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At least 43% is a start, but there’s little chance of fair dinkum reductions if we license new mine

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Giraffes, parrots, and oak trees, among many species facing extinction

Around one million species are facing extinction, according to a report from IPBES, an independent intergovernmental science and policy body supported by the UN.

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August 8

Day of Ashura – Islam


Ecological Observance

International Cat Day


Climate Change

Amazon says carbon emissions rose 18% in 2021 as COVID drove upsurge

The wave of demand pushed Amazon to expand its logistics network, and it rapidly grew its warehouse footprint to process more orders.


How Republicans are ‘weaponizing’ public office against climate action

A Times investigation revealed a coordinated effort by state treasurers to use government muscle and public funds to punish companies trying to reduce greenhouse gases.


There’s no escaping a hothouse earth

Richard Hil

A couple of months ago I set off with my partner to the northern hemisphere for a prolonged stint in Canada.


Democracies’ green new deals help fuel Beijing belligerence [$]

Jennifer Oriel

China’s use of Nancy Pelosi’s sleepover in Taiwan to shut down climate discussions with the US should prompt a review of policy through a lens of realism.



Vehicle emissions standard could be on the table ahead of electric vehicle summit

Car-makers are hopeful the government could introduce carbon emission limits on car makers, as a new report finds standards could have saved motorists billions of dollars on fuel.


Native animals really do use road underpasses, new research reveals

Have you ever driven past special highway crossings for wildlife and wondered if they actually work? The first long-term study of road underpasses in Australia reveals they are effective, with many native species captured on camera using them to safely cross.


Could a livestock gene bank save endangered farm animals?

The threat of foot-and-mouth disease has intensified the push to protect and preserve Australia’s priceless livestock pool. Is a national gene bank the answer?


Climate minister ‘very, very confident’ bill enshrining 43 per cent emissions reduction by 2030 will pass Senate

The Australian government hopes to lock in its emissions reduction target with legislation.


Australian fuel efficiency standards could have saved motorists $5.9bn, research shows

Australia Institute report makes a case for fuel standards as a means to cut emissions and decrease reliance on foreign oil


Car industry’s secret emissions plan would slow electric vehicle uptake in Australia

The car industry has launched a wide-ranging private campaign that would delay Australia’s transition to electric vehicles, confidential documents show.


Pocock wants forestry carbon credits scrapped in support for climate bill

A new clash over carbon emissions will decide a crucial Senate vote on the federal government’s climate change bill in an attempt by crossbench senators to strike down rules that offer financial rewards to schemes that claim to help the environment by planting trees.


Labor urged to seize ‘golden opportunity’ to help motorists, slash emissions [$]

Introducing fuel efficiency standards should be the next item on the Labor government’s climate action agenda, according to a new Australia Institute report which claimed motorists would have saved billions at the bowser had they been ushered in earlier.


Labor’s climate bill and the power of the Australian Greens – Full Story podcast

Labor’s climate bill, enshrining their emissions reduction targets into law, is set to pass both Houses of Parliament.


 Facts must rise above the gas if Australia is to deal with the climate crisis

Adam Morton

In a political system long captured by fossil fuel interests, there is a disconnect between the arguments and the evidence


It’s messy, but co-operation on climate is the only way forward

Age editorial

The government and Greens should be able to find practical compromises.


Progressives and centrists can co-operate on climate

SMH editorial

The past two weeks of debate in the federal parliament provided a glimpse of the co-operation that will be needed to deliver progress on climate change.


Greens’ utopian plan leaves us cold [$]


The Greens’ proposed utopia may provide Australians with good teeth, free childcare and uni but our winters will be cold and dark if they ever get in power.


Damning report a chance to change course on water wrongs [$]

Tyler Rotche

While releasing the State of the Environment report last week, Australia’s new Water Minister Tanya Plibersek said she was “gobsmacked” at the dismal progress in the Murray-Darling Basin.


‘Charge rage’ awaits in EV motoring dystopia [$]

Tim Blair

Prepare for your standard of living to decrease and your lives to become more difficult as we begin our eight-year journey towards Labor’s emissions ­reduction target.


The numbers don’t lie, nuclear is our best bet [$]

Piers Akerman

The push for emissions reduction will not make a jot of difference to the Earth’s climate. Instead, Aussies will be forced to choose between eating and heating their homes.


Dutton calls for sensible debate about installing rooftop nuclear reactors on every home – satire

The Shovel

Opposition leader Peter Dutton says it is high time Australia had an honest and informed debate about the benefits of supplying the nation’s energy needs through rooftop nuclear fission technology.



The thrifty school formal where outfits are borrowed, swapped and op shopped

Can you imagine wearing your dad’s 21st suit to your formal? At a regional Victorian school, students wore recycled gear to their formal in a fun-filled protest about fast fashion and climate change.


Why near-new bike track will be ripped up [$]

It was laid less than a year ago, and used by thousands, but this Brunswick path will be torn up in a move described as “transport stupidity”.



Indigenous rangers dive in to Reef protection [$]

Sixteen traditional owners started diver training this month to advance Great Barrier Reef restoration work, including crown-of-thorns starfish removal and coral health monitoring.


Organic beef production at risk as opponents continue search for clues about petroleum leases

Almost 12 months after the Queensland government quietly granted oil and gas leases in the environmentally sensitive Channel Country, there are calls for the outcome of stakeholder meetings to be made public.


Reef scare proves warmist ‘experts’ can’t be trusted [$]

Andrew Bolt

This Great Barrier Reef discovery has taught a vital lesson to trust nothing the global warming industry says about the “climate crisis”.



Nuclear watchdog warns shelling at Ukrainian power plant could lead to disaster

The UN’s nuclear watchdog chief warns of a “very real risk of a nuclear disaster” after shelling damages a high-voltage power line at the Russian-occupied Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant.


Abused and harassed for doing the world’s dirty work, waste pickers are fighting for recognition

Despite playing a vital role in combating climate change and plastics pollution, waste pickers worldwide face discrimination and harassment. Now the fight is on to end the scavenger stigma.


‘There are no safe levels of pollution’: An interview with wildfire researcher Sam Heft-Neal

Wildfire smoke in recent years accounted for up to 50% of all dangerous, small particle air pollution in the western US, research shows, and the problem is growing.


Low water levels mean Rhine is days from being shut for cargo

Businesses along the river say they are on verge of having to shut production


Did US biotechnology help to create COVID-19?

Jeffrey Sachs and Neil Harrison

When US President Joe Biden asked the United States Intelligence Community to determine the origin of COVID-19, its conclusion was remarkably understated but nonetheless shocking


Why the UN’s recent declaration on human rights should be taken seriously

Joel E Correia

The UN just declared a universal human right to a healthy and sustainable environment. But it’s more than just moral posturing. Here’s why.


Greenwashing’s medieval age

Peter Dykstra

Last week I went on an archaeological dig to uncover ancient greenwashers and deniers. This week, I present five more that persist to this very day.


Nature Conservation

Giraffes, parrots, and oak trees, among many species facing extinction

Around one million species are facing extinction, according to a report from IPBES, an independent intergovernmental science and policy body supported by the UN.



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