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This pretty much sums up the Pentecostal P M’s election campaign. It pretty much sums up his last three years too.

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Google data reveals many Australians are climate curious — even if they won’t admit it

Discussion of climate policy may be conspicuously absent this federal election campaign, but Google search data suggests the warming of the planet is weighing on voters’ minds — at least more so than in 2019.


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May 7


Ecological Observance

World Naked Gardening Day


Climate Change

Earth suffers “ocean amnesia” symptom of global warming

The world’s ocean is steadily losing its year-to-year memory due to global warming, according to a study published in Science Advances co-authored by a University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa atmospheric scientist. The research team discovered this by assessing future projections from the latest generation of Earth System Models.


Burning crops to capture carbon? Good luck finding water

The technique uses plants as fuel and sequesters the emitted CO2, removing it from the atmosphere. But scaling up would use gobs of water and land.


The rise of the no-compromise climate candidate

From New York to Texas, a new crop of candidates rejecting fossil fuel donations are calling for legislative action.


A climate scientist on India and Pakistan’s horror heatwave, and the surprising consequences of better air quality

Andrew King

The record-shattering heatwave that engulfed most of India and Pakistan through March and April brought temperatures exceeding 45 in many areas, leading to critical electricity and water shortages.


What ancient pollen tells us about future climate change

Vera Korasidis

Pollen preserved in rocks for more than 56 million years reconstruct Earth’s major climatic transition that caused mass plant migration



Google data reveals many Australians are climate curious — even if they won’t admit it

Discussion of climate policy may be conspicuously absent this federal election campaign, but Google search data suggests the warming of the planet is weighing on voters’ minds — at least more so than in 2019.


Demerger documents ‘the height of greenwashing’ as both AGL and Accel set to breach Paris climate targets

Documents released today by AGL, Australia’s biggest climate polluter, outlining the details of its proposed demerger cement the company’s environmentally and financially ruinous path, revealing that both entities will breach Paris-aligned climate targets and slow the global energy transition, Greenpeace Australia Pacific says.


Labor won’t kowtow to methane target pledge [$]

An Albanese government will consider whether to sign Australia up to an international pledge to cut methane emissions by 30 per cent over the decade.

“Coal fired power stations will close, regardless of who’s in office:” Bowen

Labor’s Chris Bowen says what Angus Taylor won’t – that Australia’s coal power stations are going to close.

Win or lose, Cannon-Brookes is forcing coal die-hards to face the future

Giles Parkinson

However it plays out, there is much at stake in the battle between Mike Cannon-Brookes and AGL Energy – not just for AGL, but for the rest of the fossil fuel industry.


How Nationals and lobbyists play the new climate wars [$]

Marian Wilkinson

Unlikely foot soldiers are taking up the fight to hold onto coal in Hunter and throughout Queensland.


An environmental fig leaf? Restoring integrity to the Emissions Reduction Fund

The Australia Institute

Australia’s climate policies are inadequate in ambition and failing in their execution. An urgent assessment of effective climate policy is required by the next Australian Government. Specifically, a comprehensive and fully independent review is needed of the $4.5 billion Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF), Australia’s only legislated climate policy.


Labor sides with climate-obsessed rich listers over workers [$]

Vikki Campion

Labor traditionally railed against elites and the ruling class but it no longer fights for the underdogs who were once the soul of the party


Morrison flawlessly recites Coalition’s zero-point climate policy – satire

Asked by one broadcaster if he could recite the detail of the Government’s climate policy, Morrison confidently said ‘Yep’, before pausing briefly and then taking the next question.


New South Wales

$57k fine plus court costs for respected cotton grower who stole water in drought

A cotton grower who fronted an industry campaign to discredit the environmental water buyback scheme is guilty of illegally pumping water equal to almost 300 Olympic-sized swimming pools during drought.


Conservation conflict in area near Blue Mountains to feature Australia’s longest zip-line

“Theme park” ecotourism will be developed and mining goes on in a new state conservation area where the NSW government is attempting to protect almost 100 endangered species.


Maules Creek Coal ordered to pay $158,000 for water pollution

Mining company Maules Creek Coal, a subsidiary of Whitehaven Coal, has been convicted and ordered to pay more than $158,000 by the Land and Environment Court following three separate events where sediment laden water escaped from the mine site during heavy rain, and spilled into Back Creek.


‘Heck of a find’: Unknown box jellyfish species spotted in Sydney’s south

Sightings off Cronulla of a jellyfish that shares structural features with northern Australia’s deadly box jellyfish have prompted an expert to raise concern about first aid practices for jellyfish stings outside the tropics.


Controversial rail corporation granted another two-year tax break

The corporation, which controls billions of dollars’ worth of the state’s rail assets, is supposed to turn a profit by charging Sydney Trains and NSW Trains.

Students strike for the climate

More than 1000 students, workers and activists marched on May 6 to call for urgent action on climate change. 



