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When ten steps forward and none back is what needs to happen for banks to reduce climate risk, we’re likely to see almost as many steps back as forward when they stare down shareholders. Pretending the emergency isn’t on is no response.

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Post of the Day

In a new book, Annie Proulx shows us how to fall in love with wetlands

These vital carbon sinks and havens for biodiversity, rarely encountered, are disappearing three times faster than forests.


On This Day

December 5

Krampus Night


Ecological Observance

World Soil Day

Coastcare Week


Climate Change

Worried about climate change, you may have eco-anxiety

Over two-thirds of Americans have experienced eco-anxiety, according to a 2019 survey from the American Psychological Association.



‘Like having a pool but useful’: Why more Australians will share electric cars

Shared electric vehicles are being offered in more apartment buildings, office blocks and hotels — and experts say they could see some drivers ditch private cars altogether.


Australia urged to take leadership role at Cop15 biodiversity summit

‘The conference for nature this month in Montreal could be what Paris was for climate. We must seize this opportunity’, environment minister Tanya Plibersek says


Cap on coal price complicating federal bid to quell Australians’ energy costs

Bill Shorten says all options remain on the table as the federal government remains hopeful agreement with states can be struck

Sure sign Aussie summer has arrived

 In the surest sign summer has arrived in Australia, temperatures are forecast to rise above 40 degrees in parts of the country from next week.


Soaring coal delivers Chalmers a Christmas miracle [$]

Prices for the fossil fuel, iron ore and gas will add $58 billion to tax revenue and deliver Treasurer Jim Chalmers a budget bottomline temporarily in balance.


Australia’s largest cement producer explores carbon capture [$]

Cement Australia is moving into carbon capture and storage amid growing pressure on heavy industry to reduce emissions.


Labor election buoys energy investment sentiment, survey finds [$]

Investors are now less concerned about climate policy, but they are also demanding greater action before committing their money.


Power shock: Electricity bills won’t fall for months [$]

Electricity bills are likely to remain high until at least the middle of next year, as Anthony Albanese makes a last-ditch push to strike a deal with Queensland and NSW to impose coal price caps.


It’s time to show gas companies government’s ‘baseball bat’: Sims [$]

Gas companies raking in super profits can be convinced to play ball on bringing down energy bills without drastic legislative changes, the former head of the competition watchdog has flagged.


Climate bell tolls for banks as investors turn up the heat

Clancy Yeates

Over the next fortnight, three of Australia’s big banks will face a fresh round of shareholder pressure over their responses to climate change.


Half of Australia’s biggest companies have net-zero emissions plans, but climate action may come too late

Tom Wainwright and Coral Bravo

About half of Australia’s biggest listed companies have plans to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions, our new analysis has found.


Why a short-term gas price cap will be a long-term disaster [$]

Karen Maley

The Albanese government’s move will deter much-needed new investment in Australian production and set a dangerous precedent for mining companies.


Time for a conversation about nuclear energy [$]

Ted O’Brien

The Prime Minister is opposed to a mature national conversation about nuclear energy, but the voices of the Australian people still want to be heard.


In minister Bowen, Labor gambles on the power of one [$]

Nick Cater

The Energy Minister’s timetable for solar panel and giant wind turbine installation has collided with the roadblock of cold, hard reality.


Coal and gas boost budget amid domestic supply crisis [$]

Australian editorial

In a decarbonised economy, the value of fossil fuel resources is blunted.


National cabinet runs risk of energy chaos [$]

Robert Gottliebsen

This week’s national cabinet meeting is one of the most dangerous gatherings of Australia’s leaders in recent times, with the potential to plunge the east coast of the nation into energy turmoil.


How green we were [$]

Bernard Salt

Comparing the way we live today with the 1960s, one thing in particular sticks out. Back then, I think we lived closer to the environment.



Can a skyscraper be low carbon?

Melbourne is building the country’s tallest apartment building and COP27 has just finished. Here’s an explainer linking the two.


New South Wales

NSW best state in Australia for renewable energy, report finds

Australia has been making big improvements in renewable energy, according to an annual scorecard from WWF Australia.


Greater glider now endangered in NSW, but what is driving its demise?

The southern greater glider has been made endangered in NSW due to climate change, bushfires and native logging severely reducing its population and habitat.



‘We cannot support it’: Liberals will oppose light rail to Woden

The Canberra Liberals have formally pulled their support for the second stage of light rail, saying the route to Woden would not be built if the party was elected in 2024.


Canberra Liberals seek to go over old ground as they hedge a fresh bet on light rail

Jasper Lindell

Madness is trying the same thing over and over while expecting a different result, runs the familiar truism.


South Australia

‘There’s a lot of anxiety’: Concerns over power cuts as River Murray rises

As the River Murray continues to rise, farmers worry about the impacts of having their power cut off. Meanwhile, authorities will begin relocating a group of the most vulnerable aged care residents from Renmark this week.


Why building subs will ‘bust myths’ over nuclear power [$]

Adelaide-based submarine construction will bust “ill-founded” ideological myths about atomic safety – according to the Premier – as he opens the door to nuclear power.


New tech saving thousands of Tasmanian wildlife [$]

Millions of animals are killed, injured or orphaned every year on Tasmanian roads. See why a new app could be the key to saving them.


Northern Territory

As this city sweltered through record heatwaves, the bitumen was even hotter. So what can be done about it?

Darwin is known for its formidable heat, but after a cyclone took out many of its trees, there are fears a lack of shade and other cooling measures could drive people away from the Northern Territory capital “even more quickly”.


‘Shameful’: NT government moves on controversial gas fracking laws [$]

Traditional owners and environmentalists are saying the Fyles government has made an ‘extremely risky’ move on gas fracking development.


Northern Land Council slams government’s “sneaky” gas Bill “selling out”

The Northern Land Council has accused the Northern Territory government of being “sneaky” in its handling of a controversial new gas industry law.


Western Australia

Predators, climate change have pushed a cute quail beyond the brink, researchers say

Painted button-quails have not been spotted on one island at the Abrolhos since 2006, while very few birds are left elsewhere.


Fears grow over WA energy crisis this summer amid botched importation of NSW coal

State-owned West Australian power provider Synergy is facing questions about whether it paid millions of dollars to import the wrong type of coal as it scrambles to keep the lights on this summer.


WA police raid home of Indigenous woman campaigning to protect sacred rock art

Raelene Cooper was giving evidence as an expert witness during the trial of three climate protesters when officers searched her property



Cumbria coalmine plan is ‘backward step’, says Alok Sharma

Tory party’s most respected figure on climate says mine will damage UK’s international reputation as well as environment


Air pollution costs Bangladesh up to 4.4% of its GDP in 2019: World Bank

Bangladesh’s economic losses from air pollution are estimated between 3.9% and 4.4% of the country’s gross domestic product in 2019, said a World Bank report on Sunday.


China eyes 10% cut in pesticide use on fruit, vegetables by 2025

China, the world’s top user of pesticides, aims to reduce their use in cultivation of fruit, vegetables and tea by a tenth within three years’ time, the farm ministry said on Thursday, in an effort to curb chemicals in the food chain.


Nature Conservation

In Mexico, endangered monarch butterflies inspire hopes of a comeback

The migratory monarch population has fallen between 22% and 72% over the past decade, according to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, which declared the species endangered in July.


The Guardian view on biodiversity collapse: the crisis humanity can no longer ignore

Guardian editorial

A million animal and plant species are perilously close to extinction. Their fate and ours are intimately connected

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