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These woodlands are the last remnant of the vegetation that covered the eastern shores of Western Port. Yes, we need sand, but we need to think more carefully where we mine it – and then mine it elsewhere. Once the woodlands are gone, they are gone forever and no amount of offsets can compensate. Leave these woodlands alone, Dandy Premix!

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Revealed: the ‘carbon bombs’ set to trigger catastrophic climate breakdown

Exclusive: Oil and gas majors are planning scores of vast projects that threaten to shatter the 1.5C climate goal. If governments do not act, these firms will continue to cash in as the world burns.


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May 13


Climate Change

Climate chaos certain if oil and gas mega-projects go ahead, warns IEA chief

Fatih Birol says ‘carbon bombs’, revealed in Guardian investigation, will not solve global energy crisis


Meet the world’s first ocean-assisted carbon removal plant

The current version of the technology can capture CO2 at a cost of $475 per ton—lower than any other direct air capture in the world.


The Guardian view on carbon bombs: governments must say no

Guardian editorial

Oil companies and petrostates are investing heavily in fossil fuels, in defiance of global targets. They must be stopped



They’ve lived through fires, floods and a pandemic: Here’s what first-time voters are thinking

Young people make up just 26 per cent of the Australian electorate, but are among the most politically engaged, ABC Vote Compass finds, with climate change a key election issue ahead of the federal election.


Australian Koala Foundation has lost faith in political system to protect Koalas without Koala Protection Act

Australian Koala Foundation (AKF) is making a final plea to voters to realise that their political leaders and an incoming Government needs to support the Koala Protection Act, before it’s too late, as the Government’s recently released Koala Recovery Plan does not go far enough!


Election debate: How can Australia end the climate wars

Climate change has been a key election issue. Now, an expert panel hosted by Joe Hildebrand will discuss some of the key issues regarding the environment. Join our online debate.


Living costs in outer suburbs would be slashed under plan to ‘electrify everything’, analysis finds

Fitting every home with solar panels and batteries and replacing gas devices and petrol cars could save households more than $5,000 a year


Regeneration Australia aims to shine a light on the hopes and dreams of Australia

A new short film from a multi-award winning filmmaker is working to shine a light on creating a fairer, cleaner greener Australia, as it tours around the country.


Labor’s green-power pitch to miners [$]

Anthony Albanese has pledged to ‘kickstart’ battery manufacturing in Australia if he is elected on May 21.


An election guide: factchecking Morrison and Albanese on climate claims

Adam Morton

Climate science may not be front and centre in the election campaign to date, but its impact on consumers – and voters – still rears its head


Australia has rich deposits of critical minerals for green technology. But we are not making the most of them … yet

Mohan Yellishetty

As the transition to clean energy accelerates, we will need huge quantities of critical minerals – the minerals needed to electrify transport, build batteries, manufacture solar panels, wind turbines, consumer electronics and defence technologies.


I used to be passive on climate change. A Helen Garner fan pushed me to act

Kate Grenville

Writers aren’t science experts, Grenville writes. But they might be able to influence their readers to cast their ballots for the climate


Land grab for carbon farming [$]

Ticky Fullerton

The market for carbon farming is growing quickly despite the government’s shock intervention that saw the price of carbon credit units plummet.


Power bills will pack a political punch after the election [$]

Jennifer Hewett

Both Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese suggest energy prices will be lower under them. But prices are heading up no matter who wins government.


The climate change challenge facing retailers [$]

Sue Mitchell

As the fight to save the planet ramps up, retailers need to assess what costs they will bear and what should be borne by suppliers, consumers and investors.


4 reasons why the Morrison government’s forestry cash splash is bad policy

David Lindenmayer et al

This federal election campaign has involved very little discussion of environmental or natural resource policies, other than mining. An exception is a A$220 million Morrison government pledge for the forestry industry.


If I were the Prime Minister – Taking the climate emergency seriously

Peter Christoff

The Black Summer bushfires, the Millennium Drought, the dying Great Barrier Reef, this year’s floods. Australia has experienced unprecedented environmental disasters in recent times. Each was amplified by global warming. Scientific reports indicate worse may still to come.

Green energy transition: Cost-of-living canary falls off its perch

Lane Crockett

A messy and uncertain transition will cost the consumer more. But while the cost-of-living canary has fallen off its perch, few are sounding the alarm.

Electricity prices are spiking – here are some educated guesses as to why

Bruce Mountain

Across the NEM wholesale spot prices are surging to ten times higher than normal. Why is it happening and what can be done?



Sarah was allegedly spied on by a government agency. Now it’s under investigation

Victoria’s Information Commissioner is investigating whether VicForests breached the state’s Privacy and Data Protection Act when it allegedly hired a private investigator to spy on activist Sarah Rees about 10 years ago.


Unlikely alliance forms to stop High Country timber harvesting

Cattle graziers and environmentalists in Victoria put aside their longstanding differences as they unite to push for 10 untouched coupes of forest to be exempted from logging.


Minister backs Western Port woodland clearance to expand sand mine

The Andrews government has given the green light to clearing native bushland to make way for the controversial extension of a sand mine near Western Port.


Why Morrison hasn’t committed to Suburban Rail Loop funding [$]

A damning report on Victoria’s Suburban Rail Loop has lifted the lid on why the Morrison government has so far not agreed to invest in the mega-project.


New South Wales

Statement on collection of threatened species from Barrington Tops National Park

National Parks and Wildlife Service has recently become aware of a social media post and correspondence by Aussie Ark that suggests it has trapped and collected threatened broad-toothed rats from within the World Heritage listed Barrington Tops National Park.


