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Mr Onthemoon comments on climate scientists feeling ‘a beautiful resurgence of solidarity’ when their frustration with the almost universal lack of action boils over into environmental activism. To support these ‘civil disobedients’ is the least we can do.

Post of the Day

Lesser known ozone layer’s outsized role in planet warming

New research has identified a lesser-known form of ozone playing a big role in heating the Southern Ocean — one of Earth’s main cooling systems.


On This Day

April 24

Easter – Eastern Christianity

Coptic and Ethiopian Easter


Climate Change

Twitter bans ads that challenge the science of climate change

Twitter will no longer allow advertisers on its site who deny the scientific consensus on climate change.


Breakthrough in estimating fossil fuel carbon dioxide emissions

Scientists have made a major breakthrough in detecting changes in fossil fuel carbon dioxide emissions more quickly and frequently.


Lesser known ozone layer’s outsized role in planet warming

New research has identified a lesser-known form of ozone playing a big role in heating the Southern Ocean — one of Earth’s main cooling systems.


The key to winning the climate debate isn’t economics: it’s health

Phillip Inman

The environment ranks low in polls of the public’s fears, while sickness ranks top. Yet we will all get more ill as the planet heats


These climate scientists are full of extremely dangerous ideas – and now they’re targeting banks – cartoon

First Dog on the Moon

These people are monsters!!!!!



Greens offer grants up to $10,000 to install solar batteries as part of campaign pitch

The Greens want to offer Australians grants of up to $10,000 and loans of $50,000 to install solar batteries. It’s part of a $17 billion plan announced as part of their federal election campaign.


Young, angry and ready to vote: Politicians ignore these voters at their peril

Ange McCormack

A miraculous number of young Australians enrolled to vote this week. Yet young voters — and the issues that matter to them — have hardly been mentioned on the campaign trail


Open climate talk can lift spirits of young, rather than harm them


It was encouraging to read that Liberal MP Dr Fiona Martin accepted the link between mental illness and climate change in her final report for the 2021 government inquiry into mental health



A remote Victorian town is getting close to its goal of being powered by renewable energy

More than two years after the fires of 2019, Mallacoota’s community plan to “build back better” is slowly coming to fruition with a number of stable and reliable solar energy projects in the pipeline.


Locals alarmed over salvage logging in forest earmarked for national park

Locals say salvage logging operations now underway in the Wombat State Forest are clearing too much vegetation in areas government has promised will be a national park.


Northcote golfers can stay on course under MP’s ‘circuit-breaker’ plan

Northcote will keep its public golf course but turn the surrounding land into shared community space for other sports and pastimes if Darebin Council agrees to redesign the in-demand site with the state government.


Victoria’s opposition throws Suburban Rail Loop future into doubt

The opposition will audit every Victorian transport project exceeding $100m, and has made no guarantees it will proceed with the full rail loop.


Cash incentive for parents to use cloth nappies [$]

Councils promoting eco-friendly living want women to stop using tampons and parents to use cloth nappies. While workshops explaining changes have banned gendered language to make a “safe space”.


Councils spending big on electric vehicle chargers [$]

Melbourne councils are investing in public charge points for electric vehicles and one council is trialling a new technology that’s still in development.


New South Wales

Bizarre things Sydneysiders flush down the loo [$]

Actor Shane Jacobsen — best known as toilet expert Kenny — is part of new Sydney Water ad campaign to show us the weird things we flush down the loo, and the damage it does.



Shark filmed in drumline tangle reveals ‘archaic and ineffective’ control program in Queensland

The Queensland government cops renewed criticism of its shark control program after footage emerges of a shark entangled in a drumline at Sunrise Beach, and figures reveal more than 13,000 have been caught since 2001.


South Australia

Climate emergency: Labor hits the red-hot button [$]

The new Labor government will take a new step to “acknowledge the truth” of a climate emergency in SA.



‘Jewel of Tasmania’: Developer hits back at protesters [$]

A developer insists that a major housing project is being “endangered” by a vocal minority of residents who threaten to undermine development on the eastern shore.


Northern Territory

Prawn-like species sparks anti-corruption referral of gas-rich Beetaloo Basin contract

Darwin researchers believed they would be awarded a contract to study prawn-like species in a major Northern Territory gas field earmarked for fracking. A government decision not to do so has now been referred to ICAC. 



Illegal Nigerian oil refining depot explosion kills more than 100 people

More than 100 people die after an explosion at an illegal oil refining depot overnight in Nigeria’s Rivers state.


Five charts that show why our food is not ready for the climate crisis

Crops are already seeing losses from heat and drought. Can genetic diversity – a return to foods’ origins – help combat the climate challenges ahead?


Study Suggests Tree-Filled Spaces Are More Favorable to Child Development Than Paved or Grassy Surfaces

A study has found that living in a tree-filled environment is associated with better early childhood development than living in an environment where vegetation takes the form of grass cover.


Water processing: Light helps degrade hormones

Micropollutants in water often are hormones that accumulate in the environment and may have negative impacts on humans and animals. Researchers have now developed a process for the photocatalytic degradation of these pollutants when they flow through polymer membranes.


Strategy for highly efficient and stable perovskite solar cells

A research has developed new, highly efficient and stable perovskite solar cells. The breakthrough invention is expected to greatly accelerate the commercialization of perovskite photovoltaic technology, providing a promising alternative to silicon solar cells.


Nature Conservation

Joe Biden criticises Republicans as he signs Earth Day executive order

US President Joe Biden marked Earth Day by signing an executive order to protect the nation’s largest and oldest forests, describing it as ‘a moment of enormous hope and enormous opportunity’. He also called upon Republicans to join in to combat climate change.


Ensuring protected areas are beating heart of nature recovery

The British Ecological Society Protected Areas and Nature Recovery report, co-authored by PhD candidate, Constance Schere, looks at the UK Government’s commitment to protect 30% of land and sea by 2030.

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