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Bushfires, reef bleaching, animal extinctions — Australia’s environment is under threat. But are our politicians paying attention?

Australia’s environment — the places and animals that make the continent unique — has been a conversation point over the past few years. But it’s been paid relatively little attention during the election campaign.


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May 21

Election Day


Ecological Observation

World Bee Day


Climate Change

Climate change threatening access to water and sanitation

Climate change is set to increase pressure significantly on people’s access to water and sanitation unless governments do more to prepare key infrastructure now, the UN warned on Friday.


Africa’s sinking coastal heritage

Dozens of important cultural, social, and ecological sites are already at risk from climate hazards.


Worried about climate change? You’re not alone

Canary chats with Generation Dread author Britt Wray about climate anxiety and how to deal.



Bushfires, reef bleaching, animal extinctions — Australia’s environment is under threat. But are our politicians paying attention?

Australia’s environment — the places and animals that make the continent unique — has been a conversation point over the past few years. But it’s been paid relatively little attention during the election campaign.


Fact check: This pervasive furphy on Australia’s emissions was repeated throughout the campaign

Politicians were spinning hard for Australian’s votes during the 2022 election. So who got their facts straight, and who missed the mark?


Seats to watch: the electorates that could decide the federal election

From affluent inner-city seats to regional marginals, here are the seats most likely to change hands in today’s Australian election


Which party deserves to govern? Newspapers publish their election editorials

All but one of the News Limited mastheads has endorsed the Coalition.


More than $1bn of Coalition’s climate funding could go to fossil fuel projects, analysis finds

‘Clean’ hydrogen and carbon capture and storage head list of funding pledges since net zero promise

Cannon-Brookes says AGL coal plants will struggle to survive, needs new board

Cannon-Brookes says AGL coal generators will struggle to survive, and it needs a new board and should be offering customers loans to electrify their homes.

Optus pledges to be 100 pct “backed by renewables” by end of 2025

Optus joins Telstra and TPG with a commitment to switch to 100% renewables by 2025, but little detail yet on how that will be done

 Why Australia risks falling behind on green energy  Energy Insiders podcast:

Former CEFC boss and independent candidate Oliver Yates on why Australia could lose its green energy advantage, and his new role at Sentient.


Climate barely rated a mention this election, but it will be on Australians’ minds today

Amanda McKenzie

There is absolutely no doubt climate change will be front of mind for many Australians voting today.


Australia’s cities policies are seriously inadequate for tackling the climate crisis

Anna Hurlmann et al

It will be impossible to tackle climate change unless we transform the way we build and plan cities, which are responsible for a staggering 70% of global emissions. Yet, Australia’s national policies on urban environments are seriously inadequate.

Too much wind and solar? Or just too much Angus Taylor?

Giles Parkinson

Australia’s energy minister kept saying there is too much wind and solar. Now the industry agrees there is too much Angus Taylor, and the Coalition has to go.



Participation in Aussie Backyard Bird Count grows

Last year, a total of 228 community members in Murrindindi Shire took part in the Aussie Backyard Bird Count (ABBC) – a 37% increase over the last four years.


New South Wales

NSW government lists koala as endangered

The conservation status of koalas has been downgraded to endangered with the NSW government acknowledging the beloved furry marsupial is at risk of becoming extinct.



ACT govt announces targets and locations for latest kangaroo cull

About 1650 eastern grey kangaroos will be culled in Canberra over the coming months, with the ACT government to start its annual culling program on Monday



Dugongs and sea turtles at risk after Queensland floods wipe out seagrass, study shows

Researchers say sediment from floodwaters reduced exposure to sunlight and smothered seagrass the animals rely on for food


Greens take lead in conservative bastion [$]

The Greens have become the frontrunner to win the Brisbane seat of Ryan and deliver the progressive party only its second seat in the House of Representatives.


South Australia

Why garbage trucks are going up in flames on our streets [$]

Roughly once a month, a suburban garbage truck is going up in flames.

Protesters say climate change is still the issue

On election eve, more than 50 people gathered on Rundle Mall for a snap protest against the Coalition government’s inaction on climate change.