Tree vandalism confirmed on Shoal Bay Foreshore

Investigations are underway after 9 forest red gum eucalypts planted as part of Council’s Shoal Bay Foreshore Upgrade project were poisoned in an act of vandalism.


100 per cent electric

Camden Council is one of the first local government organisations in greater Sydney to introduce an electric commercial lawn mower in its fleet.


Charger guide helps NSW buildings get electric vehicle ready

More electric vehicle drivers can soon charge up at home and work, with a step-by-step guide released by the NSW Government, and a pilot site providing proof of concept for EV-ready buildings.


50 pieces of plastic inside bird

Marine biologist Dr Jenn Lavers pulling more than 50 pieces of plastic from a baby bird’s neck during a research trip to Lord Howe Island.

Low cost printed solar fast-tracked in Australian “trailblazer” program

Two NSW universities win funding to fast-track manufacture of cutting edge Australian clean energy and recycling technologies.

Origin gets approval for 2,800MWh battery to replace Australia’s biggest coal plant

Origin gets planning approval for 2,800MWh Eraring battery that will at last partially replace the country’s biggest coal generator.



Arrest of Aboriginal man who was tasered, pepper-sprayed referred to ACT Policing’s professional standards unit

Warning: This story contains distressing content. The arrest of a Canberra man who was tasered and pepper-sprayed on suspicion he had breached the peace is referred to ACT police’s professional standards unit after the case was thrown out by a court.


Is the ACT’s public mowing program contributing to our lake problems?

While welcoming a plan to invest $1.5 million into researching the health of ACT waterways, residents have questioned whether the government could do more to prevent excess nutrients making their way down Canberra drains.


‘Insufficient attention’ paid to light rail analysis: Auditor-General [$]

The Auditor-General has warned the ACT government paid “insufficient attention” to an economic analysis for stage 2A of light rail, and should assess the benefits of the entire route to Woden.



Labor pledges more money to protect Great Barrier Reef from climate change 

Federal Labor announces an additional $194 million over four years to protect the Great Barrier Reef from climate change if it wins government on May 21.

Conservation on Labor’s campaign agenda

It’s Anthony Albanese’s turn to visit the Great Barrier Reef, where fellow prime ministerial contender Scott Morrison recently pledged $1 billion.


Clean sheet: How twins’ quest to reduce pollution sparked brilliant idea

The horror of finding a mountain of plastic, rubbish and debris at Everest Base Camp motivated young Gold Coast entrepreneurs to return home and tackle world pollution with a clean sheet.


Dam or be damned: Campbell Newman revisits 2014 plan for flood protection

An “incensed” former Queensland premier says sites for new dams that could protect 10,000 homes in Brisbane and Ipswich from flooding are being ignored.


What next Australian government must do to save Great Barrier Reef

Jodie L. Rummer and Scott F. Heron

Widespread coral bleaching has now occurred on the Great Barrier Reef for the fourth time in seven years. As the world has heated up more and more, there’s less and less chance for corals to recover.


Biofuel plant set for North after land purchase in Westbury

Optimal Group announced the purchase of land in the state’s North on Wednesday.


Western Australia

Carbon bombs ‘Our ancestors are in the rocks’: Australian gas project threatens ancient carvings – and emissions blowout

Custodians of petroglyphs in remote north-west say Woodside’s $12bn ‘carbon bomb’ spells disaster for culture and climate



The ABC visited the Chernobyl meltdown site. There were signs of Russia’s mistakes everywhere

When Russian troops took Chernobyl, they drove their tanks through the highly contaminated Red Forest and dug trenches in the toxic earth. They’re mistakes that could catch up with them.


US oil refineries spewing cancer-causing benzene into communities, report finds

Analysis shows alarming level of benzene at fence-line of facilities in Texas, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Indiana and US Virgin Islands


Renewable energy uptake surges globally despite war, COVID pandemic

Global renewable power is set for another year of record growth in 2022, adding 320 gigawatts of new capacity as a result of governments cutting red tape and funding growth.


How green hydrogen imports could help Europe get off Russian gas

As the war in Ukraine rages on, European nations have been forced to grapple with their long-standing reliance on Russian natural gas. By developing an import market for green hydrogen produced with renewable energy, the EU can break its dependency on the volatile fossil fuel and achieve its climate targets sooner.


In a world starved for lithium, researchers develop a method to get it from water

The world needs vast quantities of lithium to meet demand for lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles and energy storage. And the United States is way behind China in securing a supply of this rare metal.


Fossil fuels aren’t just harming the planet. They’re making us sick

Researchers found multiple classes of potentially harmful chemicals where they’ve never been measured before: in the bodies of pregnant women.


When will ‘economic growth’ account for environmental costs?

David Shearman

Human health and the natural environment are indivisible. A recent article in the journal The Lancet reminds us that “economic decisions on the environment have major impacts on human health, and health and wellness depend on a flourishing environment.”


Nature Conservation

First ever International Day of Plant Health: no food security without healthy plants

As the world marks the International Day of Plant Health (IDPH) for the first time, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has called for more investment in innovation in a field crucial for boosting food security and transforming how our food is produced, delivered and consumed.


Extreme storms could help protect beaches from sea level rise, new study finds

Deep sand movements stirred up by intense storms may offset some of the impacts of coastal erosion caused by sea level rise.


‘Like 20 tip trucks pouring sand on every metre-wide strip’: how extreme storms can replenish beaches, not just erode them

Mitchell Harley and Gerd Masselink

Extreme storms can cause devastating erosion and leave beachfront houses teetering on cliff edges. But our new research, published today, finds storms might also help replenish beaches by bringing in new sand from deeper waters.

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