Daily Links Aug 9

When the national government deserts the field, it is up to other levels of government to show leadership – and Launceston City Council is.

Daily Links Aug 8

George Monbiot always makes such sense. “Because the dirtiest industries attract the least public support, they have the greatest incentive to spend money on politics, to get the results they want and we don’t.”https://independentaustralia.net/environment/environment-display/why-its-a-climate-emergency,12976

Daily Links Aug 7

How would professional denier Andrew Bolt explain this? He’d have a hard time sleeping soundly each night, you’d reckon.https://independentaustralia.net/environment/environment-display/why-its-a-climate-emergency,12976

Daily Links Aug 6

Daily links colleague Peter Boyer, along with decent people everywhere, has a different view to that of Andrew Bolt on Greta Thunberg. He also finds that while Greta is the much-known face of young concern about where we heading on climate change, her views are widely shared with her peers. And this has to be a cause for optimism.http://southwind.com.au/2019/08/06/young-people-asking-the-hard-questions/

Daily Links Aug 5

The environment we have, under relentless challenge as it is, is because of the preparedness of the activists who turned up. Until we have science-based environment policy, there’ll be plenty of opportunities for all to turn up.https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-08-04/history-and-genesis-of-modern-environment-movement/11366782

Daily Links Aug 4

Hey Beetrooter, given the half-life of the waste a nuclear power station would generate, for how many thousand generations should  those living nearby receive free power? When you’re under the …

Daily Links Aug 3

Making significant change is rarely easy and with climate change, think of SIGNIFICANT like so. So we need powerful, consistent and comprehensive messages to argue why we should change. Most of the media stories about the drought are of ‘triumph over tragedy’, the unstoppable power of nature’ and ‘there’s always been a changing climate and droughts’ which undermine the need for change. They present, to those looking, excuses as to why they don’t need to change. Thankfully The Guardian is different to ‘most’ of the media.https://www.theguardian.com/news/datablog/2019/aug/02/just-one-in-20-australian-news-stories-about-drought-mention-climate-change

Daily Links Aug 2

While Greta Thunberg continues her impressive campaign and agree with Andrew Bolt that she is ‘deeply disturbed’ about absolute stupidity in the face of the science, it’s Friday. Time to …

Daily Links Aug 1

Conjugate the verb ‘to despair’, for along with John Hewson in this article, when it comes to government thick-headedness, I despair, you despair, he despairs, she despairs, we all despair …. . And still nothing happens!https://www.smh.com.au/environment/climate-change/while-others-face-climate-reality-our-government-denies-the-undeniable-20190731-p52cdl.html

Daily Links Jul 27

We keep saying that if only people knew about climate change, they’d act. But there’s plenty of evidence that it’s a matter of values, not knowledge. As my apple-cheeked mater used to say, there’re none so deaf as those that will not hear. By all means journos, get on board, but don’t think that that is all there is to be done.