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It looks like the weekend is going to be saved after all, Michaelia Cash. 


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Post of the Day

Extreme hunger soaring in world’s climate hotspots, says Oxfam

Charity says 19 million people facing starvation in report highlighting link with extreme weather


On This Day

September 18


Ecological Observance

World Water Monitoring Day

Forestry and Timber Industry Worker’s Day – CIS states


Climate Change

Decoupling from China on clean tech comes with far more risks than reward, study finds

The current U.S. trajectory to decouple from China on clean energy technologies can harm national and global efforts to mitigate climate change, reveals a new study.


New, comprehensive framework could better inform carbon-cutting policies

Researchers have developed an integrated framework to take into account the many variables relevant to accurate carbon emissions modeling, allowing for policy makers to see a fuller picture to choose the best path forward. They applied this framework to model transportation energy emissions for China’s 31 regions.


Are we missing a crucial component of sea-level rise?

Across Antarctica, some parts of the base of the ice sheet are frozen, while others are thawed. Scientists show that if some currently frozen areas were also to thaw, it can increase ice loss from glaciers that are not currently major sea-level contributors.



When will electric vehicles that can tow your boat, caravan or horse float arrive in Australia?

In 2019, former Prime Minister Scott Morrison said electric vehicles “won’t tow your boat, they won’t tow your trailer”, but he was wrong. Today car manufacturers are creating all-electric car models with hefty towing capacities, but when will they be released into the Australian market?


Luxury diesel BMWs bought for our parliamentarians under the previous government will be ditched in favour of electric vehicles [$]

More than 140 of the Commonwealth’s low mileage, diesel-powered luxury BMWs will be churned back onto the second-hand market in the next 18 months as a result of the Federal government’s ramped-up plans for a major electric vehicle fleet transition.


CSIRO often gets it right but on nuclear technology it has failed [$]

Piers Akerman

The CSIRO’s high standards have been seriously questioned in an expert report into its handling of renewables which overstates the cost of nuclear energy and understates the cost of renewables.



‘Game of Thrones intrigue’: Intruder threatens Collins Street falcons

A popular male peregrine falcon could die and this year’s eggs might not hatch as an hours-long fight to the death looms in the CBD.


New South Wales

800 laptop batteries are powering this couple’s home, helping them live off grid

A close encounter with the Black Summer bushfires convinced Syd Crawford and Camille Goodman to try to eliminate their carbon emissions.


Mining company responsible for coal waste pollution in Royal National Park could be fined up to $1M

A major pollution event in Royal National Park, caused by coal waste from a mine at Helensburgh, has become the subject of “a serious criminal investigation”.


The mammoth repair effort to fix national parks after years of fire and floods

Secretary of Sydney Bush Walking John Kennett said the organisation’s Blue Mountains walking program is a fraction of what it used to be in 2019, before bushfires, the pandemic and damaging rains.


Crowded house(s): Can New Zealand’s planning reforms show Sydney the way?

The Kiwi government has laid down the gauntlet to the country’s five biggest cities with two major pieces of urban planning law designed to boost density.



Battery bikes expected to power more pedals up Fitz’s Hill

After overcoming back and neck pain that has made exercise difficult throughout her adult life, Karen Proctor will take on Fitz’s Challenge next month, on an electric bicycle.


What EV makers don’t like to discuss: how lithium-ion battery fires burn on and on

The ACT’s rapid take-up of electric vehicles comes with a major risk of which very few members of the public are aware, but which has firefighters quietly concerned.



Revegetation project leads to award-winning honey with a twist

When Leisa and Tony Sams bought a farm and set about reconnecting bushland that had been divided for a century, they never imagined where it would take them.


Shh! A new electric transport revolution is emerging in Brisbane

The number of electric motorbikes and mopeds in Queensland has soared in the past two years as commuters seek cheaper, more efficient transport options.


Gig delivery riders just as safe as private cyclists, experts find

Food delivery riders are no riskier on the roads than private cyclists, research has confirmed, suggesting time pressures and infrastructure issues are endangering workers.


Healthy foods that are good for the planet

Queensland researchers believe they’ve finally identified those elusive wonder foods that are “not only good but good for you”.


South Australia

For sale: 5km stretch of Great Australian Bight [$]

A near-5km stretch of the Great Australian Bight is for sale, giving buyers the chance to snap up their very own beach with spectacular coastal views.


Pitch for renters to buy a piece of community solar farm [$]

Renters could buy a piece of Hobart’s renewable energy grid to offset their power bills under proposals for a community solar farm at the South Hobart tip. 


When killers become choosers: Resurrecting the Tasmanian tiger

Binoy Kampmark

Efforts should be made to prevent the extinction of species rather than playing God and trying to bring them back.


Would the campaign to save the Franklin River work today?

Kieran Pender

A new film celebrates the 1980s battle to protect the Tasmanian environment, but now protest rights in Australia are under attack


Northern Territory

‘Irrational’: Australia’s largest ever water licence for desert farm challenged [$]

A plan to create a fruit and vegetable oasis in Central Australia’s arid lands has faced a judicial review after traditional owners sued the government.


Western Australia

With another La Niña this summer, what does it mean for WA’s beaches?

Oceanographers say growth and erosion of Western Australia’s coastline intensifies in La Niña weather conditions, due to a stronger Leeuwin Current and higher sea levels.


Power supply fears as WA runs out of coal

There are fears a growing crisis in WA’s coal heartlands could imperil the state’s biggest electricity grid less than a year after the lights flickered out during an intense heatwave.



Criticism intensifies after big oil admits ‘gaslighting’ public over green aims

Fury as ‘explosive’ documents reveal largest oil companies contradicted public statements and wished bedbugs upon critical activists


More than 50 Just Stop Oil protesters in UK sent to jail on one day

Campaigners who blockaded Warwickshire oil terminal remanded for refusing to comply with court proceedings


Damage-free way to gauge health of next-gen batteries for electric vehicles

Researchers from Tokyo Metropolitan University have demonstrated that electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) can be a powerful non-destructive tool to study the degradation mechanisms of all-solid-state lithium metal batteries.


Earth’s newest secret: How volcanoes really work

Recent findings from Iceland’s Fagradalsfjall eruptions change what we know about how volcanoes work


Lithium-ion batteries: One size does not fit all in application or in assessment

Electron microscopy reveals molecular mechanisms of lithium-ion batteries


Pollutants from burning structures linger in waterways post-wildfire

As the frequency of wildfires has increased, so have pollutants in the waters from burned watersheds, say researchers in a review paper that highlights the need for more research in the area.


Gautam Adani surpasses Jeff Bezos as world’s second-richest person

The Indian tycoon has climbed the wealth rankings at breakneck speed this year, surpassing Bezos as the world’s second-wealthiest individual.


India’s energy transition: Spike in solar, decline in coal

Energy economists and experts believe the new draft national electricity policy (NEP) has significant increase in installed solar power capacity plan by 2027, 2030, and a downward revision of installed coal capacity when compared to Central Electricity Authority’s Optimal Generation Capacity Mix report.


It’s foolish to expect King Charles to save us from a government gone rogue

Gaby Hinsliff

The King is no woolly liberal. He’s the head of a hereditary monarchy that is ultimately focused on its own survival


If you’re told ESG is the next big thing, beware of greenwashing

Parnell Palme McGuinness

When a public relations conference told me this week that environmental, social and (corporate) governance is the next big thing, I took it as a warning that it’s about to be over.


Nature Conservation

Cheetahs roam India’s grasslands for the first time in 70 years

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is hopeful the reintroduction will give both the environment and tourism a boost.


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