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We voted to kick out the troglodyte Morrison government last year in large part because of their climate policy constipation. Here we are now, more than a year later and we’ve barely passed a motion. The rest of the world is looking and they see what we here see, a government still in the thrall of the fossil fools. 


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Post of the Day 

‘Nature positive’ isn’t just planting a few trees – it’s actually stopping the damage we do 

Martine Maron et al 

Have you heard the phrase “nature positive”? It’s suddenly everywhere.  

The idea is simple: rather than continually erode the natural world, nature positive envisions a future with more nature than we have now. 


On This Day 

September 22 


Ecological Observance 

World Car Free Day 

World Rhino Day 

National Arbor Day – Barbados 

Elephant Appreciation Day 

Sunday is World Rivers Day 


Climate Change 

Exclude fossil fuel firms from Cop28 if they only want to obstruct, says ex-UN chief 

‘My patience ran out,’ said Christiana Figueres, who for years had advocated oil companies should be involved in policymaking talks 


Why Australia was not invited to speak at this UN climate summit 

The UN secretary-general developed the summit as a forum to discuss climate action, with only “movers and doers” invited to speak. Australia did not make the cut. 


Swedish government faces backlash after slashing climate budget 

Move has drawn comparisons to UK, where Rishi Sunak has U-turned on environmental commitments 


Twiggy Forrest’s ‘save the world’ tour hits the United Nations 

While billionaire mining magnate Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest has developed quite the global messiah complex, it’s been a turbulent few months on the home front. 


The era of climate migration is here, leaders of vulnerable nations say 

Heads of climate-vulnerable nations gathered on the sidelines of a United Nations climate summit to call for new policies and agreements to manage the millions of people who are being forced from their homes by extreme weather. 


John Kerry: ‘Way past time to get real’ on climate action 

The world needs to get realistic about what it’s going to take to combat global warming, U.S. climate envoy John Kerry said Wednesday. And that means recognizing fossil fuel emissions are the primary source of the problem. 


Climate scientist says gas production threatens efforts to limit global warming – podcast 

Australia is among countries denied a speaking spot at the Climate Ambition Summit in New York. The UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has previously criticised Australia saying it lacks “ambitious” climate policies. Climate scientist Bill Hare from Climate Analytics is attending the summit. He spoke with Biwa Kwan. 


Climate change ‘most existential challenge’ says King Charles after government U-turn – video 

King Charles has said climate change is ‘our most existential challenge’ during a speech in the French senate, which came the day after Rishi Sunak announced the UK government would delay imposing some of its environmental policies 


Factchecking Rishi Sunak’s claims on the net zero transition 

Sandra Laville et al 

We assess five claims used by the prime minister to try to justify his U-turn on green policies 


A climate of insanity 

Andrew Glikson 

Inherent in the nature of insanity is the fact that those inflicted by it are unaware of their mental state. 



If something happens to bees, it’s hoped these flies can fill the role of pollinator 

As threats to Australia’s bee population increase, including from varroa mite, a fly is emerging as a top alternative pollinator for crops. 


El Niño has ramped up bushfire risks again, but Australia’s in a better place now than before Black Summer 

For the first time in three years, Australians face the risk of significant bushfires. Are we any better prepared for big fires than we were before Black Summer? 


Australia signs landmark agreement to give world’s shared oceans a ‘fighting chance’ 

Foreign Affairs Minister Penny Wong says Australia is working to bring the United Nations treaty “into force as soon as possible”. 


‘Humanity has opened the gates of hell’: Key world leaders missing at UN summit as emissions targets go unmet 

World leaders are told “the future is not fixed” and urged to “make up time lost to foot dragging” on reducing emissions, at the UN Climate Ambition Summit in New York. 


One in six chance of a ‘species-ending event’ in next century, Labor MP Andrew Leigh warns 

Former economics professor says biggest dangers humans face are ‘the ones that our technologies’ have wreaked 


Call to snuff out “dead end” coal, including mine approvals, exports and subsidies 

G20 scorecard says Australia also needs to close off “major loopholes” in emissions reduction policies and stop exporting emissions via coal. 


Coal prices spike but pressure grows on Australia over emissions ‘loopholes’ 

Coal prices are booming again with increases of 20 per cent since June, setting up both coal producers and the Queensland Government for a better pay day. 


Albanese government faces an uphill road and angry locals as it drives change to renewables 

Michelle Grattan 

The debate still rages about dealing with climate change and, close to home, Australia’s energy transition, which is under way but accompanied by increasing pain and problems.  


A startling number is about to trigger a toxic debate about big Australia 

David Crowe  

The number is 454,400, and it is deeply troubling news for Australia because it sums up the enormous strain on the country from a surge in migrants after the pandemic. 


Dutton’s nuclear plans are getting under Labor’s skin [$] 

Phillip Coorey 

Advocating nuclear power these days is about as passe as a politician admitting they once smoked pot. 


Net zero by 2050? Too late. Australia must aim for 2035 

Mark Howden et al 

This year’s heightened drumbeat of extreme weather shows us how little time we actually have to slash emissions. 


Melting down the Coalition’s clean, green nuclear spin 

Michelle Pini 

Managing editor Michelle Pini details why Peter Dutton’s latest nuclear energy push is actually “unhinged”.  



