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Now here’s an idea, (now I don’t generally advocate violence but no sensible jury would convict me on this) sell time-slots for the horse-whipping and use the vast amounts of money raised towards adaptation. Horse-whips or baseball bats, the impact is the same.

Post of the Day

How much are you willing to pay to help reduce carbon emissions? Vote Compass has the answer

How much would Liberal, Labor and Green voters be prepared to spend each year to help prevent climate change? Vote Compass has the answer.


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May 5


Ecological Observance

Arbor Day – Dominican Republic


Climate Change

Fact check: Is Boris Johnson really ‘pausing’ the UK’s net zero pledge?

Our verdict: Mostly False. Mr Johnson and his government have repeatedly stated support for net zero, although experts say his policies could be at odds with global efforts to limit warming.


Climate sceptic thinktank received funding from fossil fuel interests

Global Warming Policy Foundation has led the backlash against UK government’s net zero policy


Climate change could introduce humans to thousands of new viruses

To prevent future pandemics, we need to connect the dots between the spread of disease and the destruction of the planet.



Smart Energy Council fends off Coalition complaints over advocacy efforts

Clean energy industry body defends its advocacy for stronger clean energy policies, after Liberal senator complains to charity regulator.


“Change the climate in Canberra:” Independents vow to break stalemate

Independents call on clean energy sector to back their election bids, to break a major party deadlock on national climate action.


How much are you willing to pay to help reduce carbon emissions? Vote Compass has the answer

How much would Liberal, Labor and Green voters be prepared to spend each year to help prevent climate change? Vote Compass has the answer.


‘Insufficient’: Australia risks wasting billions

Australia’s $4.5bn Emissions Reduction Fund was set up to cut pollution, but a new report reveals it’s failing to do that – and even worse.


NSW Water Minister says ‘no’ to Murray-Darling Basin Plan to send Menindee Lakes water to SA

Water stakeholders in South Australia say they will stand their ground to ensure water for the environment is delivered in full, as NSW Water Minister Kevin Anderson sparks debate with comments on radio.


Australia Institute report says election winner must fix carbon market

The next federal government has been urged to review the carbon market as experts question the integrity of credits used by companies to balance their books on emissions.


Election 2022: Young people launch new tongue-in-cheek Save the Planet Party for under-18s

A group of teenagers – some not even yet old enough to vote – have launched their own tongue-in-cheek political party.

Regions ready for energy switch: report

Regional areas are well placed to lead the shift away from fossil fuels, but more clarity is needed from the federal government, a new report says.


Mining towns now accept the need for energy transition, new report says

Wounds of the divisive 2019 election campaign have started to heal as regional residents seek a clear transition plan


Charity boss: Governments should be ‘horsewhipped’ over energy policy

Smart Energy Council chief executive John Grimes has rejected complaint by the government that his organisation is acting politically and instead accused the federal government of committing an “economic crime” against the Australian people by blocking the renewable energy industry.


New calls for emissions fund review amid evidence of greenwashing

Calls for a review into the embattled Emissions Reduction Fund have been renewed following new evidence that up to 80 per cent of Australian carbon credits lack integrity and amount to greenwashing


Eco-focused talent is in high demand

Demand for green skills is surging in the Australian labour market, driven by the transformation of the energy sector and the ongoing, economy-wide transition to a lower-carbon future.


Carparks boss rejects Albanese’s EV strategy [$]

The peak national body for carparks has criticised Labor’s plan to create an electric vehicle corridor across the Nullarbor.


Net zero policies split over hydrogen, batteries [$]

Spending pledges show the Coalition is focused on gas and blue hydrogen, while Labor has prioritised zero emission generation to fire green hydrogen.


Farmers want climate clarity from major parties [$]

Aside from a few fleeting moments, the agriculture sector has largely been overlooked so far this election, including its role in tackling climate change.


Electricity sector in strife as policy lags behind [$]

Electricity suppliers and users are worried about a messy transition in the ongoing absence of overarching policy, with the effect on power prices a key issue.


Industrial carbon emitters starting to feel the squeeze [$]

The federal government’s safeguard mechanism – which Labor has promised to tighten – is starting to make big polluters pay for exceeding carbon emission baselines.


The best route to decarbonisation is the straight road – no shortcuts

Skipp Williamson

The lesson for Australia from the carbon credit controversy is that there are no short-cuts to decarbonisation – but plenty to be gained from a direct route.


