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If I was minister for the environment, my one crucial reform would offer a sustainable future for Australia

David Shearman

The most urgent and vital decision that the Minister could make to help secure a sustainable future for Australia would be to establish a scientifically based national independent Environmental Protection Agency with statutory powers.


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May 19

Lag Ba’Omer – Israel


Climate Change

New climate records spark calls for political leaders to set target of net zero by 2030

Two new reports released this week show climate change indicators have hit dangerous new levels, prompting calls for updated emission reduction targets to reflect the new reality.


Oceans hotter and more acidic in 2021 as sea levels, human-induced greenhouse gases rise: WMO

The world’s oceans grew to their warmest and most acidic levels on record in 2021, while melting ice sheets helped push sea levels to new heights, the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) says.


Climate crisis makes extreme Indian heatwaves 100 times more likely – study

Latest analysis adds to evidence that the impacts of global heating are already damaging many lives around the world


‘World is at boiling point’: humanity must redefine relationship with nature, says report

Stockholm institute calls for ‘bold science-based decision-making’ to tackle climate, social and economic crises


Reanalyzing seaweed ecosystems’ role as carbon sinks

Researchers argue carbon offset hopefuls have jumped the gun in touting seaweed’s carbon-sucking potential.


UN floats plan to boost renewables as climate worries mount

The United Nations chief on Wednesday launched a five-point plan to jump-start broader use of renewable energies, hoping to revive world attention on climate change.



Albanese pledges to get Australia out of climate ‘naughty corner’

Making his last major speech before the election, Anthony Albanese says stronger climate action could help repair Australia’s diplomatic relationships.

Australian researchers harvest “night-time solar” to provide power in the dark

Researchers reveal a major breakthrough in renewable energy technology by using Earth’s radiant infrared heat to generate solar electricity in the dark.


Jo raised her home 4m off the ground — it still flooded. Insiders say she’s a victim of Australia’s ‘worthless’ climate predictions

Around Australia, statistical measures like the “one-in-100-year flood” level are used by authorities to determine safe building standards, but experts say climate change has changed everything.


No quality in ACF air pollution claims

The Australian Conservation Foundation’s claims about “Pollution by Postcode” manipulates National Pollutant Inventory (NPI) data to give a misleading picture of the relative air qualities in different geographical locations, according to the Australian Energy Council.


Resources minister decries ‘climate religion’ and vows Coalition push for more gas projects

Resources Minister Keith Pitt, who has refused to say if he accepts climate science, has strongly backed the continued growth of Australia’s oil and gas production.


Australian doctors echo UN boss’s call for an urgent end to coal power

Global and domestic calls to end coal use is mounting along with the health and environmental costs of burning fossil fuels.


Australian women document climate crisis in visual petition – in pictures

The #everydayclimatecrisis visual petition is a collection of more than 1,000 photographs taken by women and non-binary people across Australia showing the impact of the climate crisis on their lives. The images of fires, floods and environmental destruction will be tabled to parliament in Canberra in June in a call for leaders to do more.


The ‘climate wars’ have been raging for a decade. But could Saturday mark the beginning of the end?

Michael Slezak

In the case of Australia’s action — or inaction — on climate change, the science has something to say

A vote for a few “moderate Liberals” is a vote for more climate obstruction

Zali Steggall

After bushfires, floods and numerous IPCC reports, the Morrison-Joyce government still has a 2030 emissions reduction target set by Tony Abbott.

Fossil fuel industry says it understands climate risks. But just doesn’t care

Michael Mazengarb

“Decarbonisation, not defossilisation” is the new catchcry of the fossil fuel industry as new research highlights risks of climate tipping points


What is it going to take for us to have an honest conversation about climate?

Jo Dodds

We are beyond tired. We wonder why we should keep going. We wonder why journalists aren’t asking “What are you going to do about climate change?”, and why the major parties aren’t agreeing that this must be our number one issue.


‘A new climate politics’: the 47th parliament must be a contest of ideas for a hotter, low-carbon Australia

Frank Jotzo

Climate change and reducing emissions has figured little in the 2022 federal election campaign. But after many years of inadequate national climate policy, the need for sensible, long-term measures is now dire.


Lismore faced monster floods all but alone. We must get better at climate adaptation, and fast

Johanna Nalau et al

Australia is no stranger to disasters like droughts, floods, bushfires and heatwaves. The problem is, they’re going to get worse. And then worse again.


I’m a climate scientist and writer: this election is the most important in Australia’s history

Joelle Gergis

As a climate scientist, I believe this federal election is the most important in Australia’s history.


If I was minister for the environment, my one crucial reform would offer a sustainable future for Australia

David Shearman

The most urgent and vital decision that the Minister could make to help secure a sustainable future for Australia would be to establish a scientifically based national independent Environmental Protection Agency with statutory powers.


There is no green energy transition without coal to back it up [$]

Paul Flynn

Renewable power is a long way from picking up the world’s energy load. Until it does, coal must still have a role.