ACT a step closer to nearly 40,000 extra Northbourne dwellings [$]

The ACT government’s plan for up to 37,000 dwellings along Northbourne Avenue is a step closer, after a territory plan variation was approved.


‘Morally grey’: ACT students strike against major parties’ climate inaction

Canberra school students converged on the lawns of Parliament House on Friday, joining teenagers across Australia protesting what they say is a lack of climate action.



Queensland braces for ‘incredibly heavy rainfall’, flash flooding

Parts of Queensland are bracing for severe weather next week, with the state’s far-north and western outback regions on high alert for record-breaking rain and potential floods.


Say it with a smile: Adani wants taxpayers to foot bill for ‘market failure’

John McCarthy

Indian billionaire Gautam Adani, the world’s fifth-wealthiest man, is trying to convince Queensland taxpayers to kick in $1.5 billion to create insurance fund for the coal industry. Surely he can’t be serious.


South Australia

Why the Deputy Premier wouldn’t rule on sand pipe [$]

A war of words has erupted over Adelaide’s beaches as the Deputy Premier revealed she withdrew from a decision to scrap a controversial coastal sand pipe to avoid a conflict of interest.


Record-breaking storm slams into Tasmania

Tasmania was hit with a record-breaking storm overnight, which brought large hail, heavy rain, and thousands of lightning strikes.


Labor announces plan to deal with Tamar’s mud [$]

Restoration of wetlands in the North Esk River to “encourage natural scouring” is Labor’s plan to improve sediment problems facing the Tamar Estuary.


Debate on government’s third iteration of anti-protest legislation starts [$]

Debate started on the government’s third attempt to clamp down on environmental protest activity through new legislation in the House of Assembly on Thursday night


Climate conscious UTAS to partner in nation-leading forestry institute [$]

The future of the Newnham campus of the University of Tasmania as a research and innovation hub took another step forward after both major parties committed bipartisan support for the national forestry hub.


Greens pledge $1billion for forests management

Transcript of media conference with Janet Rice, Greens Senator for Victoria, and Peter Whish-Wilson, Greens Senator for Tasmania, Tasmanian Greens Headquarters


Protests continue at MMG site

Media release – Bob Brown Foundation

Works have again been halted as protests continue at the site of Chinese state-owned MMG’s proposed tailings dam in takayna / Tarkine. Teacher Karen Weldrick has locked onto the front of an MMG vehicle preventing it from entering the rainforest site and effectively blocking road access.


Northern Territory

‘Everything is going up’: Thousands miss out on savings as Northern Territory cuts solar panel scheme

The Northern Territory government is scrapping its premium solar panel tariff scheme, a move that will see thousands of ratepayers with less money in their pockets amid rising costs of living. 


Beetaloo’s ‘absolutely immense’ potential spruiked at oil and gas conference, but big tests loom

Buried deep in the Beetaloo Basin, it’s estimated there is enough shale gas to power Australia for 300 years if the industry can work out how to frack it safely. Now, the industry is considering re-injecting wastewater into deep saline aquifers.


Western Australia

WA town ‘devastated’ as mill closes, jobs lost amid native forest logging ban

It is understood 50 local staff will be stood down as the Greenbushes Mill closes, with Western Australia’s looming ban on native forest logging flagged as a key reason.

WA proposes renewable hydrogen target for main electricity grid

WA says it is looking at setting a renewable hydrogen target for its main grid, the first in Australia and likely the world.



What’s causing the global food crisis and is the world running out of food?

There are warnings that catastrophe is looming and 44 million people are on the verge of famine as the war in Ukraine fuels already record-high food prices.


Nuclear in wider energy context: Q&A with International Energy Agency Executive Director Fatih Birol

World-renowned energy economist and Executive Director of the International Energy Agency Fatih Birol is no stranger to nuclear power: He has spoken out in favour of all low emissions options, including nuclear energy, in the fight against climate change.


Pump it up? The economics of stored-hydro energy may not be as green as the pitch

As electricity markets evolve, a noted economist says several proposed renewable-energy projects could cost more than they’ll ever make.


Environment: Electricity, extinctions and agroecology

Peter Sainsbury

Wind and solar generate a tenth of the world’s electricity but coal still dominates in Australia. Reptiles and marine species face high risk of extinction. Moving from agribusiness to agroecology.


Nature Conservation

Group urges swift passage of ocean law

Greenpeace members yesterday brought a truckload of marine trash to a rally outside the Legislative Yuan in Taipei as they urged government officials and lawmakers to approve a draft ocean conservation law without further delay.


Panama’s Indigenous groups wage high-tech fight for their lands

With help from U.S. organizations, Panama’s Indigenous people are using satellite images and other technologies to identify illegal logging and incursions by ranchers on their territory. But getting the government to act is far harder.


Community-led coral restoration project is rare hit amid slew of misses in Indonesia

In Lombok, a successful community-led reef restoration project has proved to be an outlier, demonstrating the importance of community involvement and post-monitoring care for the corals.



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