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Hardly a bunch of tree-huggers, this lot.

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Post of the Day

‘Fate of the living world’ will be decided at Cop15, say scientists

Leading researchers say the UN biodiversity summit is ‘vastly more important’ than the recent Cop27 climate meeting


On This Day

December 8

Saint Clement of Ohrid Day – North Macedonia

Feast of the Immaculate Conception – Catholicism

Bodhi Day – Japanese Buddhism


Climate Change

After U.N. climate deal, ‘loss and damage’ funding two years off

Countries agreed at last month’s United Nations climate summit to create a fund to help poor countries damaged by climate disasters, but it will likely take two years to work out where the money will come from, a German climate official said on Wednesday.


Democrats ditch Manchin’s ‘dirty deal’ after opposition from climate activists

A last-ditch effort to force through legislation that would weaken environmental protections and fast-track energy projects has failed.



States push back on imposing coal price cap

 States are pushing back against a federal government request for them to impose a coal price cap in a bid to drive down power bills.


Pleasing none, Albanese presents consensus position on rising power bills; gets tentative tick

Sweeping aside divisions within caucus – and cabinet – and the threat of a broader split, never mind the threat of a well-resourced campaign from the mining lobby, Anthony Albanese has ultimately stepped in for the consumer on energy, but limited the fallout to industry.


Australian energy ministers to agree on promoting battery uptake but views on price caps differ

Gathering of state and federal officials in Brisbane on Thursday not expected to result in consensus on proposed price caps on coal and gas


How these ecosystems act like an ‘airbag for our coastline’ and secretly protect us from the effects of climate change

Research reveals the vital role saltmarsh and seagrass play in protecting Australian homes. 


Australia needs ‘wartime mobilisation’ response to climate crisis, security leaders say

Australian Security Leaders Climate Group says measures needed to contain climate change will be disruptive, but better than ‘existential threat’ of the alternative


Federal EPA will decide on developments

The federal government will put development decisions that affect Australia’s most important natural assets in the hands of an independent authority.


‘Nature Positive Plan’: balancing act in environmental law overhaul [$]

Federal Labor is to attempt to balance the environment and business as it responds to a two-year-old blunt and scathing review of Australia’s national environmental protection framework, overhauling National Environment Standards and holding onto controversial Regional Forestry Agreements.


Remote energy funding demand

WA and the NT want hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funds for renewable energy in remote Indigenous communities.


Don’t be fooled by floods — some towns are at greater risk than ever of running dry

Despite the flooding, experts warn that country towns are more likely than ever to run out of water during the next drought, but why?

EV charging will trump air-cons to be biggest single load on grid, but there are benefits

ESB paper says EV charging could easily eclipse electricity demand from any other technology – but if managed well could also result in cheaper power for consumers.


Energy crisis has ‘badly damaged’ social licence of coal and gasPolitics with Michelle Grattan podcast

Australians are currently confronting a cost of living crisis that includes soaring energy prices. Ministers have been working for weeks on a strategy to contain the prices of coal and gas, driven up by the fallout from the Ukraine war.


Value over volume: Glencore’s clever profit-boosting coal mine closures

Stephen Bartholomeusz

Glencore plans to close 12 coal mines in the next 12 years to meet its emissions reductions targets. It can do that without making a dent in its profits.


Jailing Indonesians for shark finning in Australian waters doesn’t solve the real driver – poverty

Anthony Schuyler Marinac

Last week, four Indonesian fishermen were convicted for taking shark fins and poaching fish in Australian waters. The four men were spotted off remote Niiwalarra/Sir Graham Moore island in the Kimberley region of Western Australia, more than 150 nautical miles inside Australia’s exclusive economic zone.


It’s a trap: mooted gas cap plays into the hands of the cartel, locks in high energy prices

Rex Patrick

National Cabinet is to consider capping the gas price at $12 when National Cabinet meets Friday. At that high price, the government is gifting super profits to the gas cartel at the expense of Australians


Time for Australia to have a conversation about nuclear energy

Ted O’Brien

If the PM’s speech had started with Whitlam’s plan for uranium enrichment and nuclear power, it could have seamlessly transitioned into comments from Labor’s longest-serving leader, Bob Hawke.


