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This guy Gittins always makes sense, but the quarter of the 50 top economists surveyed who didn’t nominate ‘climate and the environment’ as the most important issue for the election don’t.

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How an unpredictable climate of change in Queensland could affect the electionFull Story podcast

In Queensland, a big swing away from the Labor party in 2019 was a decisive factor in their defeat. However the political landscape in some seats has shifted, largely due to the rise of minor parties, a series of climate disasters, and an evolving view on the future of coal in key rural seats.


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May 11


Ecological Observation

Hairy Nosed Day


Climate Change

Research points to ways of involving visually impaired people in environmental disaster prevention

According to the latest report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), almost half the world’s population – about 3.3 billion to 3.6 billion people – live in contexts that are highly vulnerable to the impact of climate change. Social inequality greatly increases this vulnerability.


John Kerry warns a long Ukraine war would threaten climate efforts

US presidential envoy says limiting global heating to 1.5C could be made harder by conflict

There is 50:50 chance global warming will exceed 1.5°C before 2025, WMO says

The WMO warns of 50/50 chance that global warming will exceed 1.5 degrees within next five years.


Illegal construction has left Puerto Rico more vulnerable to climate change

An ongoing probe into illegal construction on Puerto Rico’s coastline found more than 3,600 protected mangrove trees damaged or destroyed. The discovery has launched a criminal investigation by Puerto Rico’s Justice Department.


‘We’re going to lose this place’: Postcards from the frontlines of climate change

For Pacific Island nations, climate change is not a hypothetical future event — it’s already happening, with relocations to higher ground and legal measures to protect sovereignty already underway.



Anglican Church targets net zero emissions by 2040

The Anglican Church of Australia has urged its members to pursue net zero carbon emissions by 2040 in operations across the country.


Labor forest policy could swing election in key timber seats: Union

The union representing timber workers (CFMEU Manufacturing) has written to Liberal and National Party Members and candidates in timber seats calling on them to adopt key planks of Labor’s Forestry and Forest Products strategy released last week.


Sustainable architects slam empty-nesters for building oversized homes [$]

Architects have called for action on climate change as their number one priority in the Federal election, and for homeowners to stop building oversized homes.

“Limited time to do something”: Experts call for zero emissions transport targets

Australian experts call for a national transport decarbonisation strategy, saying Australia risks “streets full of toxic exhausts and noise”.

Why “24/7” clean power means more than “100% renewables”

Major report proposes new take on renewable off-take deals – the 24/7 Clean PPA – that promises to vastly improve emissions reduction for grids and big business.

Four things needed to de-risk value stacks of large-scale battery projects

Steve Wilson

If batteries are to prove their worth as the Swiss Army Knife of grid infrastructure, greater innovation, nuance and optimisation must occur.


Five ways to inflation-proof your ethical investment portfolio

Charlotte Grieve

Ethical investors seeking downside protection can substitute gold and corporate bonds for water rights and carbon credits.


The inconvenient truth about coal [$]

At current export prices, every single free slot a miner can get their hands on is used to put coal on a ship.


If this is Australia at 0.8 degrees warming what is in store for the future?

Laura Carolina Corrigan

It certainly wasn’t the summer beach holiday you see on a postcard. The air tasted of smoke (like it did along the whole east coast) and all the trees were blackened spines.


In this election, one critical issue stands above all others

Ross Gittins

A significant majority of the top 50 Australian economists nominate “climate change and the environment” as the most important issue in this election. They’re right.


Australia’s future depends on science. Here’s what our next government needs to do about it

John Shine

The longer you live through a crisis, the less likely you are to fully appreciate that you’re in one. This is especially true if there is more than one crisis, and they overlap.


Australia could rapidly shift to clean transport – if we had a strategy. So we put this plan together

Jake Whitehead et al

Australia has no clear strategy to decarbonise transport. That’s a problem, because without a plan, our take-up of clean technologies like electric cars, trucks and buses is slow. It’s stopping us from meeting our climate commitments. And it leaves us paying exorbitant prices for imported oil at the fuel pump, as well as in the cost of groceries and services.


Young voters will inherit a hotter, more dangerous world – but their climate interests are being ignored this election

Hannah R. Feldman

Which party really has young interests at heart? Let’s look at where the major players stand on youth and climate change policy.



‘Natural cycle’ complete as traditional owners handed back 30,000 hectares in Victoria

After more than a century of heavy grazing and cropping, an agricultural property in far north-west Victoria is being returned to the Ngintait people.


Albanese reveals economic boost from Suburban Rail Loop [$]

Anthony Albanese has detailed economic benefits from Victoria’s Suburban Rail Loop that differ from those of the state government as he pledged billions to the project.


New South Wales

Secret translocation to help save tree species

A species of Gondwana era tree is being translocated for the first time, with 20 seedlings being planted across four secret sites in a NSW Government initiative to save the species.


Call to ban union leaders from powerful ALP committee [$]

The state’s newest MP has called for NSW Labor to end the “conflict of interest” that allows union bosses to serve on the party’s administrative committee.

End coal, protesters tell NSW deputy

More than 50 protesters defied the rain to call on Deputy Premier and Minister for Regional New South Wales Paul Toole to end coal.

