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We have to have Scope 3 emissions, those generated through use of fossil fuels in other countries, counted against the exporting country’s carbon budget. We’re not digging up resources for fun, carbon released from our resources does not respect political boundaries. Reconciling the national interest with the interests of humanity is a challenge we’ve yet to meet.


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Post of the Day 

Australian populations of threatened bird species fall 60% in past 40 years 

The threatened bird index reveals largest declines in Queensland and South Australia 


On This Day 

December 1 


Ecological Observance 

Antarctica Day 

Faux Fur Friday 


Climate Change 

World to hit 1.4C of warming in record hot 2023 

With a month to run, 2023 will reach global warming of about 1.4C above pre-industrial levels, adding to “a deafening cacophony” of broken climate records, the World Meteorological Organisation says. 


Developing nations seek COP 28 support for green transition – video 

Many of the countries worst affected by climate change are among the poorest. They will be looking to the latest COP summit to accelerate promises of funding for loss, damage and transitioning to green economies. SBS News Asia Correspondent Aaron Fernandes filed this report from Timor Leste’s capital Dili. 


COP28: How 7 policies could help save a billion lives by 2100 

Joshua M. Pearce 

In a recent review of more than 180 peer-reviewed articles — which I conducted with fellow researcher Richard Parncutt — we found that a scientific consensus has formed around the so-called 1,000-ton rule. 


COP28: four key issues that will dominate the latest UN climate summit 

Jen Allan 

The United Nations Environment Programme recently published a report with an unusually strong title for a UN body: “Emissions Gap Report 2023: Broken Record – Temperatures hit new highs, yet world fails to cut emissions (again)”. Yet again, it highlights how far countries are off track from safeguarding the planet – and us. 


COP28 and John Mayer: A tuneful masterclass in tone-deafness [$] 

Charlie Lewis 

From asinine faux-protest songs to ethical yacht maintenance, Crikey goes over some of the great absurdities of COP28. 


COP28 is a global stocktake of climate change 

Jacqueline Peel et al 

This year’s international climate change conference could disappoint or deliver meaningful actions to combat the climate emergency and support adaptation measures 



Bowen rejects CCA call for home gas ban and zero emissions for cars by 2040 

Two key calls from Climate Change Authority, including for phase out of gas connections for new and existing homes, have been rejected by the federal energy minister. 


Bowen says climate goals ‘within striking distance’, despite emissions heading in the wrong direction 

In his annual update to federal parliament, the climate change minister also warns extreme weather events caused by climate change will strain Australia’s energy networks and make them vulnerable to “hostile actors”.  


A scorching summer is expected, so what can you do to prepare for potential bushfires? 

The bushfire outlook for summer is warning of a scorching summer. Landowners in rural and urban areas are being urged to prepare their properties for the risk of bushfire. 


Why Australia won’t back Pacific’s calls to urgently phase out fossil fuels 

Australia’s climate change ambassador says the federal government cannot yet back the Pacific’s call to rapidly phase out fossil fuels because it’s grappling with “complex” and “difficult” issues thrown up by decarbonisation. 


Industry super funds warn slow transition to net zero puts Australia at risk of losing ‘attractive’ investments 

A new report argues that $12bn a year on average between now and 2050 will be required to transition to renewable energy 


More than 20bn tonnes of Co2 could be emitted if Australian fossil fuel projects up for approval go ahead 

Climate groups say projected amount is 10 times greater than estimates of Australia’s remaining fair ‘carbon budget’ if global heating is to be limited to 1.5C 


Clean energy could be super for industry funds 

Industry superannuation funds are calling for tax changes so they can invest part of their $1.2 trillion in members’ retirement savings into new electricity transmission lines and batteries, amid warnings Australia may have to spend $100 billion a year until 2050 to strip greenhouse gas emissions out of the economy. 


