes of all plants, animals, fungi and other microbial life on Earth is a strategy to foster better understanding, management and restoration of biodiversity and ecosystem services.


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