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Try to imagine the gloom and despair of all who contributed to The Uluṟu Statement from the Heart if The Voice doesn’t get up whenever the referendum is held. It is too horrid to contemplate. Australia, we have to be better than this.

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Post of the Day

Why government action to thwart neo-Nazi groups is far more difficult than it appears

Greg Barton

Hate and prejudice hold no place in our community and we will not tolerate any offensive and abhorrent anti-social behaviour. This statement by a Victoria Police spokeswoman could not have been clearer. Hate and prejudice are most certainly not welcome in one of the world’s most diverse and successful multicultural communities.


On This Day

May 18

Ascension Day – Western Christianity


Human Rights Observance

Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Deportation of the Peoples of Crimea


Voice to Parliament

Fresh bid to save Voice after latest blow

As new polling suggests the Voice is losing momentum, a Liberal proponent will seek to strengthen its prospects.


Kerry O’Brien and Thomas Mayo join forces on ‘truth-telling and myth-busting’ voice guide

The pair aim to explain in simple terms what the voice is all about to counter the ‘noise’ and ‘confusion’ they say is being sown by opponents


Indigenous voice referendum pamphlet: what is it and who gets to write it?

The paperwork will contain two 2,000-word essays about the proposed constitutional changes from both sides of the debate. Here’s what you need to know


Legal quirk could force some opposition MPs to vote against holding Indigenous voice referendum

Politicians can only contribute to official campaign essays according to how they vote on constitutional alteration bill


‘I’m terrified we’ll lose’: Voice advocate pleads for compromise to save referendum

Eminent Indigenous leader Mick Gooda says if there needs to be a compromise to get the referendum over the line, then it should be made as “we can’t afford to lose”.


‘I want a say’: Hanson pushes to write Voice No pamphlet

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson will push to write the No case in the official Voice referendum pamphlet sent to every Australian household, setting up a potential stoush with the Coalition over who will have control over the wording.


‘Outrageous’: Bar voice poll rigged, lawyers say [$]

Enraged barristers have accused the Victorian Bar of ‘unacceptable interference’ in a poll to decide whether the association backs the voice or not.


Libs to name MPs to lead No vote push [$]

Liberals will be nominated to vote against the government’s voice constitution alteration bill so they can help write the No pamphlet.


“No” campaign defends incorrectly identifying man as grandson of Vincent Lingiari in anti-Voice material

Leading anti-Voice campaigner Nyunggai Warren Mundine AO and Northern Territory Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price have both incorrectly identified a Millwarparra man as the grandson of legendary land rights activist Vincent Lingiari through their recently-merged Indigenous Voice ‘No’ campaign.


Geelong Football Club backs ‘Yes’ to Indigenous Voice to Parliament

Geelong are the latest AFL club to support the ‘Yes’ campaign for an Indigenous Voice to Parliament.


Why joining the chorus on Voice is pitch perfect for rugby

Peter FitzSimons

How could Australian rugby – the most inclusive and diverse of all games – do anything but declare its full-blooded support for the Voice to parliament?


As the penny drops, so does support for the voice [$]

Peta Credlin

The voice is just the first demand of the Uluru Statement from the Heart ‘voice, treaty, truth’ to which the PM says the government is committed ‘in full’.


Strong ‘yes’ vote on the Voice essential [$]

Canberra Times editorial

If voters reject the Voice at this year’s referendum, it will be a sad day for Australia.


A new low

Rachel Withers

Is there any ethical boundary the “No” campaign will not cross?



Labor’s honeymoon is over, at least in the eyes of progressives

Shaun Carney

The left seems to think Albanese should take a big swing, ditch the stage three tax cuts, spend super-big on housing, ditch negative gearing. But Labor won with a mere two-seat majority.


PwC scandal shows consultants, like church officials, are best kept out of state affairs

Carl Rhodes

Australia’s Treasurer Jim Chalmers called it “an appalling breach of trust”. But the scandal involving the local arm of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), the world’s second-largest professional services firm, is much worse than that.


Playing chicken to the detriment of democracy and cost to the taxpayer

Rex Patrick

Far too often, government departments and its agencies deny Freedom of Information requests without good reason. It leads to unnecessary delays, costs, and the withholding of information that the public deserves to know. What’s the scam?

PwC walked a crooked mile — but not alone. The whole ecosystem needs fixing [$]

Tom Ravlic

Firms throughout the whole system should face severe fines to deter them from going astray.



Indigenous man’s human rights breached at Victorian hospital, coroner finds

An Aboriginal man who died hours after being discharged from a Victorian hospital was unlawfully secluded, a coroner has found.


Sea of pride as Victoria is adorned with rainbow flags in support of LGBTQIA+ community

All local government areas in Victoria are raising the rainbow flag on IDAHOBIT, marking a historic moment for the worldwide LGBTQIA+ community.


Legal heavyweights line up for Deeming’s battle with Pesutto

The exiled Liberal MP’s defamation battle with the party leader has legal legends lining up on both sides.


