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Off list here but the article (URL below) relates to an article on the list about a claimed sustainable development that will dump nutrient and solids into a tributary of Birrarung. But there is a ‘Keeper’ on the job to advocate for the river – and every other waterway needs a keeper too. Otherwise, prefixes such as ‘eco’ and claims of ‘environmental best practice’ that don’t stand up to scrutiny will continue to sway the gullible.

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Labor has introduced its controversial climate bill to parliament. Here’s how to give it real teeth

John Quiggin

Earlier today, the federal government introduced its hotly awaited climate change bill to parliament. Despite the attention and controversy it’s attracted, the proposed legislation – as it stands – would be almost entirely symbolic.


On This Day

July 28


Ecological Observance

World Nature Conservation Day


Climate Change

Looking for someone to blame for the extreme heat? Try Wall Street

Alec Connon

Banks’ financing of coal, oil, and gas was higher in 2021 than it was in 2016, the year after the Paris agreement was adopted


‘Fossil-flation’ fuels the climate crisis and costs Americans money: Electrification is the answer

Ari Matusiak

When Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) axed the climate provisions of a federal spending package, the move was gutting not just for the needless harm and loss for our country that it will beget, but also for its perpetuation of the craven and misinformed idea that climate spending causes inflation.



Treasurer reveals incentives for EV buyers

Vehicle buyers could receive more incentives to purchase electric cars as part of the government’s proposal to reduce upfront costs and increase uptake.


From civil service to civil disobedience: Greg Hunt’s former adviser joins Extinction Rebellion protest

Gregory Andrews was one of several former public servants at rally outside Parliament House calling for end to fossil fuel expansion


Climate bill to make government fossil fuel investment more difficult

In an appeal to the Greens, Labor will make it more challenging for key government agencies to spend public money on coal and gas projects.


Majority of animals caught in shark nets last year were threatened or protected species

More than 200 threatened or protected animals were caught in shark nets in the state over the past 12 months, renewing the calls from experts to ditch the devices.


Carbon plan will lead to ‘blizzard of litigation’: Abbott [$]

Former PM lashes Anthony Albanese’s plan to legislate carbon reduction targets, which he says will bind hands of future governments to ‘green lawfare activists’.


Minerals Council backs emissions move ‘for certainty’ [$]

The Minerals Council of Australia has backed legislating Anthony Albanese’s 43 per cent emissions reduction target.


Bowen says historic Climate Bill “not a limit on ambition”, but NGOs want more

Energy and climate minister says Climate Bill is most important for its message of “stable, clear and coherent and necessary policy.”


‘Zombie koala’ greets parliamentarians in Canberra – video

A terrifying, howling puppet known as Blinky the zombie koala has greeted those arriving at Parliament House ahead of the first question time for the 47th parliament. The giant animatronic puppet is part of a climate crisis protest by Extinction Rebellion


Labor has introduced its controversial climate bill to parliament. Here’s how to give it real teeth

John Quiggin

Earlier today, the federal government introduced its hotly awaited climate change bill to parliament. Despite the attention and controversy it’s attracted, the proposed legislation – as it stands – would be almost entirely symbolic.


Soil abounds with life – and supports all life above it. But Australian soils need urgent repair

Adam Frew

Under your feet lies the most biodiverse habitat on Earth. The soil on which we walk supports the majority of life on the planet. Without the life in it, it wouldn’t be soil. Unfortunately, Australia’s soils are not in good shape. The new State of the Environment report rates our soils as “poor” and “deteriorating”.


What the Greens decide now on climate will affect left politics long term

Shaun Carney

The key question facing Bandt is how much it’s in his party’s interests for Labor to succeed.


Global warming babble continues as economy hits an iceberg [$]

Andrrew Bolt

Australians are being belted by cost of living pressures, while Labor continues to babble about a fake climate crisis and Albanese employs useless gestures to advertise his goodness.


Chris Bowen’s climate bill is too weak, but it starts to repair after a decade of disaster [$]

Bernard Keane

The climate minister’s bill is a good start on climate decision-making. It could be a lot better, but it begins a process of much-needed recovery.


‘Labor’s plan isn’t good enough’: young climate activists dragged out of Parliament [$]

Cam Wilson

‘The police started dragging us out immediately without a chance to speak,’ a protest organiser said.

