Daily Links Sep 12

Fossil fuel infrastructure is estimated at $25 trillion globally so if demand for fossil fuels declines after 2023 as projected, watch the stampede as shareholders divest. You don’t want to be holding the parcel when the music stops.

Daily Links Sep 12

7.30 last nightLeigh Sales: How will you ensure in the future people won’t be devastated by catastrophic climate change?P M Happy Clapper: That’s not the point. We think Australians are only focused on what’s happening now.And he is ‘our’ leader!

Daily Links Sep 11

The result in the NSW state seat of Wagga Wagga, where an independent (reportedly Nats aligned however) won in a previously safe conservative electorate, shows that the bush knows what’s going on. The fossil fool donor’s grip on the LNP should be weakening. What will be the response from PM Happy Clapper?

Daily Links Sep 10

If ‘Joshy’ is disappointed to see the NEG dumped, how does he think those who elected him feel? Remember when government involved leadership and developing sound policy responses to serious issues and politicians skilled in communication brought the electorate along with them? I remember too but is was a decade or so ago at least.

Daily Links Sep 9

It’s all very well to say that we should use our plethora of passwords more often so that we don’t forget them, but the demands to change passwords on a regular basis don’t help. While this might just be a first world problem, how we keep up our online activism when we can’t get online?

Daily Links Sep 8

Some of the hundreds of thousands protesting this weekend about lack of fair dinkum responses to climate change and, in Australia, the danger of Adani’s mine going ahead. This was taken last night at the State Library in Melbourne.

Daily Links Sep 7

‘Coal does not have an economic future in Australia’. Could someone please tell the Pastor PM, Joshy and Matteo Canavani.

Daily Links Sep 6

Prosecuting Adani over their illegal sediment discharge (over 800 times the licensed amount) is the right thing to do. Give them an inch, they’ll take ten miles. The company was given uncapped access to groundwater then put in a claim for an extra 10 gigalitres from damming the Sutton River. In so many ways, we simply cannot afford this mine.

Daily Links Sep 5

How surprising? The energy sector doesn’t want a Royal Commission, stating that it would be a ‘costly chest-thumping exercise’. To paraphrase noted commentator Mandy Rice-Davies, ‘well they would say that, wouldn’t they?’

Daily Links Sep 4

What’s really the point of Paris? What’s really the point of Judith Sloan is the better question. And the answer? No point , just another in the long line of News Corp ideologues and so quite predictable and very unhelpful.