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To anyone, including Thomas Keneally, accusing Albanese of running a too-timid campaign, two responses, (i) it worked and (ii) try winning with the millions Palmer was spending against you, the vitriol Newscorp was running against you and an absolutely ruthless opportunist your rival. To those who accused him of deserting Labor values, Albanese said he put first that traditional Labor value of winning. 

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Labor must move quickly on climate and energy: Here’s a list of things to do

Giles Parkinson et al

Labor needs to move quickly on climate and energy. A trip to Japan for the Quad meeting should be followed by a visit to a wind or solar farm.


On This Day

May 24

Saint Cyril and Methodius Day – Eastern Orthodox Church

Declaration of the Bab – Baha’i


Ecological Observance

European Day of Parks


Climate Change

IOM calls for urgent investment in building resilience and adaptation to future disasters

he recent launch of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) Sixth Assessment Report and the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction’s (UNDRR) Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction reinforce the growing body of evidence demonstrating the profound impacts that climate change is having on human mobility.


Time to broaden strategy to avert catastrophic climate change

Slashing emissions of carbon dioxide, by itself, cannot prevent catastrophic global warming. But a new study concludes that a strategy that simultaneously reduces emissions of other largely neglected climate pollutants would cut the rate of global warming in half and give the world a fighting chance to keep the climate safe for humanity.


Living Climate Futures initiative showcases holistic approach to climate crisis

The sun shone bright and warm on the Dertouzos Amphitheater at the Stata Center this past Earth Day as a panel of Indigenous leaders from across the USA talked about their experiences with climate activism and shared their natural world philosophies – a worldview that sees humanity as one with the rest of the Earth.


Sharp cut in methane now could help avoid worst of climate crisis

Focussing on carbon dioxide alone will not keep world within 1.5C limit of global heating, warn scientists


Deadly Indian heatwave made 30 times more likely by climate crisis

Soaring temperatures in subcontinent, which have caused widespread suffering, would be extraordinarily rare without global heating


Sinking Maldives plans to reclaim land from the ocean

Vulnerable island nation split over project to dredge millions of tonnes of sand to create land for resorts and industry on Unesco reserve


Banker busted for ‘saying the quiet bit out loud’ on climate change

“Who cares if Miami is six metres underwater in 100 years?” said Stuart Kirk in a speech at a Moral Money conference that raised eyebrows around the world.



Can you recycle corflutes?

During an election campaign our streets are full of corflutes: beaming signs of political hope. But what happens to them after the last box is ticked and the last squirt of sauce hits the sausage?


Pacific leaders welcome Australia’s change in direction on climate – podcast

Tuvalu’s former Prime Minister hopes the change of government in Australia will bring better news for his country and other Pacific Island nations.

How world framed Labor’s victory as win for planet

When the rest of the world watched on as Labor won the federal election, one thing was at the top of people’s minds: Climate action.


Senior Liberal urges party to stand up on climate

NSW minister and leading Liberal Party moderate Matt Kean says the party needs to rebuild after the devastating federal election loss by listening to the community on issues such as climate, integrity and women.


Labor government’s 2030 renewables target renders AGL’s demerger dead duck

Labor’s victory and the overwhelming vote for climate-focused candidates marks the death knell for AGL’s proposed demerger, Greenpeace Australia Pacific says.


‘Teal’ independents coming for state MPs next in Victoria and New South Wales

Guardian Australia understands Climate 200 is likely to back independents in upcoming state elections


Albanese wants climate consensus with Biden in first overseas meeting

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese will make progress on climate change a central part of his discussions with US President Joe Biden in Tokyo.


Nationals could break away: Labor’s election win spurs more Coalition climate wars

The Liberals’ election wipeout is sending shockwaves through the Coalition and reigniting the climate wars, with moderate Liberals calling for more ambitious policies and the Nationals warning they could break from the alliance and ditch their commitment to net zero emissions.


Farmers want clarity from Labor on path to net zero: Elders CEO

Australian farmers are hoping the new Labor government will deliver on its rhetoric on climate action, paving the way for the agribusiness sector to “get on” with the job of cutting emissions, Elders chief Mark Allison has said.


Mega, giga, terafire: New language to capture monster blazes

The term ‘megafire’ has been around since 2005. Now, an Australian team has defined it, while coining new terms for the more extreme blazes of our changing climate.


