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While the re-election of the LNP would be horror beyond belief for our nation, a Labo(u)r Government will have to do much better on environmental policies. We don’t want State Labour to be a pointer for an incoming federal government. Peter Boyer sets out Labour collusion in penalties for protesting in Tasmania to the same level as those for aggravated assault and Queensland has recently criminalised actions of climate protesters. Remember, the price of a healthy environment is eternal vigilance.

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How do the major parties rate on climate policies? We asked 5 experts

Poll after poll suggests climate change is one of the most pressing issues for Australian voters. Of the 10,000 people who responded to The Conversation’s #SetTheAgenda poll, more than 60% picked climate change as the issue most impacting their lives.


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May 10


Climate Change

Climate crisis: what lessons can we learn from the last great cooling-off period?

The ‘little ice age’ of the 14th to the 19th centuries brought cold winters to Europe and unusual weather globally. Studying how humans adapted could be valuable

World could see 1.5C of warming in next five years, WMO reports

The world faces a 50% chance of warming of 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, if only briefly, by 2026, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) said on Monday.


How a volcanic bombardment in ancient Australia led to the world’s greatest climate catastrophe

Timothy Chapman et al

Some 252 million years ago the world was going through a tumultuous period of rapid global warming.


Natural targets: the intergenerational politics of climate change

Alex Vickery-Howe

Humans are not built for long-term thinking. Our daily routines, our social lives­­––and especially our electoral cycles––are all geared towards the here and now. The immediate problem. The quick thrill.



Mouse plague warning as sightings increase across eastern states and WA

With mouse numbers beginning to rise again after last year’s plague, experts warn farmers and rural communities need to act now to avoid another spring rodent breeding boom.


‘Cut short’: Climate change research project and 30 jobs at risk amid alleged government funding uncertainty

A union says researchers are being told to “pack up their desks and go do something else”, alleging state government funding for climate-resistant crops hangs in the balance.


Greens announce $24 billion environmental plan with goal of stopping all extinctions by 2030

The Australian Greens announced a plan to end all extinctions by 2030 and create an “independent cop” to enforce stronger environmental laws, as part of their $24 billion Green Australia policy.


Cannon-Brookes warns ‘rebel alliance’ is building against AGL’s board

Tech billionaire Mike Cannon-Brookes says an investor revolt is slowly building at power giant AGL amid deepening frustration with the board.


How do the major parties rate on climate policies? We asked 5 experts

Poll after poll suggests climate change is one of the most pressing issues for Australian voters. Of the 10,000 people who responded to The Conversation’s #SetTheAgenda poll, more than 60% picked climate change as the issue most impacting their lives.


Howard ‘wrong on nuke forecast’ [$]

Scott Morrison and Anthony ­Albanese have both rejected John Howard’s claim that the ­trilateral AUKUS security deal would make a civil nuclear industry in Australia ‘inevitable’.


Climate crusade cost won’t worry blue-blood greenies [$]

Brad Norrington

Money is not a problem for many teal independents who appear immune from daily economic uncertainties.

The Issue: Where do First Nations peoples fit into the election campaign? [$]

Amber Schultz

Apart from several specific but uninspiring policies from Labor, Indigenous peoples have been largely sidelined this election campaign.


A Coalition election victory will burn Australia to the ground

Sue Arnold

Almost complete silence in the current election campaign on biodiversity loss raises very serious questions.



Record 5,000 little penguins cross beach at Phillip Island in 50 minutes

Good feeding conditions see Phillip Island’s little penguins set new records for the number of the birds crossing the Penguin Parade beach, with the previous record tumbling twice in a week.


Victoria is running out of gas — this controversial terminal could be the answer

A proposed LNG import terminal at Corio Bay in Geelong’s north could help solve a looming gas shortage for Victoria. But it faces strong opposition from environmentalists and community groups who say the project is at odds with the state’s goal to dramatically rein-in greenhouse gas emissions.


Albanese poised to pledge billions to Andrews’ signature rail project

A federal Labor government would contribute at least $2.2b to Victoria’s Suburban Rail Loop, a project the Morrison government has argued doesn’t stack up.


New South Wales

Ancestral remains repatriated to Wiradjuri Country

The remains are the last of 13 Wiradjuri ancestors taken from Country during scientific missions in the 19th and 20th centuries.


Green light for net zero Decarbonisation Hub

Research, development and commercialisation for decarbonisation technology in NSW is being fast tracked, with a $15 million investment in the NSW Decarbonisation Innovation Hub.



Canberra’s Lake Burley Griffin and surrounding land receive heritage status

Lake Burley Griffin and its adjacent land will now get more protection, after being listed as a Commonwealth heritage site. 


Garden city nomination rejection disappoints ACT’s Heritage Minister [$]

The ACT’s Heritage Minister has been left disappointed after the federal government knocked back a 13-year-old nomination to list Canberra on the national heritage list on the eve of the federal election.



Brisbane Mayor fears ‘nightmare’ water crisis [$]

It’s 2032 and Brisbane is in the grip of a bad dry spell. There are strict water restrictions and Olympics media are telling the world of a city without water. This is what Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner fears could become reality.


Salmon company used underwater explosives more than 8,000 times to deter seals

Huon Aquaculture accounted for three quarters of all seal deaths attributable to the three salmon companies in Tasmania, documents show.


