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Post of the Day

Labor’s climate bill has just cleared parliament. What does this mean for Australia?

Labor’s climate bill has officially cleared the Senate, paving the way for a 43 per cent emission reduction target and goal of net zero emissions by 2050 to become law. Here’s what you need to know.


On This Day

September 9

Queen Elizabeth II dies peacefully, age 96, palace confirms


Ecological Observance

Thung Yai-Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuaries Day – Thailand


Climate Change

Climate scientists are becoming climate activists as governments fail to heed warnings

As the gulf between climate science and climate action grows, these scientists are putting their bodies on the line to demand more is done.


World on brink of five ‘disastrous’ climate tipping points, study finds

Giant ice sheets, ocean currents and permafrost regions may already have passed point of irreversible change



Climate bill passes parliament, making 43 per cent reduction target law

The federal government’s landmark climate bill passes parliament with the help of the Greens, Jacqui Lambie Network and David Pocock.


Australia’s favourite car comes last, again, on vehicle environment report

Toyota comes last for the second year in a row in a report from Greenpeace, which ranks the largest 10 global car makers on their climate change performance.


Unions demand job guarantees for coal workers moving to renewable industries

With a renewable revolution on the horizon, union leaders warn of an “enormous problem” if a national energy transition authority is not established to support workers moving to low carbon jobs.


Eradication of bee varroa mite ‘very achievable’, Senate told

Biosecurity co-ordinators say Australia is on track to eradicate the varroa parasite from beehives.


Energy giant earmarks $4.4 billion for Australia

A world leader in wind power and green hydrogen has earmarked $4.4 billion for Australia.

Tipping point for EV sales rise reached

An expected rise in demand for electric cars is likely to outstrip supply in coming years but one expert says the gap could be filled by second hand imports.

4-day working week may benefit the climate

Reducing working hours to a four-day week could have a potentially significant impact on the environment and, more broadly, on society, say lawyers. 


Will Putin’s war finally see Australia profit from its gas exports?

Australia’s largely foreign-owned gas sector is making super profits. But will it finally pay taxes to match?


Australia finally has new climate laws. Now, let’s properly consider the astounding social cost of carbon

Thomas Longden et al

The federal government’s climate change bill passed the Senate on Thursday. Among the mandates in the new Climate Change Act are assessments of the social, employment and economic benefits of climate change policies.


Will 7-star housing really cost more? It depends, but you can keep costs down in a few simple ways

Trivess Moore and Nicola Willand

The required energy-efficiency rating of new housing in Australia will increase from 6 to 7 stars from October next year. Some claim this will greatly increase housing costs. But is this true?


3 ways the fossil fuel industry has failed women – clean energy must learn from its mistakes

Emily Finch and Melanie Finch

A crucial outcome of Australia’s jobs summit last week was the commitment to review programs aimed at boosting the number of women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) careers.


We all need to be part of the renewable plan to power Australia

Darren Edwards

As our nation transitions toward a renewable energy future, it is critical that all Australians, not just the energy market, play a central role in planning and delivering the country’s future electricity system.


The Defence Strategic Review – we need to urgently reduce conflicts and global warming

Brian Toohey

Cabinet needs to insist Marles’ return to Labor’s previous support for an independent foreign policy and recognise there is no guarantee an arms build-up won’t lead to a calamitous war. Crucially, the Albanese government needs to give a clear priority to helping reduce conflicts and global warming that cause horrendous suffering to innocent people around the globe.


Pocock and bull story

Rachel Withers

Labor’s climate bill passes the Senate, but the bullsh*t is far from over


Labor’s climate targets are now law. Now comes the hard part [$]

Dan Jervis-Bardy

The easy part is done.


Senate passes climate change bill. This should become springboard for action

Jennifer Rayner

Something special happened in the Australian Parliament today. After nearly a decade when joint action on climate change felt as remote as a Jimi Hendrix comeback tour, our Parliament has come together to pass the Climate Change Act.


Not such a clever country without nuclear [$]

Claire Lehmann

Australia remains paralysed and impotent thanks to our moratorium on nuclear power – Luddite legislation that was passed more than two decades ago.