Water quality considered ‘out of scope’ for Rural Water Use plan [$]

Water quality was explicitly excluded from the scope of an overarching document to guide the future of Tasmania’s freshwater stocks but added to an implementation strategy released this week.


Why we have chosen to fight for our water

Examiner editorial

Tasmania has the weight of the country on its shoulders when it comes to water management, power generation and agricultural production.


Western Australia

Juukan Gorge traditional owners sign agreement with Rio Tinto to co-manage WA mining land

Puutu Kunti Kurrama and Pinikura people will have say on future of mines on native title area, two years after heritage site was blown up

Big move to prevent Juukan Gorge repeat

 A “long overdue” proposed law would seek to prevent the kind of destruction seen at Juukan Gorge from ever happening again.


Big fat carp and koi clogging up Perth’s urban wetlands

About 500 koi have been removed from a lake in Subiaco over the past few months. Another big haul came out of the Princeton Lake in the City of Stirling.


Liberals accuse Swan Labor candidate of supporting ‘anti-WA taxes’ after 2019 carbon price comments

Zaneta Mascarenhas likened a carbon price to the success of WA’s plastic bag ban, which was an example of government intervention that changed behaviour for the better.


Bigger Woodside must ‘walk the talk’ on climate: CEO [$]

Meg O’Neill has rejected calls to set Scope 3 emissions targets, while emphasising how the BHP Petroleum merger will beef up Woodside’s ability to invest in cleaner energy



Grand projects, drought and disaster: The murky history of California’s water

Eastern Australia is awash with water — for many, far too much — but on the other side of the Pacific, it is a very different story.


Forrest flays fossil fuel ‘greenwashing’

Iron ore billionaire and green energy champion Andrew Forrest says hydrogen made from fossil fuels is part of the climate and energy problem, not the solution.


As biomass burning surges in Japan and South Korea, where will Asia get its wood?

The UK and EU were the primary users of woody biomass for energy. But Japan and South Korea have drastically stepped up their burning of wood pellets — potentially threatening forests, biodiversity, and the climate.


Hydrogen powered ship aims to tackle marine plastic pollution

The plastic waste will then be collected and fed onto conveyors and into the storage hold.


Ukraine to seek damages from Russia over huge environmental harm

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has caused huge environmental damage for which Kyiv will seek compensation in international courts, Ukraine’s environment minister says.


Nuclear fusion is already facing a fuel crisis

It doesn’t even work yet, but nuclear fusion has encountered a shortage of tritium, the key fuel source for the most prominent experimental reactors.


Chemical recycling of plastic gets  boost in 18 US states—but some question whether it really is recycling

Some state laws allow incentives to turn plastics into fuels as well as other plastics.


More than 3,000 potentially harmful chemicals found in food packaging

International experts who analyzed more than 1,200 scientific studies warn chemicals that migrate into food from food packaging are being consumed with unknown longterm impacts


Puberty starts earlier than it used to. No one knows why

Some girls are starting to develop breasts as early as age 6 or 7. Researchers are studying the role of obesity, chemicals, and stress.


Eco-fascism: The greenwashing of the far right

White-supremacist killers are invoking environmental concerns to justify murder. But what is eco-fascism and why are people attracted to it?


Green options transforming a wedding industry prone to waste

The wedding industry remains fraught with waste, but a growing contingent of brides and grooms is pushing for more sustainable changes, from the way they invite guests to the food they serve and the clothes they wear.


Environment: Atmospheric CO2 hits 420ppm. Operating mines and wells must close to stay under 1.5C

Peter Sainsbury

The level of CO2 in the atmosphere continues to rise and staying under 1.5 degrees of warming will require closing almost half of currently operating fossil fuel wells and mines: regional Australians know this. Conflicts over water are increasing worldwide.


Nature Conservation

In a massive Chinese sinkhole, scientists find a secret forest

Researchers say the hole, which spans around 50 million cubic metres, could be home to previously unidentified plant and animal species.


How London plans to ‘rewild’ the city

The work included releasing a pair of eponymously named critters—Sigourney and Justin Beaver—in a northern borough this spring.


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