Kurri Kurri gas folly: Cost blowout, limited operation, not hydrogen-ready

The total cost of Kurri Kurri has blown out to more than $1 billion, it won’t have much storage, and it won’t use hydrogen.



Innovators name three top ideas to transform the city [$]

A pitch for plants on Canberra tramlines was given a green light from innovators this week, one of three winning ideas for transforming the capital.


Lake Burley Griffin’s new heritage rules to add ‘extra layer’ to tram plans [$]

New Commonwealth heritage protections for Lake Burley Griffin and its surrounding areas are unlikely to slow down the progress of light rail to Woden, the ACT government believes.


Mechanics gear up for transport fleet of the future [$]

Australia’s surging demand for electric vehicles will be supported through specialised training at Canberra’s first dedicated facility for mechanic upskilling.


CSIRO imports dung beetles to help clear paddocks of poo problem

A somewhat unsavoury but altogether important task lay ahead for trays of tiny overseas imports laying in wait at the CSIRO.



Queensland’s north coast cops further drenching as extreme weather dumps more record rain

Large parts of Tropical North Queensland and the Central Coast are expecting a further drenching as a severe weather system moves toward the coast, dumping record rain.


Coral bleaching in Great Barrier Reef linked to ‘marine heatwave’

The findings have been published in a new report that also notes climate change remains the “greatest threat” to the Great Barrier Reef.


First Nations knowledge to aid Crown of Thorns starfish control on Great Barrier Reef

Young Traditional Owners from the Great Barrier Reef sea Country are being called on to help protect the Great Barrier Reef from crown-of-thorns starfish.

Darumbal take control as climate change impacts Sea Country

The Darumbal people say a major agreement giving them a bigger say in the management of their Country has come in the nick of time.

Man who made a fortune getting gas from the ground now has a plan to bury it

Richard Cottee made a name for himself by getting gas out of the ground in Queensland. Now he is investigating a cutting-edge plan to put back the worst of it.


Off the rails: Gold Coast light rail explodes as election issue, funds cut

The Gold Coast’s controversial light rail stage being planned from Burleigh Heads to the airport at Coolangatta has exploded as a federal election issue after a local MP said she had pulled her support and barred funding.


How an unpredictable climate of change in Queensland could affect the electionFull Story podcast

In Queensland, a big swing away from the Labor party in 2019 was a decisive factor in their defeat. However the political landscape in some seats has shifted, largely due to the rise of minor parties, a series of climate disasters, and an evolving view on the future of coal in key rural seats.


South Australia

SA Govt to ‘turn its mind to’ raising criminal age from 10

Attorney-General Kyam Maher says he is open to raising the age of criminal responsibility to prevent children aged as young as 10 from being charged with criminal offences, arguing it could help reduce the number of Aboriginal children in youth detention.


Farmers’ demand for water is outstripping supply [$]

Landowner demand for water is always increasing, and a commitment from the federal Labor party will go somewhat to whetting the appetite of farmers, more will be needed to ensure water flows to all schemes, according to Tasmanian Irrigation


Plan to add green to city spaces of Launceston [$]

The City of Launceston and Launceston Chamber of Commerce have joined to create a new ‘Greening of Launceston’ Memorandum of Understanding.


Climate change front and centre on Greens agenda: Cecily Rosol [$]

A candidate for the hearts, minds and hip-pockets of the average Tasmanian, Cecily Rosol knows all too well the hardships faced by the electorate.


Northern Territory

Solar tariff to double under CLP renewables plan [$]

Territory homes with rooftop solar and battery systems would be paid more to feed energy back into the grid at peak times, in a bid to halve the NT’s emissions by 2030.


Darwin property developer’s $18M clean-up bill [$]

A Darwin Harbour developer will fight the largest ever fine ever handed down in Local Court for a pollution notice charge.


Western Australia

Electric vehicle tax to be introduced as WA government unveils ‘clean energy car fund’

The McGowan Labor government will allocate $60 million in the state budget to accelerate the use of zero emission vehicles, which will include rebates for electric vehicle purchases, but there’s a catch.


Coral spawning success advances Ningaloo Reef research

During the coral larvae spawning on Ningaloo Marine Park near Exmouth scientists from the Australian Institute of Marine Science and The University of Western Australia are examining why some individual corals are more resilient to heat stress.


Woodside and fishing lobby planned to dump structure with toxic chemicals near Ningaloo

A plan to use old Woodside equipment for an artificial reef near WA’s Ningaloo Reef in WA could have endangered the health of people who ate fish caught there.



African communities to benefit from sustainable energy projects

A social impact project developer has teamed up with two financial institutions in order to build sustainable energy projects in Africa.


‘Criminalising our right to protest’: UK green groups’ anger over public order bill

Measures in Queen’s speech would have outlawed protests that won votes for women and legalisation of unions, say critics


Exhausted workers, polluting journeys: How unethical is next-day delivery?

Quick delivery became a pandemic lifeline for many – but is the endless cycle of cardboard putting an undue strain on the planet, our infrastructure and workers?


Trolling is taking a toll on science journalism

Lisa Palmer, Silvio Waisbord

Science journalists say they face threats of online harassment — and that newsrooms are doing little to protect them.


Nature Conservation

Ukraine war may be causing rise in dolphin deaths, say scientists

Turkey has recorded rise in strandings across its Black Sea coast since beginning of Russian invasion


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