Daily Links Jun 9

Criminalising protests and introducing fines and jail terms for environmental protests is gathering pace around the country. Dan, you should be better than this. We have a relatively healthy environment because people have been prepared to take protest action opposing uranium mines in the NT and blockading to save the Franklin River in Tasmania. We’d agree now that they did us proud. We need to protect old growth forests and all that live in them here in Victoria. This forestry bill is not good.https://www.theage.com.au/national/victoria/andrews-government-s-forestry-bill-puts-logging-over-liberties-20220608-p5as2p.html

Daily Links Jun 8

I reckon Mark Mc Gowan was on the money when he said that the Opposition Leader was none too bright. If the Big Sebago wants to keep the LNP in opposition for terms to come, with his flirting with nuclear power, he’s going the right way about it. His deputy, Three ‘S’ Sussan, is a lost cause with her denial of a duty of care to future generations. We need a bipartisan energy policy to bring in the big changes needed and if he was smart, he’d see a constructive role for his mob.https://inqld.com.au/business/2022/06/07/dutton-goes-nuclear-how-the-liberals-have-chosen-irrelevance-as-an-energy-policy/

Daily Links Jun 7

Here’s another facet of our uncontrolled experiment with the one planet we have. Dealing with consequences of such magnitude over such timelines is outside of our experience. Our difficulties in accepting the science of climate change (while we have no trouble with the science behind microwave ovens or air travel, for example) mean that the most likely response to these consequences is adaptation, mitigation seems out of reach.https://theconversation.com/a-huge-atlantic-ocean-current-is-slowing-down-if-it-collapses-la-nina-could-become-the-norm-for-australia-184254

Daily Links Jun 6

Clever campaigning by the Teals allowed them to consign the Modern Liberals to political oblivion and, as very much new chums, it was a campaign borne of necessity to get them known. For traditional parties, judgements made about them in 6 weeks of staged photo ops and profligate promises should be no substitute for assessing the government on their previous 3 years and, if they are found wanting, or even derelict with the LNP, sent to the Opposition benches.https://www.smh.com.au/national/secrets-from-the-teals-digital-war-room-we-created-a-direct-line-to-voters-and-now-tv-political-ads-are-dead-20220605-p5ar5j.html

Daily Links June 5

Without a domestic gas reservation policy, we are at the mercy of the gas cartels (who don’t pay a Resources Rent Tax on gas that belongs to the Australian people) when they have their collective feet on the throats of the government. If ever there was an argument for caps on political donations and keeping the fossil fools out of the bureaucracy and the policy development process, this is it. Oh, and see if you can have a Happy World Environment Day, everybody.https://michaelwest.com.au/big-gas-v-the-people-acute-energy-crisis-puts-albo-straight-to-the-test/

Daily Links June 4

We’ve seen some great appointments, Plibersek to Environment, Clare to Education, Leigh to Charities – and this is a great resignation. Curiously Gary Johns was a Minister in the Keating Government but since leaving politics the light on his hill was not fuelled by social justice. He spent time at the IPA before heading to and heading the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission where he threatened civil society if they dared complain about lack of fairness in public policy. A great resignation indeed.https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2022/jun/03/resignation-of-gary-johns-from-australian-charities-regulator-ends-liberals-war-on-sector-labor-says

Daily Links June 3

The fossil fool industry certainly knew what they were doing when they resisted all efforts to reduce their contributions to climate change and the LNP government knew what they were doing in shovelling to them our money to ensure that they kept donating. It seems that these letter-writers in the community knew what both parties were doing too, as did the electors last Saturday week. A government that ignores what is going on does so at its own peril.https://www.smh.com.au/national/nsw/energy-crisis-the-legacy-of-the-coalition-s-fossil-fools-20220602-p5aqhi.html

Daily Links Jun 2

McAllister and Plibersek know their policy and their politics, Bowen and King need a good dose of policy based on the climate science and the emission reductions that we have to have. It is a very talented Ministry all the same, and Andrew Leigh did get a guernsey, thank you Sarah ‘Lister’ for correcting me.https://reneweconomy.com.au/who-are-the-major-climate-and-energy-players-in-the-new-ministries/

Daily Links June 1

Plibersek to Environment is a great appointment, she is whip-smart, good on detail, clear in communication and has clout in the Caucus. It is a pity that the factionally-unaligned Andrew Leigh didn’t get a spot, he’s one of the brightest starts in a very bright firmament. Labor should set itself for multiple terms in government and having the most meritorious Ministry will help make that happen.https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-06-01/who-is-new-labor-government-ministry-cabinet/101113496

Daily Links May 31

Is the Adani mine on a planet where climate change isn’t happening? What on Earth are they thinking if mine expansions and increased coal exports are on the table? This is a case where Labour needing Greens support in the Senate is a good thing.https://inqld.com.au/business/2022/05/30/rise-and-rise-of-adani-coal-giants-carmichael-mine-may-triple-in-size-as-part-of-planned-expansion/