Cap in hand

Rachel Withers

In negotiating coal price compensation, NSW and Queensland have sounded like the energy companies


Community sector vital to climate crisis response

Danielle Kutchel

A new Australian-first climate crisis plan sets out how the sector can use a local lens for mitigation.

Fossil fuel majors are reaping obscene profits: A simple levy could protect Australians from hyperinflation

Tim Buckley

We have done the math on the profits multinational fossil fuel corporations will book in calendar year 2022 on export revenues. The cost to Australia is serious.

Bowen to present new capacity mechanism that may look like storage target

Giles Parkinson

Federal energy minister Chris Bowen to present new capacity mechanism that will look more like a storage target or NSW energy roadmap than a prop for coal plants.


New South Wales

‘It’s like a graveyard’: Authorities investigate fish kill event on Sydney’s north shore

Scores of dead fish and eels have been found in a creek blanketed in foam, not far from the site of a major rubbish fire that broke out this week.


Bondi of the west: Penrith Lakes to be transformed [$]

Penrith Lakes will be turned into a world class waterway with its own version of Bondi Icebergs under a bold new vision to be unveiled today.


High-speed Sydney to Melbourne rail plan ‘will never work’: infrastructure tsar

One of the world’s top infrastructure tsars says planners and the prime minister should forget high-speed rail between the eastern capitals and focus on faster trains around Sydney and other sprawling urban areas.


Sydney is getting taller, but is it getting better?

Sydney is now the world’s 41st tallest city, and the number of skyscrapers is growing.


Crays return to Murray River after ‘Cinderella’ transformation

Hundreds of oxygen-starved Murray crayfish plucked from floodwaters have been returned to the river after undergoing an amazing transformation.


Gas project nixed by ScoMo ‘could pump by 2025’ [$]

Asset Energy says it could have been supplying the national market at $8 a gigajoule by 2024 if Scott Morrison had not killed its permit off the NSW coast.


The draconian laws that jailed climate activist Violet CocoFull Story podcast

Climate protester Violet Coco’s 15-month jail term for demonstrating on the Sydney Harbour Bridge has raised alarm amongst environmentalists, human rights organisations and a UN special rapporteur. She is the first person to be sentenced to prison under NSW anti-protest laws introduced in April.


Premier Perrottet pleased with prison punishment for protester

Wendy Bacon

Climate protesters such as Deanna Coco are receiving harsh punishment from lawmakers who are out of touch with real global threats.

Climate protester’s sentence is half that of Grace Tame’s abuser’s. Is this justice? [$]

Michael Bradley

What we treat as a crime, and how we choose to punish it, says much about us a society. So what are our values?



Should flying between Canberra and Sydney be abolished?

Audrey Quicke

The flight takes less than one hour and yet there are few environmentally friendly alternatives



This council has moved to have more healthier, bigger trees within new development and reduce urban heat

The requirement is designed to add to Brisbane’s urban tree cover, help reduce urban heating and heat island effects, and create a more attractive city landscape.


Could eco-tourism in this Noosa national park open the floodgates for commercialisation?

Conservationists fear an eco-tourism development between Noosa and Rainbow Beach could have flow-on consequences for other environmentally protected areas.


Conservationists give stick to beef over land clearing rates

The Queensland Conservation Council has denied launching an attack on the state’s beef industry after releasing what it has called evidence of widespread deforestation to expand livestock production.


Queensland’s dam upgrade bill to pour pressure on state budget

Among other “fiscal pressures”, the government is under the pump to upgrade and develop vital water infrastructure, Wednesday’s budget update says.


‘Red flag’: Mining giant pulls plug, as Qld coal royalties profits climb

Queensland could earn close to $5 billion from its coal super-profits tax this year – $2 billion more than the latest estimate. But the news comes as a mining giant confirms it will pull the plug on a $2b local mine.


30 year anniversary celebrations of K’gari (Fraser Island) receiving World Heritage Listing

Traditional Owners and Queensland Government officials gather at King Fisher Bay resort on K’gari (Fraser Island) to celebrate 30 years since the island was added to the World heritage List.


South Australia

‘Quality sludge’: Dirty nappy recycling program stopping waste going to waste

Disposable nappies are convenient but come at a huge cost to the environment. Efforts are underway near Adelaide to recycle some of the hundreds of millions that end up in Australian landfill every year.


