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When all other avenues are closed off, it is not surprising that frustration leads to the activism in this article. Scientists have screamed out their warnings about dangerous climate change, and we aim for no more than 2 degrees. We’re on track for more than 2 degrees and even at 2 degrees we are stuffed! Meanwhile, look what is happening now.

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Victoria to drop gas for cheaper green renewables

Victoria will end incentives for residential gas products by the end of next year as it encourages residents to embrace sustainable alternatives amid a national energy crisis.


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July 3



Ecological Observance

Plastic Bag Free Day



Fact check: Greens senator says Labor’s 43 pct target fails to achieve Paris commitment

The new Labor government is under fire over its enhanced commitment towards Australia’s obligations on a key global climate treaty.


Offshore wind a dark horse in race to replace coal with renewables

The energy market operator’s 30-year road map did not factor in offshore wind projects, but the industry says it can help replace the crumbling coal fleet.


‘Huge decision’: Lambie opens door to backing Labor’s 2030 emission reductions target

Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie and her newly elected colleague Tammy Tyrrell have signalled their willingness to consider Labor’s plans to legislate its 43 per cent emissions reduction target.


More dangerous and longer bushfire seasons: CSIRO – podcast

Globally the length of the fire season has increased by an average of two weeks, but in Australia, the season is longer by a month.


Peter Dutton’s stance on climate change reform is wrong


I strongly support the intention of the Labor government to follow the Australian Energy Market Operator’s plan for the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy.


Albanese and Bowen have backed the wrong energy horse [$]

Piers Akerman

Anthony Albanese claims he has received a warm reception in Europe because of his lunatic climate change policies, but those cheering him rely on nuclear and are also resurrecting coal power plants.



Victoria to drop gas for cheaper green renewables

Victoria will end incentives for residential gas products by the end of next year as it encourages residents to embrace sustainable alternatives amid a national energy crisis.


Andrews government’s gas roadmap ‘full of potholes’

The government’s push to phase out residential gas use has raised fears it is “setting up Victorians to be losers in the long run”.


New South Wales

Seabirds dying after eating ‘huge’ amounts of plastic, including ‘bottle caps, clothes pegs and pen lids’

Scientists studying the impact of plastic debris on a seabird colony that nests on Lord Howe Island say the proportion of birds at risk of ingesting plastic from our oceans is increasing.


New evidence suggests coal ash dams could be poisoning birds

Environmentalists have long suspected that heavy metals were leaching from power station coal ash dams into the ecosystem. Now they say they have the evidence to prove it.


‘Trying to poke the beast’: What’s driving the climate activists causing traffic chaos in Sydney

Across the Western world, groups are adopting disruptive and potentially dangerous civil disobedience.


Plan to transfer 10 per cent of NSW to traditional owners within two decades

Aboriginal landowners will be given more control over the management of national parks across NSW under a long-term state government plan to hand back land titles to Indigenous Australians.



‘Having your own private space, but also sharing facilities’: Building a small, sustainable cohousing community in Canberra’s north

Three couples prepare to build a small, sustainable co-housing community in Ainslie. The building’s future residents say the project began to meet downsizing needs without the loss of environmentally conscious design.


‘Heartbreaking’: millions of native animals killed under Tasmania’s property protection permits

Greens say ‘staggering’ figures should be examined as part of parliamentary inquiry into management and protection of state’s wildlife


What is the Tamar Estuary Report Card actually measuring?

After decades of community lobbying and campaigning, the result on the Tamar is as clear as mud – the estuarine zone in Launceston has not improved.



Outgunned Pacific Island nations vow to fight deep-sea mining

A handful of postage-stamp nations in the South Pacific launch an uphill battle against the deep-sea mining of unattached, fist-sized rocks rich in rare earth metals. The stakes are potentially enormous. 


Mining’s effect on fish warrants better science-based policies

A new article synthesizes the impact of metal and coal mines on salmon and trout in northwestern North America, and highlights the need for more complete and transparent science to inform mining policy.


‘Perfect storm’ of crises is widening global inequality, says UN chief

António Guterres says growing north and south divide is ‘morally unacceptable’ and dangerous


Environment: Enormous environmental consequences of the war in Ukraine

Peter Sainsbury

The conflict in Ukraine is destroying environments and not only in the war zone. Cartoon characters combat ecofascism and Global South nations outline their expectations of November’s COP meeting in Egypt.

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