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We have to get to net zero asap and get serious about drawdown, all else is flimflam. If there’s an almost uninhabitable planet that is beset by natural disaster after natural disaster, whether the amount of this subsidy for first home buying or that allocation towards rental assistance, as important as they are now, is merely a side-show. 

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Where do the major parties stand on climate change?

Let’s break down the climate change policies of the major parties: Coalition, Labor and Greens.


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April 23

Holy Saturday – Eastern Christianity

Saint George’s Day


Climate Change

The social and political cost of carbon

The social cost of carbon was initially a wonky metric that Barack Obama’s agencies used to help guide policy with the economic consequences of climate change in mind. It’s grown into a focal point for Republicans set on derailing the Biden’s climate agenda.


A climate snapshot

March was the fifth hottest on record and other things to know about our planet.


Kids are freaked out about climate doom. Can bedtime stories help?

A new crop of books have an empowering message.


How two physicians make climate justice part of patient care

Drs. Neelu Tummala and Irène Mathieu are physicians and climate health activists who advocate for climate solutions to protect the health of their patients.


Google Doodle shows the brutal realities of climate change

Out of respect for Earth Day, Google’s homepage shows a series of timelapse animations showing the harsh realities of climate change.

Need some Earth Day inspiration? Check out these climate heroes

A roundup of Canary‘s chats with 6 awesome humans tackling the climate challenge from different angles.


What choices does world need to make to keep global warming below 2 C?

A new modeling strategy developed at the MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change that explores hundreds of potential future development pathways provides new insights on the energy and technology choices needed for the world to meet the 2 C target.


Breakthrough in estimating fossil fuel carbon dioxide emissions

A team of scientists led by the University of East Anglia (UEA) has made a major breakthrough in detecting changes in fossil fuel carbon dioxide emissions more quickly and frequently.


For Earth Day, look beyond solar panels and diets to combat climate change

Rebecca Leber

How much do your actions as an individual matter when it comes to climate? The latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change from the United Nations is the first time the group has tackled this thorny question head-on.



Where do the major parties stand on climate change?

Let’s break down the climate change policies of the major parties: Coalition, Labor and Greens.


Australians’ most important election issues, according to Vote Compass

Climate change, cost of living and the economy are the most important issues to Australians this election, but there’s a large split along voting lines, according to Vote Compass.


In one of Australia’s youngest federal seats, Tia wants action on climate, cost of living and crime

New mum Tia hasn’t yet decided how she’ll cast her ballot, and she’s part of a big group of voters that could sway the result in the marginal Top End seat of Solomon.


Carbon-neutral beef launched as Coles purchases credits to offset

Grocery giant Coles has launched a new brand of carbon-neutral beef, but the farmers who supply the product are not necessarily carbon-neutral themselves.

Australia will miss its weak 2030 emissions reduction targets, new data shows

Australia set to fall short of its weak Paris Agreement target for emissions, thanks to the lack of meaningful federal policy.


Charities commitment good news for Australians in need

The St Vincent de Paul Society of Australia has welcomed today’s commitment by the Australian Labor Party to establish a national blueprint for the not-for-profit sector.


Bold pitch to power Australian homes

The Greens intend to offer Aussies cash grants and loans to install solar batteries and transition from gas power.


Coalition scrimps on MPs as Climate 200-backed independents outspend them in key seats

Liberal MP labels teal independents’ digital advertising outlay ‘immoral’ as it surpasses party’s candidates by tens of thousands of dollars


Scientists find dingoes genetically different from domestic dogs after decoding genome

The canine is an intermediary between wolves and domestic dog breeds, research shows


LNP backing net zero ‘death knell’ for coal power

The man spearheading a proposed Queensland power station says the Federal Government has gone ‘radio silent’ on the project and killed off support with its commitment to net zero.


Transport emissions rose 12 per cent in three months in Australia

The increase came as restrictions eased, while overall emissions fell thanks to renewable electricity generation.


This is what you want on climate action. What you get runs cold

After years of drought, fire, flood and expert reports revealing the catastrophic costs of inaction, Australia’s major political parties are falling short on climate policy.