Labor ‘must back coal, gas’: CEOs [$]

The contribution the booming coal and gas export industries are making to help fund the energy transition must be recognised by the Labor government, CEOs say.


Australians urged to get political and keep the climate in mind
Dr Amy Coopes reports from the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists Congress


The 2022 climate election: unpacking how climate concerned Australians voted

Climate Council

Votes are still being counted, but one thing is indisputable: climate action is the winner of this election. Millions of Australians put climate first at the ballot box, and the politicians who dragged their heels on the most important challenge of our time are paying a price for that. It’s clear the Australian Parliament is now set for an unprecedented shake up, and all eyes are on what climate action will be achieved by the incoming government.


Quad meeting first step in repairing our global climate reputation

Climate Council

Australia’s new government has its first chance to repair the nation’s tarnished climate reputation on the world stage, as Prime Minister Anthony Albanese heads to the Quad meeting in Japan.


Do better: an urgent message to Australian media on climate coverage
Lyndal Rowlands

Survey after survey has shown that the climate crisis is one of the top concerns for voters, and every week it seems another report or extreme weather event intensifies these concerns.


Has the health sector failed its responsibilities on climate advocacy this election?
Peter Tait

How many health and medical organisations have prioritised climate action in their election scorecards and advocacy?


Labor now has the chance to act with gusto on climate policy

Frank Jotzo

Australia needs a far more ambitious agenda than the one Anthony Albanese took to the election


This election marked a turning point on climate – but what will it mean for Australia?

Adam Morton

Labor’s climate plan is designed to limit the political risk of a scare campaign – but there are already calls for it to go beyond its headline commitments


Australians woke up to Scott Morrison and didn’t just move the goalposts – they dragged them off the paddock

Thomas Keneally

Voters wanted more action on climate change, having seen first hand the impact of fire, drought, flood and ocean surges across our huge continent


Election result a ‘climate reset’

Cassy O’Connor

Saturday night’s seismic election result was a clear call from the Australian people for real action on climate change and restoring integrity in politics.


Australians want climate action. Conservatives should listen

Cristina Talacko

It was the climate election no one expected and which no major party wanted.


We get climate populism when we need climate leadership [$]

Matthew Warren

Managing the energy transition is going to be tough. This election result may have destroyed the very bipartisanship that is needed to deliver it.


It was all about the climate, Barnaby

Canberra Times editorial

Rather than making much ado about the Nationals holding all of their seats and picking up a senator in the election, former deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce should take time out to contemplate just how much he, and the band of climate sceptics he leads, contributed to the Morrison government’s defeat.


Teals’ greatest achievement an idiotic own goal [$]

Joe Hildebrand

The Climate 200 independents were massively influential during the 2022 election campaign, but now they head to parliament – where they will have no power at all.


Labor already feeling heat over climate plan [$]

Graham Lloyd

To meet his climate promise, Anthony Albanese must boost renewable energy to 82 per cent of supply by 2030, put a carbon-trading scheme on big business and spend billions.


This could spell the end for the Coalition [$]

Joe Kelly

Climate change will be the first key test of what Liberals and Nationals stand for in opposition, with the potential to transform the Coalition – or sever it.


Albanese must stick to the middle road on climate [$]

Australian editorial

Labor will find no end to demands that will be made about emissions.


Climate shift: Albanese agenda warms bilateral relationship

Peter Hartcher

Australia’s change of government will find accord on a facet of US relations, but the major preoccupation in Asia remains the same: China.


Climate action is the undisputed winner of the federal election

Tim Flannery

Parliament is set for an unprecedented shake-up after millions of voters put climate first at the ballot box, and all eyes are on what climate action can be achieved by the incoming government.


A flourishing ecology and a healthy economy? Henry David Thoreau thought you couldn’t have one without the other

Alda Balthrop-Lewis

Australians have just decided another “climate election”. What this meant, basically, was that we had to choose between two difficult futures. The result has yielded a new mandate for meaningful work on climate policy.


The election showed Australia’s huge appetite for stronger climate action. What levers can the new government pull?

John Quiggin

As the polls closed on Saturday night, most election commentary focused on the dispiriting campaign where both major parties avoided any substantial division on policy issues and instead focused on negatively framing the opposing leader.


How well does the new Australian Curriculum prepare young people for climate change?

