Daily Links Nov 7

The link under ‘Vic liberals face heat over climate policy’ takes you to an article on their prisons policy. They erroneously (as fact-checked by The Conversation) claim that Vic has the highest crime rate of all jurisdictions and claim a response to that and ignore the much more pressing issue of climate change. In fact, it is now 4,366 days since the Vic Libs had an environment policy. Mark Wakeham, the soon to step down CEO of Environment Victoria, keeps count. But then we shouldn’t be surprised on this focus by the narrower and straighteners.

Daily Links Nov 6

‘Ozone layer finally healing … ‘. Of course there were alternatives to chlorofluorocarbons from which chemical companies could make a buck, but even so, concerted action following the general agreement of the Montreal Protocol is proving effective. The phasing out of fossil fuels is not beyond our wit and the Paris Agreement charts the way forward, we need the concerted action to become universal.

Daily Links Nov 5

Korean banks aren’t silly, are they? So Bill, when are you going to show some leadership and rule out supporting this stupid idea?

Daily Links Nov 4

Instead of ‘fair dinkum’ power, how about some ‘fair dinkum’ action? asks Murpharoo. But, Katharine, if Angus Taylor is the bright bloke you say he is (he’s a Rhodes Scholar, oh hold, on so was Tony Abbott) how about he shows some understanding of the impacts of climate change?

Daily Links Nov 2

‘Temperatures to soar in Sydney … ‘ , hardly a blessing, apropos of Andrew Bolt’s article featured yesterday. There is a change occurring in the body politic, as the many polls stating the high percentages of people wanting climate action tell us. How do the nay-sayers, with a such entrenched views regarding ‘climate-alarmists’, escape from the corners into which they have backed themselves?Should I even care?

Daily Links Nov 1

‘Why won’t we ask questions on climate change?’ Why do we bother with Andrew Bolt? I just read this article in the Herald Sun at my local coffee shop on the basis of needing to know what the other mob is reading. It’s hard to know where to start though. The one degree of warming had brought blessings, not disasters, low lying Pacific atolls are not drowning, there’s no proof of more droughts and Australia’s rainfall is increasing. Arrant simplistic nonsense, Andrew, you’re a disgrace to journalism, no, make that among columnists.

Daily Links Oct 31

Now there’s a great concept, a fossil-fuel non-proliferation treaty. We could start the implementation with taxing the bejesus out of carbon emissions. Waddya reckon, PM Clapper?

Daily Links Oct 30

Leaving to my descendants a new Cretaceous is not bequeathing to them a great gift. But we need to be thinking at this scale over these time intervals regarding our uncontrolled experiment with the only planet we have.

Daily Links Oct 29

In Ross Gittins’ article ‘Sensible electricity rules await the next government’, he points the finger of blame at neoliberalism and the failure of regulation. Will the next government have the bottle to do something about the former? Even though the case against neoliberalism is mounting, it’s imminent demise is not likely, I reckon. Donation law reform now!

Daily Links Oct 28

‘Phelps sets sights on reviving climate body’ as a priority. Is this the sort of thing that the Happy Clapper was referring to when he spoke of the chaos that would result from electing an independent in the Wentworth by-election? If so, bring on more chaos, I say.