Council and Chamber seed new greening partnership

The City of Launceston and Launceston Chamber of Commerce are hopeful the seeds of success have been planted in a new ‘Greening of Launceston’ Memorandum of Understanding. The Memorandum of Understanding seeks to enhance Launceston’s central green spaces by increasing the number of street trees, plantings and arbour systems across the urban realm.


Four new electric car chargers to be installed [$]

By the end of the year, four new electric car chargers will be installed at popular visitor spots in Launceston


Labor pledges $100m to Tas Irrigation Scheme

Labor have pledged $100 million towards tranche three of the Tasmanian Irrigation Scheme in order to assist with agricultural sector across the state.


Labor’s $8 million Tamar Estuary plan receives criticism

After Federal Labor’s $8 million pledge supporting the recommendations of the Tamar Estuary Management Taskforce for increased wetland area along the banks of the estuary system, three key groups have had their say.


NOFF releases Toxic Truth video

Neighbours of Fish Farming (NOFF) launches the first in a series of “Toxic Truth” videos today alerting mainland consumers to the health and environmental threats created by the Tasmanian Atlantic salmon industry.


Greater Hobart Plan

Following on from the Vision for Greater Hobart released in 2021, the Greater Hobart Committee has developed a draft 30-Year Greater Hobart Plan to help fulfil the Vision over coming years.


Conservationists slam seaplane operation at iconic Tassie lake [$]

Conservationists fear the granting of a licence for seaplane operations will shatter the tranquillity of a world-famous lake known to Aboriginal people as “sleeping water”.


Fears planned eco-resort would ‘compromise’ Tassie mega quarry [$]

The state government and the owner of one of Tasmania’s biggest quarries have expressed concern a proposed eco-resort is situated too close to the quarry, which uses blasting to extract its minerals.


Let’s hear it for independents in Parliament

Peter Boyer

Right now, the two big, outstanding items in Tasmania crying out for attention are climate change and how we manage our forests. Politicians like a good argument, and it’s a sad truth that some of them would like matters like these to remain unresolved.


Western Australia

Global oil giant poised to buy in to massive Pilbara wind and solar hub

Global oil giant expected to buy a significant stake in Asia Renewable Energy Hub in the Pilbara, according to reports.


Every year, millions of tonnes of plastic leaks into the ocean. This WA project helps find where from

A new global tool aims to help governments tackle the leakage of plastic into the sea, taking regularly updated satellite vision to create a high-resolution map.


Locals fight covert mining bid for Denmark’s summer tourist mecca

A tiny mining company that wants to drill near Denmark on WA’s south coast has had to do less public consultation than a local who wanted to start a restaurant.



Shoes made from grapes and mushroom handbags: the rise of animal-free leather

Would you ever wear shoes made from “grape leather”? Or gloves in “cactus leather”? What about a “kombucha leather” jacket and a “mushroom leather” bag?


Our children would not survive one errand on Japanese cult show Old Enough!

Cara Waters

Australian children would not survive the tasks toddlers complete on cult Japanese show Old Enough! And busy roads are just the start of it.


Nature Conservation

Flying insects have declined by 60 percent in the U.K.

A new survey of flying insects in Britain found their numbers have dropped nearly 60 percent since 2004, a “terrifying” decline given the vital role that insects play in pollinating crops, consuming organic waste, and killing pests, advocates say.


Analysis: Fashion industry efforts to verify sustainability make ‘greenwashing’ easier

Environmental certification programs that claim to verify the sustainability of fashion brands actually facilitate “greenwashing” for the apparel industry, according to a recent report by environmental advocacy organization Changing Markets Foundation.


4 eco-friendly ways to keep pests out of your yard

Nature-approved tips range from DIY repellent sprays to fans that blow blood-seeking mosquitoes off course.


Japan’s nuke water dumping to endanger marine life: Activist

Japan’s plan to dump radioactive waste water from its crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant into the Pacific Ocean will endanger marine life and contaminate the waters, a South Korean green activist said.


Newly adopted Seoul Forest Declaration identifies priority action areas

The world’s largest ever gathering on forests has adopted a declaration identifying priority areas with potential to lead to a green, healthy and resilient future.


Nonlethal parasites reduce how much their wild hosts eat, leading to ecosystem effects

Deer, caribou, bison and other similar animals are often infected by a range of internal parasites, including worms called helminths. Although many of these infections are not lethal, they can still impact health or animal behavior.

U.S. to announce plans to battle illegal fishing in the Pacific

The United States will soon announce plans to better battle illegal fishing in the Pacific, U.S Indo-Pacific coordinator Kurt Campbell said on Monday, as part of increased U.S. engagement with the region to counter China’s growing influence.


Without a better plan, New Zealand risks sleepwalking into a biodiversity extinction crisis

Matthew Hall and Allan Brent

Nature in Aotearoa New Zealand is in serious trouble.


Bringing the tūī back to town – how native birds are returning to NZ’s restored urban forests

Elizabeth Elliot Noe et al

Urbanisation, and the destruction of habitat it entails, is a major threat to native bird populations. But as our new research shows, restored urban forests can return native birds to our cities and improve species richness.

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