Albanese dissembles on Australia’s fossil fuel exports, and he knows it [$]

David Leitch

Albanese says he does not support a ban on new coal and gas because it would be replaced by other producers and Australia would lose. Let’s unpack that.

New coal and gas projects will erase Albo’s climate gains several times over

Ketan Joshi

Australia’s massive pipeline for new coal and gas projects will cause more emissions than avoided by Labor’s climate policies. This is very bad.



Home to the growling grass frog, this conservation property is on the market

Thirty threatened species live on a conservation property in northern Victoria but its current owners are selling up. The Wetland Revival Trust hopes to buy the property to continue the environmental efforts.


Government introduces bill to enshrine 43 per cent climate target into law

The government introduces a bill to legislate Australia must reduce its emissions by 43 per cent by 2030, but threatens to walk away if it can’t find enough support.


Future of farming: This greenhouse is the size of three football pitches and is set to pump out 4,000 tonnes of tomatoes a year

A new six-hectare glasshouse in Victoria’s Goulburn Valley will produce 4,000 tonnes of tomatoes every year, creating 60 new jobs for the site in the process.


Sustainable development given approval to drain untreated stormwater directly into creek

A Melbourne project that includes a shopping centre and hundreds of homes is being touted as among the “world’s most sustainable”, but its revised plan for stormwater could put a dent in its environmental credentials.


Santos warns government against limit on gas exports [$]

Australia’s second biggest gas producer has warned extending a mechanism to limit gas exports will damage the nation’s reputation and slammed Victoria for restricting exploration.


New South Wales

‘Quietly ecstatic’: Residents claim victory over Sydney incinerator plans after three-year fight

New laws mean a proposal for a 24-hour plant burning waste for energy near densely populated suburbs in Sydney’s eastern suburbs could be on ice for good.


Protecting greater glider

Koalas are often seen as the poster child for Australia’s cute and cuddly wildlife, but if Ecology Honours student Ebony James had her way, the greater glider would undoubtedly hold the crown.


Council’s trucks have mixed recycling with rubbish for ‘more than a decade’

Residents of Sydney’s south-west are furious after catching rubbish collectors mixing yellow-bin recycling with red-bin garbage, a practice the council said had gone on for more than a decade and was due to the difficulty of backing trucks down narrow streets.



Mowing contractors could be destroying ecosystems, volunteers warn [$]

Greens MLA Jo Clay to introduce bill protecting grassy ecosystems from mowers



$2.7 million of koala research money used on rollercoaster at Dreamworld

Almost $3 million of taxpayer money handed to a Queensland theme park for a state-of-the-art facility to protect endangered koalas has been diverted to build a flashy new rollercoaster.


Secret dealings: state-owned Queensland water company refuses to outline Adani relationship

Sunwater says documents confidential after right-to-information request reveals dealings with mining giant


Fear of ‘death by a thousand cuts’ for beloved native animal in path of $1.5b Gold Coast developent

Conservationists say the species’ plight is the “flagship” example of the failings of “all levels of government”, but developers insist their project complies with strict environmental conditions.


The world’s longest short cut: How simple act of sealing a dirt road might save Outback

Craig Johnstone

Queensland’s bush councils are celebrating a lobbying triumph, the sealing of the 2700km Outback Way.


South Australia

Rex says it will retrofit planes with electric-propulsion engines, saying it’s the future of air travel.

The regional airline has unveiled its plan to replace some of its fleet’s jet engines with electric-propulsion engines. Trial flights are to start in 2024.


Should SA turn off the gas for new homes too? [$]

New York City is doing it, and the Vics too, now SA MPs are being called on to back a ban on gas to new homes. Vote in our poll.


Vena gets go ahead on solar project [$]

A milestone power purchase deal in South Australia will see a $200m solar, battery project – set to employ 200 workers and power 35,000 homes – come to light.


Wood this work: Timber tower plans for Adelaide revealed [$]

A record-breaking 31-storey hotel tower made of timber could rise above Victoria Square under an ambitious $170m plan.

“World first:” Hornsdale battery gets approval to deliver critical inertia services to grid

Australia’s grid takes another big step towards 100pct renewables with approval for Tesla big battery to deliver inertia services for first time at this scale.


