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We shouldn’t be surprised that the fossil fools would take every possible avenue to protect their interests, but we should be surprised that so-called progressive political parties should bend to their collective will. Donations are a great motivator, I guess.


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As resistance grows to the fossil fuel regime, laws are springing up everywhere to suppress climate activists

Jeff Sparrow

Along with subsidising big polluters, governments are setting in place repressive anti-protest laws to protect them


On This Day

September 19


Climate Change

Pacific youth hold flotilla down New York rivers calling on vote for climate justice at UN

Pacific activists and students, joined by New York climate activists and Indigenous representatives, held a climate justice flotilla on Saturday sailing past the UN HQ and the Statue of Liberty with banners calling on countries to vote yes to the Vanuatu-led bid for an International Court of Justice (ICJ) advisory opinion on climate change at the UN General Assembly (UNGA).


A comedy with solar themes

A message about climate change and renewable energy underlies a new bro-mantic comedy coming to theaters next month


China scales up coal production

China has stepped up spending on coal in the face of extreme weather, a domestic energy crunch and rising global fuel prices — raising concerns Beijing’s policies may hinder the fight against climate change.


The ‘Climate 10’ – the world’s most skilled actors in the theater of predatory climate delay

Climate deception is big business, and Climate & Capital is here to showcase the leading players. Some are obvious, but others may surprise you.


Please stop calling it the ‘Doomsday Glacier’

Losing Thwaites Glacier would be troubling, but the overly alarming nickname might do more harm than good


Stop calling Charles the “climate king”

The new British monarch has not earned such a title, say climate activists from colonized nations


Does climate action need a king? [$]

Peter Dykstra

Tradition could silence Charles III’s passionate voice on climate change. But should it?



Bee populations facing multiple challenges as spring blooms

With a third consecutive La Niña declared and the ongoing threat of Varroa mite, bee populations are emerging into their busiest time of the year facing multiple challenges.


US visit to showcase Australia’s climate ambition and renewable energy potential

Climate Change and Energy Minister Chris Bowen will visit the United States to participate in climate week at the United Nations General Assembly and represent Australia at the important Clean Energy Ministerial meeting in Pittsburgh.

Powering up to prevent the next bill shock

‘Architects of the future’ were powering communities long before the energy crisis and know more can be done to cut energy poverty and carbon emissions.


Free carbon credits could threaten Australia’s emission reduction targets, Labor’s advisors warn

RepuTex says safeguard mechanism could hand free credits to big industrial polluters and lock in fossil fuel production


Australia ‘too far behind’ to make EV batteries: lithium giant [$]

The chief executive of a global battery minerals giant says Australia faces an uphill battle to ever make batteries.


Wine industry goes green as traceability trend continues [$]

The Australian wine industry is moving towards the adoption of national sustainability standards, as demand grows for certified wine from climate-conscious consumers both internationally and at home.


Millions earmarked to power ‘renewable superpower’ [$]

Nearly $100m of taxpayer funds will be poured into developing hydrogen and critical minerals projects as the Albanese government moves to increase Australia’s low emissions exports.

From crumbling rock art to exposed ancestral remains, climate change is ravaging our precious Indigenous heritage

Anna M. Kotarba-Morley et al

Climate change is rapidly intensifying. Amid the chaos and damage it wreaks, many precious Indigenous heritage sites in Australia and around the world are being destroyed at an alarming rate.

Australia’s bid to host a COP summit could shape climate action and politics for years to come

Adam Morton

Winning the 2024 climate talks could pressure Australia to rejoin the Green Climate Fund, increase its 2035 emissions target, and ditch new coal and gas developments


Let’s get truckin’ on a solution to shrink carbon emissions

Marion Terrill

Electric trucks are much cheaper to run, but they cost more to buy. For an articulated truck, the difference can be as much as $200,000. But per kilometre, electricity costs far less than diesel.


Dam issues prove climate alarmists wrong [$]

Andrew Bolt

Global warming alarmists should say sorry for the bungling that’s let so much water run to waste in the sea.


