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Our elected representatives should be people we can respect for their intelligence, integrity and selflessness. I do not see any of these qualities in Angus ‘Fantastic’ Taylor. Unfortunately for us all, he is in strong company in the LNP cabal of privateers, chancers and snake-oil sellers.

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Ukraine, war and our world

Douglas Fischer

It is hard to think about the environment when lives are being torn asunder by war.


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February 26


Climate Change

Climate change pushed out of spotlight amid conflict, economic trouble

A message drowned out by the sounds of artillery shells exploding in the heart of Europe.


Latin American states develop action portfolios to deliver their decarbonisation pathways

Amazonas has prioritised seven mitigation actions as part of its decarbonisation pathway. They primarily target the forest and land use sector, focusing on forest expansion and protection, and sustainable forest management. Actions to increase land use efficiency and sustainable agriculture will provide many co-benefits for farmers and the land.



Humpback whales no longer listed as endangered after major recovery

Humpback whales are being removed from Australia’s threatened species list, with the government celebrating their surging population — but scientists warn the mammals face more challenges.

Rio Tinto: “technology-led” climate policies not enough to keep global warming within safe levels

Rio Tinto says “society-led” rather than “technology-led” approach needed to keep global warming within safer levels. That means a high carbon price.


Farmers’ fund to cover some of Angus Taylor company’s costs to challenge finding land cleared illegally

Energy minister in rare position of being linked to case opposing his own government’s decision on Jam Land, part-owned by Taylor and brother


Stop trying to play God: Twiggy on the attack over green future

Mining magnate Andrew “Twiggy”” Forrest has attacked Energy Minister Angus Taylor for standing in the road of Australia’s energy future and for being deluded enough to think he was God.


Billionaire Mike Cannon-Brookes banks on turning Australia green

Mike Cannon-Brookes is one of the 100 richest people globally, and he wants to speed up Australia’s transition to renewables. But is big money the answer?


Why Cannon-Brookes won’t back down on his renewable energy crusade [$]

Mike Cannon-Brookes’ audacious plan to take over AGL Energy came as a big surprise, but with hindsight it was totally in character.


Dramatic week puts both parties’ climate policies on notice [$]

This week marked an important moment in the end of coal-fired power, and managing that transition will be one of the most important jobs for whoever wins the election.


Green is good: How the AGL bid could set off a wave of climate themed takeovers

Charlotte Grieve

Billionaire Mike Cannon-Brookes is not the first person to mount an unexpected takeover bid for AGL.


Questioning a cool, green billionaire gets you black-listed [$]

Steve Price

Magnate Mike Cannon-Brookes, who owns some of Australia’s most costly property, wants to shut down Latrobe Valley coal. But question him at your own risk.


Real risk lies in not planning renewables transition [$]

Claire Ibrahim and Pradeep Philip

When you hear people say energy prices will rise because the energy market is choosing to decarbonise, just remember that such statements aren’t good economics.


The case for buying AGL [$]

Saul Griffith

Energy is on everyone’s lips. First, Australia’s two biggest energy companies announce they will retire coal-fired power stations early. Great news: this is what climate science requires. Then Brookfield Asset Management and Mike Cannon-Brookes make a stunning play to buy AGL and rapidly replace coal with clean energy. Also good.



Predator-proof fence to turn Wilsons Prom into climate ‘refuge’

Ten-kilometre barrier will stop burrowing wombats, extend into the marine environments and have a folded over “lip” at the top to stop foxes and cats from climbing over.


New South Wales
NSW looks to quadruple size of first renewable energy zone after Eraring closure

NSW proposes new route for transmission line that could allow it to quadruple the capacity in the first of five planned renewable energy zones.

Iberdrola revives central west wind farm, with works to begin within weeks

The construction of a long-delayed wind farm in central-west NSW is set to go ahead, with Iberdrola to begin work on the project next month.


The station buy-ups by NSW National Parks are a waste of money and will further damage Western NSW

Brendan O’Reilly

Many observers regard the purchases as an expensive stunt, that buys lots of acres for a low cost per acre (often under $100) but due to the large acreages, still cost tens of millions of dollars plus ongoing running costs.



Brisbane’s rapidly rising Wivenhoe Dam releases water amid deluge

The massive rain band that has drenched the region in recent days sees the dam’s water level jump by about 10 per cent in a day.