Australia’s next government must tackle our collapsing ecosystems and extinction crisis

Euan Ritchie et al

Australia’s remarkable animals, plants and ecosystems are world-renowned, and rightly so. Unfortunately, our famous ecosystems are not OK.


Dangerous climate Bill a giant con lacking a plan [$]

Andrew Bolt

Climate “independents” want to kill debate, cripple democracy and let unelected extremists like Tim Flannery tell us what to do — but they don’t have a plan to cut emissions.


Why nobody really wants to talk about climate change [$]

Jacob Greber

The policy vacuum has opened the door to a new field of political actors who smell an opportunity to upend the political order. If even some of the hype is right, election night on May 21 will be dramatic.


To the next minister for climate change & energy: The execution plan for climate mobilisation

Chris Barrie and Ian Dunlop

Climate decisions taken here and globally within the next three years, the term of the new government, will determine the future of humanity. Climate is not a single issue. It is going to change every aspect of our society, so we cannot allow a continuation of the lies and deception around climate policy which the two-party system perpetuates.


Energy productivity and efficiency improvement: Australia’s forgotten fuels

Alan Pears

Whether you focus on climate policy, energy market transition, social justice, health or business competitiveness and innovation, improving energy productivity and efficiency is a winner.



‘Older people destroying our future’: Geelong gas terminal plan sparks strong opposition

A proposal to build a floating gas-import facility in Corio Bay is meeting resistance from residents and students, including young activists from Geelong Grammar.


Greens-run council revives controversial bin tax plan [$]

Yarra council is reconsidering a plan to slug residents with a bin tax despite the idea prompting a storm of controversy five years ago.


Removing bike lanes is not just a bad idea, it’s economic vandalism

Rohan Leppert

Melbourne’s future does not lie with ever more car lanes. Bicycles are the sign of an economically, socially and environmentally healthy city.


New South Wales

‘A lot less interest’ greenfield coal exploration effectively ruled out by NSW government

Deputy Premier Paul Toole says several thousand hectares in the Central West and Hunter been deemed unsuitable because of the environmental and economic implications, citing a clear market shift in the interest in building new coal mines.


New NSW logging rules still allow clearing of koala habitat, conservationists say

Independent MP accuses Liberal party of caving in to its Coalition partner the Nationals on koala protection


ALP candidate threatens revolt on climate [$]

The ALP candidate for the marginal NSW seat of Hunter has left the door open to defying party climate policy if it benefits the electorate.



Fossil gas market facing death spiral, says ACT energy minister

ACT energy minister warns gas companies face demand ‘death spiral’ and no future for hydrogen or biogas in residential gas supply.



Controversial Toondah Harbour project may depend on election outcome

Labor’s likely environment minister, should the ALP win office on May 21, says she can’t discuss one of the most pressing south-east Queensland environmental issues because her comments could trigger litigation.


Proposed ‘super-hybrid’ energy project to harness pumped hydro, renewables, and $2b price tag

A new facility which will use wind, solar, and pumped hydro to supply the grid and green hydrogen production has been proposed for part of an existing 7,500-acre site near Gladstone.


Next government on notice as coal boycott ‘threatens our way of life’

Controversial miner Adani is warning of dire ramifications if the next federal government does not step in for banks and insurers.


Great Barrier Reef coral bleaching report delayed until after election

Experts are calling for a Commonwealth agency to release a crucial scientific survey of coral bleaching before Australians cast their vote.


International hiking destination set for shutdown as traditional owners guard sacred peak

Hikers from around the globe visit the Daintree National Park to scale this gruelling summit. But Eastern Kuku Yalanji elders consider it sacred and are pleading with visitors to respect its cultural significance.


Bum-breathing Irwin’s turtle resurfaces in Queensland river after 20 years, delighting scientists

A bum-breathing freshwater turtle has conquered water turbidity and crocodiles to resurface in the Lower Burdekin River for the first time in more than 20 years.


Northern Territory

65,000 years of food scraps found at Kakadu tell a story of resilience amid changing climate, sea levels and vegetation

For 65,000 years, Bininj – the local Kundjeihmi word for Aboriginal people – have returned to Madjedbebe rock shelter on Mirarr Country in the Kakadu region (in the Northern Territory).