IPA’s laughably hysterical and completely wrong net zero “analysis”

Giles Parkinson

The IPA and Murdoch media have published new “analysis” of the impacts of net zero. Like most IPA documents, it is complete nonsense.


Voices party offers magic cream not policy depth [$]

Vikki Campion

The Voices party policy does not appear to have any mechanism of how they intend to influence anything except to shut agriculture and oil, gas and coal down.


AGL faces a threat from electrification [$]


Winning back ESG investors is a prime motivator for the demerger of AGL’s consumer and renewables business. But it remains the largest supplier of household gas.


Climate change gulf between politics and science

Age editorial

Since the last election, climate change has accelerated and the economy, industry and public attitudes have shifted.


Energy figures misused by Coalition campaign [$]

Mike Seccombe

The Coalition’s latest scare campaign over Labor’s climate policy highlights the real mess surrounding adequate planning for a shift towards renewables. Half of the experts cited say they were misquoted.


A Federal ICAC is needed to protect the environment and climate change laws

David Shearman

The survival of democracy depends on checks and balances, the possibility of corruption being exposed through an Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) which will provide a vital check on rorting of the environment.


Labor sneaks a big gift to coal companies

Michael West

What a gift for the Teal Army. They snuck it out, dropping the news to Canberra Coalition insider Phil Coorey on the Financial Review, which then buried his “Exclusive” down their Home Page.


Labor edges closer to Coalition on coal in bid to woo Hunter Valley, Queensland voters

Callum Foote

Labor’s quiet move this week to exempt coal and gas projects from carbon emissions reduction rules has sparked condemnation from the Greens and left voters wondering if there is any significant difference between the major parties on climate action. Callum Foote reports on the latest favour for the coal sector and the policy differences between the Coalition and Labor.


According to our two major political parties, which of these represents an existential threat to society and must be stopped at all costs? – cartoon




Cows killed in toxic blue-green algal outbreak [$]

The rotting carcasses of at least 26 dairy cattle have washed up among a mass of dead fish lining a southwest Victoria river bank. 


Frydenberg dealt a blow in ballot draw [$]

A Climate 200 independent candidate seeking to oust Josh Frydenberg has drawn the top spot on the ballot paper.


California redwood forest, Aire Valley Reserve: Land of giants one of Victoria’s best-kept secrets

Mark Daffey

The rising sun warms the forest canopy far above me as I weave between some of the tallest trees in the world. At ground level, there’s barely any hint of dawn; natural light fails to penetrate. And it’s deathly silent, save for the gentle burbling of the Aire River through this part of the Otway Ranges, 200 kilometres southwest of Melbourne.


New South Wales

NSW coal plants are ramping hard as spot prices surge

NSW coal plants are ramping hard: cutting output during the day to dodge high coal costs, and surging at night to cash in on high prices.


Sydney’s most wanted: council hunts for cane toad on the loose

Council workers are searching for what they hope is a lone cane toad sighted in a Sydney park to stop their spread.


Lord, how do you get rid of 200,000 rats on an island?

The rats on Lord Howe Island were a problem for more than a century, but thanks to a new program, the island is undergoing an “ecological renaissance” as native birds and snails return.


Leaked plans reveal building heights for White Bay Power Station development

A two-hectare waterfront park and buildings up to 22 storeys high are planned for the first stage of a prized area abutting the old White Bay power station in Sydney’s inner west, internal documents show.


More than half a million hectares of land cleared in NSW

The approvals come despite reviews finding land clearing threatens biodiversity and emission reduction targets.


As Australia battles wild weather and coastal erosion, we should learn from our mistakes

Wendy Harmer

Not only is it arguably the ugliest edifice built on the coast, Collaroy’s seawall will destroy the beach



‘Honey and maggots – they’re loving it’: Cane toads invade flood-hit bee hives

The pest is invading damaged sites across the NSW Northern Rivers in search of the destructive small hive beetle, which also poses a massive biosecurity threat to bee colonies.


‘Emotional day’ as traditional owners celebrate return of massacre site

More than 100 years ago at the base of a mountain near Yeppoon, 300 Indigenous people were killed by white settlers. Now the land has been handed back to its rightful owners, who say it’s both a win and a chilling reminder of the past.