Australia’s carbon challenge [$]

AFR editorial

Notwithstanding the major party truce, the 2022 election has not fully confronted the daunting challenge and potential opportunities of decarbonising Australia’s fossil fuel economy.


How taking a closer look at your family tree can help you get to grips with climate change

Flossie Kingsbury

Understanding how our ancestors may have benefited from industrialisation and colonialism could help us become more climate-friendly citizens.


Why do we swallow what Big Oil and the green movement tell us?

Thomas Friedman

Neither is being realistic about a smooth transition to renewable energy.



Hydrogen project to increase emissions, FOI documents reveal

A hydrogen project proposed as a green solution for Victoria’s dying coal industry will likely increase emissions rather than meet its claimed reductions, documents obtained via freedom of information have revealed.


Second desal plant considered for Victoria [$]

Victoria may need another desalination plant due to climate change, with one minister forecasting a longterm “transition to manufactured water”.


New South Wales

Two more NSW solar farms start sending power to the grid – and Amazon

Two solar farms contracted to help decarbonise the Australian power supply of global online retail giant Amazon have begun delivering energy to the grid.


Court order may take ‘wrecking ball’ to press freedoms: NSW MP

A NSW MP has condemned a court order requiring a major media company to hand over copies of its investigation to an interested party before publication, warning it set a dangerous precedent that could “take a wrecking ball” to Australia’s press freedoms.



Loans scheme adds a solar farm’s worth of power in the suburbs [$]

A zero-interest loan scheme has added the equivalent electricity generating capacity of a new solar farm to the ACT, spread across suburban roofs


Tidbinbilla tree presents big problem for CSIRO carbon reduction plans [$]

A plan to reduce the carbon footprint of the Canberra space station is facing an obstacle, with a mature-aged tree located right where CSIRO want solar panels



Indigenous custodians target Deutsche Bank for ‘breaking promise’ on Adani

German banking giant Deutsche Bank have been accused of breaking its promise to not fund a controversial new Queensland coal mine by Wangan and Jagalingou custodians in a new video.


Australia’s climate data to UN questioned as study finds land clearing in Queensland underreported

If national emissions data is incorrect then Australia less likely to be on track to meet Coalition’s target of a 26-28% cut by 2030


Australia’s tropical rainforests have been dying faster for decades in ‘clear and stark climate warning’

Scientists compare findings of tree study to mass coral bleaching in Great Barrier Reef


Climate inaction ‘will affect our way of living’, Great Barrier Reef communities say – video

One of Australia’s great natural wonders the Great Barrier Reef is suffering from the impacts of climate change. The latest mass bleaching has left this UNESCO world heritage-listed site more vulnerable than ever, and stakeholders say they’ve heard little to reassure them during the election campaign.


Independent Bass candidate announces plan to reduce air pollution [$]

Independent candidate for Bass, Dr George Razay has outlined his plan to improve Launceston’s air quality and reduce pollution just days out from Saturday’s election.


‘He heard only the Greens on forestry’ [$]

Tasmanian Labor stalwart Dick Adams says Anthony Albanese in the past only listened to the Greens on forestry and did not understand the industry when seeking to curtail logging in his state.


Northern Territory

‘Couldn’t believe someone would stoop to that level’: CLP-endorsed pro-fracking campaign attacks pastoralists

The organisation Back Beetaloo has been reprimanded by the AEC and accused of “astroturfing” by a digital media expert.

Sun Cable: New legislation paves way for world’s biggest solar and battery project

NT government passes key legislation to pave way for $30 billion solar and battery storage project.


Western Australia

Big change coming to Woolies’ 15c bags

Woolworths will soon overhaul its reusable shopping bag policy in WA in response to new legislation.


Extinction obituary: the sudden, sad disappearance of the Christmas Island forest skink

Gump was the last lizard of her kind when she died in 2014, and her demise should be ‘a scar on our conscience’


Forrest in charge until Fortescue reaches green goal [$]

Billionaire Andrew Forrest says his mining company needs him to be “executive chairman” until it has delivered on its dream of becoming a clean energy giant.


This Perth grandma drove her EV to Ningaloo and lived to tell the tale

Denise Fitch

Judging by the looks and banter from other travellers, the sight of a grandmother hooking up her EV is not yet an event that can go unremarked in regional WA.



Pollution responsible for one in six deaths across planet, scientists warn

Toxic air, water and soil are ‘existential threat to human and planetary health’, says global review


How better ventilation can help ‘covid-proof’ your home

Is someone at home sick with covid-19? One simple but effective strategy for keeping the virus from spreading is to make your indoor air as much like the outdoors as possible.


Nature Conservation

Revegetating riparian zones helps mitigate impacts of climate change

Healthy riparian zones are rich in biodiversity. They filter runoff to provide clean water, control erosion and reduce the amount of sediment entering a water body. They also manage storm water and control flooding, provide habitat for wildlife and shade to cool the water.


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