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Post of the Day

A ‘genius’ inventor has a plan to decarbonise Australia — and he needs your help

Australia’s race to net zero will partly be a nationwide home renovation project. And it starts with your hot water system.


On This Day

September 22


Ecological Observance

World Car Free Day

World Rhino Day

National Arbor Day – Barbados

Elephant Appreciation Day


Climate Change

Improved air quality accelerates global warming in recent decades

An international research team has used satellite data to demonstrate that concentrations of pollutant particles have decreased significantly since the year 2000. This is desirable due to their impact on health. But it is also of great significance for another reason, since it has reduced the particles’ cooling effect on the climate.


New crypto sustainability coalition to investigate potential of web3 technologies in fighting climate change

Today the World Economic Forum launched a new coalition to investigate and highlight the potential of web3 technologies, such as crypto and blockchain, in accelerating action on climate change


Denmark offers ‘loss and damage’ funding to poorer countries for climate breakdown

Denmark ‘gets ball rolling’ at UN ahead of protests as poor nations call for greater collective commitment


Prince William cites the Queen as he calls for fresh focus on climate fight

Prince of Wales said protecting the environment was a cause close to his grandmother’s heart.



New areas of research must be explored to achieve negative emissions

Australia’s research expertise, wealth of critical minerals and renewable energy potential could make it an international leader in removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, according to leading experts.


Australia signs global nature pledge committing to reverse biodiversity loss by 2030

Morrison government refused to sign Leaders’ Pledge for Nature in 2020 but Anthony Albanese signals environment is back as priority


Coal comfort keeps economic storm at bay for Soul Patts [$]

Record coal prices are helping insulate one of Australia’s oldest conglomerates against rising inflation, interest rates, and the threat of an economic downturn.


Nats MP sparks climate stoush [$]

Nationals MP Keith Pitt says any future Coalition government should be prepared to pull out of the Paris Agreement so it can lower Australia’s 2030 emissions reduction target.


There’s a huge surge in solar production under way – and Australia could show world how to use it

Andrew Blakers

You might feel despondent after reading news reports about countries doubling down on fossil fuels to cope with energy price spikes. Don’t. It’s a blip.

Outdated ideas putting the ‘gross’ in groceries

 Ali Clarke

One simple change could make a huge difference to the shocking amount of food Australians waste every year


Coles ditches servos as supermarkets end their love affair with fuel

Elizabeth Knight

The key motivation might be financial, but selling its portfolio of 700 fuel stations also helps Coles make up ground on improving its ESG (environmental, social, governance) bona fides.


Zero sum game: questions surround Australia’s electricity transition

Zacharias Szumer

The urgent task of decarbonisation is raising questions about whether Australia’s energy structures are fit for purpose.



Airport link giant win for Maribyrnong and Victoria

Member for Maribyrnong and Minister for the NDIS and Government Services Bill Shorten says the Victorian Government’s announcement that Keilor East will have a brand-new station for the new airport ‘sky rail’ line is a boon for the whole electorate and local community.


Plans for this massive abalone farm were knocked back once. Now the locals are fighting against it a second time

A plan for a huge abalone farm in south-west Victoria is in the hands of the state’s planning minister almost two years after the planning tribunal said no to it.


New South Wales

Hunter residents encouraged to be on lookout for toxic cane toads

NSW biosecurity specialists have this week been called to a property at Mandalong, west of Lake Macquarie, following the detection of a colony of cane toads that were found under a sheet of tin.


Three years late, but Murray-Darling water sharing plan for NSW gets approval

In a major step for the Murray-Darling Basin Plan, federal water minister Tanya Plibersek approves the first plan for how New South Wales will share water in the river system.


Murray-Darling Basin plan on the brink after NSW says it cannot meet water savings deadline

Failure infuriates other states and may force Tanya Plibersek to impose highly controversial buybacks


Facing extinction, the plains-wanderer gets another chance at survival with Riverina release

Fifteen critically endangered plains-wanderers have been released in south-west New South Wales, despite some birds from the last flock released being killed or going missing.


‘Diabolical’ green tape on NSW homes adds thousands in costs [$]

Clarissa Bye

A sneaky war on gas cooking, home water tanks that don’t work and attacks on wood fires – green tape is invading our homes.


We helped fill a major climate change knowledge gap, thanks to 130,000-year-old sediment in Sydney lakes

Alexander Franke et al

Plants capture around half the carbon we emit by burning fossil fuels, making them a crucial part of mitigating climate change. But carbon is often released back into the atmosphere when plants die, decompose and eventually turn into dirt.