South Australia

Rise of the Super Koala: Incredible operation to save a species [$]

A crack team of South Australian experts has embarked on a radical plan to breed a koala capable of ensuring the future of the threatened species.



Jo Palmer announces irrigation scheme open for Tamar Valley

Farmers in the Tamar Valley are urged to apply for water entitlements, as part of the opening for Water Sales for the 24,500 megalitre Tamar Irrigation Scheme.


Tasmanian UAP candidate says climate change not a priority

A Senate candidate for Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party received mixed reactions in Hobart this week when said the government should not take action on climate change “based on emotion”.


takayna blockade continues

Media release – Bob Brown Foundation

Conservationists have thwarted Chinese state-owned miner MMG’s plans to access their proposed tailings dam site in the takayna rainforest for the 112th day. takayna defenders have locked into the road and a tree-sitter maintains an occupation of the sky over the access road.


Northern Territory

Beetaloo to provide zero jobs, study shows

Callum Foote

The Federal Government is claiming that Beetaloo Basin fracking plans will create 6,000 jobs, yet NT government modelling shows that it will result in a net-zero increase. 


Western Australia

‘This place is alive and thriving’: Orca ecotype spotted off WA coast

A ecotype of killer whales has been spotted for the first time in Bremer Bay canyon and experts are unsure why they are there.


Waste recycling company fined $230,000 after successfully appealing previous penalty

A Bayswater waste recycling company has been fined $230,000 after successfully appealing an earlier conviction in which it was fined $330,000 over an incident in which a labour hire worker’s arm was amputated at the shoulder.


Liberals’ WA gas splash puts a buck each way on climate

Peter Milne

What will the cash do for climate change in the only state to produce more greenhouse gases than in 2005? It all depends on what you mean by clean hydrogen.



How to make manufacturers more responsible for plastics recycling

Most waste decisions are out of reach of consumers, who have the packaging chosen for them by manufacturers.


Ukrainian environmentalists tracking possible Russian eco crimes

A small group of environmentalists who were forced to leave Ukraine are working together to document possible environmental crimes committed by Russia.


Environmental groups sue the EPA to enforce air quality laws in Nebraska, other states

A group of national nonprofits is suing the Environmental Protection Agency for failing to enforce federal air quality laws in national parks and wilderness areas. Nebraska is among dozens of states that have not sent federally mandated plans to the EPA.


European Commission analyzing higher 45% renewable energy target for 2030

The European Commission is assessing whether the European Union could achieve a higher target of a 45% share of renewable energy by 2030, instead of its proposed 40%, to accelerate its shift from Russian fossil fuels following the invasion of Ukraine.


Climatarians eat to save the planet. How to know if you are one

The fastest-growing segment of people eating more plant-based is the climatarian, defined as any consumer who makes food choices with sustainability in mind.


Climate change encourages homeowners to reconsider legacy cities

Climate havens are cities that are likely to avoid the worst effects of climate disasters and have the infrastructure to support a larger population.


Glass windows kill billions of birds a year. Scientists are working to change that

Conservationists are trying to convince governments and building owners around the world to introduce changes to stop birds from flying into reflective glass. Experts say the solutions are surprisingly simple.


What ‘greenwashing’ means for climate change – podcast

Just in time for Earth Day, our corporate accountability reporter helps you decipher what it means when a company claims to be “green.”


How green is your metropolis?

Paul Krugman

Allowing more density would make America better.


Earth Day 2022: Amidst the crises, don’t forget the beauty

Pete Myers

I spend most of my time focused on bad news.


Nature Conservation

Roots of a crisis

As temperatures rise because of climate change, trees are being hit with heat waves and drought, killing them or weakening their resistance to a cascade of pressures, from pests to rising sea levels.


Mothering Mozambique’s mangroves back to life

Villagers along the Limpopo River are restoring an estuary and securing their food supply, one mangrove at a time.


These whales are on the brink. Now comes climate change – and wind power

Humans are still killing right whales at startlingly high numbers — but by accident.


How cities became accidental wildlife havens

One of the greatest modern feats for animal conservation was wildlife adapting to urban spaces, according to a new book. Now the challenge is learning to live with them.


Ghana’s sacred monkeys

Myth and mystery have long protected two species of monkey and the West African forests they depend on, but for how much longer?


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