Report raises doubts over Bell Bay hydrogen project

Demand for Tasmanian green hydrogen is growing and the state is uniquely positioned to deliver, but there are still numerous stumbling blocks that could prevent the various proposed projects at Bell Bay from progressing, according to a feasibility report on one of the projects released yesterday.


Halls Island project still going nowhere

Media release – Fishers and Walkers Tasmania (FAW-Tas)

Fishers and Walkers Tasmania (FAW-Tas) are somewhat amused by todays media release from Daniel Hackett of Wild Drake Pty Ltd regarding his proposal for a helicopter tourism operation into World Heritage listed Halls Island. Amused, outraged but not surprised.


ALCT launches ‘Giving Land Back’

Media release – Aboriginal Land Council of Tasmania (ALCT)

The Aboriginal Land Council of Tasmania (ALCT) has launched the website www.givinglandback.org and for the first time ever, is proactively seeking the support of everyday people for the return of private freehold land to Aboriginal ownership and management.


Northern Territory

Feral pigs in outer suburban Darwin sparks Japanese encephalitis concerns

Residents are spotting feral pigs just three kilometres from residential homes in Darwin’s northern suburbs, prompting concerns over the spread of Japanese encephalitis. 


NT water allocations are everybody’s business

Samuel Bush-Blanasi:

Water, and the sustainable use and management of that most precious resource, remains a hot topic in the Northern Territory.


Climate change killed 40 million Australian mangroves in 2015

Norman Duke

In the summer of 2015-2016, some 40 million mangroves shrivelled up and died across the wild Gulf of Carpentaria in northern Australia, after extremely dry weather from a severe El Niño event saw coastal water plunge 40 centimetres.


Western Australia

Signs of hope in risky bid to save the western ground parrot from extinction

Wildlife officers successfully relocate a second group of Western Australia’s rarest bird following the success of an earlier effort, but researchers are yet to detect any breeding.

Solar panels go up at BHP’s first major off-grid renewable energy project

Mining giant BHP begins installation of panels at solar and battery project that will help power nickel mining operations in WA’s Northern Goldfields.



The war, food shortages and tens of millions going hungry: Inside the crisis crippling the global supply chain

The ripple effects of concurrent crises are leading the world on a path to crushing hunger — and the possibility of more war.


James Lovelock, creator of Gaia hypothesis, dies on 103rd birthday

The scientist was best known for his theory that the Earth is a self-regulating community of organisms


Leaked: US power companies secretly spending millions to protect profits and fight clean energy

One industry consulting firm has influenced politics across Florida, Alabama and at least six other states. The Matrix saga illustrates the political obstacles policymakers and experts face as they attempt to cut climate pollution from the power sector, one of the biggest greenhouse gas contributors in the US.


Air quality can be better for active commuters than drivers, research shows

New research has found that people who commute by car can be subject to higher levels of harmful gases than those who walk or cycle to work.


Insights into enzyme that combats a common greenhouse gas

An enzyme that combats the greenhouse gas nitrous oxide (N2O) may one day give scientists a potent new tool for reducing the amount of the gas in the atmosphere.


This tiny country’s new $200-a-night tourism tax could be a sign of things to come

Bhutan has just tripled its tourism tax – but with climate change and overtourism concerns growing, might other destinations follow suit?


A new nuclear power station needs a vast supply of water. But where will Sizewell C get it from?

William Atkins

Plans for the site have got the go-ahead. The knock-on effect for Suffolk’s rivers and seawater will soon be clear


The Guardian view on Russian gas: a compelling reason to go green

Guardian editorial

Vladimir Putin’s cynical extortion makes as eloquent a case for the clean energy transition as any environmental idealist


Nature Conservation

‘All-you-can-eat buffet’: Storks give up migrating to Africa to live on landfill in Spain

Increasing temperatures and abundant food waste have the birds setting up shop in Spanish towns instead of making the traditional journey south for the winter.


LifeGate: New interactive map shows the full diversity of life

Researchers from Leipzig published a gigantic digital map displaying the full diversity of life through thousands of photos. The so-called LifeGate encompasses all 2.6 million known species of this planet and shows their relationship to each other.


As the Amazon burns, only the weather can ward off a catastrophe, experts say

The Brazilian Amazon saw the highest number of fires for the month of June in 15 years, with 2,562 major fires detected, an increase of 11.14% over 2021.


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