Half of Western Sydney foodbowl land may have been lost to development in just 10 years

Nicky Morrison and Awais Piracha

Growing fresh produce on the outskirts of a city reduces food miles and increases food security. But the foodbowls next to our our big cities are fast losing their land to urban growth.



Consortium greenlights green energy corridor between Queensland and Korea

Three of Korea’s largest conglomerate groups have formed a powerful new Consortium in Queensland to unlock the State’s hydrogen potential and build a green energy export corridor, connecting North Queensland to north-east Asia.


Hydrogen deal to turn Collinsville from coal to $20b green energy hub

The old coal town of Collinsville will be the centre of a $20 billion renewable energy and ammonia/hydrogen project worth billions led by Korea Zinc’s Ark Energy in Townsville.


Qld’s ‘carbon capital’ ready for change [$]

Kahn Goodluck

The “engine room” of Queensland has, until recently, been driven by heavy industries. But major trading partners are decarbonising their economies and we need to adapt.


South Australia

Operators of two illegal dumps hit with record $1.1m penalty [$]

The operators of two illegal dumps in Adelaide’s north have been hit with a record $1.1m fine, with a judge saying they offended deliberately.


About 230 whales stranded on Tasmanian beach on same day as last event two years ago

A mass stranding of about 230 whales has occurred at Macquarie Harbour on Tasmania’s west coast, two years to the day since a similar event in the same spot, with authorities saying “half are still alive”.


Northern Territory

‘A huge victory’: Traditional owners win court challenge against $4.7b Santos gas project

A federal court judge has upheld a challenge brought by Munupi clan elders who said they were not properly consulted before the project was approved.



Rooftop solar cells can be boon for water conservation too

Electricity-generating rooftop solar cells not only save on planet-warming carbon emissions, they also save a significant amount of water, say a pair of Duke University researchers who have done the math.


Researchers aim to turn century-old building into model of smart energy use

A century-old building at the University of Alberta is getting a whole lot smarter, thanks to researchers who are figuring out how to optimize all the control systems within the structure with the aim of reducing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, increasing comfort for building occupants and saving operational costs. 


UN-led coalition to release targets to cut carbon from public construction projects

New international targets to cut carbon emissions from public construction projects – from new buildings to roads and bridges – will be released by a global coalition of public and private organizations led by the UN Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).


Fertilisers cause more than 2% of global emissions

Synthetic nitrogen fertilisers account for 2.1% of global greenhouse gas emissions, new research shows.


Research on nuclear fuel burnup supports effort to reduce waste and fuel costs

Increasing burnup from 50 gigawatt-days per metric ton (GWd/MTU) of uranium to 75 can decrease fuel costs, increase proliferation resistance and decrease the amount of fuel waste


International Energy Agency wants an end date for petrol and diesel cars

The International Energy Agency has called for a global end to the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2035 as it argues for a “massive scaling up” of investment to boost energy security.


Exposure to air pollution may worsen autism-related hospital admissions in kids

Autistic children seem to be at heightened risk of being admitted to hospital if they are exposed to air pollution for relatively brief periods, with boys more at risk than girls, suggests research published in the open access journal BMJ Open.


Lithium-ion battery material breaks barrier on fast charging

Researchers at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, discovered a key material needed for fast-charging lithium-ion batteries. The commercially relevant approach opens a potential pathway to improve charging speeds for electric vehicles.


Nuclear power still doesn’t make much sense

Farhad Manjoo

Responding to the world’s climate emergency with nuclear power is like calling on a sloth to put out a house fire.


Nature Conservation

US Interior Department Announces Nearly $105 Million in Funding for Wetland Conservation Projects and National Wildlife Refuges

The Department of the Interior today announced that more than $31 million in grants has been approved by the Migratory Bird Conservation Commission, which will conserve or restore 116,305 acres of wetland and associated upland habitats for waterfowl, shorebirds and other birds in 18 states. The grants, made through the North American Wetlands Conservation Act (NAWCA), will be matched by more than $60 million in partner funds.


No evidence that dehorning black rhinos negatively impacts species’ reproduction or survival, study finds

There are no statistically significant differences in key factors of population growth – breeding, birth, survival, life span and death – between dehorned or horned black rhinos new research, conducted by the University of Bristol Vet School, Namibian Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism, and Save the Rhino Trust has found.


Tropical soils ‘highly sensitive’ to global warming

Global warming is likely to cause a decline in the number of species of microbes that live in tropical soils – and that could threaten the biodiversity of rainforests and increase carbon emissions.


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