Fortescue strikes deal with Queensland for green hydrogen transmission link

The Queensland government has struck a deal with FFI to connect two proposed hydrogen projects to the grid and supplies of renewable electricity.


Greens target Queensland as new battleground in balance of power bid

Adam Bandt is optimistic about the 2022 election despite the challenge of climate-focused independents and a resurgent Labor


Dozens of SEQ towns inundated as ‘very dangerous’ storms fuel deadly deluge

Southeast Queensland residents are facing very dangerous thunderstorm activity and potentially life-threatening flash floods as a deadly low-pressure trough pummels the region.


Meet the Octocoral: Sunshine Coast rock pool creatures ‘the only ones on Earth’

Bright blue “octocorals” that have long delighted visitors to tidal rock pools at Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast have been proven to be globally unique – and officially garnered the new name “Opalia” after the vivid Australian gems.


South Australia

The old quarry set to become SA’s ‘jewel in the crown’ [$]

The government has promised to build a 350-ha adventure tourism destination, suitable for cycling, swimming, diving, kayaking and running, if it is re-elected.



Nature’s delights are slipping away [$]

Charles Wooley

High on the Central Plateau no one is sure why the fishing experience is not what it was. Is it overfishing? Or is it attributed in part to rising temperatures?


Northern Territory

‘Massive seas of grass’ close popular Larapinta Trail

The Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife Service is worried about hikers getting lost on the remote 230km walking track because long grass has grown over the trail.


Cyclone warning issued for Northern Territory

A cyclone warning has been issued for the Northern Territory from south of Dundee through to the WA border, including Wadeye.


Western Australia

Soaring transport costs crippling WA motorists [$]

Transport costs are crippling West Australians, with the average Perth household now spending more than $400 a week on transport.


Forrest’s green hydrogen plans grow murkier [$]

Nick Evans

Andrew Forrest and For­tescue Future Industries are in quiet retreat from Moscow, revealing the risk from his green hydrogen strategy.



Virtual Peaker’s platform taps home devices to help utilities balance the grid

The scrappy Kentucky-based startup has landed $16.6M and a slew of big contracts.


Why is Chernobyl so important to the Russians as they invade Ukraine?

Ukraine’s government, anonymous Russian military sources and experts have all posited different explanations for why Russia captured the infamous Chernobyl nuclear power plant as part of Moscow’s invasion of its neighbour.


After years of pollution violations, Tesla is fined $275,000 by the EPA

After years of “high priority violations” of air pollution regulations at its Fremont assembly plant, Tesla has been penalized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.


Ukraine, war and our world

Douglas Fischer

It is hard to think about the environment when lives are being torn asunder by war.


Will Russia’s invasion of Ukraine push Europe towards energy independence and faster decarbonisation?

Ellie Martus

With the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Vladimir Putin has overstepped an important line. The west sat by and did little when Russia invaded Georgia in 2008 and annexed Crimea in 2014. But the full-scale invasion of Ukraine that is currently underway is impossible to ignore.


The small Russian territory, surrounded by NATO states, that creates a strategic minefield for the West

Philip Williams

At the core of the West’s reluctance to take a military stand in Ukraine is the fear that Vladimir Putin may just be unhinged enough to use weapons that threaten the existence of civilisations


Replace the Nord Stream 2 pipeline with renewables

Kate Aronoff

American oil and gas companies want to use the conflict in Ukraine to keep Europe dependent on fossil fuels for decades to come.


Plastic pollution is a global problem – here’s how to design an effective treaty to curb it

Sarah J. Morath

Public, government and corporate support for a world treaty to curb plastic waste is growing. Treaties addressing mercury pollution, long-range air pollution and ozone depletion offer some lessons.


Nature Conservation

Why scientists are ‘weeding’ coral reefs

Climate change is threatening the world’s corals, but removing seaweed—like weeding a garden—can give some reefs a boost.


‘A pretty big sea change’: EPA says it will consider endangered species when approving new pesticides

Under the new approach, the EPA recently banned certain pesticides in more than a 100 U.S. counties.


Dead dogs, leaking oil drums, batteries: Antarctica’s abandoned waste gets funding boost to kickstart the clean up

Darren Koppel

This week the federal government announced A$804.4 million over ten years to bolster Australia’s scientific and strategic presence in Antarctica. Of this, $14.3 million is for cleaning up legacy waste from the continent – the abandoned waste and contamination accumulated from over a century of human visitors.


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