Put a price on pollution or we’ll keep cooking the planet

Mike Berwick

Placing a value on the environment through formal well-regulated markets is a better way to effect climate action and change the behaviours destroying our planet.


Gas will power us to net-zero future [$]

Samantha McCulloch

It is a reliable alternative to coal-fired power generation and is critical to firming renewable energy.



Have you been called up for jury duty? Here’s what to expect

A record number of Victorians are being called to jury duty as the courts work through a backlog of cases. So what’s involved for a potential juror? 


Why Victorians could be fined for bushwalking [$]

A bold plan to update Victorian rules has sparked accusations the government is intruding too far into residents’ personal lives.


Car sharing is on the rise in Melbourne. Is it for you?

Car share schemes have surged in popularity in Victoria during the cost of living crunch, but access is still unequal. What will coax more people to give up their car?


New South Wales

‘Koala karaoke’ music to the ears of landholders fighting to secure the population in NSW high country

Private property owners are a crucial part of the effort to protect koalas in a high country ‘stronghold’ in south eastern NSW.


Sydney’s ‘ugliest edifice’ could be getting bigger – and locals are furious

The seawall on Sydney’s northern beaches described as an “abomination” by some locals could be getting longer, as debate reignites between those who see it as the best protection from monster waves and those who say it’s prolonging the inevitable.


Tiny solar backpacks helping save endangered birds from extinction

Tiny solar-powered, satellite backpacks are tracking one of Australia’s rarest bird species after they were released for only the second time ever in NSW as part of a conservation effort between the NSW, SA and Victorian Governments.


Teaching with turtles: the NSW program turning school students into conservationists

Schools host the reptiles and visit them in wetlands. Environmental groups say it augurs well for an activist future


Czechs buy coal power station as Flannery, St Baker exit [$]

Czech firm Sev.en Global Investments has agreed to buy the Vales Point coal power station in NSW, adding to the upheaval taking place in the transitioning energy sector.


Push to remove lanes from Victoria Road after last part of WestConnex opens

The NSW government is considering a cut to the number of traffic lanes on one of Sydney’s busiest arterial routes in a bid to revitalise a neglected inner west strip.



‘I’ve not found an alternative yet’: Businesses, charities search for viable, safe options to replace plastic takeaway containers

As the ACT government considers additional bans on single-use plastic items, businesses and charities are investigating viable, safe alternatives — and raising some concerns in the process.


The problem with the ACT’s virtue-signalling plastics ban

Steve Evans

It is deeply dispiriting to learn that the ACT government is considering banning plastic takeaway containers.



Michael and Meegan are among the growing number of people building a passive house

With its $60,000 double-glazed windows, this home will be one of Australia’s newest passive houses, maintaining a temperature of about 25 degrees Celsius.


South Australia

Bushfire-razed flora to be saved through native seed garden

A 5,000m2 garden will be a seed bank for threatened plant species on the fire-devastated Kangaroo Island and will be a lifeline for endangered South Australian flora.



Ice cream returns to a Lebanese village thanks to the power of solar

For the first time in two years kids can have ice cream for summer. The installation of solar panels has made it possible. 


We’re sleepwalking into the age of extinction

It’s humanity vs extinction — and the clock is ticking


Maggots key to crisis-time fertilizer for Ugandan farmers

Some who have warned for years about depending too much on synthetic fertilizer see larvae farming as an exemplary effort toward sustainably organic farming.


European Union signals a move away from wood energy

Wood was supposed to help the E.U. reach its renewable energy goals. But it has contributed to increased emissions and a loss of Europe’s protected woodlands.


What do we owe future generations? And what can we do to make their world a better place?

Michael Noete

Your great grandchildren are powerless in today’s society.


Why ‘best before’ food labelling is not best for the planet or your budget

Louise Grimmer and Nathan Kilah

UK supermarkets have removed “best before” dates on thousands of fresh food products in an effort to reduce food waste.


Nature Conservation

Humans have a long history of making ‘very bad decisions’ to save animals

As scientists push the frontiers of conservation technology, some of their initiatives raise ethical questions.


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