E-Scooter trial could be scrapped over ‘discrimination’ claim [$]

Opponents of Melbourne’s e-scooters are mounting a challenge to stop the trial because of concerns about “human rights implications”.


Dan Andrews and Murdoch crying wolf

Lucy Hamilton

Rupert Murdoch has done incalculable harm to the democratic experiment throughout the AUKUS nations and beyond. In Victoria, his propaganda campaigns have made him the magnate who cried wolf.


Victorian Greens head for showdown at RUOK corral [$]

Guy Rundle

Radical gender and gender-critical groups are fighting for control of state council this week. Expulsions of many veteran Greens may follow.



Cracks in relationship between DPP and police ‘no surprise’

Clandestine coffee meetings, “unnecessary” comments and body language tipped Bruce Lehrmann’s lawyer off to the possibility that the relationship between the ACT’s director of public prosecutions and investigative police officers had soured.


Shocking glimpse inside the war over Higgins rape case [$]

Samantha Maiden

Extraordinary claims from the inquiry into Australia’s highest profile rape case have provided the public with an unedifying look behind the curtain



Equality Tasmania seeks timetable for conversion practices

Media release – Equality Tasmania

Equality Tasmania has written to Tasmanian Premier, Jeremy Rockliff, seeking a commitment to a timetable for banning conversion practices.


Northern Territory

Labor shuts down CLP bid to toughen bail laws [$]

The Labor bloc has used its numbers against the opposition’s ‘urgent’ move to toughen bail laws for violent offenders. Here’s what happened in sittings.


Clients without a phone or home address — these are just some of the barriers NT lawyers face

Lawyers servicing an area twice the size of Tasmania reveal their biggest challenges as calls continue for urgent funding for Aboriginal legal services.


Western Australia

New class action launched against WA government on behalf of youth detainees at Casuarina’s notorious Unit 18

The WA government faces a fresh lawsuit in the Federal Court over its alleged unlawful treatment of juvenile detainees at a controversial unit in the adult Casuarina Prison.


WA government MPs reportedly “gagged” on youth justice crisis

Members of the Western Australian government have been ordered not to speak to the media about the ongoing crisis in Banksia Hill Detention Centre.


Is foetal alcohol spectrum disorder an excuse for the Banksia Hill riot, or is the truth more complicated?

Keane Bourke

As Mark McGowan describes FASD as “excuse making” following the latest riot at Banksia Hill, state political reporter Keane Bourke explains how the disorder can drastically impact young people’s decisions. 



Former French president loses appeal against corruption conviction

Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy loses his appeal against a 2021 conviction for corruption and influence peddling.


Pakistanis accused of violence during protests to be tried under army laws

Pakistan’s civilian and military leaders say protesters who attacked state assets and military installations during demonstrations over the arrest of former prime minister Imran Khan will be tried under army laws.


Hong Kong’s leader says libraries must not violate laws as Tiananmen massacre books removed

Hong Kong — which returned from British to Chinese rule in 1997 with a promise of wide-ranging freedoms — has in recent years curbed liberties under the China-imposed national security law, but is now cracking down on Tiananmen Square massacre content


Executions increase worldwide by 53pc, Amnesty International report says

An Amnesty International report has revealed the number of executions around the world increased by 53 per cent in 2022.


Egypt: Women abused over alleged ISIS ties

Egyptian authorities have arbitrarily detained women and girls related to suspected members of the Islamic State (ISIS) affiliate in North Sinai, some for months or years. Some were themselves victims of abuses by the ISIS-linked group, including rape and forced marriage, and were detained after they escaped and sought help from the authorities.


Saudi Arabia: Ensure respect for civil society vision

Saudi Arabian civil society organizations, activists, and dissidents should be able to freely articulate their vision and agenda for a rights-respecting future for their country without fear of reprisals, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International said today.



Salman Rushdie says freedom of expression under attack, nine months after being stabbed on stage

Novelist Salman Rushdie has warned that countries in the West face the most-severe threats to freedom of expression and freedom to publish in his lifetime, speaking nine months after a man repeatedly stabbed him while he was on stage in New York.


‘I just don’t eat’: Surge in Australians sinking into extreme poverty, new report finds

A surge in hardship in the last year has seen thousands of Australians sink into extreme poverty amid the cost-of-living crisis, a Salvation Army report says.


Why I don’t need to be welcomed to my own country [$]

Rita Panahi

I don’t need to be welcomed to my own country, and I don’t think I’m living on stolen land. As a migrant, my right to feel Australian and call this country mine is no less than yours.


Julian Assange unleashed a revolution in journalism

John Jiggens

Despite criticisms, the work done by Julan Assange in exposing the truth cements his status as one of the most important journalists of our time.


The importance of allies on IDAHOBIT Day

Ricki Spencer

While increased visibility of the LGBTQIA SB+ community aims to promote acceptance, it can inadvertently increase stigma, highlighting the need for strong allies on days of awareness

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