No car loans from Bank Australia, unless it’s an EV — and the US may do the same

Sarah Rehberg

Bank Australia recently announced that it will stop granting loans for new fossil fuel cars from 2025 forward to force more people to purchase electric vehicles. Justifying the bank’s move, its chief impact officer proclaimed, “We think that the responsible thing for us to do … is to ensure that our vehicle lending doesn’t lock our customers in to higher carbon emissions and increasingly expensive running costs in the years ahead.”



Atmos looks to battery storage projects after buying Victoria wind farms

Igneo Infrastructure Partners wins auction to buy 60% stake in the Lal Lal wind farms in Victoria, and is looking at more transactions.

Offshore wind plans boosted as developers fathom full Gippsland potential

BlueFloat Energy and Energy Estate announce major boost to capacity of the offshore wind farm they propose to build in the Gippsland Bass Strait region.


New South Wales

Australian-first climate policy could see new targets imposed on polluters

The NSW Environment Protection Authority will set targets and limits on emissions to help the state get to net zero by 2050.


Sacred ‘Grandmother Tree’ allegedly cut down by trespassers on Aboriginal community’s land

A community in the NSW Hunter region is pleading for its land to be respected after a culturally significant tree was destroyed, as police vow to crack down on illegal visitors.


NSW first cultural burn takes place on major infrastructure site

A ceremonial Indigenous land cleansing has taken place on a major infrastructure site on the NSW far south coast, marking a state-wide first.


‘Sydney’ is being erased before our very eyes

Michael Koziol

Urban planning is a funny old thing. It’s pretty important, endlessly controversial (at least among a subset of people), easy to criticise when it’s bad and difficult to deliver even when it’s good.



A new green machine: When Victor met Victor

City Services roped in everyone’s favourite lair, Victor the Viking, to hop aboard its new bright-green electric mower this week and help promote the mowing program.


Light rail works, car park closures ‘will change habits’ for city commute

Significant disruption to traffic and parking in Canberra’s city centre while work continues on the second stage of light rail will force people to change their commuting habits, the ACT Transport Minister has said.



Sacred Cape York land handed back to three Traditional Owner groups

The vast and sacred area of Cape York figures large in the Dreaming of the area’s Traditional Owners, who are salt and fresh water people.

Australia’s most coal dependent state may be about to make big green leap

Corporate Australia’s green energy plans are likely to sweep Australia’s most coal dependent state into a future it could barely imagine.


New eco-festival revealed for 2023 Tasmanian summer [$]

Tasmania is getting a brand new musical and culture festival this summer.


Planning alliance wins award for environmental protection [$]

A small group of eco-minded planners have used a key award win to highlight some of the problems facing planning policy in Tasmania


Another mass salmon escape

Media release – Neighbours of Fish Farming

On Tuesday 6th September, residents along the Huon River were confronted by fishing tinnies busily trying to catch the feral Atlantic salmon whose mass escape is the most recent of a long history of failures by the aquaculture industry.


Northern Territory

Mine operator expected to be granted more time to rehabilitate uranium pits in Kakadu

The federal government has introduced a bill to allow a mining operator more time to rehabilitate a decommissioned uranium mine near Kakadu National Park.


Why radioactive waste will soon become part of Kakadu [$]

Costing $1.2bn, a uranium mine rehab program will see radioactive waste reintegrated into Kakadu National Park. We examine how the project will roll out and the safety measures behind it.


Future of oil and gas industry clouded by Labor’s fracking stance

The future of the oil and gas industry has been thrown into disarray after a string of submissions  ranging from a complete ban on fracking to prohibiting subsidies — were passed without dissent at an NT Labor Conference.



Why electric vehicles aren’t cost-free environmental saviours

A new book finds the shift to Teslas and their competitors, financed by tens of billions of dollars of subsidies, also involves significant environmental and geopolitical damage.


Bolsonaro’s war on the Amazon: examining evidence of crimes against Indigenous people – video

A serial denier of human-driven climate breakdown, Jair Bolsonaro has been criticised in the past for failing to protect the Amazon rainforest and its native communities.



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