Kim Beasy et al

You’d be forgiven for not having heard about the long-awaited new Australian Curriculum, which was released with little fanfare in the midst of the election campaign.


We identified the 63 animals most likely to go extinct by 2041. We can’t give up on them yet

Stephen Garnett et al

It feels a bit strange to publish a paper that we want proved wrong – we have identified the 63 Australian birds, mammals, fish, frogs and reptiles most likely to go extinct in the next 20 years.

Fossil fuel industry loses its grip over Australia’s climate and energy policies

Michael Mazengarb

Change of government will see a clean-out of fossil fuel industry lobbyists that held sway in the corridors of power for nearly a decade.

Labor must move quickly on climate and energy: Here’s a list of things to do

Giles Parkinson et al

Labor needs to move quickly on climate and energy. A trip to Japan for the Quad meeting should be followed by a visit to a wind or solar farm.



Australian-first push to protect wildlife and ban dangerous rat poisons

In a bid to protect Victoria’s native birds, animals and our pets, the Greens are calling on the Victorian Government to ban the public sale of second-generation rodent poisons.


‘A win-win’: Parts of Northcote public golf course set aside for community use

A section of Northcote’s public golf course will be freed for community use in a small win for residents, who have been campaigning to reclaim the green space since the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.


New bike lanes creating issues for delivery drivers [$]

Key road user groups say the move to add more bike lanes without consultation has created a number of issues for freight drivers and motorcyclists.


New South Wales

NSW single-use plastic bag ban next week

Lightweight single-use plastic bags will be banned in NSW next week with a swathe of other disposable items to follow suit in a bid to stop billions of bits of plastic litter entering the environment over the next 20 years.



ACT weakens plastic ban by removing fruit and veggie bags

The Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) is pleased the Australian Capital Territory government is taking the next steps on banning marine wildlife-killing single-use plastic with its announcement of the latest items that will be banned from 1 July.


‘Our fair share’: ACT to push Labor for light rail support

ACT will renew talks for further light rail funding from the new federal government, after Labor walked back its $200 million promise during the campaign.



How new Greens MPs will push their power in Brisbane

Greens leader Adam Bandt says “politics as usual” has to change as the new third voice in Australian politics emerges.


Major projects, keeping coal jobs in Labor’s plan to shore up regions [$]

Labor will focus on delivering projects it promised to the regions in an effort to rebuild its reputation, after a failed bid to pick up any new seats in the Sunshine State caused stress within the party.


Fears Labor win leaves $5.4 billion Hells Gates Dam dead in the water

The future of the Hells Gates Dam in north Queensland is under a cloud with the new Labor government set to delay the $5.4 billion project in favour of further consultation.


South Australia

Party divided as SA Libs ponder second loss in two months

State Liberals are divided over the reasons behind their party’s federal election loss, with moderates blaming an environmental protest vote while conservatives point the finger at a policy drift to the Left.


‘It’s special’: Calls to bring down dangerous protected tree [$]

A precarious yet protected tree has locals on edge in Tasmania’s south, as the choir of calls for its removal grows.


Where does our soft plastic really go? Is it recycled or into landfill?


I read in the media, that at present, most of the world’s recycled plastic is going to landfill. On Google it states, “Australians throw out 3.5 million tonnes of plastic each year, but currently only around 10 per cent of it is recycled.” So what is happening in Tasmania?


Northern Territory

These cattle farmers worry they’re in the firing line of the race to renewables

Pastoralists facing the prospect of a new Northern Territory mining push to get the metals needed for renewable energy batteries fear their environmental concerns will be ignored.


Western Australia

Voters send ‘unequivocal’ message on climate change as Liberals look set to retain Sturt

SA Liberal incumbent James Stevens says while he was still not yet confident to claim victory over Labor’s Sonja Baram in his eastern-Adelaide seat, postal votes were so far in his favour.



Supply chain delays and steel costs are part of ‘perfect storm’ stalling renewable energy growth

Covid disruptions in China and rising costs are affecting supplies of solar panels and wind turbine parts, while domestic energy prices climb


Nature Conservation

EU backslides on U.N. biodiversity conservation goal, Eurostat says

The European Union progressed towards most of the United Nations’ sustainable development goals over the last five years, but took a step back on the conservation of ecosystems and biodiversity, the bloc’s statistics office says.


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