‘You risk your life every time’ on Victorian roads, cyclist tells safety inquiry 

A state parliamentary inquiry is warned of the dangers faced by vulnerable road users at a hearing in country Victoria, as the state’s devastating road toll continues to climb. 


Dark clouds gather over one of Australia’s biggest coal plants as El Niño heats the land 

There are growing safety concerns at Yallourn Power Station in Victoria, one of Australia’s biggest coal-fired power plants. Experts say that could be bad news heading into a long, hot summer. 


New South Wales 

An offshore wind farm could change this ‘pristine’ coastline, but some residents say the jobs are worth it 

Plans to establish an offshore wind zone along the NSW south coast divide residents, with some claiming it will destroy the outlook while others believe it will create clean jobs for future generations. 


Fears platypus ‘stronghold’ could be destroyed if housing expansion south of Sydney goes ahead 

Plans to build more homes near the Illawarra’s Macquarie Rivulet were rejected in 2021, and conservationists say a local platypus population will be threatened if the decision is overturned. 


Mining exploration thought ‘abandoned’ by locals ramps up in Central West NSW 

A proposed gold, lead, zinc and silver mine near Blayney in Central West NSW is a step closer to becoming a reality, but a nearby community says it is not being included in the conversation. 


Smoke ‘n mirrors budget: forests and koalas are great but logging and money are better! 

Suzanne Arnold 

NSW Treasurer Daniel Mookhey ignored pleas for further funding for the Natural Resources Commission, putting at risk the monitoring of deforestation and the protection of the koalas and other endangered species. 



Under threat in the wild, the National Zoo celebrates its ‘sensitive souls’ 

National Zoo and Aquarium are celebrating World Rhino Day on Friday September 22 with Canberra’s two 13-year-old rhinos Eco and Ubuntu 



Neon-coloured ‘Amanda’s flasher wrasse’ the latest discovery from Australian Museum fish researcher 

Flasher wrasse are popular aquarium fish known for their eye-catching courtship performances but an Australian Museum taxonomist says surprisingly little is known about those living in Australian waters. 


Fewer hazard reduction burns fuel fire fears [$] 

Australia’s bushfire season is heating up, but in Queensland the vegetation growth fuelled by La Nina has residents concerned. 


‘Where would you build a dam?’ Minister fires back at LNP challenge [$] 

The Opposition’s calls for a new dam to be built in southeast Queensland has raised the ire of the Water Minister, who’s demanding to know where. 


‘They’re a 25km/h missile’: The case for and against e-scooters in the city 

Courtney Kruk 

Getting rid of e-scooters would be a missed opportunity. Let’s explore ways to make them safer before banning them. 


South Australia 

Pet cat caught on camera carrying native prey in national park home to precious endangered bettong colony 

An ecologist warns pet owners to keep predatory animals secure, after a cat is spotted on the Yorke Peninsula in South Australia posing a threat to recently reintroduced brush-tailed bettongs. 


Ditch the car this Friday 

Have you ever wondered what the Adelaide CBD might look like without cars for a day? World Car-Free Day is an initiative of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) which the Adelaide City Council will recognise for the first time on Friday. 


Eagle deaths in Tasmania 

Greg Pullen 

They say timing is everything. With less than a week to go until the public comment period ends for the proposed St Patricks Plains wind farm there’s been a timely reminder about the horrific deaths many of our iconic wedge-tailed eagles experience. 


Northern Territory  

Traditional owners impose snap ban on barramundi fishing in north-east Arnhem Land 

The traditional owners say the practice of gillnetting is having an unacceptable impact on the environment and are pushing to establish a joint management agreement with the NT government. 


Western Australia 

Mining giant in fresh probe over ancient rock shelter blast [$] 

Rio Tinto has been plunged into a fresh Aboriginal heritage controversy after blasting at a Pilbara mine disturbed an ancient rock shelter. 


Macquarie bets big on WA wind, with new JV and 2.4GW pipeline of projects 

Macquarie’s Green Investment Group has teamed with a local developer to roll out 2.4GW of new onshore wind projects in Western Australia. 


Labor’s demersal fishing ban is sinking WA businesses [$] 

Libby Mettam 

This weekend marks the start of the school holidays and for some businesses along the coast, there is a lot riding on the next two weeks. 



EU Commission recommends glyphosate licence renewal 

The European Commission is recommending that the controversial herbicide glyphosate be renewed, subject to conditions, when its current licence expires in December. 


The reach of wildfire smoke is going global and undoing progress on clean air 

In the United States, smoke from wildfires is undoing progress from the Clean Air Act. In poorer countries, the situation is even worse. 


Choked: How the plastics industry imperils the climate and our health 

Soaring carbon emissions, hidden health impacts and a stranglehold on markets: the plastics industry’s far-reaching impact demands scrutiny. 


Nature Conservation 

Treated and untreated sewage greatest threat to river biodiversity, says study 

More water company regulations and improvements at treatment plants needed to protect rivers, say authors 


It’s not just coral. Extreme heat is weakening entire marine ecosystems 

Anemones, sponges, and jellyfish are bleaching throughout the Everglades amid record temperatures. It’s a troubling sign for Florida Bay and beyond. 


Extreme plankton bloom creates marine ‘dead zone’ off eastern Thailand 

Marine scientists say some areas in the Gulf of Thailand have more than 10 times the normal amount of plankton, turning the water a bright green and killing off marine life. 


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