Gas in the tank as Labor hits renewable pedals [$] 

A controversial rollout of transmission lines and a network connecting renewable energy projects to the grid will be accelerated, but the government won’t rapidly ban household gas and new petrol cars. 


‘Enormous shoes to fill’: Ex-Greenpeace boss to replace retiring Greens senator 

Senator Janet Rice is expected to retire in the first half of 2024, meaning Steph Hodgins-May could serve for about 18 months before contesting her first Senate election. 


Why Australia is falling so far behind in its climate target promises 

Australia is falling short on its climate targets and must do significant heavy lifting to get back on track. 


Australia poised to tackle ‘modern slavery’ with laws passed for new commissioner 

Australia will soon get its first commissioner dedicated to tackling slavery, under laws introduced to parliament. 


Identifying Australia’s most elusive birds 

Scientists have analyzed more than 3.8 million volunteer hours of birdwatching data to identify Australia’s most elusive species. 


Labor’s water plan ‘to force up food prices’ [$] 

Farmers say food prices will surge after Labor’s Murray Darling Basin overhaul passed parliament, as they accuse the Albanese government of turning its back on the bush. 


Tasked with drinking from the poisoned chalice, Plibersek lives to fight another day 

Kath Sullivan 

It took an excommunicated Liberal, former Wallabies captain and the Greens to — depending on who you ask — save or completely stuff the Murray-Darling Basin this week. 


Dear Ministers – why do costs and timelines for Snowy 2.0 keep shifting yet are so readily approved? 

Rex Patrick 

It took just a day for two ministers to approve another Snowy Hydro $6 billion dollar cost blow-out and further delays to completion. 


Spin of omission 

Rachel Withers  

What is the point of a ministerial climate update that doesn’t mention our emissions are still rising? 


It’s climate Christmas! But data dump shows Australia has a long way to go on emissions 

Adam Morton 

The government deserves credit for steps to drive down pollution from electricity but other parts of the economy are yet to be addressed 


Behind the battle for Origin Energy [$] 

Jennifer Hewett 

The company says its board and management will remain open to structural options to enhance shareholder value should the bid fail. 



‘It’s basically dead’: The legacy of decades of logging 

An AI-based analysis of 20 years of logging by VicForests, shared exclusively with the ABC, shows for the first time, the potential scale of failed regeneration in Victoria’s state forests. 


The SEC is now an energy market player, can it cut power bills? It’s still TBC 

Kieran Rooney 

The details of the State Electricity Commission’s first funded battery project this week have sparked new questions about the purpose of the commission and whether it can be a solution to rising energy bills. 


New South Wales 

NSW passes climate bill to write 70 pct by 2035 emissions reduction target into law 

In a triumph of multi-partisanship, NSW Parliament has passed legislation to cut the state’s emissions by 70% by 2035, and reach net zero by 2050. 


Why declaring yourself a ‘sovereign citizen’ won’t get you out of a traffic fine 

Former magistrate David Heilpern likens the sovereign citizen movement to a cult, and says websites promising associated legal loopholes are selling lies and should be shut down. 



Fewer short flights would help tackle transport emissions: Rattenbury [$] 

Biofuels and reducing the number of short plane trips in and out of Canberra would help the ACT reduce the growing amount of greenhouse gas emissions associated with aviation, the Emissions Reduction Minister has said. 


Let’s make ACT the first jurisdiction to get fossil fuels out of sport [$] 

Jo Clay 

Woodside. BHP. Santos. What do these companies have in common? 



‘Revenge travel’ boom ends amid domestic decline, now climate change looms 

Domestic tourism in Queensland hit the brakes this year with a decline of 6 per cent expected as Australians returned to overseas travel and high interest rates hit spending. 


‘Won’t stand for it’: Plibersek orders salmon farming review 

Tanya Plibersek has triggered a review of salmon farming in Tasmania’s Macquarie Harbour, in a decision that could see fish pens banned – a move industry says could cost hundreds of jobs. 


