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I don’t care what colour Wiggle is in the room in which the barely-existent policy regarding the LNP emission reductions is to be found. We cannot afford a government so blind, deaf and dumb to an effective climate response for even another month, let alone another term. We also cannot countenance candidates so poorly educated – in language as well as science.

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‘Worst it’s ever been’: a threatened species alarm sounds during the election campaign – and is ignored

Warnings of dramatically escalating extinctions in Australia over the next two decades seem to be falling on deaf ears


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April 26


Ecological Observance

Memorial Day for the Liquidators and Victims of Radiation Accidents and Catastrophes– Russia

International Chernobyl Disaster Remembrance Day


Climate Change

How early childhood education is responding to climate change

Some of the environmental conditions that young children face today are toxicity, extraction, destruction, drought, pollution, wildfires and extreme weather. Yet, children are rarely consulted or included in environmental decisions.


What will it take to scale up carbon removal?

A small but growing number of companies are focused on carbon removal through various approaches. But this type of technology will have to radically grow.


This eminent scientist says climate activists need to get real

“There are these billions of people who want to burn more fossil fuel,” says Vaclav Smil. “There is very little you can do about that.”

Now we know the flaws of carbon offsets, it’s time to get real about climate change

Declan Kuch

We have to move past the magical thinking that carbon offsetting alone will lead to the technology shifts that will save us.



Up in the mountains, when the sun sets, the symphony of the evening begins. But in recent years, something has changed

Young Australians are front and centre of the climate crisis and, in the face of extreme weather events across the country, it’s a story shaped by personal experience.


Jobs boon awaits regions from phasing out coal: ACF report

New economic modelling has tallied the likely jobs from replacing Australia’s ageing fleet of coal-fired power plants with wind, solar and batteries, new coal or gas-fired generation.


‘Wiggle room’: Coalition candidate questions government’s net-zero pledge

The government has been accused of “walking both sides of the street” on emissions reduction, after a Coalition candidate described the government’s net-zero emissions commitment as “non-binding” and “flexible”.


LNP candidate’s bombshell answer

A candidate has cast doubt on Scott Morrison’s plan to cut emissions as the election contest heats up.


Coalition climate change cold war heats up [$]

Liberal MPs Jason Falinski and Trent Zimmerman have slapped down a Nationals candidate for saying the Morrison government’s net-zero by 2050 commitment is ‘flexible’ and ‘not binding’.


‘Worst it’s ever been’: a threatened species alarm sounds during the election campaign – and is ignored

Warnings of dramatically escalating extinctions in Australia over the next two decades seem to be falling on deaf ears


Clean-energy windfall looms for Climate 200 boss Holmes a Court [$]

Simon Holmes a Court could reap a bonanza for his commercial interests if a team of independent candidates funded by his Climate 200 campaign organisation are elected.


Kathmandu tackles fashion waste [$]

Piles of rotting landfill might not seem to be the most appealing backdrop for advertising a jacket, but Kathmandu is aiming to tackle the issue of fashion waste head on.


Greens to push gas, oil climate lawsuits [$]

The Greens will push a minority Labor government to back legislation that would let flood victims sue coal and gas cor­porations for ‘climate-fuelled’ damage.

Funds giant buys three Australian solar farms and battery storage projects

Atmos claims to be fourth biggest owner of operating wind and solar assets in Australia after buying three solar farms.


The Labor and Coalition plans for Australia’s energy futureFull Story podcast

Energy policy is taking centre stage in the election campaign, with the Coalition warning, without evidence, that Labor will drive up energy bills, and making a slew of new funding announcements for fossil fuels. But as the world shifts away from fossil fuels, is either party preparing for the transformational change ahead?


Campaign catchup: are the Nationals backing away from net zero by 2050?Full Story podcast

Conflicting messages on Australia’s net zero by 2050 emissions target are being delivered to voters on the campaign trail by government MPs. Political editor Katharine Murphy talks to Jane Lee about what this says about the Coalition’s climate change strategy in this election


A new $2 coin features the introduced honeybee. Is this really the species we should celebrate?

Eliza Middleton et al

The Royal Australian Mint has released a $2 collectors’ coin to celebrate 200 years since the introduction of the European honeybee.


Why we need to stop kidding ourselves about climate change [$]

Ross Garnaut

Climate change connects crucial Australian interests, and we are the developed country that has most to lose from climate disruption.


Independent wealth and the route to climate riches [$]

Australian editorial

Simon Holmes a Court must be open about his business and politics.


The great uranium renaissance and the miners lining up to capitalise [$]

Eric Johnston

Shunned here as being too hot to handle, dozens of countries are turning to Australia for this clean energy source.


What would I do if I was the Minister for Climate Change?

Ralph Evans

For too long, the nine Australian governments have been pursuing inconsistent agendas on emissions and energy. Usually, the. states and territories have led (in some notable cases under Coalition governments), while the Commonwealth has lagged badly.


Australia needs the security of its own nuclear umbrella


Which party is most likely to commit to Australia becoming a nuclear power? The way I see it, only medium and long range nuclear weapons will help provide the security our allies require in the Pacific region given the prospect of hostile military bases in our neighbourhood.


Alienating the Pacific

Peter Boyer

How should Australia conduct its business in the Pacific? How should an elephant behave when meeting with mice? How does it avoid squashing them? 


An admiral idea: vote independent and help fight climate change [$]

Margot Saville

The retired head of the ADF has thrown his support behind independents, citing the need for government to act on climate change.

