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‘This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends 
This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper.’

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Birds are remarkable and beautiful animals – and they’re disappearing from our world

Kim Heacox

In the past half century, North America has lost a fourth of its birds. Earth is now a coalmine, and every wild bird is a canary


On This Day

January 30


Climate Change

Climate change in the Early Holocene

New insight into how our early ancestors dealt with major shifts in climate has been revealed.


Thawing permafrost can accelerate global warming

Insufficiently considered carbon stocks in very old sediments are released as greenhouse gases


‘Ennuipocalypse’ tries to capture the disconnected despair of climate change and a lasting pandemic [$]

Ian Warden

Too many words are not enough, for in these restlessly shapeshifting times there are new phenomena and new emotions we don’t have good enough words to describe.



The kindest cut: the Australians fighting to save humpback whales tangled in fishing nets

The humpback population has recovered miraculously from near extinction, but increasing numbers – and climate change – mean more tragic encounters with the snares left by humans


A Labor-Greens alliance? Never say never when power is at stake [$]

Matthew Killoran

Anthony Albanese has ruled out a power-sharing deal with the Greens, but don’t be so sure.



Earlier coal phase-out for Victorian likely as renewables surge

Speculation is growing that the Latrobe Valley’s Loy Yang A power station will be shut down earlier than previously thought.


As Melbourne heats up, the city’s trees are changing

With the city’s temperatures continuing to rise to resemble a climate more like Dubbo’s, some species of trees will thrive while others will struggle to survive.


Tall timber costs could send tradies to the wall [$]

Soaring building material costs, especially timber like treated pine, is placing huge pressure on Victorian tradies and could send some bust, industry insiders warn.


Most expensive project in our history shouldn’t be rushed

The Suburban Rail Loop’s $30bn-plus budget is a generation’s worth of infrastructure spending, which means the details must be right the first time.


Oh the humidity: why does Melbourne feel like Darwin?

Tom Cowie

For the past week or so Melbourne has gone troppo. So what’s causing the humid weather and can we expect more with climate change?


New South Wales

Big brainy batteries battle heat, hackers

A gigafactory to make big brainy batteries is taking shape in coal country.



Extreme heat would be ACT’s gravest climate change threat, government warned in 2010

The number of days above 40 degrees in Canberra would increase, and the bushfire threat from urban bushland in the city’s inner north would jump considerably, the ACT government was warned a decade ago.



Great Barrier Reef on verge of another mass bleaching after highest temperatures on record

‘Shocked and concerned’ US government scientists say heat stress over Australia’s ocean jewel is unprecedented


Change is coming: Greens’ brutal truth for Queensland coalminers [$]

Signalling they will push Labor hard on climate change in any power sharing deal after the election, the Greens have revealed what this will mean for Queensland coalminers.


Candidate’s denial: Ever seen us in the same Groom together? [$]

An Independent candidate who once boasted about hosting an Extinction Rebellion meeting is now distancing herself from the climate protest group.


With an election looming, Morrison & Co suddenly discover the Reef is in trouble

Cindy Wockner

Almost five years ago, when now-Treasurer Josh Frydenberg was the federal environment minister, the Coalition solemnly promised to protect the iconic Great Barrier Reef.



Saving a species is just one perk of waking up in Tasmania’s mountains each morning

Volunteering to help save the critically endangered orange-bellied parrot is a dream job for these bird lovers, and they get to spend four weeks in one of the most beautiful parts of Australia while doing it.


Tensions grow in Derby as STT moves in on native forest

As the harvesting of a controversial native forest coupe in Derby prepares to get underway, community unrest in the region is once again beginning to mount.


‘Greenwashing’ or win for bike trails? Timber plan stokes division

Forest managers have released a draft which would see 930ha surrounding the famed Blue Derby mountain bike trail protected, but some have cried foul, calling the plan ‘greenwashing’.


Western Australia

Bullsbrook blaze: Outback Splash water park evacuated

A raging bushfire threatened lives and properties and forced the evacuation of a popular attraction near Bullsbrook on Saturday


Move to protect blackouts after solar panel boom [$]

Solar panels are sprouting on the rooftops of 3000 WA homes every month — driving a six-fold increase in generation over the past 10 years and prompting Synergy to take extra measure to protect the grid.



Zinc price on the rise as solar and wind projects boom

The zinc price is rising, along with a lot of other metals used in manufacturing renewable energy equipment.


Shedding light on polymer solar cells: Illuminating how solvent additives improve efficiency

Researchers imaged nanoscale photocurrents in an all-polymer blend solar cell using photoconductive atomic force microscopy. 


Green energy measures saving UK households £1,000 a year – analysis

Savings come largely from efficient electrical appliances and boilers but insulation could halve future bills


Stackable artificial leaf uses less power than lightbulb to capture 100 times more carbon than other systems

Engineers built a cost-effective artificial leaf that can capture carbon dioxide at rates 100 times better than current systems. Unlike other carbon capture systems, which work in labs with pure carbon dioxide from pressurized tanks, this artificial leaf captures carbon dioxide from the air or flue gas and is modular.


How to reuse N95 masks safely to cut down on waste

Aleasha McCallion et al 

Just because we’re in a period of social change, doesn’t mean we have to lose momentum on sustainability. There are six things we can do right now to offset our daily waste from disposable masks.


Serbia stomps on Rio Tinto’s lithium mining project

Binoy Kampmark

The Serbian Government has bowed to protests and cancelled a multi-billion dollar Rio Tinto mining project.


Our obsession with economic growth will destroy us

Ted Trainer

Capitalist societies refuse to recognise there are limits to growth, resulting in inequality and ecological destruction — it will lead to collapse.


Sunday environmental round up

Peter Sainsbury

To limit global warming we must stop producing and burning fossil fuels. But nations’ and companies’ plans don’t match their grand pledges and rhetoric. Nor with deforestation.


Nature Conservation

Peruvian gold rush turns pristine rainforests into heavily polluted mercury sinks

Scientists record the highest levels of atmospheric mercury pollution in the world in a pristine patch of the Peruvian Amazon


Crowding, climate change, and the case for distancing among trees

Lower crowding for trees can increase chances of survival after fire


Birds are remarkable and beautiful animals – and they’re disappearing from our world

Kim Heacox

In the past half century, North America has lost a fourth of its birds. Earth is now a coalmine, and every wild bird is a canary

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