Bruny community wants marine reserves not salmon pens 

Media release – Killora Community Association 

Angry Killora residents have called on Minister Palmer to cancel Tassal fish farming licences due for renewal on 30 November and turn the area into a marine reserve. 


Northern Territory  

NT Traditional Owners backing Barossa gas snubbed in Canberra [$] 

A large number of Territory TOs who support gas projects on coastal lands travelled to Canberra only to be declined meetings with key figures. 


What is this? A centre for ants? [$] 

Julia Bergin 

One-way ramps, lazy Susans, cookie bribes, and dance choreography: how do ants in the red centre keep track of work trips to and from the nest? 


Western Australia 

W.A. energy minister quits after guiding radical switch from coal to renewables 

Bill Johnston to quit parliament after setting up the roadmap for a dramatic reshaping of the world’s biggest standalone grid from coal to renewables. 


Fortescue signs green hydrogen supply deal for refuelling stations in Canada 

Fortescue signs MOU with Canadian company that includes a supply agreement for hydrogen refuelling stations. 


From across the high financial seas, a ‘ruthless’ global debt collector is circling WA’s power supply 

Elliott Management is little-known outside the world of high finance, but throughout its legendary history it’s made many enemies, including the Argentine navy. It’s now eyeing a stoush with an Australian state over energy. 


This area was once targeted by miners. It’s now on track to be a national park 

The 2.5-billion-year-old Helena and Aurora Range is on track to join its namesake national park, due to expand significantly with the Mount Manning Conservation Park’s addition. 


WA in for bushfire HELL as NIGHTMARE summer strikes 

 It’s the first day of summer but it already feels like Perth and much of WA has been grinding through the heat and bushfires for months — and the alarm bells are about to get even louder. 


Labor blow-up as MPs go rogue to pose with climate activists [$] 

Resources Minister Madeleine King has rebuked her Labor colleagues after they went rogue and stood with activists campaigning to block Woodside’s gas fields despite it being deemed ‘integral’ to hit net zero. 



China to install record-breaking 230 GW of wind and solar in 2023 

China is quietly reorganising its entire power sector to support rapid electrification and renewables uptake – and smashing records along the way. 


What does a recycling emoji or the word ‘sustainable’ mean in an online ad? A lot of the time, nothing at all 

How environmentally friendly are the goods you are buying? And how true are the big “green” claims advertisers are making in online ads? New research shows it’s easy for marketers to imply their products are “sustainable” without necessarily backing it up. 


FAO’s Statistical Yearbook 2023 goes live, highlights the impact of disasters on agriculture and cost of healthy diets 

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has launched today its annual Statistical Yearbook 


‘Let us be a lesson’, say Kazakhs wary of return to nuclear testing 

As Russia warns of the rising risk of nuclear war, and relations with the United States sink into a deep freeze, communities close to the vast Soviet-era nuclear testing site in northern Kazakhstan have a message for leaders: “Let us be a lesson.” 


Change is coming. The question is: what kind of change will it be? 

Bernie Sanders 

The challenges we face are enormous – economic, environmental, political. Our future is at stake, so let’s come together and win 


Small nuclear reactors: a history of failure 

Jim Green 

Dozens of ‘small modular reactor’ designs are being promoted but precious few will reach the construction stage and the likelihood of SMRs being built in large numbers is negligible. 


Nature Conservation 

Bees are still being harmed despite tightened pesticide regulations 

A new study has confirmed that pesticides, commonly used in farmland, significantly harm bumblebees one of the most important wild pollinators. In a huge study spanning 106 sites across eight European countries, researchers have shown that despite tightened pesticide regulations, far more needs to be done.  


Can we sustainably harvest trees from tropical forests? Yes – here are 5 ways to do it better 

Francis E Putz and Claudia Romero 

Logging typically degrades tropical forests. But what if logging is carefully planned and carried out by well-trained workers? 


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