Time is running out: Why we need moonshot thinking more than ever

Audrey Zibelman

It’s taking too long for grid owners and operators to resolve the actual and (often incorrectly) perceived reliability risks of connecting new renewables.



Dead cows rot in wake of Curdies River toxic blue-green algal outbreak [$]

The rotting carcasses of at least 26 dairy cattle have washed up among a mass of dead fish lining a southwest Victoria river bank.


Melbourne’s east is a major election battleground, but many voters don’t like what they’re hearing

From marginal seats with diverse communities to blue-ribbon ones with climate-focused independents, voters are fed up with political spin and are seeking policy action on big issues like the cost-of-living and climate change.


New South Wales

‘Hard to escape’: Unbearable heat forces Sydney families out of their homes

Poor building standards and rising energy costs force 30 per cent of Australians to get out of the house during summer, as hot weather takes an increasing toll on physical and mental health.


Landslips above Noosa open erosion concerns as rare everglade system remains at risk

In the hillside above the idyllic beachside town of Noosa the battle continues to stop millions of tonnes of topsoil washing down from the upper catchment and smothering waterways’ delicate aquatic life.


Green corridor would link Mt Annan gardens to Western Sydney Parklands

A green corridor of walks, trees and sanctuaries for native flora and fauna would cool and connect Sydney’s west from Blacktown to Campbelltown under a masterplan for Mount Annan botanic gardens by the Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain Trust.


‘Useful idiots’ in teal damage their own climate cause [$]

Joe Hildebrand

The one-eyed Climate 200 ‘independent’ mob are doing more to make hard right factional leader Peter Dutton prime minister than anyone else.



Food waste strategy questioned as Woolworths bans cafe’s soft plastic [$]

The impact food waste has on landfill has been questioned by ACT residents, with some querying whether reducing garbage collections was worth it.



Youth Verdict’s historic climate and human rights challenge to Palmer’s Galilee Coal begins

The opening arguments in Youth Verdict’s critical human rights and climate change legal challenge to Clive Palmer’s proposed Galilee Coal Project will be heard today in the Queensland Land Court in Brisbane.


Environment Dept ordered to revoke investigator’s appointment

Queensland’s Environment Department has been ordered to withdraw a job given to a woman after claims she was friends with the head of the appointing panel.


Plea to protect coalmine from years of appeals [$]

The reopening of the shuttered New Acland coalmine west of Toowoomba faces the prospect of years of legal challenges unless the Palaszczuk government ­intervenes.


Nats to hound Labor over ‘coal tax’ until election day [$]

Labor’s coal confusion in the Hunter Valley will be used against it in Queensland seats by the Coalition.


Morrison pledges hydrogen hubs for Townsville, Gladstone [$]

The two new commitments costing a combined $275 million are in addition to two hubs already announced during the campaign in Western Australia and one in Darwin.


Labor searches for the right medicine in Queensland climate campaign

David Crowe

Anthony Albanese’s bid to gain a swing of 8.7 per cent against the government in Flynn looks unlikely on paper. But the retirement of the Nationals’ member, Ken O’Dowd, has put the seat in play.


Western Australia

Prelude or finale? Critics pile on Shell’s $21 billion floating gas plant

It was supposed to be the dawn of a new era, but Shell’s $21 billion Prelude has been blighted by problems and there are claims it may never pay Australia a cent in royalties.



University of Toronto geoexchange project to reduce emissions, boost sustainability learning

The geoexchange field being built in the historic core of the University of Toronto’s St. George campus is unique both in the scale of its potential environmental impact and in its utility as a learning tool for sustainability-minded students.


EU unveils plan for ‘largest ever ban’ on dangerous chemicals

Up to 12,000 substances could fall within the scope of the new ‘restrictions roadmap’


Will the Biden administration let one company kill US solar?

Auxin Solar’s potentially devastating petition for more tariffs could upend the fast-growing sector and derail decarbonization efforts.


Chemicals in everyday products are spurring obesity, warns a new review

Many years ago, endocrinologist and medical doctor Robert Lustig had a patient, a 5-year-old girl, who was suffering from obesity. Unable to determine the cause of her obesity, Lustig scanned her for tumors.


Free public transit is not a climate policy

Dropping the farebox on buses and trains can boost ridership and ease inequality. But the environmental case for making transit free is less clear.


Cheaper hydrogen fuel cell could mean better green energy options

Hydrogen fuel cells convert hydrogen to electricity with water vapour as the only by-product, making them an attractive green alternative for portable power, particularly for vehicles.


Being in nature: Good for mind, body and nutrition

Researchers have investigated how nature relatedness — simply feeling connected with the natural world — benefits dietary diversity and fruit and vegetable intake.


Meat consumption must fall by at least 75 percent

However, in small quantities it can be quite sustainable


Nature Conservation

Malaysia: End secrecy on major land deal in Sabah

The Sabah state government in Malaysia should immediately make public the terms and status of a land deal that would hand management of 4.9 million acres of tropical forest to a foreign company for up to 200 years, Human Rights Watch said today.


With a little human help, this butterfly is back — at least this year

While the boom is encouraging, monarchs are still in trouble.


Why old-growth forests matter so much in the fight against climate change

Biden’s executive order to preserve ancient trees is a big deal—but it could have gone further.


Wildfires burn more than 150,000 acres in three states

Wildfires in Arizona, Nebraska and New Mexico have left at least one person dead and destroyed hundreds of structures.

Ecotourism Is Having a Negative Effect on Primate’s Behavior

New research shows that the increase in primate ecotourism is having a negative effect on monkey’s behavior. 




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