Threat reduced: Uncontrolled bushfire headed toward Maitland

Maitland residents have been urged to take care as a bushfire threat is reduced on the Yorke Peninsula.


Your views: on zero emission Adelaide trains


At last. Instead of the costly and inconvenient 25 kV overhead lines, the government must seriously consider battery-driven trains as mentioned here.


Roadkill app highlights a bigger issue as wildlife care sector struggles to meet demand [$]

The Tasmanian government released a new roadkill app last week in an effort to reduce the incidence of wildlife roadkill on Tasmanian roads, but a volunteer from Tasmania’s largest wildlife rescue service said the focus is in the wrong place


Northern Territory

NT chief minister says states, Commonwealth must help offset emissions to obtain Territory’s gas

Natasha Fyles says the federal government and states with gas shortages must work with the Northern Territory if new supplies from the Beetaloo Basin are to be unlocked and all carbon emissions offset as promised.


Western Australia

As WA grapples with a power crisis, the opponents of a wind farm are gearing up for a fight

Two major green energy projects are one step closer in Western Australia, but while one project has been welcomed by its local community, the other has not.


Pilbara Minerals weathers lithium downturn to ride battery boom

Over the past three years, Pilbara Minerals has gone from treading water to becoming a $14 billion company at the forefront of Australia’s battery boom.


‘Twiggy’ Forrest wins race for clean energy developer

Australia’s richest man has dramatically accelerated his push into the local green power sector in the biggest acquisition in the history of the local clean energy industry.


Big, bigger, biggest: Forrest’s energy ambition ‘on fire’

Elizabeth Knight

The crown of Australia’s decarbonisation king now belongs to mining billionaire Andrew Forrest as he takes his decarbonisation crusade to the next level.



This metal is essential for the transition to renewable energy. Experts say a shortage is looming

Analysts are concerned about the supply of copper, along with the actions being taken around the world to increase stocks.


Plastic or pine? Consumers urged to make eco-friendly Christmas tree choices

Derived from pagan and Christian customs, the Christmas tree has become a holiday staple over the centuries. But does this timeless tradition need an eco-makeover?


A new plastics treaty is coming for your bags and bottles

Meanwhile, plastics industry coalitions—which include the world’s largest plastic producers, like Nestlé and Unilever—are calling for a focus on recycling and global targets defined by national priorities.


What would a green World Cup look like?

What would it take to really make the World Cup, and other sports mega-events, a genuine part of a low-carbon world?

Lithium-ion battery pack prices rise for first time since 2010, hurting EVs and storage

Prices aren’t seen to drop under the crucial $US100/kWh level until 2026 – two years later than expected.


Have no doubt: opening a coalmine in Cumbria is a climate crime against humanity

Caroline Lucas

Locals desperate for lower bills, jobs and economic revival have been seduced by this plan, but they – and we – will suffer


Nature Conservation

Rook and swift added to threatened bird species list in Wales

Number of species on red list in the country doubled in last 20 years


Rhino conservation in Nepal creates a burden for communities, infrastructure and other species, study warns

Efforts to conserve rhinos in Nepal have put a burden on communities, infrastructure and other wildlife in Nepal, a new study warns.


Countries bet on forests and soils to reach net-zero

New research highlights the risks of countries relying on nature-based solutions to achieve net-zero.


Warming climate spurs harmful oxygen loss in lakes

New research shows a continually warming world is leading to extended, late-summer weeks of water stratification in lakes, which prompts oxygen deprivation in the water — provoking conditions called hypoxia (low oxygen) and anoxia (no oxygen) — and negative consequences for fish and other species.


Learning to love — and protect — burned trees

Wildfire-killed trees are some of the most important structures in a forest. So why are they still being logged? 


The 30 percent goal: Is bigger always better for biodiversity?

The UN biodiversity conference now meeting in Montreal is considering a proposal to commit to putting 30 percent of land and sea under protection by 2030. Some ecologists warn that focusing too much on the size of protected areas risks missing what most needs saving.


Avoiding climate breakdown depends on protecting Earth’s biodiversity – can the COP15 summit deliver?

Nathan Cooper

Thousands of delegates have gathered in Montreal, Canada, for a once-in-a-decade chance to address the accelerating pace of species loss and the dangers of ecosystem breakdown.

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