Western Australia

Traditional Owners fear bridge plan could disturb Pinjarra Massacre site

Traditional Owners fear significant sites surrounding the scene of the 1834 Pinjarra Massacre will be destroyed by the proposed construction of a bridge due to commence later this year.


Woodside sweeps up carbon offsets for 2030 target [$]

Woodside has acquired all the carbon offset contracts it needs for its 2025 emission reduction target and nearly all it requires for its 2030 target.



New plan to accelerate clean energy access for millions globally

Amid the global energy crisis and worsening climate emergency, the United Nations and partners on Wednesday launched two new initiatives to accelerate action towards achieving clean, affordable energy for all, and the ambitious goal of net-zero carbon emissions.


Swapping 20% of beef for microbial protein ‘could halve deforestation’

Move would also lower emissions by reducing razing of trees and methane emissions from livestock, scientists say


Cargo bikes and drones? The future of deliveries revealed [$]

A new report by delivery giant Uber has revealed what the future of the delivery industry could look like with a shift to ‘micromobility’


U.S. plastic recycling rate drops to close to 5% – report

The rate of plastic waste recycling in the United States fell to between 5%-6% in 2021 as some countries stopped accepting U.S. waste exports and as plastic waste generation surged to new highs, according to a report.


When it comes to cars, few are heeding the IPCC’s plea to curb consumption

Synonymous with the school run, and criticised for clogging urban streets, spewing pollution and contributing to a rise in deaths of pedestrians, many see SUVs as potent symbols of planet-destroying over-consumption.


In farming, a constant drive for technology

Although real-world data is scant, proponents say robotics and AI will soon revolutionize agriculture.


Hormone-disrupting ‘forever chemicals,’ phthalates may impair bone health in teen males: study

Exposure to two classes of endocrine-disrupting compounds — “forever chemicals” and phthalates — may be associated with poor bone health in male teens, a new study has found.


Will electric vehicles kill off gas stations? Fuel companies prepare for an uncertain future

Experts warn that gas stations’ days could be numbered as more drivers turn to electric vehicles ahead of a deadline for halting sales of new gas cars. But analysts say companies could boost their chances of survival by providing better snacks, automated checkouts and EV chargers.


The green new meal: How what you eat today can save our children

Because human civilization is now at an unprecedented crossroads, anyone — rich or poor, accomplished or unsuccessful — today can leave to their children and grandchildren something of great value: a fighting chance to survive. But if you don’t act very soon, you’ll leave them nothing but an apocalypse.


Urbanization linked to poor ecological knowledge, less environmental action

A new study highlights a sharp contrast between urban and suburban ways of thinking about coastal ecosystems. The authors of the study used statistical and cognitive science techniques to analyze data from a survey of 1,400 residents across the U.S. East Coast. Their results showed that surveyed residents of urban centers often held a more simplistic, and less realistic, understanding of coastal ecosystems than residents in suburban areas. The research also uncovered a lower propensity to take pro-environmental actions among urban populations.


Fungi-based meat alternatives to help save Earth’s forests

The market-ready meat alternative is very similar in taste and texture, but is a biotech product which – by replacing beef – involves much less land resources and greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture and land-use change.


Nature Conservation

Sustainably managed, working forests, vital for halting deforestation and delivering climate goals

The latest United Nations (UN) FAO report reinforces that sustainable forestry – using timber for construction and replanting after harvest – and halting deforestation is essential to help curb the global climate crisis and help avert major biodiversity loss, Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA), Ross Hampton said today.


Sea turtles severely compromised by human-made pollution in the ocean

The number of pieces of plastic being retrieved from sea turtles indicate the turtles are being severely compromised by human-made pollution in the ocean.


Clear water revival

In a biodiversity wonderland hardly known outside South Africa, a decades-long effort to restore native fish and their streams is starting to pay off—but new trouble could undermine this fragile comeback.


America is exterminating its wolves. When will this stop?

Kim Heacox

Last year Idaho approved the killing of 90% of its wolves and Wisconsin killed 200 in less than 60 hours. Recently 500 were killed in the northern Rockies. This is a disaster for our ecosystem


Why are American national parks filled with plastic?

Jonathan B Jarvis and Christy Leavitt

According to a recent poll, 82% of American voters would support a decision by the National Park Service to stop selling and distributing single-use plastic at national parks

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